Webstream Replay, DVD Bundles and Exciting News! 50

Hey Everyone!

So today is scheduled to be a Fresh Look Friday day, but we have a LOT of great things going on right now! So today, instead of Fresh Look Friday I thought I could replay the incredible FUN we had last night during the live webstream.

I talked about lots of exciting info last night, so you might want to recap by watching the reply!

YouTube Preview Image

If you’re ready to get your hands on the NEW DVDs, I have a special bundle offer for you!

If you’d just like one or the other of the DVDs, you can get them here:

Click here to find out more about the NEW Cricut A-to-Z, 2nd Edition DVD

Click here to find out more about the NEW Cricut Cards for Any Occasion DVD

Thanks to everyone who particiapted in the 21 Days of Giveaways (over 15000 comments!) and in last night’s Webstream (over 1500 people)! You guys are the best! Maybe we’ll do it again sometime šŸ˜‰ hehehheee

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50 thoughts on “Webstream Replay, DVD Bundles and Exciting News!

  • Christeen Baker

    I just watched the replay as I had so much trouble with the live stream and really missed a lot. But, you never got to finish answering the question about where you see yourself in 10 years time.

  • Penny Mourer

    Thanks so much for the fun last night. It is exciting to get to hear about all the new things. I am looking forward to the Club Ruby site being easier to get around in, as I have had difficulty using it. I also miss getting the kits and hope to get more soon.

    Cruise? maybe it depends on the time and the cost. It would be fun though.



  • Cynthia Guy

    Had a great time with you last night Megan! šŸ™‚ You’re so sweet. the cruise sounds like fun and I hope that goes well for you! šŸ™‚

    Enjoy the day. I heard that there might be sunshine in store. Though I could take another few days of the rainy days. šŸ™‚ (just not as heavy)

  • Kathy Hill

    I couldn’t watch the livestream broadcast – had so many issues, wanted to chat w/ all last nite but didn’t know what I was doing. LOL, so I am watching the replay as I type this. Already ordered the dvd bundle with the paper layerz pack. Can’t wait to receive it so I can play.

  • Kathy Tracy

    Megan, the webstream was great. The comments went by so fast it was crazy! Great news about the cruze. I would love to go……the cost may be a factor though. Congratulations to all the winners. I cannot wait to try paper layerz. I also will want to get the new DVD’s. I have your original Cricut A to Z and even have one of my projects on it…..this has been an amazing adventure watching your business grow from the beginning to where you are now! What a blessing from the Lord! Congratulations!

  • Suzanne Watanabe

    Hello Megan!
    Thanks for an awesome live show last night. It was a lot of fun…it’s so cute to see you get so excited about all your wonderful products. I ordered your new DVD bundle with the 3 DVD’s…I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get it! I have every DVD you’ve made so far and love each and every one of them. Your style of teaching is fantastic! If any one is on the fence about it…jump off and join us …I promise, you won’t be disappointed

  • Suzanne Watanabe

    Hello Megan!
    Thanks for an awesome live show last night. It was a lot of fun…it’s so cute to see you get so excited about all your wonderful products. I ordered your new DVD bundle with the 3 DVD’s…I’m so excited, I can’t wait to get it! I have every DVD you’ve made so far and love each and every one of them. Your style of teaching is absolutely fantastic! If any one is on the fence about it…come on, jump off and join us …I promise, you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, thank you again Megan for everything you do… and thank you for being a great inspiration to me. Take care! Aloha!

    Suzanne Watanabe

  • Tammy P

    Where is the rest of the webstream? I was hoping to see the last part of it today. I was on last night but my computer froze near the end and by the time I got the webstream working again you were saying good bye.

  • Moira Efird

    Thanks for the greatest two years. I have enjoyed your wisdom, spunk, and creativity in this field. Good job last night, and for all the great things we recieved as gifts. Cheers to you and yours….Blessings, Moira

  • Darlene Roach

    Megan it was exciting last night just to watch your excitement with all the great things happening within your business ventures. I lost the last part of last nights events don’t know the last winners announced too. Could you list them here for those of us that lost Internet connection with the event last night? I wish you the best in the future… KSG AKA Kindred Spirits Greetings by letha “darlene”

  • Shennita

    The webstream was great. My first time ever attending one! Had a wonderful time and looking forward to it again. (though it froze a few times) : ( Congratulations to all of those who won prizes! This whole project, for Megan Elizabethe and the Above Rubies Studio team, is a true blessing!! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your gifts!!

  • Jelayne

    I loved the webcast. I wish I could do the cruise. I am afraid Lack of money will prevent it. You have a great web site. Thank you for teaching us so much. Hugs

  • Virginia Schuyler Waddy

    Miss your webstream, but am looking at it this morning. Love it. I order the first DVD on cricut a-z, and so happy that you have the second one out. I will be checking that out. I also order one of your papers from cricut craft. Waiting for it to arrived. Be bless Schuyler (vswaddy620@yahoo.com)

  • Terresa Wood

    Had fun last night and am so excited about so much! I do have a problem though. I cannot get into backstage and I cannot download the cutting guide. I signed up for all this. šŸ™

  • Nikki C.

    Tried to participate in the chat last night with the webstream, but it wouldn’t let me sign up. It kept saying I had an invalid email address. I was able to watch most of the webcast though and it was great fun!!! Thank you!!!

  • Dee

    Congrats Megan! I had to work late last nite and by time I got home I couldn’t get on. Sorry I missed all the fun! Looking forward to the next two years!

  • Pam D

    Congrats on 2 yrs and new web site, and all winners! I too got home late and was not able to get on. Couldn’t even get to the website. Kinda bummed. Oh well. Glad you all had fun. TFS!

  • Valinda

    I was so bummed last night. Had it all set up that the guys were going to be busy watching football and I could go off on my own and watch the webcast and what happens but a major power outage which I’m sure you all heard about! I will watch it today when I can. Sounds like it was a blast!! Finally got power back at about 1:40 this morning.

  • Sonia Terech

    Hello Megan, congratulations again on 2 years & all your success. I am digging the new website layout. The live stream was fun and informative. Thanks for all you share. It is incredible how you & your hubby took a difficult situation like unemployment & turned it into this successful adventure. I wish you continued success. You & your family will be in my prayers.
    Crafty best wishes, Sonia

  • Islandnami

    Megan, thanks for posting this. I was looking forward to the Ustream last night but was one of the 5,000,000 in San Diego without power for the whole night. ;-( The power is back and I am looking forward to watching this later today though. Can’t wait to find out about a cruise!?! That would be a blast!

  • Granny Sandy

    I was unable to watch all the broadcast. Will a list of winners be posted? Well done on the broadcast and the new webpages. You have been working so hard. Hope you can take a well deserved rest soon.

  • Ruby

    Thanks so much for last night…U-Stream was a blast…just wish there wasn’t a 60 second delay in not being able to make comments. New adhesives….HOORAY! I always need pop dots and glue dots!! The new kit is awesome…well, heck, everything is! Hugs!

  • Terry

    really fun night last night! I still can’t believe I won!! Thanks for picking me Megan. I love the way you get to excited about all the fun things out there. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and knowledge!!

  • Nanette Fodor

    Hi Megan, Last night was fun and I can’t believe you picked my name to win a prize from the list of comments. Thank you sooo much! What do I need to do?

  • facsmom

    What a fun evening and 1st adventure into Ustream. Hey, guys! We are all winners. Our prize is the frequent inspiration we get from Megan and Above Rubies Studio. Video instruction is just a few clicks away. So is great customer service. Congratulations to all of the giveaway winners. the fun is just beginning . . .

  • Cecile L.

    I’m from Canada & enjoyed your U-Stream so much. It was awesome. I didn’t win anything but ordered the package deal. Can’t wait to receive it & start to create! Good Luck with your flooded basement. That must be so stressful. Even with everything that was going on you did a superb job Meagan! Way to go girl!

  • Teresa Luck

    I would like to tell you how proud of you I am because very few young people will speak out loud about God. I want to say I liked you aready but now I love… Keep up the good work and God will keep blessing you. Keep giving him the praise!!! Have a nice day.

  • Bonnie

    When is the list of winners going to be posted? I heard my name announced for a mystery prize but I haven’t gotten an email yet so I keep looking here for the list of winners! I can’t stand waiting to find out what I won!

  • Ruth

    I was so looking forward to your live stream and then… All of southern California lost power! You might of heard about it? On our side of town we didn’t get our power back until 2 a.m. šŸ™ I was so ready too, for a change. Oh well maybe next time. Congrats anyway.

  • Darlene Roach

    Megan where’s the list of winners? Your Webshow froze before it ended, so I did not hear the full list of winners… Thanks KSG letha “darlene”