eCraft Troubleshooting Basic How Tos and a Layered Butterfly Greeting Card 19

Hey Everyone!

Happy Tuesday!Ā  AND … Happy Valentine’s Day!!! šŸ™‚

I could not be HAPPIER to share this Tutorial with you today especially with all the NEW eCraft users out there because the eCraft – by Craftwell was JUST Launched and Premiered on HSN this past week and included some fabulous paper…. Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth!Ā  Sooooo stinkin’ EXCITED! šŸ™‚

Here is a tutorial showing some basics about the eCraft – also helps with a few troubleshooting tips if you can’t seem to get your machine to cut just right – you might want to check this video out.Ā  Also see how fast this layered card came together and have fun with it.

YouTube Preview Image


Now you can watch the Premier on – Here is a link to the video of the live airing … the Machine is Also available at as well as other retail locations too – I hope you enjoy it! šŸ™‚ (P.S. – The Make and Take Sheet she talks about is a project I designed with Paper Layerz and the eCraft that with your purchase of the machine you can create too!)

YouTube Preview Image

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19 thoughts on “eCraft Troubleshooting Basic How Tos and a Layered Butterfly Greeting Card

  • Michelle N.

    Megan, the butterfly card is really cute. I also love the stamp set. Please look up what company it is from. I would love to get it so I need to know where to get it too. THANKS for all you do for us. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

  • MommyMe

    I’ll be sticking with my Cricut(s), but I’m sure this will be useful for some others. I’m still hoping to try Paper Layerz myself! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family!

  • Nancy Becker

    Great tutorial. I don’t have this machine, but enjoyed the tips and instructions for getting started. — I just may have to buy one now!! I have a Cricut, but since they won’t allow using MTC files, this looks like it would be a good addition to my crafting tools.

  • Kim Baker

    Had to buy this machine because Provocraft disconected the driver that let me run my make the cut program. Which by the way almost made me get rid of all 6 of my cricuts. But had way tooo much money tied up in the cartridges and machines so I kept them and now will have the best of both worlds. This was by far the most affordable machine on the market right now and I cannot wait to get mine so I can use my paper piecing patterns again. Sooooo over the moon excited!!! just love new machines!!!

  • Deb Y

    Thanks for the great sales pitch, I purchased this machine today. I have an original cricut, which I have gotten alot of good use of, however, now I feel that I am moving on up! Can’t wait for delivery!

  • Creativegrammie

    Aloha Megan!
    Great video as always. This is an interesting diecutting machine in that it doesn’t need a cutting mat.So, if the item being cut is still connected to the cardstock or whatever paper is being cut, when it is separated does that tiny bit of connection appear on the design that was just cut? Just wondering.
    I love your butterfly design card, so cute! Thanks for sharing your wonderful knowledge with us!

  • Nique Grigsby

    OMG!!! Thanks so much for this tutorial Megan!!! I just got my machine yesterday and set it up today and played around with it a little bit before I actually watched this and your tutorial helped answer some of the questions I had. I was also pleased to get the paper layerz included with the machine. I am so impressed with the paper and the machine it is almost too easy. šŸ™‚ I am so happy for you and your success it gives me inspiration to help me try to start my own papercrafting business since I recently was laid off. Thanks for your inspiration and insight.

  • KrisH66

    I jumped at the crazy affordable eCraft machine. But after going to the MTC forum I’m a little apprehensive about this purchase. Not everyone likes it there. Anybody have any thoughts?

  • April Canfield

    I enjoyed your tutorial on the eCraft machine. It was my first time seeing it. I really love the card you made. šŸ™‚ I love butterflies! Makes me want to make that card right now. I don’t have a eCraft machine though. HAHA My sister and I share the original Cricut for now for our card making projects.

  • sherry kaas

    Just followed this video using the ecraft..your paper cuts beautifully..I had so much trouble with other papers..Today I finally got a beutiful cut.

  • Diane

    Thank you for doing the video. I am saving up to purchase another Die cut machine, love all the features this one has, this will be the one I buy. My cricut expression is cutting all wonky after only 3 years use. I never used it till I bought the SCAL software, trying to figure out sizes on the cricut cartridges was just plain ridiculous. I could probably fix the wonky cut by updating, but cricut won’t let me do that, I would lose my SCAL software and without the SCAL the cricut is useless. I don’t even buy their embossing folders any more, what they did to MTC and SCAL and all of the users was just plain dirty business. Another thing, I find it suspicious that people came here to see the E Craft machine and then left comments on how they will keep the cricut. If they are so happy why look at anything else? This looks like more dirty business from Provo Craft in my opinion, they probably put those people up to it. That is how I see them, as cheaters anyway. In my opinion, I would not recommend or buy any provo craft products ever again. I think they gave themselves a bad reputation in the crafting community. Thank you for giving an honest review of this beautiful new cutter.