Tomorrow is a Big Day! Special Announcement and Winners too! a 146

Tomorrow is a big day! I’m going to post all the winners from our 7 Days of Christmas fun giveaways…. Including picking and announcing who will win one of the items on THEIR OWN WISH LISTS!!!!

I’m SOOOO excited to make someone’s Christmas wish come true!!!

I also have a special announcement, a special offer and a few fun things coming up to share as well!

Tomorrow my baby girl, Jenavieve also turns 3 so it’s all kinds of fun stuff I’m going to post for everyone! Christmas is almost here!!!

Right now I just wanted to share a few pics of what we’ve been up to, my Best Friends wedding this last weekend, also making Christmas cards, doing fun family things like seeing The Muppet Movie. (all so fun!)





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146 thoughts on “Tomorrow is a Big Day! Special Announcement and Winners too! a

  • Christeen Baker

    Can’t wait to see if I have won anything. My fingers and toes are crossed. I have been good all year Santa Megan. Very happy birthday little Jenavieve – have a wonderful day.

  • Lori banks

    I am the most unlucky person in the world..I only speak the truth…But I can be sure that my family will have the best CHRISTmas that is in the best power of my husband and I.. and the same to the rest of the WORLD..

  • Donna Dial

    Love Tues mornings! Always something fun from Megan Elizabeth. Looking forward to it.
    Enjoy seeing your family, cute children and they look like having fun.

  • Mary Dolese

    I am not a lucky person in contests at all , but I have been very lucky in life wonderful hubby, kids, family
    and friends, and crafting mentors like yourself. I will cross my fingers maybe it will be my lucky day!!!!
    Thanks a bunch Mary

  • marcia

    It is so nice to be able to enjoy this time of year and just not be stressed out like so many people fall into the trap of. This season, I went with a friend and toured six historic churches in downtown Detroit, one built in 1844 and of grand proportions!. They are truly amazing. You would find inspiration in these buildings, Megan! I have spent a lot of time with my family, my friends and even myself this season. Right now I feel like I am a very lucky person!

  • Rene Bryant

    Wishing Jenavieve a SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS BIRTHDAY! They don’t get any better than that. Also, I look forward seeing your name in my inbox every day and can’t wait to see the news in tomorrows post. Merry Christmas!

  • Donna VanDermark

    Happy Birthday to Jenavieve. Thank you for all you do and hope you and your wonderful family have a wonderful Christmas and a very healthy New Year. Hope you receive everything on your Christmas list.

  • Kim Hill

    Yay! Can’t wait!
    Happy Birthday to your little girl! πŸ™‚ My son (and oldest) turns 11 on Christmas day, and I turn…more than that… on the 27th. I LOVE this time of year! πŸ™‚ (AND today my husband and I celebrate our 19th anniversary!) December is one huge party in our house. πŸ˜€

  • Maggy Tronche

    Happy Birthday to your girl!!!! And thanks a lot Megan for this super fun giveaways!!! Love all the things you make, your work, thanks for all projects that you sharing!! You are very creative and talented girl!! Big Hugs.. And hope has luck and win something!!! LOL .. Maggy πŸ™‚

  • Pat

    Ah such a cute and sweet age three is. And what a cutie is Jenavieve. Hope she has a tremendous mom an dad God gave her..
    I am not a very lucky person, so to speak when it comes to winning but hey can’t blame a girl for at least trying πŸ™‚

  • Janie

    Megan is so neat of you giving things away to those who will love them. I have your dvd’s and started with your first one on the Cricut and love it. May you have a great, Blessed, and Merry Christmas.

  • Lynn Cromrich

    Thanks, Megan, for all the good ideas all year. You are so creative. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I really hope I get my Christmas list since I asked for peace around the world! Merry Christmas!

  • Mary Lou

    Merry Christmas Megan and your family. Thank you for teaching us all these tips on doing crafts.I look forward for your info. Many Thanks


  • Brenda

    Happy Birthday to your Daughter ! I know you will make it special for her.
    You have been extremely busy this year and very good to ALL (family, friends and yes extended friends from your blog). Thank you for all you have done. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

  • Margaret K

    Merry Christmas and a special Happy Birthday to your daughter. I am so looking forward to the woderful announcement from Megan as it will be special, it always is because you are so special. I have learned so much from you. I love this time of year and I can tell you do also.
    Enjoy your family while they are still so young, as they grow up way too fast.
    Good luck to all the winners and even if we don’t win we are blessed just knowing Megan Ellizabeth and her ;ine of product.
    Merry Christmas and a happy safe crafting year to all.

  • Michelle N.

    Megan, thanks so much for all the fun you provide for me. I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve next. You light up my life and I thank you for that. Tell Jenavieve HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I know it will be a Blessed Day. Always look forward to hearing from you. Love ya!

  • Judy S.

    A quick not to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!
    Thank you for all you share, and Happy Birthday to Jenavieve!

  • Rose

    Congrats to your BFF. Always nice to nee someone you love happy.

    Can’t wait to win the Teresa Collins stampmaker and, of course, your stampmaker DVD. Or I’ll take the Silhouette Cameo if that is what you really want to gift me. Either is fine!! Can’t wait!

    Merry Christmas. Good health and happiness to you and your family for the New Year.

  • Reina Moore

    Happy birthday Jenevieve!
    Megan, I have 4 children. 2 boys 27 and 21 and then we were blessed with our twin girls Carrie and Chloe 7 years old. I love all my children the same but gotta say the girls are so much more fun !! Enjoy your little one she will grow up fast! Blessings to you and yours.

  • Beverly Paquin

    When it comes to lotterys and tickets, I am very unlucky. I try and try but never ever win. I just feel it is a donation to something. On the other side, I have survived six years from stage 4 lung cancer. Not free yet, but I keep working on it. So for that part of my life I feel very lucky and fortunate. It has been a very hard strugle. In doing so I have became a great fan of scrapbooking and card making etc. It is something I can do without much effort. I have a great setup and would so much love to win something from you. I follow you all the time and must say you are a great person with a talent and ambition. I hope your holidays are filled with joy. Merry Christmas

  • Jayne

    Cannot WAIT until tomorrow — so much fun!!! Didn’t you love The Muppet Movie??? We all had a great time!

    Merry, merry Christmas and Happy Birthday to the BIG 3-year old!

  • Kim

    You look like you had a great weekend, and your children are just adorable. Just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your generosity! May you have the best Christmas ever as well as a very blessed New Year ahead! πŸ™‚ Thanks again Megan for so many chances to win some great prizes!

  • Deann

    Please! Please! Please! Pick me. I have been a very good girl all year and I would love to have something under my tree that I didn’t buy for myself and say that it is from my husband.

    Happy Third to Jenavieve. This is such a fun age to be for everyday and Christmas surprises.

  • Sylvia Allison

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you Megan and your family,
    From the Allison family on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.
    Love Sylvia

  • Tanya Flowers

    What beautiful pictures! Happy Given Birth day to you. What great cards. Can;t wait for Christmas to celebrate the birth our Saviour!!

  • KarenH

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. I got all my Christmas cards made for this year and few extra! Christmas shopping is done and now I await the arrival of our son from Colorado! Very anxious…

  • Audrey Roseman

    So glad you are enjoying hte holidays. God sure has been good to us. I would love to win something, but not necessary as after all it is JesusΒ΄s birthday. My girlfriendΒ΄s little girl saidΒ¨, “Jesus we donΒ΄t care if we get presents because you are the best present ever and it is your birthday so you should have the presents”. Thought that was adorable and out of the mouthΒ΄s of babes. Have a great Christmas and may you and your family continue to be blessed! I have been so blessed just by watching your videos and getting to know you via internet!
    God Bless,

  • Andrea Dixon

    good morning Megan! I feel so blessed to have found your website and videos. thank you for everything you do. I hope you have a very peaceful and blessed christmas with all of your loved ones. Merry Christmas – Andrea Dixon

  • Florence Oberkramer

    I’ve been following you every day, would be nice to win something, but I still really enjoy reading your posts and your videos. Happy Birthday to your daughter.
    Hugs, Flo

  • Cynthia Crusan-Noble

    You are truly an inspiration. I hope you and your fame have the most joyous Christmas ever and I am going to do the same. My hope is that everyone finds peace and prosperity and health in the coming years.

  • Jessie Leavitt

    Enjoy your site very much, like most of the others I very seldom win but maybe my luch will change tomorrow. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  • Lisa Rial

    I like you too, have a birthday in our house. We will be celebrating my Granddaughters 2nd Birthday. I will have the best Christmas, as my grand children moved home(Orange County ca) from Vegas. My house looks like a bomb went off but it is totally worth it. Hope everyone will be having a crazy Christmas like I will. I just love your sight get lots of advice and great Ideas. Wish you well.
    Thank you Lisa

  • Roxanne Raby

    Can’t wait to see what is coming next Merry Christmas everyone!!! God Bless!
    Happy Birthday Jenavieve!
    Thanks for all the wonderful things you post and keep us informed Your are truely a blessing to us… we all have learned alot from you please keep us going…. Winter is here and can’t wait for those Snow days to play play play!

  • Lisa Rial

    I like you too, have a birthday in our house. We will be celebrating my Granddaughters 2nd Birthday. I will have the best Christmas, as my grand children moved home(Orange County ca) from Vegas. My house looks like a bomb went off but it is totally worth it. I already won with my grandchildren home. I just needed to share this. Hope everyone will be having a crazy Christmas like I will. I just love your sight get lots of advice and great Ideas. Wish you well.
    Thank you Lisa

  • Karla

    I was wondering how your friend’s wedding went, as you talked about making items for it. I love the pose of the two of you — you’re both so cute!!! Happy birthday to Jenavieve tomorrow …. 3 years old! Wow! I see you have those two adorable dumplings crafting already! That’s wonderful. I’m looking forward to your special announcment tomorrow!

  • Terry Gammon

    Entering, Entering is what I have done,
    Time for me to win will surely soon come.
    Watching you web site is something I do,
    Wishing and hope for my DREAMS to come true!

  • Tina V

    Thanks for sharing the fun photos. Enjoy the birthday celebration tomorrow (and giving gifts to us lucky followers!) Treasure the time with your little ones because soon the birthday celebration will be for 21 years of age like we celebrated with my son on Saturday!

  • Sandy W

    Happy Birthday Jenavieve !!!! I hope your day is as special as you are!

    And yes… I am patiently waiting for tomorrow like everyone else. LOL!

  • Heather W

    Happy Birthday to your daughter Jenavieve! I love how she’s holding up her artwork and you can’t see her face, typical kid πŸ™‚ Wishing you and your family along with everyone here a Merry Christmas! Wow you have been busy. Where do you find the time to do all that you do? good luck & i look forward to tommorrow1

  • B Womack

    Oh so excited to see if I win and to see what the special announcement is.
    Happy Birthday Jenavieve!
    The pictures look awesome.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful holiday.

  • Jan B

    Megan this has been so much fun!. I have to admit I went through withdraws a few days after day 7- I kept wanting to go to my computer to see what was next. Happy BIrthday to your precious baby girl- Enjoy, they are sooooo precious. I am excited and will be checking tommorow when I get home from work( just started a new job last week) to see who all the lucky winners are! God Bless you and your family. I better go as today is my day off and I have to fill a few last minute wishes on Santa’s list

  • Amie K

    You have been a busy girl! I have a birthday girl this week too–makes it a bit crazier this time of year, but wouldn’t trade it! Just a note of thanks for sharing your knowledge and ideas. And for the awesome chance to win a present! πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas, Megan!!!

  • Ana B.

    Megan…just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I wish you continued success. Thanks for all that you have done and all of your inspirations.

  • Susan Schwalm

    First off: Happy Birthday Jenavieve! May your day be special and magical. Love all the wonderful things you have going on here Megan! You rock! Beautiful picture of you and your special friend. The best gift of the season would be Peace on Earth, which starts in each persons heart and is spread through them. My wordly wish for Christmas is to have a house keeper for just a week! That would be magical for me!! Maybe even just a month off work to do paper crafting every day, all day and magically have all the supplies I need right at hand!

  • Monica W

    What a wonderful (and Busy) Christmas time you must be having. Happy birthday to your little one. And thank you for sharing your incredible creativity.

  • Jessica B.

    No matter who wins it will be a big Day…..Although I hope I win somthing it always nice to get somthing new to play with!!!! Christmas is such a delightful time of year……Now all we need after tomorrow is some Snow to really make it feel like Christmas!

  • Nancy Kitson

    OMG! Just got my order the Christmas & Cards DVD plus PAPER LAYERS! Can’t wait till Christmas morning when I can open my new e2 and play all day. Merry Christmas everyone and a Wonderful Exciting New Year!

  • Linda Woolsey (LilGreenBug)

    LOVED seeing the picture from the wedding!!! BEAUTIFUL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jen!!! And may you and your family have the most blessed Christmas ever!! And a happy and prosperous new year!!!
    Love ya, girl!

  • Mary

    You are one busy lady! I can’t believe you have time for the rest of us….my Christmas wish to you is a healthy happy family and a few moments to rest along the way! I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow!

  • Margaret Copus

    Looking forward to your big announcement tomorrow..missed several of your deals off skiing for my husbands birthday. Before leaving was able to order two of your fabulous DVD’s …cricut2 A-Z and gypsy A-Z. I think I’m becoming addicted. Looking forward to ordering more. Hope you will offer more good deals in the near future.
    Best Wishes to you and your family for the Holiday season. How fun to celebrate your daughters 3rd birthday tomorrow, sounds like fun for all.
    Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday season!!!!

  • Vicky Ausmus

    We are blessed this Christmas and every day to have family and friends nearby, good health, and the time to enjoy life and relax. We have our daughter’s birthday (26th), as well as our grandson’s (10th), as well as a neice, a nephew, and a great-nephew’s, all between the 17th. and the 25th. Our neice was a Christmas Day joy, who is now expecting her firstborn, in April!!
    Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas! I hope that your new year brings you happiness and good health, and the strength to handle whatever life hands you.

  • Regina

    You are a busy girl. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The bride is beautiful. Happy birthday to the little one. Hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

  • Hilary

    Happy Birthday Jenavieve! If my oldest had been born four days early, instead of 11, they would be sharing a birthday to the day and year!

  • Patricia Poudrier

    Sounds like you’ve been having lots of fun lately! Happy birthday to your little one. They grow so fast! Merry Christmas! ~ Pat πŸ™‚

    • Nancy Hjortness

      Happy Birthday little one—–I am sure there is a lot of excitment going on at your house with Christmas and brthdays and weddings only children can build that kind of excitment—enjoy while you can—-Nancy

  • Cheryl S

    Happy Birthday to JENAVIEVE!! I like everyone else am anxiously awaiting your big announcement tomorrow and to see who the winners will be! You have been such a busy lady! How you do it all, I don’t know but I sure do appreciate all your hard work. Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Tammy Brownlee

    Happy Birthday Jena! Good luck everyone!
    Megan, I really enjoyed your “show” on Thursday night! I really had fun!
    Can’t wait for the next one!

  • MommyMe

    Happy birthday, little Miss Jenavieve! My “baby” is now 5…how I miss her “younger” years! Warmest Christmas wishes to you and your family! I appreciate your generosity throughout the year!

  • Marilyn

    Happy Birthday to your daughter. My granddaughter’s birthday is tomorrow also. She is going to be 3. Can’t wait for big announcement. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!

  • Cindyrella

    Happy Birthday to Jenavieve and thanks for the chance to win. Can’t wait what you have in store for us tomorrow. So exciting….I’ll be waiting for it.
    dr_goss@yahoo dot com

  • Glenda

    What a cute little boy. Mine are all grown and its at christmas you miss the wee ones as they are what makes it so exciting [at least to me!].

  • Cris

    Oh my goodness!! Can’t wait to see who wins, anticipation has gotten me so excited!! Can’t wait to see what Santa Megan has in store for the winners!! Merry Christmas to everyone!! Tiz the season to be JOLLY!

  • Angela M.

    Congratulations to your best friend on her marriage! Happy Birthday to your daughter! And can’t wait until tomorrow! Thanks for everything!

  • facsmom

    So much to celebrate-weddings, birthdays, and our Savior’s birth. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your celebrations. There are going to be some lucky people tomorrow as Santa makes a few early stops for ARS followers. I hope all of us are on the Nice list . . . I hope you know what a blessing you and your family are to all of us throughout the year.

  • Rene Grant

    Is it too late? I have been too busy to comment every day πŸ™ So here’s my list atg gun, sticker maker, anything to do with card making last but not least a Keurig because I stink at making coffee :p Happy Holidays all!

  • Janet Sisk

    Happy birthday to your baby girl! My “baby” girl turned 21 at the end of November! Where does the time go? Can’t wait to see who wins soon. πŸ˜€

  • Victoria

    I have never won anything in my life, so it would be exciting to win something. However I will be happy for the people that do win because that’s how my mom (now 77) raised me. My baby girl will be 30 and I honestly don’t know where the time went. So cherish that baby girl and your son because time flies too fast. Megan I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. I love seeing how the Lord works in your life and blesses you in your business. Much happiness to you, Blessings, Victoria

  • Jan Lynn

    Well a very Happy Birthday to your darling daughter. The 22nd is my youngest brother’s birthday. I asked Santa for a big doll , a little doll and a baby that really cries the year he was born. I got a big dressup doll, a tiny tears doll and my baby brother came home from the hospital Christmas Eve night.

  • Rut Gonzales

    Thank you so much for the fun class. I was so bummed because I had to leave at the half way point for an evening staff meeting. I stayed with you as long as I possibly could. I had to finish watching it when I got home. So I didn’t get to finish participating and interacting. But I did get to read what was said by everyone and had to enjoy it that way. I loved the frames and am making them as gifts for my staff and my two grown daughters for Christmas. I haven’t been able to participate in all the give aways but thats okay too it has been fun anyway. Merry Christmas Megan and family.

  • Alina Koludrovich

    Hi Megan Hi Shaun merry christmas to you and your safe on your new year outings here in michigan is great weather so far no snow.not looking forward to any of the snow that may be on its email is enjoy the holidays.sincerly,Alina Koludrovich