Embossing Machines: Which is Right for You? Plus More CutMates Cardstock! 43

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Happy Friday Everyone!

This Fresh Look Friday was previously filmed and is a little behind my normal Fresh Look Friday schedule, but there is some great information in here about the big three embossing machines and which one is right for you!

In this episode, I talk about the differences between the Vagabond by Tim Holz, the Cuttlebug by Provo Craft and the Texture Boutique by Sizzix! Plus, I talk about some exciting news and things coming up that you don’t want to miss.

Do you already own an embossing machine? If you do, tell us which one you have and what you like or don’t like about it in the comments!

More CutMates Cardstock!

Last week was the BIG announcement of the new Paper Layerz paper line by Megan Elizabeth (that’s me!) and the response has been amazing!

Because Paper Layerz is not on sale yet, I wanted to try to give you at least SOMETHING last week… so the guys over at WorldWin Papers (who make the wonderful “cuts like butter” CutMates paper that Paper Layerz is printed on) gave Above Rubies Studio readers a terrific deal on their solid light and dark assortment packs (I LOVE this paper!!). BUT, we had a limited supply last week and the assortment packs sold out within just two hours!

So now WorldWin Papers is going to give everyone who might have missed out a second chance at getting the assortment packs with the same 20% discount as last week! Yipee! We are getting more in stock over the weekend and they will be available in the Above Rubies Studio store on MONDAY!

There is still a limited supply… so to keep it fair and to make sure everyone has a fair chance, I’m going to set a specific TIME for the paper to go back on sale…

The CutMates solid cardstock, light and dark assortment packs will be available for purchase on Monday, June 13th at 12:00pm Eastern! If you’re a Backstage Subscriber, I will send you an email 30 minutes before they go back on sale so you can be ready!

I’ve already gotten a TON of feedback from those who ordered last week, tried it and LOVE how easy and clean it cuts… plus the colors are terrific! I knew you would love it 🙂

I would also like to give a special thanks to WorldWin Papers for their generosity in extending this offer to those who wanted it but missed out… and for making such INCREDIBLE paper! Thanks guys!

Enjoy the Moments!

p.s. Remember, the CutMates solid cardstock, light and dark assortment packs will be available for purchase on Monday, June 13th at 12:00pm Eastern and if you’re a Backstage Subscriber, I will send you an email 30 minutes before they go back on sale so you can be ready!

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43 thoughts on “Embossing Machines: Which is Right for You? Plus More CutMates Cardstock!

  • Fran

    Can you change the time so those of us who work and don’t have access to the web while at work will have a chance to purchase this paper. It sold out so fast last time I am afraid it will be sold out before I get home from work. And I would very much like to purchase the light and dark assorment pack,

  • deb in texas

    i cannot wait to try this new paper! i was among those who didn’t get to order because it was sold out…i’m not gonna wait this time! see you on monday!

  • Kimisue

    I have the cuttlebug and I love it. But I think the Tim Holtz would be great for anyone who has problems with arthritis. You can find the cuttlebug in sale pretty reasonably.

  • crafty1

    Am counting downn the hours to order this new cardstock. Will be waiting for your email. Thank you, again, for sharing your creativity.

  • robin

    Loved!!! all of the info in this video clip! You are such an inspiration for creativity! Have a fabulous weekend and I look forward to ALL Above Rubies Studio messages in my inbox!

  • Becki Wagner

    Why did you not show the embossing with the Texture Boutique? I love that little machine! It gives a nice deep emboss and I have heard that it will die cut also, you just have to be careful. I picked it up for around the same price that Megan did at Michael’s and I know online you can get the whole kit with several folders for less than $30!

    I spent almost $400 for my Bosskut Gazelle electronic die cut machine, why would I want to spend another hundred for the Tim Holtz or Cuttlebug if all I want to do is emboss? The Texture Boutique is cuter, lighter and does a great job. Maybe I am just too cheap but why do I need two machines that do the same thing? Just something to think about.

    BTW, I really like the new line of paper!

  • Annette

    I started with the Side Kick and graduated to the Cuttlebug. I like the different folders and dies that can be used. Have a great day:)

  • dbmcgnns

    I have the Sizzix Big Kick and I love it . Does die cut and embossing. I like it because it is wider then the cuttlebug. I think they all do a great job just a matter of preference.

  • Peggy

    I have the Cuttlebug and I really like it. I never thought to put the folder in sideways but I will be giving it a try, for sure.

    The new papers look great! They would have come in handy yesterday when I was making a grad card. Thanks so much for your demos and tutorials.

  • Janet

    I love my cuttlebug It was my first paper crafting purchase It was on sale and I paid under $50 for it. I also am very excited because I received my craftmate paper yesterday and am dying to try it out. yeah!!

  • Linda

    I love the Fresh Look Fridays. You do a great job hosting your show. I have the Sizzex Texture boutique and love it. Since I own the Cricut Expression I thought I did not need another tool that cut. Thanks for the great tips.

  • Joyce

    Terrific session! Consider doing a review of the Tim Holtz Vagabond machine with other electronic embossing/die cut machines. I have arthritis so hand cranking anything is out of the question!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I love my Sizzix Side Kick and Big Kick . I use mostly Cuttlebug embossing folders…love them ! For cutting I use my Cricuts more than anything. Crafting “toys” are the best !

  • Leslie

    I have the Texture Boutique by Sizzix and I love it! I only wanted a machine to emboss my cards. For all my diecutting, I use my Cricut Expression. I love how easy it is to take the Texture Boutique to crops with me when I want to work on cards.

  • Crystal Nichols

    I want a cuttle bug, or Big kick(just found a purple one the other day), But don’t want to pay a fortune because I only want it for embossing. I already own the fiskars embossing plates and they can be used in the wider machines. The new texture boutique is to small for my fiskars plates. I have my cricut and love, love, love it, so don’t need them for cutting. Congrats on the new paper line, very exciting.

  • Patricia

    I totally agree with dbmcgnns, I have the big Kick and love it. I just picked up a Cricut Expression and have been having sooo much fun with it! Thank-you for ALL the videos that you have been doing, they have helped me so much!!

  • Urszula

    I loved the “Fresh Look Friday” video too,
    Great work. I use Cuttlebug for embossing and love it.
    Thanks for the info and always good to see you.
    Have a wonderful day. 🙂

  • Sharon Harrison

    I was lucky enough to get the new paper the first time around and it is beautiful. Thanks for explaning the different embossing machines. I know now that I probably don’t need one yet. Keep up all the good work that you do for all of us that are just starting out.

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    Can’t wait to try the new papers. I’m tired of paper tearing on intricate cuts. And in answer to your question: I love, love, love my Cuttlebug!

  • Shari Y

    I have a cuttlebug and I love it. I also have the long plates so that I can cut borders and quilling/flower strips. I would love to have the Vagabond and think it is especially great for those wanting to use die cuts on the grundge paper and grundge board and other thicker type materials as well as crafters with handicaps and strength problems. Thanks for sharing. Love the new papers.

  • carolyn hartle

    I have the cuttlebug and really like it. The only thing I am having trouble with the die cut. I cannot get the handle to turn when I try to use it as a die cut. Strange, vvery very hard to turn, cannot do it.

  • Terri Hill

    I too enjoy the new look of your website. I have the cuttlebug, the cricut expression and the cricut imagine. I don’t use them enough. But I want to sell them and buy the new cricut expression 2. Love the look of your paperline will have to get some.

  • Teresa Gray

    I have the big shot love it. It is tuff. My next one is the Big Shot Pro, when I can find it for a great deal. My honey already told me I can get one. I have cricut machines but I find that I also use the Big Shot a lot too. I love all my crafting tools. I just need a house for all my crafting. It would be wonderful to have rooms for all the different things I do. Thanks Megan for sharing. This is such a wonderful site.

  • Patti Walsh

    I have a revolution, a Cricut and my latest is the Spellbinders Grand Calibur. It is amazing. It even embosses the brass dies I used to dry emboss by hand. I still have to find the rasberry thing so I can use the cuttlebug folders.I make lots of cards and love being able to have a large variety of dies. http://www.meredithscloset.wordpress.com is my cardmaking/sewing blog

  • Lainey

    I can’t wait for the new stock to come in! I missed it too due to getting a total knee replacement and being hospitalized… but I’m home now and waiting for that email :o)

    And I just love my Cuttlebug!

  • Dorothy helmkay

    HI MEGAN I HAVE A CUTTLBUG AND JUST LOVE IT. I have the cricut machine that uses the 6×12 mat. I just love the paper. Can’t wait to get it. the video was really great. Keep up the great work.

  • Helena

    Hi there, I recently purchased my cuttlebug and I love it. As everyone knows it embosses and cuts on small paper. I was wondering if there are any embossing folders that are 12×12 inches to emboss large paper. I know that Sizzix has a large machine that takes 12×12 paper.

  • Valerie

    I missed the last chance to get the paper because I didn’t have an address to send it to. Now I have an address but will be spending all day with movers and no Internet access. So – how do I manage to get some of that wonderful paper?

    Your videos are great by the way. I like to do a search on Utube and watch all the videos on a particular product or technique that come up.

  • Vivian

    Tried to order your paper at the 20% discount…spent over an hour and 45 minutes trying to do this; even submitted credit card info and always got the error message. Being a senior citizen and never trying to order something that was “limited quatities”, I have learned a great lesson….never to waste my time again trying to get a discount.

  • kathy

    If you already have an electronic cutting machine such as the cricut why would u need an embossing machine that die-cuts? I’m just saying…..I have the cuttlebug and love love love it!