Grand Prize Present! Day 7 of Christmas Fun! 455

Megan’s Christmas Wish List:  Big present that I REALLY want this year is a Keurig Coffee Maker!  The Big One the WHOLE Sha-bang…(I know its NOT as big as the Camera – but I think I want it MORE!) You all know I LOVE Starbucks, but its SO convenient and yummy coffee.  Sooo many flavors, and the big once gives you lots of size options and even what temperature to brew your coffee at!  Of course I know once I get it (IF) I’ll have to get all the cute little accessories like the Coffee Carousel and lots of K-Cups! So there she is…my BIG Wish List Item!


GRAND PRIZE PRESENT – I’m going to make SOMETHING on SOMEONES Christmas Wish List come true!  Now I’m not Oprah so I won’t be able to reunite you with a long lost family member, or fly you to Australia or Give you a new car…BUT…

Write some of the things on your Christmas Wish list this year in the comments or on the ARS facebook page and at random, I’ll be selecting someone who comments on THIS post AND one item on their wish list to give them for CHRISTMAS!  HOW FUN IS THIS!??! I told you these 7 days would be AWESOME! 😉


Facebook Winner: Christie Harris
I am so excited about my Above Rubies Studio Subscription and my Club Rubies Designers Membership. I have been scrapbooking for a little over 5 years now and crafting since I was a kid with my mother! I LOVE crafting because it is a release of energy; I feel relaxed and productive when I craft. I can’t thank you enough Megan for creating all these wonderful websites to share my crafts and learn from some amazingly talented crafters!

Thanks Christie, I’m so happy to have you on board with ARS and CRD! … and today, you’ve won a $25 Gift Certificate to anything in the ARS Store!! Click here to claim your prize!

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455 thoughts on “Grand Prize Present! Day 7 of Christmas Fun!

  • Nancy Lee

    Christmas Wish list:
    Paper Layerz
    Cricut A to Z -2
    These are some of the things I would like to have under my tree this year.

  • debbie phillips

    Hmmm….. My Christmas list:
    Cricut Imagine
    Zig 2 way glue
    Paper Layerz
    Gypsy accesories
    Any of your DVDs Megan 🙂
    A remote starter for my car!
    The list could go on and on LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Christeen Baker

    I also want a coffee machine (for my husband not me but everywhere I go they have been sold out of the one I want)
    For me: I would like more PaperLayerz and CutMates paper
    TC Stampmaker and Megan’s stampmaker DVD
    Megan Elizabeth’s adhesives – the stickitz sample pack is quickly being used up. I loved the Christmas DVD (this was supposed to be for Christmas too but I couldn’t wait lol).

  • Mary Spicer

    You will love the Keurig Coffee Maker, its awesome!
    My Christmas Wish list is short,,, all I want is the Teresa Collins Imagine black and white cartridge,her stamp maker and all of your cricut cd’s..
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Heather

    Some things on my Christmas list are:
    New cricut mats
    A Cricut Imagine
    Paper Layers
    Pattern paper
    Cricut cartridges
    New stamps and Ink
    New punches
    Zig 2 way glue
    Pop Dots
    Paper storage
    I know it sounds like a lot, but you know how quickly you go through these things! Thanks again for the chance to win! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Debbie Painter

    I desperately need a new Printer, as mine died this weekend!! 🙁 I also would love a Kuerig, my son has one, & I fell in love with it while using theirs! Any Spellbinder dies, since I finally got my Big Shot a few months ago!! Merry Christmas to You & Yours!!! Debbie

  • Dee

    I agree whole heartedly one the coffee machine but I want the cuisinart one that has the 80 water resevoir and has the buttons for water only for hot cocoa and tea etc. I’ve looked at it in the store and think I would like it better than the keurig one even. You can still use all the k-cups with it or it even has the basket to make your own coffee blends with and has 5 different cup sizes you can brew. Hope you get your christmas wish list or at least the most wanted on it. Merry Christmas

  • Jen R

    We have that keurig machine. I call her the ‘BEAST MASTER” lol We love it as I’m sure you will. It’s used by all of us in the house for coffees, iced coffees, tea, iced teas, lattes and cocoas, even just plain hot water LOL. I hope you get one for Christmas! (Hey Santa! Costco has an awesome deal on them! ;).

    Beside also a camera I will one day own my wish list would be
    1. Cricut Imagine for which I tried super hard to get on Black Friday….even my hubby was bummed 🙁
    2. Martha Stewart craft station Would love it but not holding my breath anytime soon 🙂

    My family list was
    A computer chair
    ice crusher
    and scissors
    I’m sooo stinkin exciting LOL

  • Kathi Carlozzi

    My Christmas list would be:
    A new Tall cat tree for my new babies. I lost my special cat of 10 years recently.
    Alot of 12 x 12 paper
    New Spellbinders Layered Poinsettia S5-055 and other of their products
    Zip Dry Glue
    Several Xyron 510 refill cartridges\
    Captured Moments Close to my Heart stamp set

    Thanks so much and have a happy holiday.

  • Alejandra

    Happy Holidays Megan! Loved the 7 days of Christmas and the deals.

    This Christmas I would love..
    Vagabond Machine
    Sophisticated Cricut Cartridge
    Paper Layerz
    Cricut Mats
    Imagine Mats
    Cricut Magazine Subscription
    Your Cards dvd

    Thanks so much for your cheerful posts!

  • Ellen

    On my Christmas list this year that is craft related is a cuttlebug machine, various embossing slides, stickles (they never go on sale) and various other products that add bling to cardmaking. My husband just got me a Cricut expression as an early Xmas present 3 months ago (so i can play with it before baby came) and now after doing research I’ve fallen in love with the cuttlebug and all the other wonderful products you use in your videos. By the way, the keurig machine is awesome!!! The one we got has an adaptor to put your own coffee grind in as well (so you don’t spend so much on k-cups!). Hope you get that for Xmas!!! Thanks for being an inspiration! I always live watching your videos and look forward to future ones 🙂

  • Judi Farrell

    Hmmmm, my Christmas Wish List…………………..
    I have been wanting a CROP-O-DILE for about 6 months now. Ever since I saw one at a crop. How convenient. I still use the hammer and nail thing. At that same crop, I saw a BIG SHOT and fell in love with how it cuts fabric. So that would be number two on my list and number three would absolutely have to be a SCOR-PAL!! Oh the time it would save to have a scor-pal. I currently measure and mark and fold by hand any scoring I need. An EXPRESSION 2 would be a tremendous joy to have! I love my expression, but am really liking what I am seeing with the EXPRESSION 2! Lastly, and certainly only a “pipe dream” as my mother would call it an iPAD! I dont need to say much about those, they are just plain awesome!!!! This has been fun following you. You were the first website I saw online when I started following scrapping online about 6 months ago and I have learned so much from you. After 3 years of having a cricut machine, just these past few months have I really learned to use it due to ordering and watching your Cricut A-Z dvd! Thanks for all the tips, techniques and fun! You’re a doll! You and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

  • Donna Dial

    My Christmas Wish List

    cuttle bug
    Art Philosophy Set
    Keurig Coffee Machine
    Gel Pens ( I do not have any)
    Megan Stick Etz

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and Megan as GIVING a person as you are I hope Santa Brings you everything on your wish list!!!!!

  • Sue VanDeRostyne

    My Christmas Wish list is for an electric blanket. After 30 years of sleeping on a water bed, we had to convert to regular bed and I soooo miss climbing into a warm snuggly bed in these Illinois winters after a long days work (and play).

    I would also like my craft room remodeled, right now it is in our “unfinished” basement.
    Mostly, I want a peaceful & joyous holiday season for everyone around me!!

    • Karen

      Being from IL also I totally understand the cozy bed thing! We used to have an electric blanket but it kept shifting and driving me CRAZY. Last year we purchased a heated mattress pad and I LOVE it! It has separate controls for both sides(queen and full size) which is great because the hubby doesn’t like the bed as warm as me = )

  • Amy Prather-Smith

    Cricut mats & blades
    Mickey & Pooh Font cartridges
    Epson Picturemate Travel Tote
    Zutter Bind It All
    Organizing items for craft/crop room

  • Tina Campbell

    Here are some of the thngs on my list:
    A Cricut Imagine
    Paper Layers
    Pattern paper
    Tis the Season cartridge
    Spellbinders nestibilities dies
    New punches
    any of the 3M glue or tape
    Pop Dots
    Paper storage

  • Alicia B

    Oh I so hope you get your Keurig! My parent’s bought one last year and just love it! I am not a coffee person, but I do like their hot chocolate, LOL As for items on my wish list this year, I want the Cuttlebug All in One System! I had not seen nor heard of it until I went to Joann’s last week, but I had NO clue what it was until I came home and did some research. I think it would be a fun item to add to my paper playground! *Hugs* and Merry Christmas!

  • Rene Bryant

    I’ve just discovered Paper Layerz this past weekend here, watched the videos and so I’m excited they are on sale today. That is still on the list although I’m purchasing a pack today. and..
    Baby Boutique Imagine Cartridge (new grandbaby on the way)
    Country Carnival Imagine Cartridge
    Imagine Mats
    Ninja Mixer, Chopper, Blender set (can’t remember exact name)
    Yudu Screen Printer
    That Pink adhesive runner I see you use in videos
    Okay that is enough for now, my wish list could go on and on.
    Thanks Megan this has been a fun week!

  • Judy Carver

    My Christmas Wish List would include at the top a Cricut Expression 2. I do all the crafts for our church’s VBS and that means 150 crafts kits for each day of the week. My second wish would be for you to have a Wonderful, Merry Christmas and to keep up the great job you do at ARS. Your ideas help me so much. Thanks

  • L Vanlanen

    I too, would like a Zutter Bind it all and usually if I want something I’ll buy it but it seem so Extravagant…how often would I really use it??? Maybe when I retire…I’ll have more time to use my “toys.”

  • Janet T

    More time ( I know this is hard to produce) but maybe a day with Megan Elizabeth to craft together at my home(in Ohio with my six kids) or yours… This would be a ton of fun for me! God bless!

  • Emilie Boyd

    I have a keurig I bought for my significant other. You will love it. You can make hot chocolate and cider in it too and its much less expensive than Starbucks.

  • Dawn G

    We have a Keurig at work, and from the hints he’s trying not to drop, I think dh got me one for Christmas! LOL!

    On my personal wishlist would be the tools to go along with my Cricut Cake, and the Martha Stewart Cake cartridges (can’t find them at the local Joann’s or Michael’s :0( ) And time to play with it, so I can learn how to use it! I have SCAL for my Expression, and think it will be great fun to play with that, with the Cricut Cake!

  • Frani MacPherson

    I don’t have a keurig at home but there is one at work and it is great, not having to wait for perked coffee or having to go out to get a coffee. It is very convenient. Hope you get it for xmas.
    Wish list 2012
    Paper layerz
    Pink journey cricket cartridge
    Rubber stamps any kind but mostly sentiment ones
    All the different storage items to set up a craft room
    A set of copic markers with lots of colors
    More time to be creative
    And just a wonderful Xmas with my family
    Merry Xmas and happy new year to all!!!!!

  • Sheryl Smith

    I think Santa will come through with my #1 request, a laptop. It seems have enough scrapbooking supplies to open a store( except what I am looking for at the moment ) but if I were to ask for anything scrapbooking related it would be an E2 or Imagine and tons of Stick Etz and any other kind of adhesives. That’s the one thing I never have enough of!
    A fantasy wish has become heating oil $ for my mom. Her car is dead, she has had health problems all year and now her heating assistance has been cut greatly. Of course, we won’t let her freeze so this is a selfish wish as well but I pray Santa and God will help us take care of her.

  • candice carrell

    A Christmas Wish List….how fun! I think number one would be a new embroidery sewing machine with large hoop; next would be a year’s subscription to Club Ruby; next, a guide to digital scrapbooking; and of course then a printer that would print 12×12 pages; a new camera with good zoom and an external hard drive to save all of my files to. May everyone’s wishes come true and may 2012 be filled with good health and the love of family and friends and peace on earth for all.

  • Teresa B.

    You know this year I really don’t want anything. Just to have fun with my family on Christmas and watch my 2 grandsons play with their new toys. The only one thing I really want is this special pillow. I could go and get it for myself anytime but since I don’t want anything this is what I am asking for. Kinda silly, but it’s all true. But I guess if $ were no option I would really love to have a new sofa.

  • Sonia Rowe

    OMG Megan where do I start ;-)…On my Christmas list I would love to get: Art Philosophy cartridge, Megans stick its squares, zutter bind it all, a new printer, a camera, your xmas cd, I could go on forever…thanks for the chance.

  • Christi Fillhard

    Well, my big wishes on my list are a Cricut Imagine and a Yudu machine, neither of which I will be getting this year as they are not in the budget. My other wishes are the Art Philosophy Cartridge and stamp set and a new rotary cutter that will also cut heavy chipboard. Those are the items that I would like for Christmas if money was not an object. This year my husband and I are not getting each other much as we want to give the kids a good Christmas.
    Thanks for all you do Megan, love you site and always love you inspiration.

  • Mary Anne Perlmutter

    i would love to have help creating a blog and/or web site. A new camera and the stamp maker. Also Club Rubies kit and Paper Layerz. I wish you and your family the happiest of Holidays.

  • Eleanor

    a new computer–mine is sick, and old, and frustrating
    “Frames” cartridge
    storage box for 12 x 12 paper
    pink adhesive runner
    pearl drop (I’m not sure the specific name)
    paper layerz
    When it comes to scrapbooking the list can go on and on. Right now I make more cards than anything else.
    Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

  • Lori Hinueber

    How fun it is to read your very well written Christmas list items. I feel your excitement thru your words! I want all of the same items you want, however, you have access to something that I want, that I can’t buy around here…Paper Layers! I also have that Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge on my list! But if I win and you can arrange it, I would love a clean house and a quiet day to spend crafting!
    Merry Christmas Megan!

  • Kathy H

    I would love an E2 for Christmas…..and of course some more 12×12 paper! Never can have enuff of that, right Megan!!!! LOL. I also would like a pr. of diamond stud earrings, but that is for my hubby’s list. OOOOPS.

  • Kristan(crazy4christ)

    O my goodness you are too kind!! top of my list would be a DSLR Nikon Camera (or Canon), Cricut Imagine, Creatopia (by Xyron), cartridges, Cricut DVD’s. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  • pattie weingardt

    I would wish for a fairy Godmother to come and clean my house, do laundry, and cook for a month so I could just play with all my fun stuff. I have miles of projects I would like to try. I hope you get your kurig. I will let Santa know how good you have been and helped all of us out with many videos and tutorials.

  • Donna Weld

    The Keurig coffee maker was my gift wish a couple of years back. You will LOVE it. Perfect cup of coffee every time and no throwing out the rest of the pot. Our original machine broke so we just splurged on the one made by Cuisinart and it is awesome.

    Don’t need a thing – very fortunate -so I just have wishes on my list and I haven’t even really told anyone because they aren’t necessities. Would love an E2 or Imagine but like I said I really don’t need them. Thanks for the fun game and may you and your family have a fun filled Christmas with a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

  • Nina

    The #1 thing on my Christmas list would be to have my Son, Daughter-In-Law and my two grandaughters w/us for the Holidays. We all miss them very much since they have moved to AZ. But since that would be a miracle I would love the CTMH Art Philosphy cartridge w/matching stamps. Merry Christmas !

  • bernie seidl

    All I want for Christmas is a cinch binder. Please keep CHRIST in christmas. It’s a Christmas tree not a holiday tree. Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year to everyone.

  • Ruth

    My wish list ha an Eclips on it and drawers to hold more of my scrap paper , a indexed NKJV Bible, a kitchen timer , clothes, a spice rack with empty jars as I buy most of my spices bulk at Kalona. Cricut mats, can never have too many….

  • Stephanie Bonin

    I would love a Bind it All. I would also love Art Philosophy cart and stamp set. (not in my budget) Also any one of your instructional DVD’s, E, E2, Gypsy.I guess I should send this wish to PC…I wish it wouldn’t take so long for the new lites to get to Walmart.They are already so expensive I don’t want to pay shipping too.

  • Heather R...mousemomma

    Oh Megan! You’ve just got to get the Keurig! We visited my Dad in October and he had just purchased one. My husband and I couldn’t believe how good the coffee was. We couldn’t stand our old coffee maker after that and within a week we got the Keurig, (at Costco, $149 for the biggest, bestest one with a BUNCH of K-cups)! Yum, yum, yum!
    I have so many little things on my Christmas wish list, but they all add up… 🙂
    Some of them are, Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge, Cricut Imagine cartridge Santa’s Village, Tim Holtz Tattered Pinecone Die, Martha Stewart Starburst POTP set, anything Tim Holtz…
    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  • KathR

    I would love the ECraft machine from Craftwell, but pennies won’t permit this yet, If money was no object I’d get the machine and Tim Holtz entire range of stamps,dies and accessories, plus the Vagabond of course.As this is not going to happen I would just like to wish You and everyone of your Blog Followers A Very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful new Year…
    hugz Kath…

  • Dianne Bell

    My one desire is the have a craft room makeover. That would really help organize my”stuff”. Now to be realistic, I would llove to hear that all the pets in the shelters would be adopted. Merry Christmas, Megan to you and your family. Give those little ones a hug.

    Dianne Bell –

  • Terresa (Trish) W

    Hope you get your “really” want present. It is cheaper than a camera! 🙂 My hubby drinks about 4 pots of coffee in the morning so I told him that a Kuereg probably won’t work for us but he really said he was thinking about getting one. That would be so cool! I would absolutely LOVE a Cricut Imagine!!! I know I won’t get it even if I was a good girl this year and the fact that I did get a Gypsy already which I am still trying to master but I think the Imagine would be the BOSS. I would also love more Paper Layerz, some more adhesive, embellishments, more paper, a new craft room with those fancy wooden closet type things that open to reveal the wonderfful word of paper crafting and more paper! Ok, I really haven’t had too much coffee yet, just kind of rattling on.

  • Cynthia Guy

    Hey Megan! 🙂

    My wishlist is pretty simple. I’d like “Beauty will Rise” by SCC (one of the newer albums I’ve yet to buy). That and the cutter that’s called “The Slice”. I’ve seen it at Ollies, and it’s still over my budget. Maybe one day. 🙂

    Have a great day!

  • marie sierra

    hi santa-megan! i would love a scor-pal, i would love anything from the tim holz collection..i would love a couple of cricut carts, a set of markers yo ucan use for coloring in stamps..copic?
    thank you for all you do!

  • GrannyCharlotte

    I have two main things on my wish list for Christmas….The Art Philosophy Cartridge with stamps from Close to My Heart and the new Cricut Mini. Thanks for sharing your Christmas wish list with us. Merry Christmas all 🙂

  • Amie K

    Oh yay! I hope you get your Keurig! That was my big wish last year, and I LOVE it!!! This year, I have two BIG wishes. One is an iPhone, lol–that is more a dream than a wish–and a Cricut Imagine!!! I would like my gypsy to be sent back actually working, a hot glue gun (my dd took it for a project at school where it was stolen, grrr), Noah’s Ark cart, scoring board, expedit desk system from Ikea, and MORE TIME!!!! Have a very Merry Christmas, Megan!

  • Kim

    I have the Keurig and a Tassimo. I perfer the Tassimo (it makes the BEST lattes) but the coffee choices are limited – they lost their starbucks contract 🙁
    For me I would like more
    paper layers
    cinch machine

  • JoAnn

    Merry Christmas and thanks for all the Christmas wish list ideas..
    I would love a new score-pal and sny cricut cartridges that I do not already have.
    Thanks again for all the great ideas… Enjoy the season. Merry Christmas.

  • Cheryl H.

    I have no list for Christmas, I don’t want anything, I have enough stuff!!! I know what you are all thinking, but I really truly do not want a thing, except for the true meaning of Christmas to be remembered and known by all.
    My wish would be that we could all feed a family for Christmas or fill there refrigerator; or to find a wish tree and fulfill all the wishes of toys and clothes for the kids that are not going to get anything; find a family in need and fulfill their Christmas wish.
    This is what I wish for Christmas, the True meaning to be told and God’s son not forgotten during this season and throughout the years!!!

  • Janet Sisk

    Gee, I gotta get out the door for work, but want to comment quickly. My wishlist is:
    1. Buy Megan Elizabeth the coffee maker
    2. Cricut Imagine
    3. Cricut cartridges( I only have 10)
    4. Gift certificate to Above Rubies Studios

    Thanks for a chance to win. 😀

  • Linda

    My Christmas list is really kind of basic..hehehe

    Membership to the monthly kit club.. (a gift that keeps on giving)

    a cart load of adhesives, I’m talking cart load

    a sample of DVDs and/or product from your store,

    oh I hope you get your coffee pot!

  • Denise L.

    My wish list consisted of a new paper cutter, similar to the purple cow one, list is with kids, so I can’t remember the name; I would love a new cricut expression since I have the baby bug, I would like one that cuts 12 X 12 sheets; and last on my list was the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. I have the Keurig and love it.

  • Johanne L.

    I wish for you to have everything on your list. For me, I would love to have a Cricut machine and some carthridges. But I know it’s very expensive. The second item on my list would be the Cinch because I would love to do more mini albums. Other items, would be a scoring board or a crop-a-dile that does tickets and tag cuts. Thanks for the chance and I wish you a Merry Christmas. Have a nice day.

  • Sheila Peckham

    WOW–Santa Megan!!

    Tough to make a list but I would like the new Canada cartridge from Cricut , Art Philosophy bundle and a binding machine. Thanks for all you do to help us improve our crafting skills. Have a safe and happy Christmas!!

  • Lucille Ellewnood

    I would love to have
    Cricut 2 A to Z DVD
    Gypsy A to Z DVD
    Zig wide glue
    of course crictut expression 2 Howver I woud be happy no matter what I would win.

  • Marilyn

    My biggest Christmas wish is for everyone to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your families. I have been looking at those Keurig coffee makers for a while now and thinking I want one for Christmas.Not sure if I get one though since I know my hubby bought something else for me already. I know a few people who has one and they love it and since I am the only one that drinks coffee here it would be soo conveinent just to do single cups. Some other things I thought about is the cardmaking DVD, maybe the cricut mini or cricut expression 2. There is so many things I would like to have and the list goes on and on.Thanks for all of your videos and inspirations. Megan wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  • Sue Allen

    I want Keurig also for my hot chocolate and tea!!!
    I would love to paperlayerz and all things scrapbook.
    I have only a few cartridges for my expression so I would like a lot more font ones with cuties fonts.
    And a variety of vinyl!!!

  • Kim Hill

    Wish list:
    Club Ruby subscription
    Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge bundle
    eCraft machine in purple
    Some good kids encouraging phrases stamps
    Cricut cake mini
    And the list goes on ….. 😉
    Thanks Megan! This has been lots of fun!

  • Carol Carratt

    I would love to get a Silhouette Cameo to expand my cutting creations. I hope you will eventually make a tutorial on that type of cutter.

  • Priscilla Leddy

    I don’t have a lot of things that I really want but maybe a new Cricut machine Expression 2 or Imagine. I hope you get your Christmas wishes. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Julie H

    If I liked coffee, one of those Keurig machines would be on my list! I’ve been flirting with the idea of a Theresa Collins stampmaker. My daughter is very artistic and it would be really fun to turn some of her cartoon drawings into stamps. So that’s what at the top of my list!

  • Susan

    Wow! I guess at the top of my crafting list would be a Silhouette, my sister got one and I like the intricate designs and that you can print and cut. My next choice and equally appreciated would be a year of Club Ruby Kits.

  • P.J.

    Several Cricut cartridges — Art Philosophy, Katie’s ABC for starters.
    Cricut magazine for a year.
    New basic paper trimmer (the numbers have worn off my present one)
    Thank you for your wealth of information,

  • Tonya

    Wishlist –
    martha stewart score board
    ribbons & rosettes cricut cartridge
    paper layerz
    scrap n easel
    mini sewing machine
    xyron sticker maker

  • Cynthia

    I recently got a Keurig for my husband’s birthday! He loves it! My favorite is the Earl Grey tea. So yummy! It will be fun when the kids are home for Christmas.
    For my wish list…
    Art Philosophy set

  • Nancy Coultas-Carol

    It has been so much fun the last few days reading your 7 days of Christmas posts. It has really helped to get to know you better. As far as me, here are some of my Christmas wants this season. I have been good, so hopefully Santa will do his part….
    1) Vagabond
    2) New Office Chair
    3) Cricut Mats
    4) Cricut Imagine Enjoy the Seasons Cartridge
    5) A remodel of our basement to be my craft space!
    6) Cricut Imagine Santas Village Cartridge
    Happy Holidays!

  • JD

    I hope you get a Keurig for Christmas! My parents bought us one last year, and I absolutely love it. My favorite K-cups are the Chai Tea Latte and the Hot Apple Cider. I’m not a coffee girl, but love my Keurig for tea, cocoa, and cider. You can even leave the K-Cup space empty and just brew hot water. So nice!

    My ultimate Christmas wish this year is a new DSLR camera. I’ve had my eye on one for a while now, but with a new baby, it’s just not in the budget. Of course, like any other paper crafter who doesn’t have one yet, I’d love an Imagine or a Cricut Expression 2. But my E is still plugging along just fine so I haven’t asked Santa for those yet either. My other scrappin’ wishes include the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge/stamps collection, the Creative Memories cartridge collection, the Above Rubies DVD collection, and stamps from My Pink Stamper or My Creative Time. I love scrap and love anything scrap-related!

    Merry Christmas, and thanks for a fun week of giveaways. I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday, and that a new Keurig finds its way into Santa’s bag of goodies and under your tree on Christmas morning.

  • Star

    My scrap wish list changes regularly! Today’s wishes are mostly for cartridges: Snow Day, Traveler, Fancy Frames and Pet Shop. Of course one of the constants have been the sew easy ribbon tool and design heads!!! I would also like to try the embossing mats for the cricut.

    Hope you find your fancy coffee machine under your tree this year!

  • Ann Diehl

    On my Wish List:
    The Art Philosophy cartridge
    Stickles (don’t have a single one & would really like to get some)
    Can always use double-sided tape
    Storage for my Cricut & Imagine cartridges (maybe a tall bookshelf as I have a total of 75 cartridges in all)
    Some of that really cool “craft” furniture that’s modular
    A diamond & chocolate diamond necklace (a girl can dream, can’t she)
    Black & color cartridges for my new Imagine

  • Jane

    I would just love an Imagine machine, Paper Layerz (I gave my recently purchased pack to my daughter for her birthday), Ornamental Iron Cricut Cartridge, a Nook reader and a Keurig (my husband had a cup of coffee from a Keurig and a friend’s house and he’s hooked).

    Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Dawn

    I would really like to have a big shot pro (and of course some dies to go with it), teresa collins stamp maker, a yudu, a Bunn coffee maker (had one for over ten years, but it bit the dust and the cheap replacement, that really wasnt that cheap, has barely lasted a year and its a goner!), a handful of cricut carts, stainless cookware set (my teflon set has seen better days). And here i thought i didnt want anything for Christmas. Actually i dont NEED anything for Christmas. Thanks Sant-Meliss-a for sharing! Im enjoying what you’re sharing. Have a Merry Christmas!

  • Amelia Andrade

    ok, some things on my list…

    a rug steamer
    yoga classes
    paper layers
    cards for any occassion DVD
    a facial
    a massage
    a sewing class
    cricut expression

  • Betsy Rowan

    Wow what a big finish. My number one wish is for the Martha Stewart craft station. It’s available half price today but can’t afford it right now. Hop you get your key rig. They are great!

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi!!!! Well for my Christmas Wish List:
    1.- Ipad
    2.- Vagabond
    3.- A lot of diferents Papers Collections
    4.- Cricut Imagine Machine
    Well I hope some of this presents Santa could give me this Christmas!!! Big Hugs.. Maggy 🙂

  • Jingle

    I would really like the Echo Park Times and Seasons collection and I’ve got to be honest with you, I would love a Spellbinder’s Grand Calibur, but I haven’t actually told anyone that, so it won’t happen! LOL!

  • Maryellen Holman

    Merry CHRISTmas! I am brand new to all this… I am mostly a quilter. My husband bought me the CRICUT Expression in October and thanks to your lovely print guide which has helped me get the settings right for the different type of papers… I have made some really fun word blocks to set around the home or give as gifts. I am thankful for your website which was recommended to me by my neice, Angie! I guess I would like to get some more cartridges or find a place where they are not so expensive. May the Lord bless you and yours this holiday season 🙂

  • elaine

    a sweet and talented young mom at our MOPS group at church is in charge of the craft projects we do on Thurday nights. She does a great job of crafting on a budget and recycling. She is always so grateful when I help her by cutting gift tags or snowflakes etc. on my Cricut. I overheard her say that she and her husband (a student) would love to get a Cricut someday,” think of what we could make with it!” The top item on my list? a Cricut and Paperlayerz for her. I can lend them my Above Rubies Studios DVDs and of course my cartridges.
    Hope that Keurig finds it’s way under your tree!

  • Debby J

    WOW!! I had some cartridges on my list until last night when my hubby took my list -hummmm- wonder what he’s getting me???!!!
    On my list would be Paper Layerz , StickItz, Viva Decor Pens and a new desk chair.
    I have a Keurig, but it is a small one-you will love it no matter what size.

  • Marcia

    I would love a new chain for a very special pendant I have, pandora beads, an ipad (won’t happen!), a composter! On my list to give is a camera and a jacket!

  • Connie Burger

    Well – what do I want hmmm – I have put on my CHRISTmas list this year some of your DVD’s. I have been crafting for many years but I am getting more into making cards and scrapbooking. Just reading your blogs etc I feel like I have gained some useful knowlege to help me with my cardmaking. DVD’s would be an addition to my collection. Thank you and have a wonderful CHRISTmas and a crafty New Year.

  • Jennie Childress

    LOVING your ‘7 Days of Christmas Fun’! We purchased a Keurig last Christmas as a family gift for ourselves and absolutely LOVE it! My husband is the huge coffee drinker in the house, but my kiddos and I use it for our hot cocoa, apple cider, and chamomile tea! Great to have for the entire family!

    2011 Christmas List:
    – Scrap n’ Easel
    – Cricut Sweet Tooth Boxes Cartridge
    – Simply Renee Clip It Up Mini & Extra Clips
    – Cricut Christmas Noel Cartridge (Hard to Find)

  • Carolyn N.

    My first wish is that Christmas would become less commercialized and that emphasis would be placed on the real meaning of the season – the birth of Jesus.

    But, jumping on the bandwagon of gift giving………I am wishing for a Cricut Gypsy, a gift certificate to my local rubber stamp store, the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, and a Kindle Fire. My husband has been scurrying around lately……..I wonder what he’s up to? Hmmmm……

  • Dorinda

    On my wish list this year to add storage units to organize by craft room.
    Ribbon & Rosettes Cartridge
    Go Canada Cartridge
    scrap n easel
    lots of embellishments

  • Karen from SW KS

    I already have all of your DVD’s so………I would “LOVE” an embossing machine, but I can’t decide between the”Cuttlebug” and the “Sizzix”.
    Thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas!!

  • Debbie Eslinger

    My list could be quit long
    1. E2 2.The Art Philosophy Cartridge 3.Club Ruby subscription
    4. Cricut magazine subscription for several years 5. Complete set of Tim Holtz distress inks
    6 Tim Holtz Stamps 7 one those craft desk station there are 2 types one is the craft box and the other is starts with a H but right now i can not remember the full name 8 scrap n easel
    I could continue but will call it done, truely anything crafty would be fine
    The Coffee Pot is wonderful I have had one for several years and would never go back, my husband drinks coffee now when he never did before; one downside it is hard to go to someother place and drink regular coffee, but both of my children within the last 2 months have gotten this-so now when i packed to go visiting along will comes K-cups

  • Regina F

    First of all, let me say thanks to you for all you do. I hope that Santa brings you everything on your wish list, especially that camera and coffee maker! I have the coffee maker, I jst got mine from QVC when they had their special. Love it!!!

    What is on my wish list is simple,
    I would love the Imagine DVD.
    Other than that, I just want to have peace and harmony with my family.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and Happy New Year!

  • Brenda Lawrence

    I want one of those Keurigs too, lol But I’m not a coffe drinker, more hot cider, hot chocolate and hot teas, though it is not on the top of my list. Let’s see well… the one really big gift that I really want is a Kindle Fire, but hubby and I aren’t exchanging gifts this year because we just remodeled our bathroom. I also would like to have some Imagine carts: Santa’s Village, the newChristmas one with the paper only, and Snow Angels. I would love, love your paper layers paper. That is about all that is on my list this year.

  • Louvenia Smith

    Christmas Wish List:
    paper layerz
    your cirucut expression dvd
    remote car starter
    new couch
    thanks for asking I guess my list could go on and on the most important wish would be for my friends and family to have a healthy good year. Hope your family has a healthy and great year.

  • Laura Carroll

    Wish LIst:
    Michael’s gift certificate
    Imagine Cricut Cartridges-just patterns
    Any Rubies Designer kits
    and more time with my daughter

  • Kari Meshak

    On my wishlist is:
    12×12 paper
    cricut mats
    sock yarn
    fabric by Susan Winget
    storage, storage storage (for all my fabric, cricut cartridges, yarn, paper, etc)
    carry bag for my cricut

  • Terrie

    My Christmas List also includes a Keurig Coffee Maker, I keep looking at then but there are so many choices, but I REALLY want one. My other items include:
    Cricut Imagine
    I Love the Pink Stamper Stamps and would love to have some of these.
    That is all.

  • Terrie

    My Christmas List also includes a Keurig Coffee Maker, I keep looking at then but there are so many choices, but I REALLY want one. My other items include:
    Cricut Imagine
    I Love the Pink Stamper Stamps and would love to have some of these.

  • Nicole H.

    My grand prize Christmas present would still be a laptop computer. But I would also love your Gypsy disc–I just got one and don’t have a clue how to use it–LOL! Your Paper Layerz and your new adhesive would also rock! I just love watching your videos, you are always so cheerful! Have a very Merry Christmas Megan, and a Happy New Year too!

  • Bruria Draiman

    Megan–I recently discovered your site and blog and I LOVE them! Your teaching style is fun, enjoyable and informative and I am learning a lot from you about how to use my Cricut machines. Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us!

    On my wish list:

    ART PHILOSOPHY SET (I didn’t even know it existed until I saw you using it, but watching you made me REALLY WANT IT!)

    VAGABOND (You made this look tempting too!) or BIG SHOT (I have a regular Sizzix but not a large one.)



    Any of your other DVDs–I’m sure I’d learn a lot from each of them!


    Thanks again, Megan Elizabeth, for all you share with us. I’m SO glad I found you!! I look forward to learning lots more from you in the future!

  • Sandy W

    Wow! What an awesome final prize package and, like you, I’d love it to be a Keurig Coffee Maker, but the number one gift on my list this year is your DVD’s. Specifically the Gypsy DVD and the Cricut A to Z DVD. I know they will help me get the most out of my tools. Thanks again for 7 fun filled days.

  • Tracy P.

    Would love a Cricut E2 machine as well as membership in the Cricut Circle-and let’s not forget a new Cricut a-z 2 DVD to make it complete. These would bring a true glow to my face and make my craft room complete! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Tammy B

    My Christmas list:
    All of your products (except the Imagine or Gypsy because I do not have one)
    Teresa Collins stampmaker
    Xyron 500 and 900 refills (permanent)
    Tim holtz dies and Vagabond
    new dvd drive for my laptop
    new cutting machine that is compatible with MTC
    external hard drive for my laptop and or my Mac
    Thank you for being so giving!!
    Be so blessed!
    Beyond Measure

  • Moira Efird

    This year I would love to receive a Gypsy. I think it would only complement the cricut I already have. I hope you receive all you ask for and that your holiday is very sacred and blessed. Blessings, Moira

  • Felicia Ruffin

    I am new to scrapbooking and brought my cricut last year and I’m not sure how to really use it yet.
    Winning anything would greatly help in my adventure.
    Cricut cartridges
    Cricut 2 A to Z DVD

  • Cathy Wegner

    Here are a few things from my list:

    Art Philosophy cartridge
    Tim Holtz Cargo Case
    Gift Certificate for Hero Art Stamps
    Copic Markers (I have some but need to fill in a few color spaces)

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

  • Linda G

    My Christmas wish list includes…
    Cricut Imagine
    Accessories for the Gypsy
    Scap Easel
    More of your new adhesive
    K Cups for the Keurig
    K Cup holder for the Keurig
    I love the idea of everyone adopting a family.
    Merry “Christ”mas to all.

  • Ruth

    You will love!!!!!!! your keurig. I got mine a month ago & oh yes all the funny little things that go with it. LOVE IT!!!! Yummy coffee, tea, cocoa.
    Anyway on my Xmas list would be a Scrap n easel, Art Philosophy cart, and an imagine. Love my expression but think it would be neat to be able to print things as well. Hope your Xmas wish comes true!

  • Kimber crow

    Besides needing some new sweaters, I would love:
    Any of your DVDs
    More cricut carts!
    Cricut cruise 😉
    Scrapping room
    More time to crop!

  • Toni

    I would like a Ipad 2 for my gift this year. But that will only happen if I buy it myself. Acutally, the main thing I want for Chirstmas is for my daughter to have a safe trip back to Nairobi Africa. She left this morning. I really enjoyed her stay home this time and she won’t be back until May. The only other thing I would like is for everyone to have a Christmas filled with love, family and friends. Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  • Christie Harris

    My Christmas List:
    White Gel Pen
    Paper Packs
    Viva Decor Pearl Pens
    Xyron Sticker Maker
    Heat Gun
    Copic Markers
    Pop Dots

  • Andrea Dixon

    Good Morning Megan! I love getting your emails. My wish list has a Circut Expression on it, new perfume and fuzzy socks. I am truly enjoying your videos and emails and website. I check it everyday and look forward to it everyday. God Bless You!

  • Jennie

    Since we got our very first grandbaby this year (and she is TOTALLY amazing!) I’m learning what a pain it is to order prints and get them purchased for my scrapbooking – in a timely manner anyway. I was thinking it would be incredibly convenient to have one of the printers that prints really great quality photos really easily! I guess that is at the top of my wish list!

  • Cindy

    Tim Holtz dies would be nice. Also TH distress inks and stains. Actually anything Tim Holtz would be fabulous. I think (hope, hope, hope) Santa may already be bringing me an Imagine, so the Lori’s Garden cart would be wonderful. Merry Christmas to all!

  • Stephanie W

    I love my Keurig. Quick yummy coffe and it’s so convenient — even when you just need hot water for a recipe.

    On my list are:
    Classic oval spellbinders 4 set pack (comes with classic ovals large & small and scalloped classic ovals large & small)
    Copic markers
    Classic square spellbinders 4 set pack (comes with classic squares large & small and scalloped classic squares large & small)

  • Renee

    I would love the Flower Shoppe Cricut Cartridge and I really want some paper layerz papers, thanks Santa!! I hope you get the items from your list.

  • dedra irelan

    I love my keurig and you will too. Igot mine a couple of years ago for Christmas, and liked it so much I bought a second one for work. Now I’ve gotten several coworkers hooked too! My wish list is for mmore storage for my ever increaseing stash of supplies. Also assorted size circcle punches, anything stamping related, and books, mags or dvds to learn from. Thanks and Happy holidays!

  • Lara Class

    My biggest wish is the Art Philosophy cartridge with coordinating stamps! I would be so happy if you picked me! Thanks for everything you do!

  • Kristy Luccketta

    I love love love my keurig! It was the best cmas gift I got last year!!!! I have a couple of big things on my cmas list this year, I would love to get my hubby an iPad 2! I would love a photo cube (you can plug your iPhone into it and print out pictures straight from your phone. You can print a 4×6, or 4 to 10 pics onto a 4×6!). Of course I would love your paper layers (the polka dot one) and your new adhesive too! Merry Christmas and thanks for the chance to win! I hope you get a keurig!!! 😉

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Here are some items I would wish for:

    Stick ITZ
    Art Philosophy Cartridge Bundle
    Club Ruby Kits
    Cuttlebug & accesseries
    Acrylic Stamps-I’m Just Saying

  • Sharon Fultz

    Crafty things on my wish list are:
    – Martha Stewart punches
    – My Pink Stamper gift certifcate
    – More Paper Layerz
    – Peachy Keen Stamps gift certifcate
    – Anything for card making (this will be my 2012 craft)

    Thank you Megan for your kindness.

  • Kay

    I would love to have:

    1. Big Shot and some of the bigger dies/folders to go with it
    2. Your Imagine DVD
    3. Paper Layerz

    Hope Santa is good to you 🙂

    Merry Christmas!!

  • kim mcnaughton

    What an amazing surprise it would be to win and get one of the items on my wish list! I also have down a Keurig! Then I have diamond stud earrings in white gold, an iPad, a bosu ball, new clothes, and money to start a business and to use to give my kids a nice Christmas.

  • Kim G.

    I’ve always wanted a Keurig also! Those k cups come in some great flavors too! Also on my wish list is Teresa Collins Stampmaker A-to-Z DVD, Cricut DVDs + Paper Layerz DVD + 24 Pack Bundle, copic markers, and Old West Cricut Cartridge.

  • Holly Wiseman

    Dear Santa Megan, lol, all I want for Christmas is…
    The new stickles container
    A Cricut expression
    The entire video library from ARS!

  • Karla

    Megan …. I sure hope Santa brings you that Keurig. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I know it makes more than just coffee. As a matter of fact, Santa (me!) has the “Special Edition” one already bought for my 25-year-old daughter for Christmas. The best part of that is she said it to me a few months ago, and she forgot she said it!!! When I asked for Christmas ideas for her fiance she said, “What about me?” I told her I already had her gift….which is when she told me she didn’t remember telling me anything! I can’t wait for her to see it, as she thinks her fiance is getting it for her! I’ll enjoy it, too …. as she lives next door to me.

    As for my “wish list” …..I would absolutely love the Cricut cartridge “Sweethearts,” as my daughter is getting married in May, and I’m putting together two scrapbooks — one for her, one for me. ANY of the Viva Decor Pearl Pens would be on my list, as I don’t have any of them, and each time you do a video you use them, and they look awesome!!! And, lastly on my wish list …. I would love a Vera Bradley laptop case in Plum Petals, as when I go on scrapbooking retreats I take my laptop so I can use my Design Studio with my Cricut.

    Megan ….. thank you for coming in to my life!!! You are a blessing to all whose lives you touch. You are one of the most enthusiastic, honest, fun-loving crafters I’ve ever met (well, I haven’t actually “met” you …. but I hope to one day). When I say “Megan Elizabeth” to my friends, they all know I’m talking about you. Have a very Merry Christmas, and enjoy Sean and those adorable little ones of yours!

    Love and Hugs!!

  • Carla Frohne

    I always look at those machines and wonder if they would work in our house since I drink SOO much coffee. I might have to put one on my birthday list ( its in January) and not goof my hubbys list up for Christmas.

    I would LOVE to get some new cricut mats and Paper Layerz. I really don’t want a lot this Christmas, I am just concentrating on my little girls and hubby this year. Typical mom right??!!

    Thank you for everything you do!

  • Kenyi

    Hi Megan! so, I’ve been following your webpage for a few months now, first on youtube and then I subscribed. Since day one I wanted to leave a comment but i’m way to shy! English is not my forte, but I decided to try and here I goooo! So thanks for doing this for Christmas, is soooo nice of you, many blessings to come!

    My wish list for this Christmas is:
    1. a new brain so that I can get creative and start scrapbooking, I have tried but Its a total disaster, I am not creative at all. But I love totally love the idea of scrapbooking.
    2. Accessories to begin a project (or tools should I say) I have a cricut imagine.
    3. the A to Z DVD for the cricut imagine
    4. A scrapbooking desk, I would love that!!! my ultimate!
    5. Thats all for materialistic things… But I wish for Christmas…. Health and much love for the world!!!

  • bunnyc

    Winning a Keurig would be sooooo very awesome. I’ve been wanting one for a long time now. Besides the Keurig, I would love a Cricut Imagine machine.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us….you are very inspiring.

  • Karen B

    First and formost on my list is for Christ to be kept in Christmas. In physical items I wish for any of the new Cricut cartridges, the VIVA pens(the tubes) and of course tape runners. I do hope under your tree is the Keurig, I have one and love it! Blessings on your Christmas.

  • Sandy Handrich

    Hi Megan, Wow….Christmas Wish List! Yippee!!! Here goes, pardon me while I dream a little :o)

    Well, Just purchased 2 ARS gift certs. at the 35% off so I’m all set there, Thanks for that GREAT DEAL!
    Art Philosophy set from Close to My Heart
    Gift Cert. from Papertrey Ink
    Gift Cert. from My Pink Stamper
    Anything Organizational from my craft area
    New Hallmark movies on dvd
    Blue Ray Player for my basement – craft area
    Nice Pots and Pans – Love Rachel Ray
    Coach Purse :):);)
    And a White Christmas!!

  • Nanette Fodor

    I really wish I could have a craft room makeover. I desperately need some better organization. Otherwise, I would love stamps, cardmaking, or Cricut stuff. I also would like your Gypsy A to Z DVD, 123 Cards DVD, 123 Stamps DVD and of course Paper Layerz. I think I’m going to send my husband over to your store!

  • Barb A.

    My wish list includes:

    1. anything crafty for card-making
    2. Peachy Keen stamps
    3. Paper Layerz
    4. stamps with coordinating dies

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  • Judy Perry

    The Keurig Coffee Maker is on my Christmas Wish list as well. I see it every time I go into Costco and keep wanting to put in into my cart – almost made it into the cart once! The Coffee Carousel and lots of K-Cups are a necessary thing. Since it also comes with the accessories to be able to make your own K-cups from your own coffee, so the Coffee Carousel and more K-Cups can be a second purchase.

  • Betsy B.

    Merry Christmas, Megan! Hope you get what you want most for Christmas!!!
    My list is pretty short:
    Megan’s DVD’s ~ any of them since I don’t have any yet
    iPod Touch ~ my old iPod is dying, and I just love music and use it all the time
    WiFi Adaptor for my E2 ~ so I don’t have to mess with hooking up my computer when I use CCR!
    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

  • Jessica B.

    My biggest scrapping want would have to be new markers…..The Copic ones I got to use them a few weeks ago at a scrap and I love them but they are really pricey so I know the only way I will most likey get them is one at a time over a long period or time.
    Other Scapping items:
    Cricut imgaine
    Cricut mini
    Any of your DVD would be wonderful
    Shopping spree to get new cartirdiges

    Now for a personal pampering I would love to have a full day at the spa but even just a really good pedicure would be delightful.

  • Cyndi Stephenson

    Merry Christmas to you. On the top of my wish list is the Cinch binding machine. I would also like some cartridges for my Imagine. I only have 1 art cartridge. Thank you for this chance and I hope you get some of the things on your wish list.

  • Jenny

    I love my Keurig and now have to decide if I want to take it to FL with me. By the time I pack all my crafting things like my cricut and cuddlebug, etc. I’m not sure I’ll have room. Craft things are more important than clothes, etc. 🙂 But it would be nice to have it there for my Monday Night Craft nights that I host at my condo each week.

    I hope you get some of the things on your wish list.

  • Tricia

    My wish list this year includes a bind it all, paper layerz, the deep cut Cricut blade housing and extra blades.
    On a side note I have a keurig and love it and I know you will too!!! It does so much, I even make instant oatmeal with it.

  • Pat L.

    I have enjoyed your posts the past week and thank you for the opportunity to share my list.
    1. New camera
    2. Cinch or Bind-it-all machine
    3. Creative storage for my scrap and stamp supplies

    Thank you again for all that you share so we can create wonderful things.

  • Melissa Brown

    I would love to have Megan come to visit Madison and me for the weekend! We can work on converting Morgan’s room to a crafting room! If something tangible is easier, then a iPad would be perfect.

    Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true!

  • bj

    My husband and I purchased a Keurig for my MIL. We all gather at her home on Sunday mornings after church. Each of us can choose what we like to drink and there’s even hot chocolate for the kids!

    My Christmas wish list item…is the Silhouette Cameo….I know it’s a big ticket item, but a girl can dream can’t she?

  • Cindy Schwing

    Megan, I first found you when I purchased my cricut and didn’t know a thing about it. I seen your DVD and bought it. What a help it was and it saved me from soooo many mistakes and frustrations. Your videos are amazing. Please keep up the great service to all us scrapbookers.
    My Christmas wish is to continue to be thankful for all the many blessings I already have and to be content with where I am in my life’s journey. My children will be coming to our home for Christmas Eve…I wish also, for their safe travel.
    Merry Christmas,

  • Robin Lane

    I LOVE my Keurig coffee maker, I had been wanting one ever since they came out and I finially got one a few months ago, my parents saw it at Thanksgiving and went and got themselves one and now they are getting my sister a small one for Christmas and I am going to get her some of the Starbucks K-Cups.

    Now, for my Christmas list, lol…a few things that I wish I had are…
    *The DVD that you have for the Gypsy
    *The DVD that you have for the Cricut Expression machine
    *Face Stamp Set from Peechy Keen
    *Pooh Bear Font Cricut Cart.
    *Mickey and Friends Font Cricut Cart.
    *Hello Kitty Font Cricut Cart.

    I could only think of a couple of things when I first started but as I was typing I would think of more, lol.
    I hope that you get everything on your wishlist and that you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.
    Scrappin’ Robin Lane

  • Suzanne Grippi

    Oh! And it is so your fault! I want a bind-it-all. I have journaled since high school and when I saw you make your thankful book (totally stealing your idea) I immediately wanted it! Hate how expensive the cute journals are. Then I could even make them for gifts.

  • DianeK

    Love my Keurig! Hope you get one……My wish list includes new PES embroidery designs for my Brother machine. Yes, I do embroidery on paper for cards or create on muslin and then stitch to cardstock. Maybe an ATG adhesive gun and a bookstore gift card (for craft and sewing references), and …DREAM DREAM DREAM …for an Expressions 2 machine. Blessings to you and your family for a warm holiday season and new year full of exciting events, health, and family memory moments.

  • Kim

    I am so with you on the Keurig!
    My Christmas wish list would include:
    Bundle #1 on your website,
    Your Christmas Crafts DVD
    Cricut A-Z 2nd Edition
    12×12 paper
    Embellishments of any kind
    anything crafty!
    Suprise me…lol I love everything!
    Merry Christmas Megan! Hope your New Year is Stellar and thanks for your generous giveaways! 🙂

  • Krysta

    My wish list…..
    – Gypsy machine
    – Cricut cartridges (Ultimate Creative Series Sampler, Everyday Paper Dolls, Simply Charmed)
    – Cuttlebug embossing folders

  • Carol E.

    I would really love the Expression 2
    Any of your DVD’s
    Paper Layerz
    Some Acrylic stamps
    Anything to use with making cards or scrapbooking
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Hope you get everything on your list, Megan!!!

  • Carla

    My papercrafting wish list:
    Scrapin’ Easal
    Art Philosophy cartridge and stamps
    Black and White Imagine Cartridge
    Santas Village Imagine Cartridge
    Lots of Paper Layerz
    Thanks Megan Have a wonderful Christmas!

  • Audra

    Would love the art philosophy cartridg, paper layers or the Chrustmas craft DVD. But I already got my heart’s desire – my mom from overseas to share Christmas with her grandsons !!!

  • Nanadoll

    Christmas wishes: Gift cards for Joann’s and Michael’s. I saw my present from my sister (accidently), and I’m so excited!!! It’s an Ott natural light floor lamp! So cool.

    We are looking at the Cuisinart Coffee Maker that uses Keurig cups, it has a bigger water reservoir and it’s more sleek and stainless steel looking. We’ve worn out probably 3 of the Keurig machines to date.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  • Jackie B

    Hi Megan, how nice of you to give away something on a wish list of others. I hope that you will recieve some of the things on your own wish list. I wish that I could have
    Imagine A-Z DVD,
    Paper Layerz paper
    Art Philosophy cartridge & stamps
    Copic Markers
    Anything that will make my crafting easier. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Lori

    I really, really want my very own Cricut machine! For years I have been using other peoples and just want one of my own so I can build my own collection. And of course paper layers and your helpful DVD’s wou;d go perfectly well with it :). Merry Christmas Megan and the AR team.

  • Bonita

    Christmas want list: Art Philosophy set – gift certificate to Above Rubies Studio, Big Shot, Copic Markers (don’t have any). Thanks for your generous give-away and your great blog.

  • Joybird

    My biggest Christmas Wish: Peace on Earth, that everyone wishing on this list today gives as much as they get. I would love a gift certificates to Above Rubies Studio, Michaels, Joannes to hopefully fill in the most needed areas that I can’t think of right now. Would enjoy videos, cartridges. Actually this seems all so me me me, so I go back to wishing you all recieve not what you necessarily WANT but what you may NEED. I am blessed with my health and family…what more could I want?

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    My Christmas Wish List:
    CTMF Art Philosophy Cartridge bundle
    Theresa Collins Stamp Maker
    Scrap-n Easel
    Silhouette Cameo
    and lots and lots of Paper Layerz!!
    Hope you get everything on your list this year since you are always so good to us!

  • Alina

    Hi Megan hi. SHAUN, I want to take the time to say thanks for all the fun videos that you guys put out there for everyone to learn and create with.I m.wishing for my husband a coffee maker too.I don’t drink cofffee .so we.don’t own one… husband works at hospital and he gets their coffee and sometimes he said it doesn’t taste good but he was greatful they provide it for purchasing.thanks for all you guys do.feel like were.friends,Alina Koludrovich from. Battle Creek MI

  • Shirley Anderson

    My list is for cricut imagine or cartridges. Forevery Young, Country Life, Kate’s ABC, or Nate’s ABC, Rosetttes or paper trimmers. I could go on but these are just a few

  • Lynn Cromrich

    Wow! I love those coffee pots. My husband drinks more than I do but it would be awesome to have fresh coffee each time. I asked for a few things for my card-making — a scoreboard is on top of my list. Thanks for the chance to win. Merry Christmas!

  • Colleen

    The one big thing on my list this year was a Mac computer (and my hubby gave it to me early so I could play with it, what a guy!)
    A few other things my list are –
    the Art Philosophy cartridge bundle
    A Bind-It or Cinch-It machine
    Peachy Keen Gift Certificate
    Craft-e-Corner Gift Certificate

    Now I have to go over and purchase a ARS Gift Certificate for my daughter she & I love the paper layerz
    Thanks so much for all the wonderful giveaways.

  • Din T

    35 mm 2.0 fixed lens for my Canon Rebel
    Big Shot
    Close to my Heart stamps
    1 or 2 night stay at any Hilton Honors hotels
    i tunes gift cards
    a sewing machine

  • Kate Dykstra

    Here is my list:
    A goat – my BIG wish!! (
    Food for a hungry family in Canada (
    Fruit trees (

    What a wonderful thing for you to do! Although I do have some craft items on my Christmas wish list, I know that my amazing family is looking after that for me. If I’m the lucky winner, I would be delighted beyond words to pass along your generosity to those who need it far more than I do.

    Blessings to you! Merry Christmas!

  • Cheryl Hauber

    We love our Keurig… wouldn’t trade it for anything. Even got my mom and dad hooked on it!

    For Christmas, well, let’s see. I think next on my list is the Art Philosophy cartridge (gotta save up for that one), and after that, probably some of the Peachy Keen face stamps. My problem is I love them all, so when I make up my wish list, it quickly adds up. Next would be some of My Pink Stamper’s stamps.. I’m in the same boat with Robyn’s stamps too 😉

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and are able to relax and enjoy the holiday.

  • KitnM

    I would love to have your stamps, Megan Elizabeth paper layerz, viva decor pearl pens in every color (which I of course learned about from your posts!), and embossing folders! I love all the added effects that each of these can add to a card! I hope you get your coffee maker! Life is always better with a cup of coffee; it gives you a chance to take a quick break from life and enjoy a special memory, or even create a new memory! Thanks for all that you give to us each week! Thank you for adding to our fun with your give-aways! I hope your family has a blessed Christmas!

  • Mary Lou

    Hi Megan, I love your style of teaching crafts. I like to have Close to my Heart circut cardridge,gift cards are great any time,paper kitsPaper Layerz,,or any your circuit cardridges. Even a Keurig Coffee Maker.Wish your family a great Christmas week.

  • Latia Brown

    These are the things I would LOVE for Christmas!
    Love you a latte lite cartridge
    Hey diddle diddle cartridge
    Paper layerz
    Cricut imagine A to Z DVD

  • Kay Henslee

    “This is the first year in many that I truly have a wish list. Usually, when I want something, I just go out and get it, but recently I’ve been on a non-shopping kick, so here’s what I want for Christmas”

    Kindle Fire
    Spellbinder Dies
    Gold Earrings
    Coco Chanel Perfume
    Movie Camera
    Coffee Machine for Son (who lives with us) he he

  • Ann Morrell

    If by chance my name is drawn…I would like a donation made to the Salvation Army so the $$ could be used to help give a needy child a special Christmas Present. My wishlist is not as important as a child’s wishlist…every child need a wish to come true at Christmas. Thanks.

  • Lisa R

    Just big things on my list this year:
    a single full time job (instead of three part-time jobs)
    a new house–not the money for it, just being able to find one that fits our needs and our budget
    time–though it I got #1 on the list, I think this would be solved, at least partially
    Money, or grants, for more schooling
    If I were to put down some tangible things, the list would include Paper Layerz (really would like to try these), card making supplies (especially some stamp sets and stamp pads), your card making video. That’s it!

  • Kim

    You are so sweet I hope you get your wish for Christmas. I got your paper layers when they first came out and I LOVE them. I guess if I had to make a list it would go something like this.
    Paper Layers
    Scalloped Corner Chomper
    Scrap Easel.
    I am going to be a grandma for the first time at the end of this month so I really feel like I got my best wish already granted. But know it means lots of scrapbook pages for the future. Have a Wonderful Christmas and Thank You for sharing so much of yourself with us and teaching us so much. If it hadnt been for you I think I would have thrown my gypsy away LOL.

  • Patchi

    My wish list is probably pretty easy:
    – Embossing machine (I’m not picky about which one 😉 )
    – Art philosophy combo
    – Any other Cricut cartridge (I only have Opposites Attract and Designer Calendar)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Elizabeth

    Let’s see I would love a year membership to club ruby, a cuttlebug, the art philosophy cartridge, paper layerz and the biggest thing would be time to scrapbook. 🙂 I loved your 7 days of wishes. It’s fun to see what other proletarian are hoping for.

  • Tina N.

    Good Luck on the coffee maker!! I haven’t aquired the taste for coffee yet. My #1 Christmas item is…. CTMH-Art Philosophy cart & captured moments stamp set!!!!!! I absolutely want them more than anything. I’m like a kid in a candy store–excited, but waiting still! Of course my 2nd is Dec. Club Ruby kit. Saw it, LOVE it! Hope you all get your wishes! Merry Christmas!!

  • Paula Sanchez

    It has been so much fun following your Christmas list!
    My list — to get my craft room bette r orgainized, with all the furniture that is just for crafting and organization! 2 — Copic Sketch Markers! I have the basics, buthow awesome would it be to have the whole set!

  • Martha

    I bought the cute pink ATG gun at A.C. Moore but I can’t seem to find refills for it locally, so that would be on the top of my wish list! I’m easy to please…anything pink, anything blingy, and I’m obsessed with paper, I have just started using stamps and embossing more, so would like to have more stamps and embossing folders. Just winning would tickle me PINK 🙂

  • Catherine Thompson

    Christmas wish list .. I’d love the pink expression, Or a new iPod nano.. Someone broke into my car and stole my itouch and my purse that had all my Christmas present money I’d been saving, I also wish for a kobo reader since I’m having major surgery in January, and I could read in bed as I’ll be laid up for over 6 weeks. Unrelated to me, I’d love to spoil my friends kids as she’s a single mom and her baby is only 2 months, and her daughter is 2 1/2, so my wish would be to fill her fridge and cupboards, and an abundance of gifts under her Christmas tree!

    • Kisa

      Hi Megan. Here is my Christmas Wishlist:
      1. Copic Empty Marker Case – Original – Holds 72 Markers
      2. X-Press IT High Tack Double Sided Tissue Tape (1/8″ x 27yds)
      3. Tea Bag Folding Through the Seasons Craft Book

  • Kathy

    My wish is so far that my Leukemia hasn’t come back………And that I’m enjoying life again with family and friends.. I enjoy all new things. Love your site, the Cricut machine is the coolest thing since sliced bread……LOL My friend and I made cards I just wish I had a bigger craft room. But don’t we all.

  • Margaret K

    I love all the club ruby iitems but haven’t been able to send for them, the paper layerz and new adsives but mainly the DVD’s I have the gypsy DVD and would love the rest of the DVD’s. I always need mats and blades. I love all you do to train us to use our supplies more effectively also. You are an GODSEND to all crafters. MY wish is you receive all on your Christmas list as you are so blessed to help us.
    Merry Christmas and ahappy safe cratey new year.

  • KarenH

    my Christmas wish list is small and easy that you can’t go wrong picking a gift out for me.
    I would love to have a Android Tablet
    a Cricut Imagine
    but I would also love to have Paper Layerz
    and anything and everything to do with scrapping because I am an addict after all!
    Thanks so much for having such a great giveaway! And Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Tracy

    My Christmas wish to Santa Megan,
    I would love for you to put a basket together for me. With products that you have demonstrated on your videos. Glues, Stamps, adhesives, scissors, pop dots, paper layerz, and of course your card makers Dvd. I have your cricut imagine and cricut a-z dvd’s, just missing the card dvd. And if Santa wants to really make this year special…..Martha Steward Craft Station.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

  • Irene Mermelstein

    I guess my big wish are the cookbooks for my brand new vitamix. Or in crafting I would love the new silhouette cameo machine. I love my provocraft machines but I would love to have computer capabilities so I can get more fonts. Other then that I pretty much have everything I want unless you have a cruise up your sleeve. Hugs and happy holidays. I have enjoyed participating. Irene

  • Florence Oberkramer

    My Christmas list:
    Art Philosophy cartridge with stamps
    more paper layersz – Just love that paper
    I need a watch with large face , so I can see the time easier

  • Kayla

    Hmm, I really want an embossing machine. Cuttlebug or Big Shot 🙂 I’d love a Sillouette Cameo! I also want packs of Paper Layerz!! Thanks so much. Happy Holidays!

  • Holly Mira

    Hi Megan, I have the Keurig and all I can say is LOVE IT!!!
    On my Chirstmas list this year:
    A Cricut Imagine 2
    a few Cricut cartriges (that is the hard part, I like them all) 🙂
    A scrapbooking cruise with my friends
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Janice M.

    Megan, if there is one of those coffee makers under my tree this year I will gladly send it to you…I am not a coffee drinker!!
    My wishlist of reasonable things this year is:
    your gypsy DVD (I need to learn how to use mine I got last month!)
    sollid color cardstocks (you an never have enough!)
    an ATG w/refills
    ARS sweatshirt (size xlg) (I love sweatshirts)

    Wishing you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!! Thanks for all you do for everyone all throughout the year!!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    It has been fun reading your Christmas Wishes list and the comments from others who have posted ! Thanks for the great giveaways and the fun you have provided , and Congratulations to all who have won prizes. I can think of lots of great things that I’d like to have, including a ScrapnEasel, some Paper Layerz cardstock, the Cricut Everyday cartridge, the Cricut Cake Accessory Kit and extra mats for my new Cake Mini, a laptop computer…..etc. The list could go on and on…and yet, I am so grateful for what I do have that I don’t focus on what I don’t. I have my faith, my family , friends, and lots of crafting toys and tools so I’m a happy crafter. Thanks for you blog and videos and all you do for us . There are so many of us who look forward to seeing your posts and videos and even hearing about your family and faith…we really appreciate you and ABS !

  • Karen

    I also think a basket put together by you with some of your favorite things inside would be great. I also have en wanting one of those ATG adhesive guns–I like Tombows but hate having to refill all the time. Thanks for the 7 days of Christmas!

  • Kai

    A bazillion cricut cartridges
    Tim H. distressing goodies
    a cricut expression carrying case (with wheels)

    But really? I just wish I could have enough money to comfortably and without stress do the home improvement fixes that are necessary (new heating/cooling system, insulation in the walls and attic, floor repairs and flooring, etc.). Right now, we’ve kept Duct Tape in business as we use it to “fix” things temporarily. LOL!

  • Stacey

    My crafting wish list is never ending! But at the top is a Cuttlebug with plenty of embossing folders, a Cricut Imagine, a never ending supply of adhesive & pop dots, paper, paper and more paper (which includes Paper Layerz), pearl pens, CTMH inks (I want them all!!! I am an ink-aholic 😉 )… really I could go on and on…!!

    I am also wanting the BIG Keurig coffee maker with all the “embellishments” that go with it! I am a coffee frreeaakkkk 🙂 Can never have to much coffee!

    I hope that you get your Big Wish. Merry Christmas Megan (and family)! Many Blessing to you in the new year.

  • Ellen MacDougall

    Love so many on your christmas list….mine would have to be..
    1 – Cinch or Bind-it All
    2 – Mac – I really want to start doing some hybrid scrapbooks and I really think the Mac is going to be better for that
    3 – Ikea furniture to redo my office/scraprook – I’m way to embarassed to even tell you how messy the room is
    4 – Sherpani Scoop Laptop backpack…love this bag and the color (Vapor) a soft it…but it’s $70 and is always out of stock!!
    5 – no way I’ll ever get this one…but Toyota Mini Van – I never wanted one but my kids are 10 & 7 and now I’m regretting not getting one sooner. and the Toyota is the only one I trust to be able to be drive-able in the CT snow!

    I hope all of ARS viewers has a Great Christmas or Wonderful Hanukkah or Happy Holidays..whatever you celebrate! 🙂

  • LInda

    Let’s see, my wish list…Besides more time to do the things I want to get sone, I would like a really nice embroidery scissors, to get into those really small places when trimming something. Embroidery scissors work best for that. I also need lots of sticky dots, I keep running out of them, and the double sided sticky dots on a roll. It is so anoyying to be in the middle of something late at night, and the roll is at it;s end.

  • Marie Alkire

    A new Cricut Imagine and of course I would love to have a Keurig also lol. thank you Megan for sharing and its so much fun being able to wish for things!!!

  • Janice G

    Oh my, I would love an Imagine machine, or a keurig coffee maker would be awesome. We found one at one of the membership clubs that I loved but couldn’t afford, and it came with a little basket to brew your own k-cups to save money. Thank you so much for all you do Megan. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

  • Tonia H.

    Thanks so much for these seven days of fun giveaways Megan! I guess one thing on my wish list would me the scrap ‘n easel. I’ve seen you use it on demos and it looks like it would be so helpful. I’d also like the Glue Arts Pro Glue Glider, the Art Philosophy cartridge from CTMH, Stick Itz Adhesive Squares and new Imagine cartridges. Whew, what a list! Thanks for all the fun!

  • Mattie

    Merry Christmas first of all. Hope you get your wish and stay pumped up for your weekly tutorials by drinking some extra java!

    My wish list would be a set of CD’s with your Cricut and Cricut Imagine on them. What a wonderful way to spend 2 weeks off.

  • Carol

    My Christmas list is short but I would love to have your CD’s,Paper Layerz and Art Philosophy Set. Here is wishing you and your family and Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

  • Sharon

    I would love a Keurig as well!!!! Some other things:
    Cricut Imagine:)
    Tis The Season Cartridge
    Embossing Folders – especially snowflakes….can’t find them anywhere!
    Happy Holidays!!!!

  • Ginnye

    On my list are the E2, Cuttlebug with embossing folders
    Martha Stewart Craft Station
    2 of every Paperlayerz collection
    Cases of Adhesive
    Membership to Above Rubies Club
    Art Philosphy Cricut Cartridge
    Creative Memories Cartridge bundle
    Keurig Machine for Megan
    Merry Christmas Everyone!!1

  • elsie

    Some of the things on my wish list are paper layerz, a corner chomper, the new tim holtz holiday distress inks, a new kitchen set, and a new pair of black boots!!! Hope you get your keurig!!!

  • Charity Brown

    Boy, you have really taken some thought into the gifts that you would like…I would like some holiday cartridges, Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc. I know that my mother-in-law purchased the cuttlebug for me, so I would need some more embossing folders…I am sooo excited!

  • Theresa Merkling

    That coffee maker set would love wonderful under my tree this year.

    What I really want for Christmas is to know my kids have all that they need and are all in a good place. The people in my life really make it perfect.

    As far as your site… off to browse and fill my wishlist now. Ready to get back to scrapping and could use some new inspiration.

  • Bobbie

    My wish list is the following:

    Silhouette Cameo
    Paper Layers card stock
    Art Philosphy cartridge
    Pink Stamper word stamps

    Thank you for all you do for us. I have learned so much from you. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

  • Carmen Elrod

    Thank You for the chance to win such a neat prize~ You are amazing!
    The top of my Christmas Wish is for you to be blessed so that you can keep on creating and blessing us!!!! I have alot of things on my wish list that I will continue to buy a little at a time!
    My list includes Viva Decor Pearl Pens (which I cant buy around here any where)
    Any of Megans DVD’s ( I only have the new Christmas one and LOVE IT)
    Paper Layerz
    Club Ruby Designer Kits or membership
    Cricut Expression 2
    Some of the newer Cricut cartridges ( i own 10 and havent bought a new one in ages!)
    Something that I have always wanted, but never bought is an ATG gun…….. It looks like it would save a lot of time and make crafting lots easier!
    Thanks again Megan for the chance~ and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR PERFECT LITTLE FAMILY!
    I hope Santa brings you everything on YOUR LIST!

  • Amy

    I have a few things on my wish list (some definitely bigger than others!):

    – micro fine glitter
    – spellbinders
    – a tablet (that’s the biggie that’ll have to wait until after Christmas)

    Someone’s going to be every lucky with your giveaway 🙂

    You’re awesome!!!

  • Cindi

    Megan you are amazing. I have that coffee maker and I just love it. Here is my wish list:

    Paper Layers lots of paper layers
    Pink Stamper Word Stamps
    Cricut Lite Pet Shop
    Tim Holtz stamp pads

  • melba

    on my wish list i would like to have
    Silhouette Cameo
    the gypsy
    every Paperlayerz collection
    and as always that all my family have a healthy year.
    thanks megan 🙂

  • Lisa L.

    My Christmas List :
    1. Papertrey Ink stamps
    2. Tim Holtz Distress Ink
    3. Paper Layerz
    4. Target Gift Card
    5. Archivers Gift Card

    Thank you so much for this fun week of giveaways!

  • Holly Buchanan

    For Christmas this year I would love an ATG and extra adhesive, Cricut cartridges-especially boy related ones (I only have the 2 that came with my E), an Expedit bookshelf, more paper is always good, and I really need a bunch of 12X12 page protectors.
    Thanks for all the fun chances to win!

  • Shannon Brey

    My wishlist:
    1. Keurig coffeemaker (Just a basic one would be great) – I love Caribou Coffee and hope the keurig will cure me of the $4 price each time!
    2. Stamps and supplies for making cards (love making cards!)
    3. New mats for my cricut
    4. Any of Megan’s videos
    5. Cricut carts – CTMH Art Philosophy, Ribbons and Rosettes, Lacey Labels, Elegant Edges
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Anna

    I also want a Kuerig–been eyeing them up for awhile.
    But what I really want is a good friend that can laugh, cry, talk, go bikeing, hiking and watch a movie. I lost mine and I miss her.
    I want enough money to buy the house my 80 year old neighbors live in so they wouldn’t have to worry about losing it and being homeless. I want whatever it is that I need to comfort a sobbing young woman whose husband betrayed her in a terrible way. I wish I had a little bit of whatever is needed for the family who lost three children in a terrible accident last week.
    I guess those are wishes nobody can grant.

  • Margie T

    There are 2 things well 3 that I can think of right off the top of my head
    Silhouette Cameo
    I really have been wanting to try paper layerz
    and of course WORLD PEACE

  • Jennifer

    Hi Megan! I’ve been having so much fun following your 7 days of Christmas fun! I have a few things on my wishlist this year!!!
    A cricut expressions 2 (I don’t have a cricut 🙁 )
    cricut cartridges (especially the Art Philosophy one)
    a gypsy
    STAMPS and ink
    a 5qt glass bowl for my kitchen aid mixer
    a new lens for my camera

    Hope you get everything on your wishlist!!! Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed 2012!

  • Deana Hayes

    I would love to get the cricut imagine. I think it would make wonderful things to use for the daycare I run and for my grandchildren. I’m also big into photography, so a high speed SD card would be great.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family Megan, you inspire me to try more things.

  • Kelly

    I am such a coffee fanatic. There is nothing better to smell or taste than that freshly brewed cup of fabulous coffee (and with Keurig, they have a million flavors to choose from). The one thing I would really love for Christmas is a good camera. I use my cellphone all the time and then I end up deleting, losing or sending them somewhere in cyber-world. It would be so wonderful to have one that I could actually produce a real copy of a picture from. I hope you get all your Christmas wishes and many blessings for a wonderful, crafting new year. Thank you for helping we new crafters.

  • brandie toutcheque

    i recently received my first cricut-the e2-very exited-however very intimitaded to use it-lol.therefore,i would love your a to z 2 and the childs first year cartridge:)oh and a million dollars in small bills would be good too-thanks-brandie 🙂

  • cheryl sibilia

    Hi Megan, I would Love some paper layerz, your dvd for the cricut and glue dots.I haven’t tried any of your products yet. the grinch stole my christmas so i hope i win some products. thanks for all you do everyday!! Have a Magical Holiday Season for you and your family.

  • Barbara

    Family asks for Christmas list every year, but I taylor them to what people can afford and still feel good about giving. But you are giving me a chance to list crafting goodies I want but not really need. I would love Santa to bring me the The Art philosophy kit, a Cricut expression, the Flower Shoppe cartridge, Paper layerz, CutMates cardstock, square 1 adhesive fabric, and any Club Ruby kit. Thank you Megan for a great year in crafting ideas, videos, and help. I hope you get your coffee machine. Have a Merry Christmas.

  • Karen OConnell

    There is nothing like that perfect cup of coffee!!! I hope you get the coffee maker you want. I would love to have my son home for Christmas but that is just a wish I will have to wait till March. I am happy as long as all my children and grandchildren have a great Christmas and if I could pick something for me I would love a Cameo or a Cuttlebug with a stack of embossing folders. Merry Christmas to all and hoping everyone has a blessed Christmas.

  • Ruth Gonzales

    My husband asked me the same question recently. I truely couldn’t think of anything. I am so blessed, we have a roof over our heads, food on the table and God in our lives. My dear hubby made me the most awesome work station last christmas. When my middle daughter moved out I aquired the family room for my craft room. I have room for a large table to seat four friends and there is room for three friends at my craft station. My sewing machine and all my crafting thing are in one place now! Some day I will have time to invite friends over to have some crafting fun. My goal for next year is to have classes there on the weekend.
    If I did choose onr thing it would be a set of clear stamps that will cover everything. My oldest daughter and I make and sell cards. I find my self either going to the computer or having to use the limited word stamps I have. I guess that is what I would like. Thank you so much for all you do. I am always inspired when I come here.

  • Christy Sisk

    My Christmas Wishlist

    1. Set of Copic Sketch Markers (any set as I don’t have any)
    2. Imagine Cartridges – Better Together, Enjoy the Seasons, Kate’s Kitchen, Yummy,
    3. Cricut Cartridges – Twinkle Toes (Lite), Once Upon A Princess, Everyday Paper Doll, Paper Doll Dress Up
    4. Purple Expression
    5. New Cricut Imagine Mats or Regular Expression Mats
    6. The Complete Set of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman Series on DVD
    7. The Complete Set of Harry Potter DVD’s Movies 1-8 (Blue-ray)

  • MousEarz

    My big “gift” request this year is a WeRMK Cinch & several of the necessary items for use (like binding wires)…mostly, I’m just happy being with my family.

  • Kristi

    My christmas list:
    Art Philosophy cartrigde
    Bind it all kit
    yard tools
    and a lot of stuff to update my house!!!
    Thanks for the fun 7 days.

  • Sue Anderson

    Dear Santa-Megan, I’ve been a really good girl this year! (And it has NOT been easy! LOL!) My wish list is: Scrap’n Easel, Paper Layerz, Variety of colors of embossing powders with the Versamark stuff to make it work, and a set of the paisly-shaped cake pans. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Lisa C

    Hope you get your Keurig. Both of my sons have them and love them…For Christmas, I got them each the carousel and Kcups. What I am hoping for for Christmas is more crafting storage,,,I do not have a craft room, and everything is stacked up in a corner in the living room. I am also asking for a Gypsy, Corner Chomper (My little corner cutter is not cutting it) Spell binder dies and the ABR Bundle #1. Merry CHRISTmas!

  • Vicky Syfrett

    Paper Layerz…lots of them
    cricut mats
    the spray glue and spray glue release you talk about. I have never been able to find them!!!!
    glue pens
    Ott Light to hang on wall above my table
    Small stereo for the scrap room
    Blings for pages

  • Lars Anderson

    My wish list consists of: Youdo & Yourstory by provocraft. Crafting tools, like Corner Chomper, Crop-A-Dile, Edge punches, etc. I’m also hoping for a router and a drill press! 🙂 I hope you get your coffee maker….Hmmm, maybe I’D like one of those, too! Oh, yea!

  • Marla H.

    My Christmas wish list:

    Suze Weinburg’s Melting Hot pot
    silcone flower molds from Etsy
    We Are Memory Keepers newest smaller corner chomper
    Prima flowers

  • Kris Reeves

    Oooh! A Christmas wish list giveaway? Sweet!
    1. The original Scrap Box on wheels… I need to hide my art stuff from 3 YO grandson when not in use!
    2. Vagabond die cut/embossing machine or ANYTHING Tim Holtz, especially distress inks, stains and paint!
    3. Professional face painters kit with ALL the colors (I have small pots of a few colors… to hard to do full faces!)
    4. Personalized rubber stamp with my business name/ name on it!
    5. Square1 printable vinyl

  • Pam

    My Christmas wishlist includes:
    Art Philosophy cartridge
    Cricut A to Z DVD
    Gypsy A to Z DVD

    Hope you get some of the items on your wishlist this Holiday season!

  • Wanda Potter

    My list would be any kind of paper or cartridges. I would love to get from my kitchen or a really hard to find one called fast food cricut lite. New mats or a cricut 2. Its a wish.

  • Robyn

    I really hope you get a Keurig, they are wonderful. My husband doesn’t drink coffee but he uses it for tea and cocoa so it is a multi-purpose tool. We are not exchanging gifts this year so I don’t really have a list, just have not spent the time thinking about what I am not going to get. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and pray the Spirit fills you up to overflowing. Blessings.

  • Sonia

    Thanks so much for these seven days of fun giveaways Megan! Have a very Merry Christmas On my list are the E2 , Paper layerz
    IPad, Scrap n easel,

  • CathyinMN

    I hope if you can’t get everything that you want for Christmas that you’ll at least get more than half of what you want. My craft Christmas wish list includes the Scrap N Easel, a one year subscription to the Above Rubies Club, some of your awesome monthly packs, some of your Stick Its glue squares, the Imagine Santa’s Village cart, Imagine mats. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Jan B

    I have a Keurig and I do enjoy it. On my Christmas list I would like the frothing machine for it. I would also enjoy a TC stampmaker. But Megan here is what I would like you to do if my name is randomly picked. Rather than fulfill anything on my list , I would like you to take the money that qualifies for the gift and donate it to a food pantry, Salvation army, an Angel tree or any other organization to meet the finanical needs of someone in need this Christmas. I look around at my life and there is really nothing I lack. All my physical needs are met- I do have some realtionship needs that need worked on but God is in control of that and I need to wait upon Him and His time.
    God Bless you and your family

  • Sarah Godfrey

    I sure hope you get all your Christmas Wishes 🙂

    I would love a C2, an Imagine, the ARt Philosophy cart, Stick Its & more Paper Layerz

    Praying you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!!

  • Jody S

    I would love the art philosophy cartridge, the new expression 2 or an imagine, any of your DVD’s , paperlayerz or new adhesive.

    Thank you! I am anxiously awaiting your class this week!

  • Heather Renninger

    My ultimate gift this year would be a nook. Second to that, anything scrapbooking works – especially adhesive – my two little girls think that I have an endless supply.

    Merry Christmas and God bless!!

  • Allison

    My wishlist this year:
    – Teresa Collins Stamp Maker (and DVD)
    – Storybook Cricut Cartridge
    – Water Color Pencils and a blending tool
    – Black Archival Ink Pad
    – 12×12 Cricut Mats
    -Old Navy Gift card so I can buy new workout clothes!

    I am getting very excited for Christmas!! I love when people open the gifts I have found for them!

  • Darlene Valenti

    These are a few of my favorite things..
    Paper Layerz….
    Scrap N Easel
    Life’s a Beach Cricut cartridge
    New mats for my Cricut
    New Rolling cart (to travel to scraps.. mine died)
    Goodie bag with lots of Ribbons, buttons, and do dah’s in it..
    oh.. and PAPER.. did I say paper.. I love paper!
    New phone (Think Santa is bringing that already!)
    Merry Christmas to you and yours Meagan!

  • tina kuhlmann

    ok i never win but what the heck.. i would love to have a year of club ruby and their scrapbook kits. i’ve gotten a few and their wonderful. such nice items that i don’t want to use them then they’ll be gone. have a merry Christmas everyone

  • Roxx.T Barnes

    OOH a Keurig is on my wishlist!! I didn’t write a list this year, been to rough to ask for much.But it sure would look nice in my craftroom.Baby refrige…ooh better yet a Wine Fridge would be on my wishlist..if I had one. LOL!! MERRY CHRISTMAS & congratulations to all the winners!

  • Jessica

    Any donations or gifts for the Christmas stockings we are donating to Shelters for this year and years to come!

    I would LOVE the new
    Snow Day Cricut cartridge
    Theresa Collins Imagine Black and White Paper
    A gift certificate to your site – Paper Layerz, !!
    Imagine HP INK – Tri Color and B/W
    Imagine 12×12 Mats
    Ribbon storage – I have SUCH a mess!!!
    Paper rack storage and scrap storage – YIKES another mess
    Magnet Mat
    3M 1/4″ tape glider refills
    My pink stamper Stamps – I need stamps so badly. I am TERRIBLE at stamping, so have steared cleared, but the new acrylics make it so easy and even flawless for someone like me!
    Modge Podge 3-d or shimmer

    whew! I got on a roll there for a second!

    and as always paper!!!!!

    Thanks Megan!

  • Tammy Brownlee

    Every year I really want to help those that have less than me. Like the Angel Tree or the like, and every year I realize that my kids or other family members need a little help too. This will be the first year that I haven’t been able to send a little something to my sister & her family in Texas. She hasn’t been home to Florida in several years, and hasn’t seen our Mom in at least 8, when we went to see her. If I can’t get her on a bus to us, (she won’t fly) then I would love to send her gift cards for Wal-Mart, as that is where she gets her food and other stuff, or money to help take care of our Dad who just had surgery for cancer and is trying to re-model a trailer so he can stay close to the hospital he is getting treatments at. It was damaged in the hurricanes several years ago and is no longer livable, so he’s staying with her sis in law & family. If none of that is possible, go back to the original request, take care of some needy families. Marry Christmas to you & your family.

  • Rose

    My List:
    We R Memories Sew Easy & heads
    We R Memories Sew Ribbon – all items
    Paper Layerz
    Years Membership to Club Ruby’s Kit Club
    Cricut DVD

  • Wanda

    We have a Bosch Tassimo machine and love it. I work for the company so mine was free cheap…. teehee!

    Ok, here’s my wish past the “pink” desk lamp.. Art Philosoph cartridge, JT, Best friends and Better together Imagine cartridges as well as your cards DVD. Oh and who can forget paper layerz?? LOl!
    🙂 Thanks for all the opportunities 🙂

  • mIndy chapman

    wow, Meghan you are so awesome for doing this for someone. i would love paper layerz and more paper layerz and some more paper layerz. And your new adhesive. I would also like a new mountain bike. there are a ton of Cricut cartridges I would like but on top of the list is Cherry Limeade. i would like a set of the cat eye chalk ink pads, a stickles holder oh and a craft room makeover, Mine is so not efficient! Thanks again Meghan for working so hard and bringing inspiration to us all.

  • Kathy H

    I hope you get your coffee maker and love it! My list is short and sweet…Cricut A to Z and a years membership to Club Ruby’s Kit Club. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…and you are him!

  • MommyMe

    Wow, Megan! You are amazingly generous! My number one, (material wish), is Paper Layerz by you-know-who and Cut Mates, (not just because it’s you who’s asking)! We recently moved from the D.C. area to a tiny town out-of-state. We don’t have the craft giants up here, and there aren’t any scrapbook stores! I would also like the Gypsy A-Z DVD. I use it constantly, but I’m sure I’m not using it to it’s potential. I just received an E2 for Christmas, and I haven’t a clue, although I am using it. Maybe you would like to squeeze me into your ridiculously tight schedule to come visit, and give me a live tutorial. No? My non-craft related wish is to have my hair cut and colored. That may sound like an odd request, but I don’t feel comfortable spending money on myself, so a haircut is considered a gift once every 8-12 months. Thank you for thinking of us. I hope your wishes come true!

  • Crystal Blank

    My wish list is
    1. art philosophy set
    2. paper layerz
    3. a to z dvd for expression and gyspy

    thanks Megan for everything that you and your team do.

  • Cindy Sue

    My wish list would include:
    Enough money so that I did not have to work. (Now that is out of the question but it was nice to be able to put on a wish list.
    Art philosophy cartridge.
    Someone to show me how to upgrade my Gypsy
    Pearl pens
    Cricut magazine subscription
    Obsession perfume
    Paper layerz
    I would love to meet you Megan.

  • Laura K

    I really need some new clothes so a gift certificate to Lane Bryant would be great. I also would love to get a Cinch. I have wanted one for a couple of years now. A new TV for our bedroom would be nice too since ours is dying. Those are the only things I would really want this year. Thank you for a great insight into what you would like.
    lklebs1 at yahoo dot com

  • Becky H

    Flower shop cart, rosette cart, your adhesives, cutmates and paperlayerz. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and that you get what’s on your Christmas list. You deserve it.

  • Penny J

    This is incredible! Thanks for the giveaways. I love this time of year! I’m just starting out in the “crafting scene” so the things on my wish list are super easy:
    A Cricut E2
    Some Cartridges
    Some great Paper Stacks (love black white and red)
    Some Embellishments
    Some “How to Video’s”
    & Some organizational baskets (which are VERY needed)
    Merry Christmas! And thanks again!

  • Diana

    Love the coffee machine but i have craft stuff on my Christmas list:
    Stork Delivery
    Stick itz
    And a close to my heart box like you received recently

  • Jennifer S.

    Great minds think alike! I have the Keurig on my list as well. And if Santa can’t get me that, then I have the Hamilton Beach Scoop Coffee Maker too. I am still hoping to find the ink organizer that Archiver’s advertised, but our store only got 3 when they got their shipment and I was way too late! LOL. Santa can work miracles though, right????? Enjoy your coffee maker, I know you will enjoy every minute of it!

  • Janice

    Hmmmm… My Christmas wish list would include a gypsy, paper layrz, your dvds, Teresa Collins stamp maker, Pearl pens,Ohhh and a Big Shot. Thanks Megan.

  • Lisa

    I so hope you get your Keurig, Megan!

    Topping my wish list this year, is less stress for my sweet hubby (they are short-handed at his work) and better health for my mom who has been battling one illness after another for the last 3 months. 🙁
    But to play along with the holiday fun here…I have a few things on my “fun” list as well…

    Ultimate BIG wishes (though not very realistic) would be the Scrap Box. I have so many crafty treasures and not alot of room for them all.
    And the XBox/Kinect system. I’d love to use it with the dance videos as a FUN way to get exercise…especially when it’s too snowy and icey to walk outside safely.

    On a more realistic scale,
    Christmas Wishes Imagine Cartridge
    Megan’s Cricut Cards DVD
    Megan’s StickItz
    Anything crafty for card-making
    Martha Stewart Craft Station

    And a wonderful holiday for all filled with good health, happiness and lots of love.

    Thank you, as always, for everything! Merry Christmas!

  • Cheryl S

    I would like some K-cups,ARS DVD’s,Club Ruby subscription, any of the Close To My Heart Cricut Cartridge bundles and paid time off to create! You will love the Keurig, I know Santa will bring it to you because you been GOOD!

  • Linda F

    I would love the Teresa Collins Imagine Cartridge Black and White and Teresa Collins stamp maker.
    I hope you get everything on your list. I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
    Thanks for all your help, hints and ideas. I appreciate all the time you take to teach us and I love your blog.

  • Nancy Kitson

    I’m soooo bad! I went ahead and just order a few of your videos and paper layers. The heck with the Christmas wish list! I wanted and I wanted it now! LOL However, I do want an ecraft machine really bad too. Hmmmm! Love the cricut and have a lot invested, however, also have a lot of files for SCAL and miss not being able to use it. Hmmmm! Have any connections? LOL

  • Hilary

    On my wish list:
    TC Stampmaker
    cutmates paper (when are Joann’s and/or Michael’s going to figure out that this paper ROCKS and they should carry it?)
    A full set of Viva Decor pens
    The CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge/stamp set
    Paper Layerz
    Stick Itz
    Everyday Pop Up Cards cartridge
    Cricut cartridge Caddy
    Stamp Caddy
    lots of A2 embossing folders (I just got an embosser and don’t have near enough folders!)
    Cricut Expression A to Z

    Thanks for all the great gifts, Megan!

  • Betty Jo Nelson

    I want a copy of all of your video instruction dvd’s (but especially the instruction video on how to use the Gypsy. The instructions from Provocraft on the Gypsy is seriously lacking! (I am one who needs detailed instructions and examples!)
    I would also love an Expression 2 !

    Other than world peace, that is all I want!

    Merry Christmas!
    Betty Jo

  • Melanie Lewis

    You are such a sweetie! I love telling people about your wonderful site! Thanks for all the sharing you do!!
    A biggie on my Christmas wish list is the Art Philosophy cartridge!
    Hope you get your Keurig! Wish is wasn’t so expensive to make each cup!

  • Joan Peters

    On my Christmas list this year is a ScrapCessories stamp caddy case, and I could also use two more ScrapCessories Cartridge Caddy Cases. Love what you are doing. Can hardly wait for the class on the 15th.

  • Dawn Lampman

    I love my Kuerig Coffee maker, I hope you get one, Its cheaper to buy K-cups inbulk from
    I would like a membership for your monthly paper kits.
    A Cricut Circle Membership
    A collection of Emmas Creative Time Stamps.
    Knowledge on my computer for my blog
    supply of paper layerz and
    for all a Very Mery CHRISTMAS.
    Dawn RI

  • Penny Mourer

    Paper Layerz (which I am so glad you designed because I love it)

    Your December Kit

    Really any of your kits would be nice.

    Cricut Mini Mats

    Cricut Spatula ( you can never have too many )

    Any glue product (you can never have too much glue either )

    Anything really and thanks for the chance to win.


  • Jennifer Carr

    My Christmas wish list:
    Flower Shoppe Cricut cartridge
    Viva Decor pearl pens
    Paper Layerz
    Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Tracy

    My Wish List

    Paper layerz
    Cricut Cartridage B is for boy
    Cricut Cartridage Create a Critter
    Cricut Image
    stick its
    Megan’s A to Z Gypsy

    Would love to have any of the above items. Just love to rec’d present. Since my B-day is just 4 days before christmas.

  • Phyllis Clark

    My wishlist are for fairly simple but items I sometimes feel guilty spending money on:
    Layerz paper and DVD
    Stickles assorted colors
    Pearl pens
    CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge Set
    All types of cardmaking items
    I pretty new to cardmaking and still building up my supplies so I get happy anytime I receive items for it.

  • Sue

    I hope you get your Keurig, I don’t have one but I think they are great! I’d really love Santa to bring me a Cinch, the Cricut A to Z DVD and some Paper Layerz w/DVD! I’ve told all my fellow scrappers about ARS. Have a very and blessed Merry Christmas!

  • Tina V

    Oh my list is constantly changing but for crafty things…
    Paper Layerz packs
    Cupcake Wrapper cartridge
    Flower Shoppe cartridge
    I would enjoy playing with another electronic cutter that uses MTC software!
    Lighting for my craft room
    Xyron 510 refills
    non crafty items…
    roomba vacuum
    smart phone
    lefsa rolling pin
    Oh it is so fun to wish and dream this time of year! I hope you get your Kuerig! My DH and his siblings decided to go together and get one for their dad – I hope he likes it!

  • Jeri

    I am so blessed and really have everything I need. Only a couple things on my wishlist–an IPad and Cricut cartridges I don’t already have. I sure hope you get everything on your list, especially that Keurig.

  • Cris Nosack

    My wish list is more paper! I would love to have grundles of PaperLayerz! You would love the coffee maker…I have the Tassimo and it is so much fun to make different flavors of coffee, including iced coffee…teas and hot chocolate! Love it!

  • Penny Pudge

    We always have a “wish list” and put wishes on it and then items that are more in range of what we can afford. I always put everyone home for Christmas. That happened last year, almost,, all but one of the kids got to be home, it was the best ever.
    There is nothing I need, lots of wishes and prayers for my family and friends, like mortgages being paid off etc. But things I would like for crafting would be some Christmas/ winter diecuts. Love the My favorite things die cuts. Winter diecuts of any maker would be great…also a binder, such as the cinch or something like that. And of couse a very nice camera, like all of us want. LOL Anyhow , sure hope you get at least one of those things on your list! Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Marcie

    Merry Christmas, Megan! If you get your Keurig, check out Amazon for the K-cups. I’m working there as a seasonal workamper and we are always picking the K-cups for orders!!
    As a CTMH consultant, I’m very proud to see so many wishing for the Art Philosophy cartridge! It is truly awesome and stamps to fit exactly – a dream come true!!
    I have recently bought my first Bug – E2, so your instructional DVD would be on my wish list. Cartridges for the E2 and something to store them in. A membership to Club Ruby would be nice, also. Can’t wish for too much, we are currently traveling/working fulltime in our motorhome, so not much room left in my alotted craft storage!
    Thank you for all you do and may all your wishes come true!

  • Fran Weinberg

    OMG, I’m so with you about the Keurig. We have one at work, and I love it. I don’t drink coffee; I want it for the tea and hot chocolate during the winter.

    Also on my wish list:
    All of your DVDs! I’ve been enjoying your videos on the website. Although I’ve had the Cricut Expression since it came out on the market, I’ve only used it TWICE. Yes, that’s all. I have the CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge and the Gypsy, and I would really like to dive in and start using them. I think your DVDs are exactly what I need to get me going.
    I’d also like some Paper Layerz to try.
    The biggest “thing” I’d like is a smart phone. It’s time to replace my old cell.

    While all of these things would be wonderful to own for myself, the one thing I wish for most of all, which is something money can’t buy, is happiness and prosperity for my children and grandchildren. They’re having a rough year, and I really want to see things turn around for them.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Megan Elizabeth. And I hope you have a wonderful new year.

    • Pat

      Is Santa brings you the Keurig machine I’m sure you will love it. He brought one last year to my husband and it was a good investment. Santa’s elf didn’t think it would be used because my husband had a bad habit of having to go to the coffee shop each and every day for coffee even when the roads were icy. Last winter he didn’t get out to make that trip in the really bad weather.
      On my list of needs is a refrigerator as it is on its way out. My dryer has given up the ghost. I am now having to make the trips once again to the laundro mat. I need a new car battery too as my car won’t start.
      On my list of wants is a Kindle Fire. I love to read. I would also like to have a IPAD 2 or an Expression 2. I also want my husband to be healthier in 2012. He has been out of work since September and has had 2 surgeries during that time.

      Merry Christmas Megan!

  • Cathy Plese

    The number one item on my wish list is the E2 or Imagine, oh how I want one!!! Other items include:

    Crop o dile
    paper layerz
    I pad
    TC stamp maker
    Cricut cartridges
    Viv Decor pearl pens
    Megan, I hope you receive everything on your wish list! Merry Christmas!!!!

  • Lily

    My Christmas wish list is for any Cricut cartridge, or anything to do with the Cricut expression. My second wish is for a new cell phone. (a tracfone because that is the best one for me and the area I live in). God Bless and Merry Christmas!! LIL

  • Brenda

    Everyone wants and is getting the coffee machines. I asked to go to NY city (have never been there) and am going Dec 22/23 with hubby and one son ! ! I am also asking for time to scrapbook and do some reading. Other small items I would like is some of your paper, some stamps, inks and some new carts. Lastly someone to show me how to use some of the carts.

  • Ruth G

    On my Christmas wish list I have the Scrap ‘N Easel, Paper Layerz, stamp sets that coordinate with Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge (like C1469 December 25th and B1391 Zoology) and Everyday Pop-up Cards cartridge. Thanks for asking and for all the fun with hearing about your list!

  • Patty Leitsch

    I bought a Keurig in the Spring at a charity auction and I love it! You will too!
    I would really love to try Paper Layerz;
    Copic (or any) markers;
    Imagine cartridges
    pop dots
    My job was eliminated at my company and I still haven’t found another, so any crafting supplies are a luxury!

  • Robin Belonga

    My Wish list:
    Cards 1-2-3 DVD
    Paper Layerz
    The Club Christmas Kit looked awesome!!!!
    Scrap ‘N Easle
    Pearl Pens- I love love love the pearl pens you are always using
    Thanks for being so awesome and I’m having fun seeing what’s on YOUR wish list this year!

  • Katherine A

    You’ll love the Keurig. I’ve had one a little over 2 years and really enjoy it. An iPad 2 is at the top of my list. I’ve also asked for some Pandora charms, a cricut wireless adapter and some perfume.

  • Julie S.

    On my Christmas wish list are: Paper Layerz, Best Images of 2009 cartridge, Art Nouveau cartridge, or Paper Lace 2 cartridge.

    Thanks for the great opportunity! Have a blessed Christmas!

  • Roxanne

    My wish list is
    1)My 1st on the list is a job
    2) I would love the paper layerz, and Megan’s DVD’s for gypsy and cricut expression.

    Thank you, Megan. Merry Christmas abd a happy New Year.

  • robin breault

    I want that exact coffee maker too! I feel guilty asking for it because we do have a coffee maker already, but its is such a treat! I figure I will save money too, by having my treat at home rather than at Starbucks($$$$$)! So, good choice Megan I totally agree with you on this one. The only other totally indulgent gift I can think of(beside personal things like purfume and jewellery), is anything from ARS…because, its something just for me, and I will totally used it and love every minute of using/watching/cutting/gluing/embellishing the item!!!
    robin (from Canada, with no snow yet!)

  • Teresa

    Hi Megan,
    I hope you get your coffeemaker, caffeine is a wonderful thing!! My wish list would include the Art Philosophy Cartridge and stamp set (I wonder where I saw all the cool things this cartridge can do.) Since I am wishing let me add a CE2, Cricut DVD’s, Paper Layerz (where I will put even one more piece of paper I do not know).
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday and keep up the awesome videos, they always put a smile on my face….

  • Dorothy B.

    I love my coffee also and would love a Keurig.
    Hope you get yours.
    The rest of my wish list is
    year’s subscription to club Ruby
    Scrap ‘N Easle
    Zutter Dreamcuts
    Paper Layerz
    Expression 2

  • Jill

    My family never buys me things for my Cricut so I would love to receive some new cartridges. My big gift would be an Expression 2 as I think my Expression is dying and I don’t know if I could replace it right away. i can’t live without my Cricut! I also would like some paperlayerz paper.

  • Karen Campbell

    My Christmas wish this year would be to have peace, joy and servicemen home with their families. Oh yeah and for me a nice warm cudly robe.:) Hope you get your coffee maker. Will have to look into that machine. Didn’t realize you could make your own Starbuck type drinks with it. Thought it was just flavored coffee mixes for straight up cups of coffee.

  • Karen Edwards

    I love my keurig!!! I hope you get one. Their awesome.
    I really want a monthly kit from ARSENAL. I also want the creative memories cricut cartridge you’ve shown. O also need a new dish washer # 1. Thanks Karen E

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, Happy, healthy holidays to you and your family. I hope you get your Keurig! Thanks for your chances to win. My Christmas list would include: Both types of your paper, all of your instructional DVDs, Stick-itz, and a few of your Club Ruby Kits, an imagine machine, copic markers and some makeup and perfume.

  • Connie

    mmm, in case you need to hear it again….you are amazing!
    My wish list is a craft mat, the Tim Holtz seasons greenery die, a glue gun 🙂 and one of your cricut dvds…in fact I may help myself out with that today 🙂

  • Debby Boone

    My Christmas wish list would be: Paperlayerz, pop dots, paper storage, your create a cards dvd. Thanks for providing the 7 days of Christmas fun. I have enjoyed it.

  • Debbie Moore

    Hi Megan,

    First I would like to say you will love the keurig coffee maker. I received a simular product from my son last year for Christmas, I just love it. As for my Christmas list….. I would love to have any and all of your DVDs, a new scrap room desk and adhesive. God Bless and may all your wishes come true.

  • Nikki L

    Gypsy A to Z dvd, Cricut E2, texture folders (to use with my texture boutique), and Cricut carts to add to my small collection…Happy Holidays! and thank you so much for the opportunity to win all kinds of great products 🙂

  • Beatriz

    My wish list:

    Apple ipad 2
    Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish (Gaby)
    The Art Philosophy Cartridge with stamps from Close to My Heart
    Cricut designer’s calendar cartridge
    Cricut A to Z DVD
    Gypsy A to Z DVD

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  • Brenda L (centralnyscrapper)

    Hmmm, I’d love to add to my Cricut and Cricut Imagine cartridge collection. And I’d like the Cricut Imagine A to Z DVD and the Cricut A-to-Z DVD, 2nd Edition because the 1st Edition Cricut A-to-Z DVD and the Gypsy A to Z DVD have been a help to me.

  • Jan Mougel

    My Christmas wish list.
    Art philosophy
    Tim Holtz stapler
    Holder for my ink pads.

    My one wish has come true. My son had moved 4 hours away this fall to college. He has decided to move back home and go to school close to home. He said that it was his Faith, Family and Girl Friend. That has
    brought him home. I love having my family close.

    Merry Christmas

  • Rachael

    I am right there with you Megan. I would love the Keurig Coffee maker as well. I am a first grade teacher with 28 little love muffins to tend to each day. A coffe in the morning is a must and with four kids of my own at home the idea of a mess free and quick, wonderful coffee is quite appealing!!!’ I hope you get yours and enjoy it evey day. Think of me as you are drinking that yummy cup of goodness! Thanks so much for brightening the holiday season with your generosity and kindness. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Did you say Keurig, love mine and I found out that many of the stores carry the coffee but it has gone way up in price, so my friend said the best deal for the coffee was on line. I have got to check it out because they have soooo many flavors of coffee and I love them all. I hope you get one for Christmas Megan.

  • Shirley E.

    Hi Megan, I hope you get your Keurig machine, I love mine!
    Here are some of my favorite scrapbook things I’d like Santa to bring.
    Paper Layers
    Cut Mates Paper
    Megan Elizabeth Adhesive
    Art Philosophy Cartridge
    Pop-Up Cards Cartridge
    Scrap ‘n Easel
    Gift Cards for Michaels Craft Store (Canada)
    Club Ruby monthly craft kit, anyone would do
    Hi Megan, I hope you get your Keurig machine, I love mine!
    Here are some of my favorite scrapbook things I’d like Santa to bring.
    Paper Layers
    Cut Mates Paper
    Megan Elizabeth Adhesive
    Art Philosophy Cartridge
    Pop-Up Cards Cartridge
    Scrap ‘n Easel
    Gift Cards for Michaels Craft Store (Canada)
    Club Ruby monthly craft kit, anyone would do

    More vidios on you using the E2, I’m not so good with it and need better instruction!

    Happy Holiday to you and your family Megan and a Prosperious 2012.
    God Bless!

  • Lisa LeMay

    Hmmm….Megan you are just too good to your followers, you know that? It is SO nice and such a relief to see some hope out there in people. Many of the people I have had to deal with in businesses lately have been so depressing and frustrating! And here, just when I am about to lose faith in people, Megan Elizabeth shows me the beauty of the love of Christ. Even if I don’t get chosen, I already know that the most important things on the top of my list this year have been received…even if it wasn’t received by me. Merry Christmas, Megan, and have a wonderful holiday with your special family. May Heavenly Father bless you more than you could ever hope for. Take care. 🙂

    My Christmas Wish List

    A clean house -(hubby is already working on that one and I am so blessed!)
    The Christmas Spirit in my home and in the people around me – (Thank you, Megan. You have been one of the brightest lights on my spiritual tree this year!)
    My piano back in my home…it is sooo far away from me right now. *sniffle*
    My Cricut Imagine
    Disney dreams Do Come True Cricut cartridge
    CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge and stamps
    Paper Layerz (Do they come in glitter paper yet????)
    Viva Decor Pearl Pens in a variety of colors
    ATG gun or Glue Arts gun (they are so cute and look so easy to use!)
    A Scrappin’ Easel
    A Scorepal (in inches lol)
    The Crafter’s Companion Ultimate Tool

  • Nadine Milton

    A couple things that I really want for Christmas….

    A new charm for my charm bracelet
    Some wooden, hand carved picks for my guitar
    A Big Shot
    Tim Holtz Dies

    Honestly, what I want more than anything for Christmas is more time to scrapbook and create! That, and more time with my dear husband!

  • Linda

    OMG Megan what a blessing, to all of us you are.
    Thank you so much!
    Wish List
    Cricut mat 12 x 24
    Art Philosophy & stamp set
    Stick- itz
    Paper Layerz
    Tis the Season Cart.
    Pink adhesive runner
    Any stamps. (Really want Peachy Keen face stamps)
    Rice cooker not plastic lid
    the discontinued Calligraphy collection Cartridge
    bar size metal spatula
    I sure hope Santa is GOOD to you this year. You have been a very sweet girl……
    Thank you again
    Linda in Stanwood

  • Diana R.

    I just ordered an Expression!!! I am so excited.
    My wish list is: Art Philosophy cartridge, your Cricut videos and Paper Layerz!
    Thank you for all the videos. I can’t wait to play too!!!!!

  • Cydney

    1. CTMH Art Philosophy Cart and Stamp Set
    2. Copic markers
    3. Adhesives

    I hope you get your Keurig. We love ours and now we don’t enjoy regular coffee nearly so much. I like Donut House coffee the best. Thanks for the chances for great gifts. Happy Holidays.

  • Madeline Griggs

    I hope you get a Keurig for Christmas, I just love mine! I would love to get more PaperLayerz, a Cuddlebug, some adhesives, cricut cartridges, my list could go on and on.

  • Jeanine Vercelli

    There are so many things I want to get for my crafting. A few at the top are the E2, the Creative Memories Cricut Cartridges and more organizational items! I hope everyone gets something they want. Happy Holidays

  • Gayla Templeton

    I just realized that I have not made out a Christmas wish list since my husband passed. Now there is no Santa at my house so a list is not needed. I am blessed in that my children do give me gifts but don’t ask for a list. But if Santa was listening I’d ask for a nice set of Copic Markers. I plan to start small and add which is the thing most of us have to do. I’d also like to have the monthly Club Ruby kits and one of the nice big adhesive applicators that look like a hair dryer. LOL Can’t remember what to call them but you know what I mean. One of the Art Philosophy sets would be tons of fun, too. I do want the Cricut A to Z DVD. I know I don’t use my cricut any way like I should because I don’t know what to do with it besides do script but I do love it for that. I guess I could sit here and dream all evening but my grands will be here early in the a m wound up for another day so I better get some things done. I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed CHRISTmas full of love!

  • Jan Lynn

    I think thse coffee makers are neat. I am just afraid that I would be shocked at how much coffee I do partake of. IIIMy whis list includes an E2, more Criciut cartridges, a Gypsy, and your DVD’s would be nice.

  • Wendy

    I would like some more image cartridges ( I just got one on Black Friday), a Cuttlebug with some embossing folders and some of the new stamp and emboss folders and a Gypsy.
    I really enjoy your blog and all the videos.

  • Celeste Wyrick

    Thanks for the opportunity! The items on my wishlist are:
    a canon mark 5dII (wishing big, unlikely present but a girl can dream)
    a cricut imagine
    a coffee maker (kuerig is right up my alley!)
    an ATG
    or a cinch binding system

    thank you and happy holidays!

  • Julie Luna

    Wow what an awesome deal. My list consist of:
    large print bible, new lens for my D60 (i broke mine), Jane Seymour’s open heart diamond necklace. Ok that’st that, now the scrappy stuff: Cricut E2 with wifi attachment, ARS DVDs for the Cricut and Gypsy. All Paperlayers. Happy Hauntings cartridge. thanks Megan for the chance. Julie

  • Bobbi Ann

    I hope you get your keurig. I did want paper Layzer & Dvd But I just order one. Thank you for doing 35 o/o off.
    So now I would like 1.Peachy Keen stamps & dies 2. Scrap n Easel 3. Art Philosophy & stamp set
    Thank you for allof your FUN hard work.

  • Regina

    I have never tasted coffee from a Keurig so not sure what I am missing I guess. I am a coffee drinker though.
    I really don’t have a Christmas list but if I did I would wish that I could help my kids a little more since 4 of them are not working right now. I just want them to have a nice Christmas. Regina

  • Heather Wostrel

    Thank u again for a chance to win something! Your dvds are so helpful.My christmas wish list
    1) the art philosophy cartridge/stamp bundle
    2) the cricut imagine A to Z dvds
    3) ME christmas dvd with stick itz
    4) imagine mats & any imagine carts
    5) printable vinyl for imagine
    6) cricut cards dvd
    7) corner chomper
    8) glass etching cream

  • Marissa Flores

    Thanks for sharing your creativity! I just watched your latest DVD and it was awesome! On my Christmas list this year; a pink smashbook, splatter mats, a scor-pal and more of your DVD’s!!! Thanks for the chance at winning!

  • casey toney

    what a fun give-a-way….
    you will so enjoy the Kreurig…my husband thought it was a silly girl thing…but I swear he hogs it in the morning!!!!
    I just stocked up on some ARS goodies…love love love the pad of paper… neato!!!! Since I haven’t really done much of my Christmas shopping yet, I probably out naught indulge in the 35% off (this time).
    my list…..
    well…of course the big big big big item would be the Scrap Box…what crafter wouldn’t want one of those? When you dream….dream big!!!!
    I am really really wanting Hoot and Holler…I just love love love the owl theme.
    also would love Third Day album Revelation…but as my family members not on the same page as I am….that is not a likely thing to happen.
    I have so much….not much I really want or need.
    blessings to all

  • Amy E.

    Oh wow…a Christmas wish list?!?!? Well the HUGE present I’ve been wanting for several years now is a digital SLR (Canon or Nikon) camera. I’ll get it one of these days!! A little more down to earth wish gifts would be some Paper Layers (I’ve been DYING to try these!) or a year-long subscription to the Club Ruby Designer’s kits!! They’re not something I can easily afford (although they’re very competitively priced, but I’m disabled and on a fixed income) but I just LOVE looking at all the crafty goodness each month when they come out….one of these days!!!

  • Michelle N.

    Ohhh! Since I saw you demonstrate the Art Philosophy package that’s all I can think about. It looks so cool. Thank you Megan for this chance to win. You are awesome!

  • Karen

    I really hope you get the Keurig! We just purchased one at Kohls(great deal with discount and Kohls cash earned) My husband thought it would be a better system than the simple coffee maker we have because I drink just one cup a day and no one else drinks coffee. Since we have gotten the system along with the hot cider and hot choc Kcups everyone uses it daily. I love your website and I am TOTALLY bummed that I didn’t get online yesterday to take advantage of that awesome discount = (

  • Julie Ingall

    My Christmas wishlist…… hmmm… it’s so hard to think of things for myself, when others are on my mind.. but here goes. Copic Airbrush System, my favorite perfume “Laila” (of which I’ve been out of for months. ugh), Soda Maker, Keurig Coffee Maker, New laminate floors for the house I’m about to move into, Cricut Imagine, subscriptions to my favorite Somerset magazines, a nice long hot stone massage. Huh… it really wasn’t that hard to think of some things afterall. 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Roxane F.

    I would love a Keurig, imagine,Nikon D5100, paper layerz, the new nook color, online scrapbook classes.
    What a fun giveaway! Have a Very Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  • Amanda Villarreal

    Hmm I don’t have much on my list this year. I would love a gift card to Michaels or joanns so I can take advantage of the after Christmas sales! 🙂

  • Nikki

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I have a couple of friends who have the Kuerig and they love it!!!!

    There’s not much that I want this year,
    a serger
    Cricut Cartridges
    gift cards to Joannes, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby
    Also, really silly, but I really need bras!!! I only have one wearable one right now! Yikes!!!

  • Heather Wostrel

    Well I tried to post from my husbands cell phone last night, so I apologize if this is a repeat, but I’m not seeding my post.My wish list includes the Cricut Imagine A to Z DVD, square 1 adhesive, ME christmas Dvd with stick itz, any cricut imagine carts (especially like the Teresa Collins ones), art philosophy cartridge/stamp bundle, glass etching cream, cricut markers

  • Maureen Schwenkbeck

    Megan, Hope “santa” brings you a Keurig you will LOVE it!

    My wish list includes:

    Starbucks K-CUPS (hard to find around here)
    Cricut Imagine
    A Yorkie Puppy
    Embroidery Machine

  • Donna Diggins

    My hubby and I had put some large “joint” gifts on our Christmas goals this year…..but have had to take them off due to circumstances: Our first choice was 10″ Tablet, any reasonable brand…..Second choice a large screen tv. For my crafting, I’d enjoy a Cricut Imagine or Expression; I have the smaller one now and always finding ways to improve my storage.
    Hope everyone has a wonderful, BLESSED, Merry Christmas!

  • Erika Bardo

    I hope you get everything that you wish for Megan!

    Besides my wish for a new coffee maker and a KitchenAid stand mixer all of my Christmas list is crafting items. I’m a like it, go buy it myself person so these are things I just havent gotten around to purchasing yet.

    ranger/tim holtz distress ink pads
    Tattered angels glimmer mist
    Stamps(new hero arts collection) to use with my copic markers
    AND…my biggie a sewing machine. I dont need the one with all the bells and whistles since I’m not really a fabric person :/ but I would love a beginner one to use on scrapbook pages and one that would work to sew some basic things if I get curious.

    Thanks for another opportunity Megan! Happy Holidays!

  • cjs

    I hope you get your Keurig – I love mine, but please remember to de-scale it regularly (it will explain how in your owner’s manual). Mine is not at optimum performance (I’m guessing because I waited too long to do it the first time). I don’t have much on my Christmas list – I would love a Big Shot Machine! I love long sweaters, so I was hoping to get one or two for Christmas from JCPenney. And, maybe a pair of boots from DSW. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  • Kris Blakla

    I already received my Kindle Fire from my husband for Christmas. However there are a few things I would like to get, a bread maker, a Kitchen Aide food processor and an iPad2 (64). I would also like some layers paper and refills for my Xyron glue machines. I have the big Keurig and absolutely love it.

  • Debbie

    I’d love to have the Art Philosophy cart ;- ) I’m bummed, I didn’t get online on Monday for the sale :- ( I was out all day and busy all evening >.< Oh, well, there must have been a reason, because most of it was busy with my college ministry, so I guess I wasn't meant to be spending money, ha ha.

  • Rose

    WOOHOO!!! I want a Teresa Collins stampmaker along with (of course) your Teresa Collins Stampmaker A to Z DVD.

    A Kindle Fire

    A Touch

    Silhouette Cameo

    By the way, I will get none of this. Just no extra cash this year. Too many people I want to help. I certainly do not need the “extras”. They are just fun.

    So, I’d love to win on of these items. Actually, I love to win anything!!

  • Lori Kaube

    My wish this year is that my girls and their families will all be able to come home for Christmas. Nothing like having family home for the holidays.
    Hope you get your wishes!

  • mary jean

    Merry Christmas!!! I hope you get what you want for Christmas! I’ve looked at that coffee maker also..and I don’t drink coffiee!!!!lol…Hot chocolate all the way!! My Christmas list includes

    Any of your dvd’s
    cricut imagine
    ranger meltingpot
    cricut magazine subscription

    Thanks so much!

  • Rachel

    The Keurig is so cool! We have one at work, and though I do not drink coffee, I love having tea available so quickly! Even today, I just used it to have hot water because my room temperature water was actually too cold.

    These are the things on my Christmas wishlist:
    1. Bind-It-All (I love all the mini albums, fun notepads, and gratitude journals/smash books that people make, and I love how the BIA makes those rectangle punches instead of the circle ones!)
    2. Cricut Love You A Latte and Sweet Shop (I wish Lite cartridges were easier to get!)

  • Alice Parcel

    I don’t know if this is still open for entries, my big wish is for a large storage cabinet that would hold all my supplies – I sew, knit, crochet, embroider, scrapbook, draw, paint and illustrate in ink- we have a small older house with no closets so things are “buried’ wherever I can find a spot. I really need a floor to ceiling cabinet, about 6-8 foot long …. it would be such a grand luxury to have these things in one spot. It would not need to be grand in appearance – I could finish it myself …. so if I could wish for something that would be it.

  • Jackiedancer

    I’d absolutely fall over dead for the new Cricut Mini machine.
    2) Cricut Solutions cartridge “Stamping”
    3) Cricut “Art Philosophy” cartridge
    4) Any Cricut font cartridge ( I only have Plantin Schoolbook and need another font.)
    5) Your Cricut A-Z DVD!
    6) Paper Layerz

    Wow, I’ve have so much Cricuting to do. I’m fairly new at the Cricut and absolutely love your site. I’m truly already addicted to it!

  • pattie weingardt

    I would love a truckload of stick its. I got the sample with you DVD. When will they all be available. This has been a fun week thanks a bunch. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

  • Diana

    My Christmas Wish list is pretty short,
    I would love Paper Layers as I do a lot of cards and would like my small cut to come out better – a zutter paper cutter.
    I have wanted a Tassimo for a couple of years now-big specialty coffee drinker
    I rescue dogs, cats and horses – the ones living with us right now got a new barn for Christmas so we are set.
    My Family wish yours a Very Merry Christmas and Wonderful New Year

  • linda

    Thanks for the chance to win your great prizes! I used your coupon and ordered some paper layers can’t wait to get it. Hope you and Everyone at above Rubies Studio have and Merry Christmas and get all you want for Christmas. Megan you will love your Keurig I have one and use mine every day.

  • Karla Weglage

    My list is small
    I hope that everyone has a really memorable Christmas and Great New Year.
    Any of the Spellbinders square or round dies.
    Thanks for all the great inspiration this site delivers.

  • Wendy

    I wish that I had bought the Tags, Bags, Boxes and More Cricut cartridge when it was still available! I’d love to find that under my tree this year!

  • Melanie Keenan

    I would love to have a Cuttlebug, Picturesque Cricut cartridge, 1 2 3 Stamp DVD, 1 2 3 Cards DVD or the Cricut Cards DVD, Paper Layerz and Viva Decor. Any of those things would make my Christmas!!!

  • JoAnne Freeman

    Thank you for another year of great ideas and inspiration. I too would absolutely love the Keurig bigger machine. I think it makes the best coffee and having the freedom to choose which flavor is just decadent!

    My biggest wish is for all my paper crafting friends and mentors to be well, happy and able to have the best Christmas ever. So many wonderful, talented and generous women in our craft that share with all of us everyday-it humbles me to see the talent and creativity! Please be safe-all of you-and thank you so much for another year of learning, sharing and all the great ideas.

  • Sew Sweet N Crafty

    Oh yeah, there are definitely some things on my Christmas list:
    Lots of movie tickets to my local theater
    Michael’s gift card
    Joann gift card
    Kindle Touch3G
    Xyron Design Runner Disc Maker
    Crop A Dile with purple case
    Copic Marker colors I don’t have
    Amazon gift card
    long sleeve shirts
    ipod player
    CTMH Bohemian Alphabet Stamp set
    Magnolia stamps
    Sarah Kay stamps
    Cricut Snow Friends
    Cricut word collage
    hum…did I forget anything…

  • Christy

    While im grateful for what I have each and everyday I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t like something for Xmas like the cricut e2 or a gypsy. But this year after a significant paycut…money is tight! The only thing that matters is being able to give my kids a great Christmas. Last year I was only able to give them 50 dollars each and they surprised me with a cricut create. They used their money I gave them on me. They deserve so much. I only wish I was in the position to make it so.

  • Trish S.

    Hi Megan,
    First & most importantly, I wish you & everyone here a Christmas full of love, health & happiness. I wouldn’t mind Santa bringing me the Art Philosophy set, an Imagine, a Cricut wifi adapter, & of course ANY of your products or videos or membership to Club Ruby 🙂
    Thanks & Merry Christmas <3
    Trish S.

  • Jeannie

    My xmas list could be full of great pressies like a Cricuit and loads of crafting goodies
    I think though also if my family and all your families have a wonderful xmas and 2012 that would be great as well. Soldiers who are still abroad keep safe. That all those with loved ones away are soon reunited.
    Merry Xmas everyone and a Happy New Year

  • Sandra King

    Megan, you are the best. I have your cricut and gypsy. Dvds and I recommend them to everyone I know. Just got the app on my smartphone for the cricut cutting guide. Love it… hope you have an awesome Christmas.

  • Andrene

    I want a specialized grab bag from ARS!!! A little bit of everything in it!!! I already have some of your dvd’s but not the Cards so you could throw that in too!!! PS I LOVE my Keurig. My Christmas wish is that you get one of your very own.

  • Ana B.

    I have a Kuerig and love it. My number 1 wish is that you get everything on YOUR wish list. You have worked hard…you deserve it and thanks for trying to make someone else’s wish list come true. My wish list consists of: a cinch, gypsy, corner chomper, an Ipad, MAC laptop, would love a maid!!!, ribbons & rossettes cartridge. lol….thanks for the opportunity and I wish you and your family a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

  • Rhonda Mallick

    I have always wanted the Kuerig coffee maker, but everytime I go to buy it, I don’t. I keep thinking about whether it is necessary and where else I should spend the money. To have one of these would be a real treat as it’s something that I keep putting off. Some day I will have one, I’m sure. Enjoy yours when you get it Megan!

  • debbie Hardie

    Hi Megan, I want to thank you for giving us such great video’s and giveaways, I would love to have the Cricut Expression 2 and the adaptor or the craftwell machine because my family had to move in with my mother in law because of her health anyways she s in a small house and I don’t have much room for my scrapbooking I had to down size my stuff, or maybe some paperlayers. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years. I forgot I also would love to have your DVD for the cricut. Thanks

  • Cathy

    If I could have anything in this world, I would role back 6 years to be with my late husband. I know that sounds horrible but I miss his so much. But back to reality….I would love anything to do with scrapbooking or cardmaking, it’s so mind easing. I can sit for hours and enjoy it all,

  • kat

    So thankful that you are doing this. Hmm What would l like
    A big shot
    A cricut Imagine
    I have all your dvd’s so I don’t need those, but would love to have your paper line.
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas.

  • Kierstin Sykes

    Here is what is on my Christmas wish list:
    1. Cricut imagine
    2. Digital SLR camera
    3. CTMH Art Philosophy cricut set
    4. Paper Layerz
    5. Club Rubies kits
    6. Spellbinders dies
    7. Some of the newer cricut cartridges
    8. Lavender scraprack travel bag

    thanks for all your hard work and inspiration during the year. I love your videos!

  • Bella

    Your # 1 is also mine. I’m hoping to find a good price on it this season. It’s actually on my husbands list but I love giving him exactly what he wants when he doesn’t know its coming. I’m hoping for a Scor Pal, stamps, and refills for my ATG gun.

  • Elizabeth Wilson

    My wish list: for a needy family I know to be able to find a safe, clean place to live and money to be able to take care of their children and also to help their grandmother get through her cancer treatment. Some of our church members are helping out and that is such a blessing.

  • Angela M.

    I would like a Scrap n Easel, Paper Layerz, Cricut Imagine, or Art Philosophy cartridge. What I really want is for my children to be happy and healthy throughout their lives.

  • Ruby

    Cricut cartridges
    Ink pads
    A ton of StikIts
    Tim Holz dies
    Sizzix dies
    Bind it all
    Red liner tape
    ATG 1/4″ refills
    Paper trimmer

    Do I have to stop now?? LOL Just kidding…Merry Christmas to you and your entire family and may the holiday season and the new year bring you all nothing but joy and major blessing!!

  • Christine

    Oh my. not sure if I missed out on the day 7…Been very ill and have not been able to log on in a while…..My wish list would be to find a cure for cancer but I know you will not be able to do that so my craft wish list would be the following:

    Paper layzers, slice nachice, Rosetta die cut and some of your glue…Thanks for making so many peoples dreams come true…Everyone deserves a fullfilled wish..Thank you so much for all your hard working and sharing your great ideas….Your an inspiration in my life,,

  • Andrea Pruitt

    My Christmas list is a major item-a Viking/Husqrvana 600E, the basic embroidery sewing machine! However, my back-up list is all about crafts. I would like a Cricut Expression 2, paper layerz, and cricut cartridges. I hope your major wish comes true for you! You certainly deserve as you have blessed so many others with your gifts and talents. Thanks for sharing your joys with all of us!