Wow! I’m Sorta Sad! 509

I’m really sad that the 21 days of Giveaways are over! πŸ™

I just HAVE to give something else away today!!!!

Tell me, what cheers you up on a blue kinda day???

I LOVE a Starbucks Latte while walking around Target on a sad day! πŸ˜‰ Always brightens my mood! πŸ˜‰

Hope you guys are having a SUPER HAPPY WONDERFUL Day!!!

See you again really soon and THANKS for Stopping by!!! πŸ™‚


Giveaway TODAY:

Just comment with what makes you happy on a blue day!Β  Make sure you leave your valid email address when you comment (public will not be able to see the address).Β  THANKS! and Enjoy the Moments!


In Case you Missed it:Β 

Here is a Link to WATCH the Live Stream from the other Night and below is a list of all the winners! πŸ™‚

All 21 Days of Winners:

Heather W (8/25 at 9:34pm)
Toni (8/20 at 8:53am)
Kazumi (8/21 at 1:25pm)
SandyRW (9/7 at 1:20pm)
Lisa (8/23 at 12:10pm)
Amanda (8/25 at 1:22am)
Bonnie (8/25 at 8:15am)

Kathie (9/5 at 6:55pm)

Monica (8/27 at 8:23am)
Linda Peterson (8/28 at 6:10am)
Jenniece (9/3 at 9:12am)
Lynne (8/30 at 9:58am)
Crystal Nichols (8/31 at 12:06pm)
Alejandra (9/1 at 12:50am)

Ann (9/7 at 8:40pm)
Karla (9/3 at 9:21am)

Wanda (9/7 at 9:50pm)
Stephanie Justice (9/5 at 10:28am)
Judy (9/6 at 9:35pm)
Christine A (9/7 at 8:57am)
Ellen (9/8 at 4:14pm)

Live Ustream Winners


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509 thoughts on “Wow! I’m Sorta Sad!

  • rebecca

    When I’m blue I go into my craftroom shut the door and think and look at all the crafty things I’ve gathered over the years until the mood passes or I get caught up in a project

  • Aly

    When I’m having a Blue kinda day (like today) I like to openmy fave drink (Razzleberry Peace tea) slip a collection of fast moving uplifting music on my cd player and organize my scrapbooking supplies! It makes me feel good to have things organized and then I’m ready to be creative.

  • Lisa LeMay

    Easy peasy. When I am down I simply hop from crafty blog to crafty blog and watch videos! The energy and excitement in videos, especially videos by Megan Elizabeth and Robyn at, is guaranteed to pep me up! πŸ˜€ Take care!

  • Christeen Baker

    My family, friends and colleagues always know when I am blue or stressed because I go on a baking frenzy because it makes me happy when people enjoy my cooking and I usually have to share with them all as when I bake I bake all day and end up with dozens of cupcakes, macaroons, or cookies. Years ago when I was waiting for the results of a biopsy I was so worried I baked 144 cookies because all I could think about was if I was sick then my family wouldn’t have anybody to bake for them. I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer but after grueling treatment am now 14 years cancer free.

  • Marcie Smith

    I am usually a happy go lucky person with very few blue days. However when it rains, it pours. Thursday just happened to be one of those. I had my twin grandbabies in the morning which always makes me happy. Two of the sweetest little girls. Mom picked them up around 1:00pm and I had planned on running a few errands then heading home to do a few loads of laundry and vaccuum before I settled in front of my computer for your live show, which I was really looking forward to. After that, my favorite program Rookie Blues was on for a two hour finale (so looking forward to that also). Then I thought I could sit down and work on some crafts for a couple of hours before heading off to bed. Came home and put a load of laundry in the washer and went upstairs to vaccuum. Went back down to laundry room only to discover that my washer had died in the middle of the cycle. Went upstairs to call hubby and he had trouble with the dryer day before and forgot to tell me – double whammy. So no washer and no dryer- disaster around this house – strike 1 & 2. At this point I was fustrated and depressed. Cleaning always takes my mind off of things and makes me feel better, so I turned on the stereo and dug in. Around 3:30, I was tidying up in the kitchen and all of a sudden I realized that it was really getting warm. It was a very hot day here and very humid due to the residual of a tropical storm. Both are very unusual for San Diego. Went to adjust thermostate to cool house down when I realized nothing was happening and the stereo was no longer on. Power was out – strike 3. After a few phone calls, we were told that power was out for over 5 million homes in Southern Ca and was not expected to be restored for maybe a few days. Talk about depressed. Everything within a 100 mile radius was completely shut down. What do you do with yourself when everything you own depends on electricity. It was stiffelingly hot indoors and out, no internet, no TV, and definately no crafts. I was devistated. Fortunately thou our power was restored around 4:30 the following day. I was just lost for that 24 hr period. Really makes you wonder how we have let our selves become so dependant on technology. I was able to watch your live broadcast after the fact. Congrats on all the good news. I am so happy for you. I was even able to watch my season finale of Rookie Blues on the internet (thank goodness). And we bought a new washer/dryer combo, so my laundry room is up to date with the latest and greatest. I will definitely have to redecorate in there now. I am sure I can come up with something creative on my cricut.

  • Heather R...mousemomma

    When I’m feeling blue, I like to go through my collection of Cricut digital handbooks on my computer, or look at all the stamps I have collected, then watch scrapbook techniques on YouTube!

  • Heather n. W.

    Sometimes when i’m feeling blue all I have to do is look at my son and look at his little dimple when he smiles and it reminds that things aren’t so bad. (oh and his laugh too!)

  • Sandy Bayles

    I decorate my house with the seasons… I love to do this it puts me in the mood to do other things. I also like to craft… I left a message on facebook also. Thanks for a great ustream even though I had problems…………………

  • Lisa

    When I’m feeling blue I always look to my sweet hubby who ALWAYS knows how to make me laugh…without fail. If he’s at work, however, I turn to old episodes of “Friends” or “I Love Lucy” and before I know it, I’m smiling once again. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for all of the wonderful giveaways and inspiration, Megan!

  • Penny Mourer

    Shopping and buying something for someone else usually lifts me when I am feeling blue. You have to think of others when you feel down and that will perk you right up!!


  • Nan G

    I have a guilty pleasure when I am feeling blue. I put on one of my daughter’s GLEE CDs in the car and sing my heart out. I don’t care what I look like to other drivers. It’s even better if she is in the car with me, we both sing it loud.

  • Judy B

    I almost always cure the blues watching videos on You tube. It is amazing how much information there is out there that is just what you want to know.

  • Stacey

    Depends on what caused the “blueness”!! If it is the weather, we pop some corn and snuggle in to watch a good Disney movie! If it is the result of an over busy life… I make a pot of coffee, fill my go cup, and head to a friend’s house or the basement to craft. If I am still feeling blue I call my mom!!! Even at my age, Mom can still fix anything πŸ™‚

    Thanks again Megan (and Sean) for all your hard work and dedication to the wonderful crafting world. Remember that finding a balance is/will always be a challenge. Just know that house work can wait, that phone call can wait, Enjoy your kiddos and find something precious and special in everyday things every day!

  • NanetteMT

    I have a few things I like to do. One is put on some really good upbeat music. Another is to be able to just sit and disappear into a good book. Third, just to be able to have some time to sit and play with my card making stuff! None of these are in any particular order.

  • Sarah

    On a blue kind of day- i like to read a good book while sitting next to a fire in the firplace or a nice smelly candle πŸ™‚ or a sappy movie LOL


  • Lane Lent

    On a blue day for me I find myself in my craft room making cheery cards. I’m getting ready to start my Halloween cards and then it will be time to start thinking about the Christmas Cards. Where has the year gone??? Love your blog and look at it everyday. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas with all us followers.

  • DeeLightful

    Any time I can take my mind off myself and put it on others, I begin to cheer up. I often keep a doodle journal and will often sketch or doodle a layout of a card. Sometimes I write down a “saying” I have heard or seen, then later I can use these to make a card to bring cheer to someone else’s day. Dee

  • Karla

    When I’m feeling down I like to pull out a good book and read …. with my puppy dog, Baylee, laying right next to me. Add a Coca-Cola, and I’m very happy!

    Thanks again, Megan, for your great site and all the giveaways!

  • daviet Knox

    A great big Hug and kiss from one or all of my children!!! If they are not around, than I’m with you about a Starbucks Latte, my order, grande skinny vanilla, Love it!

  • Renee Benson

    I am sad as we approach the tenth anniversary of nations most horrific attack on our soil in my lifetime. Please remenber to have a moment of silence wherever you are when you wake in the morning. God bless all of us who were directly affected, those who passed, those who lived and those who were responsible for recovery. Thanks for letting me post this.

  • Cydney

    When I feeling blue nothing lifts my spirits like crafting – making something, reading about making something, reading about something someone else made, etc. Creativity is good for whatever ails you!

  • Debbie Eslinger

    Two things that I like to do is to cuddle up with a good book (not an e-reader), and just to lock myself up in my craft room and just do anything not really working or planning to work on a project

  • Magda van Spankeren

    For I live in The netherlands and never get to win anything at your site, i think it is to FAR AWAY.
    But what makes me happy on a dark day here is a little sun and to win a nice dvd from Above rubies studio.

  • Kathi Carlozzi

    What makes me happy on a blue day is just to know that I am alive. I hug my cat, Flyboy and we both go into the craftroom and I make stuff. Thanks for the giveaways and I wish I had won something, but I did buy your DVD and cannot wait to get it.

  • Dee

    Thinking about my mom and all the happy times we had while she was on this earth, or a call from that special someone that I don’t get to hear from very often will make my day and cheer me up amazingly on a blue day. My mom and I used to craft together and she was not just my mom but one of my best friends. And that special someone………..Well what can I say he’s just special at least to me.

  • Sandy

    When I am feeling blue, I sit in my recliner with my two dogs and talk to God or sing to Him. He always cheers my moods. And then the dogs are my immediate recipients of this better mood.

  • Wendy

    I always feel better when I go to my mailbox & there is a letter from my oldest son who has been gone for 3 months at Marine boot camp. He graduates this Friday, so I will be even happier when I fly to Parris Island, South Carolina this week to finally see him after a long summer without him.

  • patricia pent

    When I feel blue there are 3 things that make me happy, talking with my grandchildren, going to Michaels πŸ™‚ or going to my scraproom and look at pictures or create something. But when all else fells I cuddle in bed and watch a movie.
    By the way, I went to check for an e-mail from you on the 9th. and it felt weird not having anything from you, thanks for posting today, you just made my day πŸ™‚

  • Kristy

    As a mother of five we live on a big mountain in the Catskills. It is dark and gloomy in the winter, so it is easy to get down, but in the spring, summer, and especially fall, I love to take millions of pictures. Then I can sit and scrap them, laugh with my children as we name that face, and adore the ones that turned out so beautifully. This carries me through those dark months after Christmas has gone. Hope you had a coffee! And thanks for the live stream post. We had a football game so I missed it. Now that made me sad. Ha ha

  • Linda

    Whenever I start to have a pitty party, I usually call one of my friends and we just chat. This usually inspires me to get out of that mood and move on to other things. Crafting is one of my past times and I really enjoy making items that make other people happy.

  • Ginger Simons

    When I’m blue, some great music and just hanging out on the floor with my 3 dogs seems to do the trick. Looking at their furry faces can’t help but chase the blues away!

  • jo

    honestly, I love creating. With a craft room full of supplies I can always get involved in making something. I can almost guarantee I’ll be smiling inside, & quite likely on the outside, while making something w/ my hands.

  • Glenda

    First off, I want to thank you for the Awesome give a ways! I did not win, but congratulations to all of the lucky winners!
    Next, thank you to you, Sean and your children for the time you spend working, crafting and sharing a bit of your life and time with us!
    Now, when I am blue what do I do? It depends, my hubby recently was fired from his job, so I called my BFF and she reminded me “When one door closes another opens!”, I hope the door opens soon, and I know my husband was awesome at what he did, and someone did not like him, so any excuse to fire him( we live in SC where they can fire you for anything), he looks at it as their loss, but with no income coming in hard to do, but God does provide! Now, if I’m just having a bad day, or feeling sorry for myself, I LOVE to go into my LSS, Scrappin’ Happily Ever After, and smell the paper and find a sheet or two of paper that makes me smile, bring it home, go into my craft room, turn on the tv, put in a comedy/ romance, get my Gypsy and turn on my Cricut and Create! It can be a card or a layout!
    Thanks everyone, may God Bless and thanks for the chance to win.

  • ShariKay

    When I have a blue/sad day, I pull out all of my scrapbooks that I have created, turn on some music, get a cup of coffee and just sit and look through the pages. It is combination of the memories and the great feeling of being proud of what I have accomplished in designing and building all the scrapbook pages.

  • Cynthia Jordan Brown

    When feeling blue, shopping tends to lift my mood. I typically will buy some new craft item. Also, a big hug and sqeeze from my 10 year and 8 year old will do the trick.

  • Ronnie

    If I am blue, the first thing I do is put on some Jason Castro music. He always makes me happy. Megan, based on some things I have heard from you, I think you would like his music, if you don’t already. Listen to “You Are.” It was #1 on the Christian Charts for quite a while. Have a GREAT day!

  • cheri miller

    I like a sweet iced coffee drink,some rocking music and losing my mood in craft books or videos,most importantly is counting my blessings and not focusing on what I think is missing.

  • Tammy B

    Several years ago I founded a charity – Hats Off to Chemo – that provides hats to individuals undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. We provide the hats worldwide,free of charge to anyone who orders. We includes cards if the individual ordering asks us to. When ever I am feeling down I dig in to fill the orders that have come in that day. The strength and the courage of the individuals fighting their uphill battle and the love and affection of their loved ones always warms my heart and helps me to realize that dark days are ok but there are so many great things in life to celebrate.

  • Hillary

    Well ice cream always makes things better (I feel like that could be a bumper sticker!). And couple that with being in pajamas, snuggled on a couch with my hubby and that sad day is no more πŸ™‚

  • Denise Johnson

    On a sad gloomy day I like to get on my computer and go to my favorite scrapbooking sites and blogs and get insperation. It always makes me feel good to see all the beautiful and creative things that other crafters come up with.
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

    Denise Johnson πŸ™‚

  • Pamela Palm

    I think what cheers me the most is a phone call from one of my kids, next would be a phone call from a friend. I get involved in the conversation and it helps me forget the way that i am feeling. Ice cream never hurts either! LOL

  • Carole H

    I will go to a craft store or a yarn shop (another addiction). By the time I finish looking at everything (and feeling everything if I’m in a yarn shop) my mood has brightened considerably.

  • Ann Diehl

    When I’m sad, Dove Promises Milk Chocolates with Almonds & some really great music on my iPod can lift my mood. Some type of craft or sewing project will also make me feel better, too

  • Elizabeth

    A good book, a snuggle with my husband, loving words from my children, a caramel-macchiato, reminders in song & word that I am loved, remade and treasured (though broken) by my Creator God! These are a few of my favorite things – things that help bring some Sonshine to a blue day πŸ™‚

  • Tiffany S.

    When I’m feeling blue, I love to bake (orange cake, brownies, lemon cookies). The smells that fill the house just makes me feel happy. Baking brings me back to my childhood when my great great grandmother taught me how to bake lemon shortbread cookies. Good times! β™₯

  • Kathy Richards

    Megan, I love to change the blues to sunshine by papercrafting and shopping for supplies.
    I first check your blog to see what new ideas you have to get me pumped and then out I go.

    Sundays are one of my crafting days.

  • Meledie

    Sometimes I work on my crafts and other times I play one of several instruments. And prayer or a good book is a great cure. All these things cause me to ‘loose myself’ in them, and more times than not, the blues have been vanquished

  • Carolyn Young

    Whenever I feel myself going into a bluesy feeling, I look around me and remember how blessed I am and how different things could be if my Heavenly Father didn’t love me the way He does, then I eat a Hagen Daas Bar,play some gospel CDs, call a friend, by then the blues are gone!

  • Johanne L,

    When I feel a little blue, I do something with my daughters or I discuss with them. We’re always having fun when we are together. Have a nice day.

  • Margaret

    Listening to the Statler Brothers sing will always snapme out of the blue mood. I love their music and harmony. A bubble bath is another sure way.
    love all your videos and insperation.

  • Rose remmers

    When I am feeling down I love to cuddle up with one of my grandkids and watch their favorite shows. It makes whatever is troubling me seem small and insignificant. There is no greater feeling than having little arms wrap around you and hear the words “I love you Nana”……….

  • Amelia Andrade

    Let’s see, taking a trip to michaels or ACMoore and getting a good deal or using a 50% off coupon to buy a new craft toy or patterned paper brightens my day.

  • Jean

    when I am blue a trip to the craft store or a visit with a friend usually helps. My mom always told me there is good in all bad so look for the good and enjoy the positives!

  • GrannyCharlotte

    A good chat with one of my friends, a visit with the grands or sometimes just a good cup of coffee and a visit to crafting blogs will usually bring me back to a happy place πŸ™‚

  • Marcia Greene

    Usually something to drink – tea or hot chocolate in the winter, lemonade in the summer with the computer and lots of youtube videos.

  • Lydia

    A call or even an e-mail from family.
    Doing something for someone else.
    A Dunkin Donuts coffee – extra cream with regular sugar with a coffee roll.

  • Heather

    Spending time with my family cheers me up! Watching crafting videos online, looking through magazines, or actually doing some crafting helps cheer me up, too!

  • Ruth Greene

    I walk outside, look at a blue south Alabama sky, hear the birds singing, and Praise God from whom all
    blessings flow. With the tools of crafting we can celebrate anything anytime for someone special in
    our lives. That will get those blues right out the door!!!

  • Shelly Baker

    Typically it would be to snuggle with my red Pomeranian but since I had to put him to sleep two days ago I would now say listening to southern gospel music and seeing my grandson laugh

  • Tammy Grover-Lupold

    Since it was so raining and my family back home is flooded with their basements full of water to the celings and lately there is a lot of sad things on TV. Yesterday I got my boxed CD set out of the Jetsons, my all time favoritie cartoon as a child. I watched one episode and it made me laugh… funny think is my husband’s name is George! Another great thing to do is get on U Tube and play a song from your childhood…Megan I played Donny Osmond’s pupply love and David Cassidy. Thought of you with the Donny, don’t know if you liked the Partridge Family.
    Take Care,

  • Cynthia Guy

    Watching Anne of Green Gables always makes me happy ….so I watch that if I’m really feeling “In the depths of dispair” . πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the day Megan.

  • Kerri. Yarus

    Nothing cheers me up more on a blue day than a good book from one of my favorite authors and a white chocolate mocha from Starbuck. Andif that does do the trick, well there is always Lifetime Movie Network πŸ˜‰

  • Jessica

    When I’m frustrated I like to walk around Hobbly Lobby. During these times I’m to muddled in the brain to think about buying anything, so it’s okay. When I’m blue, I like to bake.

    Thanks for the ustream. It was fun!!

  • Sharon

    When I am sad to turn to my Golden Retriever “Jackson”. He is so sweet and seems to sense when I need some lovin. He will snuggle and kiss and he always brings a smile to my face.

  • Judy Resop

    What cheers me up is a couple of thing…A visit from my Grandkids(Justice, Ana, & Marco) and the second thing is the unconditional Love I get from my two puppy dogs(Rusty & Lucy). Oh yes their is a third thing getting super new ideas from above ruby studios!!! Keep the wonderful ideas coming Megan & staff!!!!

  • Beverly Paquin

    A very bright, blue sky day here. IT makes my day when I can go outside and enjoy it. Away from tv and all the bad news. Outside with the Lord and me. Can’t get any better. When the sun goes down back to the craft room and scrapbooking. Gotta love it!

  • Carol

    When I’m feeling blue I call a very dear friend, Gladys, that I met at church. She is 84 years old and has a way of making everything alright. Sad to say she also has to blue days and knows what I’m talking about. We are both widows and can relate to each other.

  • cheryl

    Phoning a very good friend and talking makes me feel better. And of course that very good friend happens to be into making cards and crafts also.

  • Debbie

    When I am feeling blue I go to my family, texting my 16 year old granddaughter always helps, if she’s not available a call to my sister or my niece (my best friends) always helps, even thou I know my sister is going to say “get over it and move on everyone has ups and downs”. If that doesn’t do it showing up at my sons & having my 3 year old and 1 year old granddaughters squeal with delight because Grandma is there always works.

  • Sandra Joy Mithell

    Dear Megan, Unfortunately my computer had crashed just before the 21 day celebration, I recently got it back and it’s up and running. I have to congratulate both you and Sean on your new endeavors. It’s been fun watching you grow this past year. I’m sure, at times, you’ve felt the gorwing pains,I feel challenges help us to learn, grow and in the long run, help us to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. When I feel blue, I head for my computer: watch blogs and Tou Tube to learn new techniques and inspiration; watch classic movies (love Cary Grant.). Sandra Joy

  • Joanna P.

    A visit to some great crafting and scrapbooking blogs (such as ARS πŸ™‚ or a trip to my LSS always makes me feel better and full of inspiration!!!

  • Ruth

    Spending time with my 3 year old twin grandsons and their 2 year old brother. They are always happy and do such cute, wonderful and amazing things. Also the hugs & kisses are a big bonus, plus the fact that they are always so excited to see me. I could never be “blue” around them. They are why I got into scrapbooking and continue to be the driving force behind my craft.

  • Christina A

    Depending on why I am in a bad mood, my kids can always get me out of it with a mommy pile. If that doesn’t work a nice night out with my hubby alone always does the trick. πŸ™‚ Chocolate always is nice as well! LOL

  • Gayle

    Ha,What I like is opening ur site and reading the glee in ur notes. It does get me high and motivated again. Thanks for doing the 21 day give away. I feel like I got to know u.

  • celeste

    I too am sad. Sad I didn’t win during 21 days.

    I hope to win today….and I will be happy again.

    Going to Target today so that will help!

  • Jody S

    When I get blue I like to sit on the loveseat with our dog, Bear. We curl up together in the sun and take a nap together. There is something magical about a dog’s unconditional love.

  • nanci

    On a blue day, I remember all the blessings I have. I try to play with one of my blessings(Emma). She always has a smile and is so goofy. It’s hard to be sad around her.

  • Debby J

    When I get blue, give my hubby a huge hug. Seven years ago, he went into the hospital for what his doctor thought was a minor problem. Sixteen days later, he was discharged. He had cancer colon and had part of his intestines removed. He is cancer free now, but it was a scary time for us. So now, I use him as my blues chaser and it works every time!!

  • Judi Farrell

    Option 1: A trip to Hobby Lobby ALWAYS cheers me up!! (especially if I have money to spend! πŸ˜€ )
    Option 2: A LONG bike ride down beautiful paths we have where I live! The fresh air and solitude helps clear my mind and I meditate on all that I have to be grateful for, and a smile rests across my soul.
    Option 3: A phone call to my daughter. She is a good listener and I love her.
    Option 4: A conversation with my mom. What insight she has. Been through so much in her life, but happily moves along regardless of the difficulities.
    Option 5: Some fresh chips and salsa, tall glass of iced peach tea and Classic Black and White movies………..ALL DAY LONG……….while snuggled under my blanket. VERY COMFORTING!!! πŸ˜€
    Have a πŸ˜€ day, Megan!!

  • Diane

    Spending time with my family always cheers me up:) they are always there for me no matter what my mood. My daughter knows exactly how to cheer me up mother/daughter pedicures and a trip to Michaels with a stop at Starbucks!

  • Ellen

    it is true that chocolate has a chemical reaction and that for every up you need to prepare for the down,I have grandchildren that make me laugh out loud just thinking about them and hearing you say the name Ellen on the give aways was as good as it being me ,that was realy something. Thanks

  • Beth W.

    When I am having a blue day one of two things helps me….put on some of my favorite music…LOUD….and along with that I call my best friend. We are separated as of a few months ago by a few states…that is hard to get used to and usually part of the reason I feel blue…so talking to her always helps!!

  • Cecile L.

    On a sad or feel blue day, it always cheers me up if I visit my grandchildren. I have four. One day I was there and I said” my back was killing me and my grandson says ” Your back can’t kill you grandma”.A coffee, a good book, soft music & a nice roaring fire. Oh and listening to Meagan Elizabeth’s excited voice about Scrapbooking always puts a smile on my face.

  • Retha

    I love to scrapbook and look at my only child’s baby pictures– she is now 26 years old!! And add alittle or alot of “Dove” dark chocolate!!!

    • Karen

      First I want to thank you for all you have taught us on how to really get the most out of our crafting. You make it all so easy. Now when I am down I call my family & friends on the phone. Talking with them helps brighten my day. I also like to spend time with my husband talking or watching a funny movie. If weather permits I like to go for a walk and enjoy the birds, nature always seems to brightem your day..I saw a rainbow yesterday, Now that just made my day.

  • Barbara Craft Me This

    Being so far away from my family is always sad. Going to my Craft Room and have my granddaughter OOVOO me which is like SKYPE and then she will watch me craft and we chit chat together. I send her all my scraps and she is making cards and covering her note books for school with the scraps I send her. That make me Happy.

  • Patricia

    Birds singing cheers me up. I have two Cockatiels, two Finches and a Love bird plus the wild ones around my house like to talk to my birds so I don’t get a chance to be blue.

  • Andrene

    I can never choose one thing for an answer to your questions πŸ™‚
    1. My 10 yr old 135 lb Great Dane
    2. Surfing my favorite blogs and/or watching UTube videos
    3. Remembering how fortunate I am in these fragile economic times.

  • Phyllis Antosz

    Hi Megan, On a blue day I love to get kisses from my grandchildren. They make everything all better for me.
    Then I enjoy playing with my crafts. Thanks Phyllis

  • Karen

    When I get blue mood or need to boost my energry I go for a run or do a hard workout. AMAZING things happen to my brain after doing that. Creative levels sores and the mood is back to normal…Happy! have a super duper day!

  • Kim T

    Congrats to all the winners, I really enjoyed the live show it was the first of yours I have seen due to the time difference.
    When I am blue, the music goes on, the craft goodies come out along with a nice bar of chocolate or my favourite Haribo’s.
    Kim xXx

  • Billie A

    When I am blue, I tend to go into my craft room turn on the tv to a good movie or music channel and my little dog at my feet and make cards and nibble on jelly beans. It will lift my spirits when I look at the cute images, georgous papers and knowing that the card I make just might make someone elses day and take them out of the blues.

  • Catherine Leek

    When I am blue, I call my BFF and fellow scrapper. She helps me keep things in perspective and cheer me up. If I can’t talk to her, I go organize something. It seems that if I can accomplish something that I have been needing to do for a while, it lifts my spirits when I have accomplished it. Plus…a white choc mocca from Starbucks never hurts…

  • Sharon

    I don’t have much time to sit and make cards but if I am having a bad day
    I want to be alone in my craft corner to be amongst something I love to do.

  • Kim

    A hot cup of tea, looking out over the lake remembering to be thankful for all the good things in our lives … looking through our family heritage scrapbook …. web surfing for new scrapbook or card design ideas!!! These lift my spirits!

  • kathy t

    Wow, really like the look of the new design for the website! When I’m blue I read a good book and I forget my cares! If I have a Michaels craft store coupon, I go shopping!

  • Carmen Elrod

    There are alot of things that I do when I am blue. Talking to God is the first on my list! Then i usually head to the scraproom and turn on my Christian radio station~ they are always so positive and uplifting and the music just soothes my soul~ I get busy on a card or a layout , and before you know it, i am happy as a lark! Going to your site always cheers me up~ I just love that you are always so happy and you have the best ideas in the world!

  • Tammey T

    Talking to friends, warm hugs from kids and crafting puts a smile on my day when I am sad….oops forgot a little loving from my dogs…..they are my kids. since the kiddos have grown up and moved away… I am sad again need to go and craft. Have a wonderful day.

  • Briana

    When I’m having a sad day I just need a day at the mall to just wander around and/or just talking to my best friend she always knows how to cheer me up!
    Thanks Megan the giveaways are soo fun!

  • Gaylen Flynn

    When I’m sad there are several things that I do: 1) spend time with God – listening to praise and worship music, reading the Bible, and/or thinking of all the promises He gave me and the things that He has done for me. 2) Putting on some music either blues, soft piano or Christian contemporary and scrapbooking until I forget what bothered me. 3) Watch a good movie. Doesn’t help to have a diet coke or caramel frappe in hand either. 4) Another one of my “sad blues” lifter is listening to my grandkids or neighbor grandkids laughing. Well those are some of the things that I do.

  • Debbie Painter

    I love to talk or Skype with my Son & Grandson, when I am feeling blue or having a bad day! They are the 2 most important people to me in the whole world, so they are my “soft place” to land!

    • Sharan Grubbs

      A 50% off sale on storag products as I’m redesigning my studio, $29.99 sale on all Cricut carts and all at my local Michaels store. That’s a great way to blow the top off the blues.

  • Rose Koslofsky

    I like to make cards for other peoplle or do an act of kindness like leaving movie rental cards on people ‘s cars in the mall parking lot to get the icky feelings away.

  • Joene

    Lots of times when I am feeling blue, a workout at Curves for Women makes me feel lots better . Endorphins I guess. Also making myself get started on something I am working on that I love to do. Scrapbooking, knitting or whatever, just to get myself into a different mood.

  • Yvonne Villiard Bresolin

    When I’m “blue”, snuggling with my daughters’ always cheers me up and we love watching movies together and having ice cream (even if it’s before dinner!).

  • Gail

    Scrappin’ or making cards always cheers me up. I love the bright colors and the finished look…a great sense of accomplishment does wonders to lift my mood. πŸ™‚

  • KIM B

    listening to music, making a present for someone or hearing from one of my foster kids that went home. They all make me feel happy and in sync again!!!

  • Sandy Christman

    Well I cant eat treats, or Startbucks, because I’m dieting. I can’t get around much because because of my disabilities. So usually doing things for other people, makes others fell better about their problem which makes me feel better, So I make cards for other people. I go to a small scrap shop and I’ve been tellig them about your paper and will bring in a sample that I got in my kit. I want them to order from your company. They order from many companies, so let’s add yours.

  • marti

    seriously what brightens my day is: beings I’m pretty housebound, so if I’m able to be “selfish” go into the ZONE and do nothing but crop, and play with my toys maybe I can have a day and learn how to use my gypsy seeings how I just bought the dvd to teach me.My day will come!:0)

  • Linda

    If I’m home and feeling blue I either take a nap or read. If I’m at work and not feeling the best, I tell myself that no one else knows what I’m thinking so if I just “pretend” to be in a good mood rather than telling people what’s on my mind, then in a while I discover that my mood has passed! (Rereading that it sounds as if I’m kind of psyco, but I’m not : )

  • Jane Dubois

    I’m so sorry you’re sad. Try thinking of the joy you bring to so many. I find a good movie or go for a walk (especially if the sun is shining).

  • Dee

    Since I’m the only one that moved away from our hometown, a phone call from the family! If I don’t get one, watch out craft store here I come!!


  • Lyn M.

    Clean, clean and more cleaning is what makes me happy on a sad sad dayyyyy. Thanks again Megan for another chance to win another exciting giveaway! πŸ™‚

  • Judie P

    Nothing brightens my day when I am feeling a little sad, than have the little grandkids come bouncing in my front door, asking if they can make something in my craft room. Love pictures they make for me out of glitter, stamps and their imagination!!

  • Betsy

    If I’m down in the dumps, I play with my 5 dachshunds (always get a lot of lovin’ and some laughs out their antics) or call my friend to chat. That always makes me smile.
    Thanks for another chance to win!

  • Cindy

    I’ve had my share of blue days. Some things that have helped: seeing my kids and grand-kids, a good movie or book, cooking (and eating) comfort food, crafting and painting, long walks, meditation CD’s and last but not least, reading the Bible and praying. One especially bad day years ago I had a spiritual experience that has stayed with me and comforted me ever since. Thank you Jesus.

  • Susan

    I like to think about the great things have happened in my life. Friends, family and places I have visited.
    Life is too short to be sad,and it is much better to be happy. Thanks for all of your hard work Megan.

  • Crystal Nichols

    I would have to say, unfortunately, crying with God. I say unfortunately because not everyone understands that for people like me crying is the only release. Usually if I cant get the tear ducts working all I have to do is open up in prayer and God softens me and viola I am crying, praying, and feeling great. It works like a charm everytime. God is good.

  • Connie M

    I would love to got Dutch Bro and walk around Target but it’s a 1/2 hour away. I like to go to the Ele. School and volunteer
    . I love the kids there. I’m a sub so a lot of them no me.

  • Sheryl Newman

    I love to cut grass it is like my therapy session and then come inside and make a card or two. That usually does it.
    If I am really really down I might do one or the other of the above and a good grip session on the phone with my best friend, then the movie grown ups and a nap and well I have to say every now and then a cold beer.

  • Rox

    My sister can usually snap me out of it. We remind each other that there are worse things out there and we thank God for all he has done & given to us. I give all my troubles to the Lord. He gives me strength.

  • Margie Taber

    You know what I try not to have a blue day but when I do I just look around and be thankful that I was allowed to wake up this morning and everything is working right!

  • Linda Woolsey (LilGreenBug)

    It’s easy for me to cheer up! I just go visit my two great grandsons–Chase and Shane. Chase is 4 and when he sees me, his whole face lights up and he says “Gigi!” Melts my heart!! Shane is 5 months old and the huge smile I get when I say his name–well, it’s just like an angel smiling at me. Would could stay sad around these two???

  • Karen G

    When I am blue I turn to scrapbooking. I may sort or organize, punch or cut shapes I will need or head to online stores…..if there is chocolate around that is always good too! My scrapbook area in very near where my kids are so I often just it an listen to them a well!

  • KimMJ

    A big hug from my DH, a trip to the LSS, time with friends or going to the local Barnes and Noble so I can have a Venti Soy Caramel Macchiato at their Starbucks and read a good book on the nook.

  • Donna Bischof

    Watching a comedy. I love to snuggle on the couch with a blanket when it is cold outside and raining. (Oh wait, I live in Texas and we don’t get cold or rain! ) Sorry, I was dreaming again.

    P.S. Still willing to trade you starbucks giftcards for paper layerz or dvd’s. LOL

  • Norma Jean R

    What cheers me up is when I am able to find something to buy for my daughters, one of which is using the 12×12 cricut I gave her for Christmas last year! itunes gift cards for the other one. They both live very far away so I don’t get to see them very often.

  • Patricia L Logan

    I have been known to tinker around on a musical keyboard or two. If I do not feel like that, I try to see if my brother or sister is coming over with their children. babies and little children make me happy, because they just have that natural energy. I do not have kids, yet. If that does not work or if they are not available, I look at You tube, read facebook comments, or just simply scrapbook or make a card. I have lots of things to cheer me up.

  • facsmom

    I have several things that help the blues. Most any hooded sweatshirt is like a portable blankie. Just listening to my husband and adult daughter banter back and forth. Not staying late at work becomes a part of the formula, as well.

    I’m sure all of us feel sadness or mellow today thinking about 911 in our own special way. My prayers with all of you who lost a loved one.

  • Irene Baker

    Whenever I’m having a blue day, I try to go visit my little grandson, Silas. He’s 11 months old, and I just adore him!!! If I’m unable to do that, then I go to my craft room and pop out a few cheery cards, or work on Silas’ first year scrapbook. And I realize how blessed I am. These things ALWAYS cheer me up.

  • facsmom

    I remembered a few more blues beaters. (a) Go to Google Images and type in babies (b) Enjoying my collection of Hippos (c) Going to my bubble wrap collection and popping. I REALLY try to not get to the bubble wrap because that means things are really bad and I don’t want to admit that things are THAT bad. I’m really not trying to get 2 chances for a giveaway. Different strokes for different folks. Just think-your idea may be just what a fellow papercrafter needs, and, maybe today . . …

  • Barbara

    When I feel blue and down, I will go into my craft studio and try to create something fun. If I am not feeling well, physically, I will lie in bed and watch some smarmy show about weddings or some other guilty pleasure show. I am actually married to my DH, but I still enjoy wedding shows!

  • ginger henges

    the worst days of my life have been turned around to a smile and gladness by an unexpected visit from one of my 7 granddaughters, i have one for each day of the week, it is so incredible how the sadness, misery, paid slips away when i see one of there beautiful faces, ginger

  • Brenda

    Thanks for another opportunity Megan – you are the best! When I am down, I think of people who are worse off than me, then I thank God for what I have.

  • Shirley E.

    Thanks for yet another Prize Opportunity Megan. You definately are The Bomb!
    I don’t have too many “blue dayz”. I don’t have time! Between my 8 grandkids, new great-grandbaby “in the oven”, full -time job, gardening, keeping up my house and trying to find some time to scrapbook, read or just finding “my time” how can I get bored or blue!

  • Ruth Waterman

    What gets me through a sad day is prayer! Talking with my Heavenly Father, who truly knows my heart always helps. I remember His promises and my spirits are lifted. Then I’ll make a pot of Hawaiian Kona coffee. Coffee that my Marine son gave me when he came home for a pre-deployment leave.

  • Lucy

    When I am feeling blue…I always remember that someone else has it worse than me….so I think about how lucky I am…..Today September 11, 2011…We Will Never Forget……..

  • Ann

    I like to watch a tv show or movie that really makes me laugh. When the sun is out, that makes me less likely to be sad too. We don’t get nearly enough sun in NE Ohio.

  • Bibi Leak

    Relaxing with my husband and our mini doxie Chloe. Of course scrapbooking will do the trick or card making too!!! Chocolate is always good!!!

  • Helen

    Cardmaking, visiting Marshalls, chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate candy, or a dip in the pool swimming with my beloved husband of 30 years definitely pick me up….

  • Tamytha

    A good conversation with Jehovah. Sweet Tea. Anything chocolate. Time with my kids. And doing these things somewhere beautiful, like along the Indian River or beach, so I can remember how beautiful life really is and how small (and temporary) my problems really are.

  • Brenda Westhafer

    I enjoy getting on the computer and looking at blogs at card inspirations or videos how to make them and shopping on craft websites!!

  • Jeanne

    Shopping discovering new and funscrapping items is alway excellent! Joann’s is super fun, especially when you get to check out and get to use 40% of coupons from Joann’s, Micheals and Craft Warehouse all in the same purchase. Savings on fun items is always greattttttttttttttttttttttt.

    • Deborra

      when I am blue I either make some greeting cards or design some jewlery and help my beatiful Granddaughter make some with me…it always helps me…Debby

  • Teresa

    When I’m sad I like to go to a craft store and check all the new tools or watch videos online to try and get some crafty idea or just craft with my 6 yr old great grand daughter she loves to craft with me. It makes me smile when she come over and says granny can we craft. Now that has to brighten any day!!

  • Penny J

    So many things cheer me up… music, crafting, and my grandkids (all 6.5 of them)!! This was a great run! Even if I didn’t win, I had a super wonderful great time! THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!

  • stacy

    Several things are good to try when I am having a “blue day”–wrapping up in a blanket and laying on the couch with my Golden Retriever is comforting but I really enjoy crafting or talking out my troubles with my dad πŸ˜‰

  • Suzanne

    Hi Megan!
    Working on my crafts have always been therapeutic for me. Sometimes just going through my supplies especially my craft papers will brighten my day πŸ™‚
    Thank you for 21 days of FUN! Have a great week!

    Suzanne Watanabe

  • Ana

    When my day is blue like today, a little medation/prayer and good cry. A glass of RedWine. All my craft magazines and my wedding video it always, always brings JOY AND A BIG SMILE : ). I love my marrige.

    Wishing every one a day full of REDWINE : )…..

  • Cemella

    If I’m feeling a little blue my favorite pick me up is, jumping in the car and taking a ride to Michaels or Jo-Ann’s with coupons in hand.

  • Charvonna

    When I am feeling blue. I go into my craft area and put on some Kirk Franklin or Marvin Sapp (Gospel) and I create. If that does not work I call my Big Brother cause he is always full of jokes.

  • Nanatotwo

    When I’m a little sad or feel like I can’t get out of bed or I’m not in the crafting mood. I make myself get up and go the couple of miles to see my Grandsons, age 2 and 6. When I walk in and the yell NANA, I then feel like I’m able to do anything again. They are so precious and give me the inspiration I need.

  • Urszula

    I love to go to craft store like Michaels or Jo-Ann’sand just browse around. Feels like a therapy πŸ™‚
    Haha I just look at the comment above me and I see there are more people like me – COOL πŸ™‚

  • Renee Ferreira

    I love to grab a cup of coffee and curl up on the couch with a good romantic comedy. By the time i’m done watching the movie my mood has improved and I’m ready to move on with my day.

  • Jennie Posada

    Since it’s been so hot lately I’ve been making my mid-day ice coffee. I even bought myself a beautiful reusable cup (I try to be eco friendly). Anyway, once my two girls 2 1/2 yrs & 3mo. are asleep it’s coffee break time. Mmm so good!

  • Rose A

    When I’m blue or sad I like to take a long country walk with my huband & nature.My husband alway can smooth thing out! If he not here a hot cup of green tea, Blueberries is my favorite & some chocolate that always a good thing.

  • Caprice

    For me, getting together with a good friend, with a coffee or tea and good conversation! Getting together for some scrapbooking would be great as well!!

  • Teresa Mikalouski

    On a blue day what makes me feel good is spending the day doing something I love. Making cards for the people who mean alot to me. I always feel good after I finish a project that I wanted to tackle.

  • Shelia Bullock

    I like to go dig in the dirt. Seems that getting back to nature and planting something or weeding just takes my mind away from the blues. How can you be blue when you see the miracles of things growing, birds singing and the warmth of the sun on your face.

  • Jennifer H

    I love a cup of hot chocolate or a cup of carmel machito coffee while spending a little time to myself while reading a good book or watching a Madea movie.

  • Annamieke

    Feeling blue? It happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had been spending a lot of time befriending a large Australian King parrot (wild) to feed from my hand and allow me to have her on my arm. She loved apples. But one day 2 small dogs killed her. The dogs belonged to friends. We were getting attached to the bird as she would come to the window and look at us. She would also come up to us when she saw us outside. It makes me blue thinking of it. So I scrapped the few photos I had of her and wrote a story about her. But life has ups and down of veries degrees. We have to sail them and keep positive. Do my crafts helps me so long as I have my mojo going.

  • Donna

    When I’m having a blue day I think back to when my daughters were born – what precious gifts from God!! Now, that they are lovely young women (ages 38 & 29) I find myself being their best friend – so I call one (or both) and just chat, not letting them know I’m down, just hearing their voices brightens my soul. And, after these conversations are over, I find myself talking to God, my Savior – and my heart is so filled with His Joy that my day turns sunny yellow!

  • Betty Welton

    Reading my Bible and doing crafts. Even if I just go through my stuff and play with the paper and see what goes with what. Thanks Megan for the great and exciting news, I ‘ll pray tomorrow will be better for you. Always hard after a great high, like you have been on. We love you, you are one smart girl. Betty C

  • Edwina Brown

    If the weather is bad going to a Tea room with my Mom always cheers me up. If I’m blue and the weather is nice going for a walk some place pretty and taking photos always cheers me up.

  • Nicole H.

    Cuddling up with my whole family (furries too) and watching a happy family movie together. Re-connecting with everyone at the end of a bad day, always makes everything seem better! πŸ˜‰

  • LaTasha

    I have 2 Akitas taking them for a walk and playing with them in the park. Then we sit and have a fruit salad wherever we can makes for a wonderful day.

  • Colleen

    When I am feeling blue, I always remember that God has given me so much to be thankful for and that I am a very lucky person and that seems to cheer me up, then I call my daughter or a close friend and just talk.

  • Janette Schulte

    On a sad day nothing cheers me up more than sitting on my back patio in the sunshine looking at my flowers and vegetable garden and watching my dog cavort around! Thanks for all the giveaways and please do more videos of cards and projects – I love them and once a week is not enough!

    Janette S.

  • Josephine Silva

    When I’m feeling blue I turn on my computer and do a little online window shopping. It always distracts me from whatever issue or problem I was dealing with.

  • Joan P

    going down to my craft room and making cards, or calling my best friend on the phone (she lives on the other side of the country), or making a batch of cookies or some other baked good to give to someone

  • Dottie H

    The thing that cheers me up when I am sad is getting together with my Christian girlfriends once a week and making handmade greeting cards for the residents of a local nursing home. It Blesses us deeply πŸ™‚

  • Applegirl

    I love to make home made bread, make a fun craft, or just a good book and a bubble bath. Most of all I think of all the wonderful things God has blessed me with- my family, friends, home, and a job I love. This alwa;ys makes me feel happy.

  • Jan Lynn

    when I am down and blue I love to sit in my garden watching for butterflys, hummingbirds and such snapping pictures all the while. Nature always tends to bring out the sunshine.

  • Jenniece Guevara

    Whoo hoo! I am a winner! I tried really hard to keep up and it paid off! Thank you so much. I heard the other night during the webstream you pronounce Jeni C and I thought that might be me but then I didn’t see any response so I figured it was someone else. Noone else has my name spelled that way so I now know I am a winner! What do I do then? As for my favorite sad thing to do is probably get into a good book or movie or get scrapbooking and that takes care of it. I also love a Starbucks’s White Chocolate Mocha to get me revved up. Since I stay at home now I have had to cut those out and learn to make do with making them at home. That way I have more I can spend on scrapbook stuff!! As long as I have FFree Fr. Van. I can make it.

  • Kim

    Even if I do not have money to spend at the craft store for that purchase pick me up, just smelling the craft store can lift me up on a blue day.

  • Sharon Harrison

    Today was one of those depressing day. Dreary weather and depressed mood. Got to talk to my oldest son who had recently moved to Ohio and he wished me a Happy Grandparent Day. Just hearing from my kids that are far away always makes me happy.

  • Eileen

    Hmmm… definitely a Starbucks… something that’s definitely a splurge like a caramel macchiato or a blended drink. Yum! But I also find that going for a long walk or run helps me with my mood.

  • Nancy

    I go for a walk and start counting my blessings.
    I also love to read or go to a book store or the library and browse… books make me forget life for awhile.

  • Debbie Sheets - Nanabugaboo

    I love getting on my computer and checking the latest entries of some of my fellow crafters and seeing what’s new, then I head for my scraproom and get involved in a new project.

  • Ruth

    Just got home from a Women of Faith confrence in Anaheim California. Just remembering that no matter what, my Lord is always there for me and a trip to Starbucks never hurts either. πŸ™‚

  • Janet Sisk

    When I am feeling blue, I like to go on-line and check out FB. I can post my feelings and know that I have friends and family out there that can help me cheer up. Thanks for the extra giveaway!

  • Dana

    Some peppy fun music played loud always makes my mood change . . . a current favorite is Knee Deep by the Zac Brown Band . . .can’t help but feel happy when I hear it! ; -)

  • Jennifer C

    listening to the voice mail my 2 year old grandson left me on my voice mail and eating black licorice πŸ™‚
    doesn’t get much better then that!!

  • Cin Price

    When I have the blues I like to hang out in my studio and put my head phones on and blast my country music! Before I know it my toes are tapping along to some good tunes and I’m wanting to start dancing!lol.Next thing I know my blues are fading away. Must be because listening about somebody else’s problems are better than living your own. lol

  • Cheryl H.

    What makes me happy on a blue day is……knowing that The Lord and Savior Jesus is on my side, always with me and carries me thru the days that are sad. For the Lord is with me wherever I go!! ;+}
    God is GOOD all the time and ALL THE TIME……GOD IS GOOD!!!!!
    And May God Bless America!

  • Nadine

    When I’m blue, I do stuff in steps…
    Step 1: go get a big squeeze hug from my hubby
    Step 2: go look at the crafts stuff I have and re-organize them (I have a tiny space and it gets hectic fast :s )
    Step 3: Do a card!
    Step 4: Be all happy πŸ™‚

  • Cathy

    When I am blue I either clean or go shopping. Cleaning is so much cheaper as when I go shopping you never know what I will come home with or how much I’ve spent. lol!

  • Valinda

    Hmmm… I think just getting out of the house for a change of scenery. I live in a beautiful place (San Diego) and don’t get out to enjoy it enough. Taking my bike down to the bay for a ride or just shopping (not necessarily buying) helps me. Thanks!

  • Tonia Holm

    I like to hook-up with a friend and chat away. Either by phone or in person. Reading a good book or watching a funny or touching movie helps too. Hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  • SandRW

    When I’m blue and getting down I think of other people who have it a lot worse than I do. When I count my blessings it chases away the blues.

  • Ellen Winkler

    How sad it was to watch the families of 9/11 still missing their loved ones so. Gratitude for for my family’s good health keeps my mood up. So does the fact that we are safe day to day in this country.
    Thanks for your positive spirit Megan.

  • Cheryl O

    Don’t have many blue days, but if I do, a phone call from one of my kids, a good movie, or some fun card making will usually do the trick!!

  • Lisa Hoberg

    What makes me Happy on a Blue Day! My Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, Zac Brown Band turned up just a bit louder then I usually play it. Then off to the elementary school where I volunteer working with children. It is here where any BAD day I am having seems impossible to have thanks to our children. They just light up when they see me, and are ready to get to work, or have a test to show me that they have done well on. They always thank me for the help, but it is they who worked hard and over come some obstacles, I just gave them some tools. Making a difference one child at a time and seeing them want to achieve a higher goal is the Most Assume feeling. My hope is that one child at a time, then this child will make a difference in another childs life and so on. Making the future for our children a Better Place! πŸ™‚

  • Karen Balcombe

    When i am sad i take a camera with me and head down to the river or up to the woods and i take pictures of nature and enjoy the beauty that is around me. Later i use the pictures i took as insperation for cards, crafts, drawing, painting and on the days the weather is to bad to take a drive to view the beauty of the world i spend time writting about my pictures or just imaging the wonders i see in the pictures.

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi Megan!! Thanks for other oportunity of giveaway!! Yeii!! Well like you when I’m feel not so good, I love go to Starbucks but I love the frapuchinno!! And walk around the lake with my hubbie and my son, and make a nice dinner for the family, watch the movies or play a game!! Well hope your better! And hugs… Maggy

  • Pam Knight

    Hobby Lobby and Michael’s always puts me in a good mood. I love checking out their weekly sales to see what new project I can come up with. Then go home put on a pot of coffee and get busy!!!

  • Val S

    I am very sad that Paper Layerz aren’t available in the UK, so finding a UK distributor would make me very happy, otherwise there is nothing better than a hug, to make me happy.

  • Moira Efird

    Good Morning Megan,

    The best thing to do when sad is learn to be grateful, because chance are, someone you know is going through something worse. To physically change a mood, I go on a walk, then if I have a chance, I get to a craft store, or start organizing my life, and lifestyle. There is something to be said about letting go of clutter, or un-needed items. After purging, I seem to always feel better. I need my personal space to do this. Things are in a constant flux, so I have learned to become flexible. Bless you today in all your endevours.


  • Luria

    Well thats not a hard question to answer, as I am a BIG Little House on the Prairie Fan. So when I am down I just pop in one of my DVD’s and that seems to lift my spirits.


  • Ellen Crawley

    When I’m having a blue day what usually helps is to be with friends. We might just hang out or maybe get a bite to eat. Just being with my girlfriends gets my mind off of whatever is bothering me.

    I see my name (at least my first name) on the prize list for 9/8 at 4:14. I don’t know if it is me, or someone else with the same first name. My email is ellenmcrawley at aol dot com. It’s killing me not knowing if it’s me or not. Please let me know, and whether I need to do anything. Thanks, I really enjoy you and your site!

  • evelyn

    chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, then I get depress because I ate all that chocolate, then I eat some more…what a circle we live by… my girls and the hubby they do it for me until I see that chocolate again…

  • Betty Caspick

    Calling my Granddaughters on the phone gets me out of a blue mood as well as crafting a card for someone I haven’t seen or talked to in awhile and then mailing it to them. (I know it will bring a smile to their faces.)

  • Tina V

    On a sad kind of day I call my scrappy friend Mary and chat about everything under the sun and moon! Or give myself a pedicure. πŸ™‚ Something about a fresh coat of polish makes me smile.

  • Susan Portillo

    When I’m sad or blue all I have to do is go to my favorite room in the house and look at my beautiful paper and fun “toys” I have set up and I snap out of it! I don’t even have to make something!

  • KitnM

    I would have to say that a good coffee can make any moment better! Depends on what the blue mood is…I have learned over the years that one bad moment does not have to make the whole day bad…but there are things that aren’t so easy to let go of…so doing something, like making a card, to brighten someone else’s day always helps. Sometimes a good movie and relaxing also helped to change a mood. I think listening to someone else who is upbeat also helps; that is one reason that I enjoy your videos, full of energy and upbeat. Thanks for all you do for us crafters!

  • Fran T.

    I look through my backyard window and remember all the good times my children had there when they were growing up. Always brings a smile to my face and sometimes a happy tear!

  • Beth Maxwell

    How to deal with the blues: talk to a friend, have a cup of good coffee or tea. Sometimes a card or scrapbook magazine to get my creative mojo to kick in and replace the blues and blahs. Thanks for asking!

  • LeighAnn Rebillard

    Listening to Glee (singing along of course) and looking through my crafty websites for a bit of inspiration and then scrapbooking and making cards til I feel better. It usually doesn’t take long!!

  • scrappy vicky

    I go to my scrap room with chocolate and coffee. Above my desk is a sign a good friend sent me. It says: When you are here, you are on happy time. Then I scrap and smile!

    Scrappy Vicky

  • Shari M.

    A good cup of coffee while walking aroung the craft store or any other store that offer craft items. This helps with my mood and also inspire me.
    Be Blessed.

  • Beatrice Madrigal

    On a blue day, love to come home and put on pajamas and start crafting…. scrapbooking especially. Then winding it down with a magazine (craft or scrapbooking of course) is always relaxing. In the summer the above is accompanied with ice cream and winter its international coffee with whip cream. Hmmmmmmm

  • Sylvia Sanborn

    The thing that makes any day better is receiving a card from one of my grandchildren that they have make themselves. Two of my grandson were crafting and scrapbooking with me for a while and we all loved it but there parents decided to move and so we were left with out scraping buddies. They called and said how much they miss our Time together so I got a care package of craft supplies together and sent it to them and told them to keep crafting and think of me and it would be like we were doing it together. Well today I received the most beautiful hand made card in the mail thanking me for sending the supplies and to tell me how much they missed our time together… There is nothing that could have made Me happier. No more blue days for me!

  • Michelle

    It all depends on how sad a day it is…sometimes curling up with a mindless dvd & my fur babies is the best therapy… Other days a trip thrift store shopping is most helpful.

    Hope your day is looking up

  • SallyP

    When I’m feeling a little down, I usually try to get outside and just talk a walk. The fresh air always gives me a lift! Congrats to all the winners!

  • jeannette stecik

    When I am having a blue day I call and talk to my grandchildren. Hearing their voices and “Grammy” or as my 2 year old grandaughter call me, “Mammy” just makes me smile all day.

  • Jenise

    I am new to watching video’s on Youtube, however I ran across yours and fell absolutely in love. When I am in a blue mood I love to go to Michael’s and look around. I also go on Saturday for the craft classes for Kids.