Scrappin’ Easel O’ So FUN! Giveaway and More! 911

Today is a TOTALLY awesome Giveaway sponsored by the Beautiful Marlo at Contain Ya’ Craft!

This is awesome! I met Marlo out at CHA and she provided me with a few Scrappin’ Easels for both myself and a few of my Design Team members just to play with.  I do get products given to me from time to time, but I really only share the ones that I think have merit and value that are useful and fun.  And the Scrappin’ Easel makes that cut!  🙂

Cindy from the CRD DT has done a video with this because she’s loving it so much, Britten from the DT is doing projects using it because its’ made her scrapbooking life easier too…. and now I am hooked!  I started using this for many projects and I really have found it beneficial.  Now I will say, it IS on the more expensive side.  So its not for everyone and I honestly probably wouldn’t have gone out and just bought one to “try it”, however, now that I’m using it, its changing the comfort of scrapbooking and holding my layouts! VERY cool!

To win today’s Scrappin’ Easel giveaway:

All you have to do is tell us where you create!  Is it your Kitchen Table?  Is it your own Craft room?  Is it at a friends or a Crop?  Is it outside enjoying nature?  Tell us where you create so we can know how you’ll best use your Scrappin’ Easel when you win!

Bonus Giveaway with My Friend Jenny!

Ok everyone, go ahead and check out my friend Jenny, she’s celebrating with us too and has a GIVEAWAY for you!  Go to her blog to check out what she’s got for you!!!! 🙂

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911 thoughts on “Scrappin’ Easel O’ So FUN! Giveaway and More!

  • Kellyz Krafting Again

    I started out on my small coffee table in my living room trying to put my layouts together…then shortly after my tools and stamp pads and cardstock grew I had to move to my kitchen table so I could have more room…now that I am scrapbooking and crafting more often my hubby set up a craft room for me in his office.

  • Bobbi Ann

    I set up a craft spot in my living room. I started with one table.
    Now I have 2. I need one for my CRICUT. I have been looking at this, would love to have one. Thanks for the chance to win F.U.N. 🙂

  • Kathy

    I create up in my craftroom and I am finally able to climb stairs. It has been over a month since I was in my room–so I am more than ready to start creating again.
    Katsews at gmail dotcom

  • marie

    I scrap wherever i can i my house. My parents took over my scrapbook room when they moved in with us, so i am a nomad scrapbooker. This would sure help me take my stuff to design with everywhere I go!

  • Christeen Baker

    Although I have a dedicated craft room there is not enough room to spread out so I usually use the kitchen table that way I can set up “stations at each seat and move around the table. One spot for the computer, one for my Cricut, one for paper trimmer, one for the layout/card, one gluing/stamping spot. So the scrapping Easley would make it easier to keep all my bits together.

  • Jennie Childress

    I absolutely LOVE the Scrap’n Easel and have been eyeballing it for quite some time now! I have a small area in my family room that I use to do all of my scrappin’! Though, I DO have an office that is NEVER used and could easily be turned into a craft room, but I enjoy scrappin’ where the rest of the fam hangs out! What can I say…. I just can’t get enough of them!

  • Briana

    My hubby just cleared out a room for me so I officially have a scrap room, oh my I love it. But I also scrap at crops and with friends, scrappers anonymous, lol! I hope I win, thanks!

  • Lori B. (got2bcrafting)

    Oh my goodness, what a fabulous prize! I do have a craft area in our guest bedroom, but due to limited space, I find myself crafting on the floor a lot of the time. (I will bring in a folding table sometimes too) The Scrappin-Easel would be ever so helpful to me. Thank you so much for the chance to win!! 🙂

  • BJ

    I presently use a small folding table in my living room to craft. This would be a great tool to have. It would eliminate putting away all projects when company id expected. I claim it as mine!:)

  • Glenda

    A scrap room/office for the family, I have wanted one of these Scrap Easels for so long, but can’t afford one, I am excited for the chance to win this, thanks Megan for another chance to win a great gift!

  • Scrappin Dhilly

    I always create in my craft room, the Scrap’n Easel would fit perfectly on my desk since I mainly create 12×12 layouts. This is one product that I could really use in my craft room to make it easier on my back (injury) when I sit for long periods of time. Thanks for opportunity to win!

  • Helena

    in front of the computer (design studio) then I move to the dinning room table (4 feet away) – the kids are craftin, I am craftin – we kinda take over the entire area!!

  • Cheryl O

    I create at my dining room table. I bring it in from the garage!! One day I will have it all organized out there, but probably still won’t really craft out there……

  • Ginney Juarez

    Just a couple of months ago, I was able to turn our living room into my new scrapbook/craft room. My husband just said ‘go for it’ so I was able to paint the walls bright pink, bright purple and Cricut green and I did paint stripes on each wall [pink on purple, green on pink and purple on green and pink]..LOVE IT!!!! I am in my element in here! Thank you for another chance to win!

  • facsmom

    I paper craft in an area that is a combination desk and crafting area (I am a teacher). I am a cardmaker but would give this to my sister who is a scrapper and got me started cardmaing and cricut using. I am so grateful to her.

  • Ginger Simons

    I started out at my dining room table, hauling everything out from the spare bedroom. Now I have a bedroom that I am converting (slowly but surely) into a scrap room.

  • Regina

    I scrap in my craft room and also at all day crops, but never have enough room to look at my layouts without having other stuff I’m my way. This would help so much.

  • Karin

    When there is place on my desk I create in my scraproom. But at the moment it looks like there has been a explosion. Try to clean it up but have a lot of medical problems at the moment which makes it difficult. But winning this easel would be great because I think it will take a while before something like this will be available in the Netherlands

  • Cindielu

    Now that the kids are gone……I GET A CRAFT ROOM!!! I love my room and I spend hours in it. This would be an awesome addition to my room and definitely help with comfort and glare from the lights. Thanks Megan!

  • Theresa Conte

    I create at Scrapdoodles which is my LSS. My friends and I have dinner together every Friday night and then we crop. I look forward to it every week.

  • nancy

    I craft in my craft room and I take my gypsy everwhere with me so while I waiting for car repairs or down time at work I alway working on something

  • Hillary

    I began scrapbooking with my best friend at a crop in another state (a Christian women’s retreat in NH; we’re in NY). It was only held twice a year and honestly I didn’t scrap in between retreats due to lack of space. However, I’m trilled to report my husband and I bought a new house two weeks ago with my very own craft room!!! I’m still setting up my space and this prize would be a great addition! Thanks again for the chance to win an awesome prize 🙂

  • robin breault

    Believe it or not, my bedroom is where I always create! I have just recently started to set up a craft/all purpose room, It is small, so I need all the help I can get with vertical space. To win this would be ideal!

  • Judi Farrell

    Usually I craft anywhere I can find a spot in my TINY house. I pull things out, scrap for a few hours, then put it all back. Kinda a pain. I will sometimes send my hubby and son away for the weekend and set several tables up in the livingroom and scrap away! Just in the last two weeks, my daughter left for college, SOOOO, I set a table up in her room and put some supplies on her shelves and VIOLA! instant scrapping room that I don’t have to take down until she comes home for a weekend visit. 😀 Can’t wait to see what I can get done now!!!!

  • Barbara

    I have a craft room, however I also have a table set up in my Family Room where I do most of my page layouts. It is more open and lots of windows.

  • Nancy

    To create, I made myself a great little area in the basement and love it. I hope I win, because I very nearly just bought this – it looks like it will work wonderfully.

  • Kathy H

    I create in my craftroom. It use to be my son’s room but recently he moved out. I love my son very very much and I miss having him around all the time however my hubby made over his room into my craftroom and it has made my crafting sooooo much easier. Would LOVE to try out the scrap n easel. Thanks megan for the chance to win so many things.

  • Barb Fleming

    I am fortunate enough to have a craft room, but I end up at the kitchen table when my husband is in town ! (He is on the road a lot). This sounds like a wonderful item for me as then I could just get things to the put together stage and move to the kitchen to be with him!! Thanks for this chance!!!

  • Melea Thomas

    I create in my basement. My husband made me a craft area down there with cabinets. I also create at my friends camper every weekend. We have a nice craft room built on to her camper.

  • Elizabeth

    I do most of my crafting in our dining room. I do have a craft room in the basement where I sometimes craft but it is also the family room, school room and tv room. After the hurricane our first floor flooded – I’m thaking God my scrapbook stuff was high enough it did not get ruined!

  • Carol I.

    I took over my daughter’s room when she left home for school, and it is my computer/craft room. I have a table the folds out on both ends and gives me a large work space. ?The Scrap’n Essel would be a great and welcome addition, since I always stand to look over my work, and that would angle it just right!

  • Pam B

    I have taken over the dining room,but moved the table out because I always had it covered with stuff. I use two small tables and that gives me plenty of room to move around. Holidays are coming which means I’ll have to shuffle stuff and set up the table again.

  • Shelley

    This would be a life savoir in my scrap room. I usually do 2 page layouts and this would make it so much easier. It is also easier to put away unfinished work. would love the chance to win one of these.

  • Parth A. Leach

    I craft in an area of my basement. It is temporarily “out of commission” due to flooding from Hurricane Irene, but none of my crafting stuff was damaged. I just can’t get to anything because of the water in my basement.

  • Margaret Wise

    I have a craft room. which I have been trying to organize for 2 years. I need help, I should send you a video. Ive check out so many on youtube for ideas but, I have’nt figured out whats best for me. LOL

  • Kimisue

    I have a great bench that I bought from a local store – Grace when they moved to a new location. Thanks so much to Grace in Niantic CT!

  • Barbara R.

    I had a workstation built in my guest room. Now I seem to have a bed in my craftroom. Craft supplies do have a life of their own and they demand space!

  • Wendy

    Depending on the project I currently scrap wherever I have the most space available in my craft room. From time to time my scrap table is cluttered with several projects that I am working on. The scrap easel would be a perfect addition to my craft room!

  • Linda

    I craft in a small room in our basement that I converted to a scrapbook/cardmaking/sewing room. It is my little retreat. Love the Scrappin’ Easel.

  • Sheila Forrest

    I have my own scrapbook room that I craft in, but usually a few of us friends used to get together at a scrapbook store, but sadly to say they just recently went out of business. Now we are in the process of finding somewhere else, which is not easy as most of our scrapbook stores in our area have went out of business. Its more fun when friends can get together and crop.

  • GrannyCharlotte

    I really like this item. It looks like it would definitely be a great addition to my already very cramped scrap room. I scrap in my scrap room, living room and occasionally at crops. Thanks for sharing and for an opportunity to win this item. Hope you and your team have a blessed Labor Day weekend!!

  • Elise R

    I normally craft at my dining room table. I get more crafting done at crops. Im working on getting my craft room set up and then I will be crafting in there!

    Thanks so much for another awesome giveaway.

  • Sheila

    You can find me scrapbooking in a spare bedroom that I’ve turned into my crafting haven. There are two windows that I look out for inspiration if I am stumped, which happens quite often! Mostly I scrap alone, but sometimes I’m lucky enough to have my daughter join in the fun.

  • Evelyn

    Hi, I craft on my dinner table, and my scrapstuff are in one off my closets in my bedroom. So this gift is verry welcome! Thanks for the change to win!! Have a nice friday….TGIF!!

  • Margaret

    My work space is the table at the Flea Makret we run, with customers always around, so the scrapping easel would be nice, papers would stay put and not blow away with the folks walking by. Thanks again for this 21 day giveaway. You are great.

  • Judy

    I’ve been a kitchen table scrapper for years but since Irene flooded our basement looks like I may get a crafting area set up down there when all the mess is cleaned up.

  • P.J.

    Before the Missouri River flood, I had my own craft room with lots of room to design and store things. Now I have a tiny space in our apartment which really doesn’t work for designing a layout. Matting photos or doing anything small works, so I go to a local sb store’s crop room a couple of times a month to put together layouts. I miss my craft room.

  • Ruth

    I used to scrap on the dinning room table and what a mess it was….now I am now in the basement next to my hubby who reloads. So I scrapbook and he reloads!! Thanks again Megan!

  • Anna

    I have a spare room that I do my physical creating in. I enjoy standing or resting my bum on my bar stool. My mental creating is done where ever when the inspiration takes me.

  • Nancy

    I create in my craft room and I just love it. I used to drag everything out to the diningroom table every time so having a room is great. I just go off in my own little world!!

  • Dana

    I create in a corner of my kitchen . . . it’s a disaster . . but I can be with my family, and frankly there’s no where else to do ti! HA!! I absolutely love this easel!! Once the kids are in bed, I can spread out onto the kitchen table . . this would be so handy to have! Thansk so much for the chance to win!!

  • Debbie1

    I have a small corner in my basement set up as my “craft room”. I hate being in the basement, however and would love an opportunity to stamp elsewhere in my home. This easel sounds awesome!

  • Christina 4635

    I love this!! I craft in a spare room in our house. We have 4 children who are always curious and I tend to fond my projects rearranged!! This would come in handy to secure unmounted piece.

  • Wanda

    I have a craft room in the basement but sometimes when I don’t need to be around everyone else the kitchen table works for me as well. Thanks for the chance to win

  • Kristan(Crazy4Christ)

    o i want this so bad!! i can’t afford one so to win one would be amazing!! i use to scarp on the dining room table but my brother moved out so I turned our toy room into a craft room and moved the toy room up stairs. I love having a room just for me instead of eveything in a hall closet, thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  • Stella Moore

    I have a craft room with a L shaped counter top and I also crop at my campsite RV at the dining table. Moving to our first home soon so hopefully I can convert a room there!

  • Kelli

    I have my own scrapbooking room and I love it whether I have 10 minutes or hours I can just go in do a few things and walk away No getting things out and then putting them back. I’m so lucky I have my own room..

  • michelle micallef

    As my youngest daughter has just moved into her house i have ended up with two rooms so i have put my desk in one room and some of my stash is stil in the other so i am between two of them but am scraping where my desk is and an easel would help me out so much love your site by the way

  • jeannette

    I have always crafted in the kitchen or at crops but recently my husband set me up with a craft area in the bedroom. It is awesome. So now I can say I scrap in my own little space and mostly at crops with friends.

  • Angela

    I have limited space right in front of my computer with my cricut nearby. It’s a little cramped, but I make due. Sometimes I pack a bag with my things and create during my lunch break at work. Everyone stares, but I’m taking a break doing something I really, really enjoy. I brings me inner peace during a hectic day.

  • Angela W

    I do most of my creating in my craft room, but five days a week im in my car siting in the pick up line at my son school for over hour and I bring things to work on with me. Thanks for a chance to win. Hope your day is Blessed.

  • Cindy

    I have a great craft room! It use to be my son’s bedroom until he got married and moved out. Of course I have many many items. Some that have never been touched, but they are there when I need them! I’m sure there are many crafters that understand this theory.

  • LaVeda

    Most of the time, I scrap at the dining room table….then at crops. I think the Scrap Easel would definitely help my poor aching back!!!!
    Thanks again for the chance to win.

  • Peggy

    I craft at a flat table in my craft room. I have problems with my neck and shoulders and have been advised to try a drafting type table that tilts. This tool would a wonderful item to help with my crafting. Hope I win!

  • Nancy

    I have an area set up for this – I have quite a few items and many haven’t been used – but I love my tools and gadgets, you just never know when you need them!

  • Mary Edwards

    I have a scrapbook room created in a spare bedroom. I believe the easel would make it easier to see the pages I’m working on. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • melanie

    I have a craft room it was a bedroom until the boys moved out. Plus I go to a lot of crops so this will be very handy . Am really pondering getting one. Thanks for this great offer

  • Elaine

    Traded furniture with a neighbor to get a glass topped work desk and side table with shelves (for cricut and supplies) and a contemporary armoire which I reconfigured inside with plastic drawer units for stamps, attached shelves inside doors for small bins,hooks for embelishments. A hidden craft area in the great room .

  • Judy

    I do all my crafting in my basement, which is half family/office and craft room. I have never won anything and this would be a great addition to my crafting products. I always have to stand up when doing a lot of my projects so this would be a perfect product to allow me to finally sit comfortably to complete any of my projects.

  • Cindy Duffy

    I have craft room in the basement…lots of cabinets and lots of workspace. but the truth is when i’m in mode, i’m all over the house.

  • Cheryl Hauber

    I have a “craft room”, but it’s really my guest bedroom. I have a gate-leg table from Ikea that I bring up one side of to make my workspace.

  • Rebecca

    I always scrap & craft in the very amazing room my DH built for me in our lower level. Megan, I have wanted one of the easels since I saw it online several months ago. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • judy bunn

    I have a folding table I set up where ever. Sometimes my husband likes me to be in the den where we watch tv, so I’ll set it up in there. Other times if I’m working on a bigger project I set it up in the guest room so I can leave it up longer without packing everything away.

  • Katherine A

    My daughter gave me a Scrappin’ Easel for Mother’s Day and I absolutely love it!! I don’t have to hunch over my layouts any more and I can use the magnets to hold my layers as I plan out my pages.

  • Betsy

    I started out at my kitchen table, which was a pain because I had to clean everything up and put it away every time I worked. Then, my son got married last July and I took his bedroom as my scrap room. We redid the room with new paint, carpeting, window treatments, bookcases, a big table to work on, etc. And my hubby was a real sweetie and bought me a Workbox for Christmas!!! I just love it!!! So, now I have a great place to work, my stuff can stay out on the table if I’m in the middle of something, and no one gets into my scrapping supplies.
    I also scrrap at my friend’s house sometimes, so I pack my little scrap case on wheels and head out. I used to take my Cricut with me, but she got one this summer so I just use hers when I’m there.

  • Judy Resop

    I have a craft room where I create most of my stuff but you know how messy that can get! I also scrap & make cards at my sisters house 2 hours away from mine.

  • kim taylor

    would love to win this i saw in mentioned in a few magazines and think it is a great idea (why didnt i think of it lol) thanks again for all the great chances

  • Andrea P.

    I usually work at my kitchen table to my craft room/spare room because my kitchen table is not big enough to hold everything I enjoy using. I also stand the whole time to be sure my cards are done straight. The easel might be the answer so I could sit and maybe less trips to my craft/spare room. You have such great prizes to win! Thanks.

  • samantha

    I have ben wanting one of these since they first came out, it would be a grat B-day preasent Today if I won. Thanks for the Chance to win. I do not have a certain place to scrap mostly at the dining room table, or in the den.

  • Michelle

    I work in my craft room in the basement. I would love the scrap’n easel and also thinking it would be a great gift for my daughter-in-law. Thanks Megan for sharing this wonderful tool. Gotta have it!

  • Melissa L.

    I used to craft in our bedroom floor! I am.blessed enough that my husband was able to make a special room all of my own when we built our house a few years ago! My girls have their spot to create and hubby can be on the computer so we can be together too! The easel would help separate my spot from my little ones (they always manage to take over lol)! Thanks for the chance to win! ~Melissa

  • Sharan Grubbs

    I scrapbook in my craft room but often take my project into the living room where I can share time with my husband and pets while watching the Texas Rangers!!!!! This Scrap N Easel would come in so handy for me. Hope I win.

  • Dorinda

    I have a small table in our office that I use as my scrap room. When I get my pages together then I will go on the Kitchen table or out on my deck. This would be great it would save my back from standing. Thanks again Megan!!

  • Jessie Conger

    I finally have my room, use to crop in the corner of our bedroom. But, now that I’m all set up I go to more crops cause I have a new scrapbook store to crop at! So, I’m constantly moving my stuff around this would ease the pressure and make me do more layouts!

  • Pam Blair

    I scrap mainly at the dining room table and usually end up with crafting supplies everywhere. I’ve seen this easel advertised but financially can’t afford to buy one. Someone will be very blessed as the winner of one of these. Thank you Megan for the opportunity to win all of these wonderful giveaways.

  • Rita

    I scrap at a table in my sitting area off my bedroom. I prefer to scrap standing up, but a table is what I have & therefore what I use! The easel looks pretty neat…..

  • Delise

    I scrap at my dinning room table and once a month I meet with a friend at her house to scrapbook at her dinning room table. This is my favorite time to scrapbook because we can share our stories as we scrapbook!

  • Lady Fair

    I craft in my office/craft room. I could use more real estate to work on my papercrafts and this easel would really help. Thanks for the chance to win, you’re awesome, Megan!

  • Debi Lym

    I scrap in my craft room and share with my mom. I tend to spread out when she is not over, so this would help me contain my mess a little better. 🙂

  • GrannyB

    I am Blessed to have a craft room and because of the hours I spend there this might help with my stiff neck. Thanks to all for their generosity.

  • Ann Patmore

    I have to make do with any space I can find and invariably just get sorted ready to start when hubby comes in expecting me to clear the table so that he can eat! How inconsiderate are the males who don’t craft!LOL.

  • Kathy Tracy

    My scrap/cardmaking space is an old drafting table we received from my father-in-law several years ago. I have a book case next to it full of paper and our closet holds all my stamps. It is set up in our livingroom so I can work and spend time with my husband while he is watching tv. The funny thing is that I usually “spread out” all over the living room anyway with stuff on the floor, other tables and sometimes “his space”. I am blessed to have a husband who does not mind my “artistic” side. When I put stuff on his table he is so patient with me. (smile) Someday I hope to have a craft room because I still need to pick up everything in my living room but this is working for me now. My favorite people to share crafting with are my 3 granddaughters. They love to pull out their box of supplies and go to town crafting when they visit. I am really excited to share that I plan to teach them art this year because they are going to be home schooled. Yah!

  • JoAnn

    I turned a spare bedroom into my craft room. I love it because I can leave things sit if I don’t have time to finish a project and just shut the door if someone comes!

  • Mary s

    I have a craft room to create in. My Cricut is next doormin the office where my computer is. I find inspiration in the living room where I surf the Internet on my IPad. So I guess you could say I work anywhere in my house. ha!

  • Crystal

    I create in my daughter toy room. I have a desk in the corner that has all of my scrap stuff on it. I have come to realize that i think i need the room for me more than she does. LOL

  • dori

    As a recent empty nester, I am in the process of moving my craft room down to the living room, so we can turn off the utilities upstairs to save some money. Have my cricut set up in the kitchen though on a built-in desk-handy!

  • Debby

    I craft in our guest bedroom but I don’t think anyone could sleep in it now lol…. I spend most of my time standing and I think this would allow me to sit more and save my back from bending over the table all the time.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Karen

    Oh, I Would so love one of these !!!!!! I create on a table that my hubby made out of old doors and it is a bit high so I stand a lot to see what my layouts look like 🙂

  • Shirley

    I live in a small MIL apt attached to my daughter’s house. I have a table and bookshelf on one wall. There is lots of light from all the windows. I have a garage with 15 years of her pictures to work on as well as the ones I take of the grandkids everyday.

  • Shirley E.

    I have my own craft room. It’s painted a bright yellow. I call it my Happy Place. And yes I do have room for the easel. Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Love you Megan!

  • Jackie "B"

    I do most of my crafting on a folding card table in the family room. I have to put things up after use. The Scrap-Easel would be such an asset to me. Thanks for a chance to win and the great give away.

  • Karen

    I have taken over the back corner of my son’s play room. It’s not a lot of room, but it’s enough to have a place for all of my scrapbooking supplies and to enjoy using them.

  • Geri

    I would love to win the scrappin’ Easel because it is so versitile. I’m an older paper crafter and my shoulders get tired fro bending over the table. Besides, the light always cast a shadow right over what I’m trying to do. Also, I take pictures of all the cards I make before I send them and this is the perfect “studio” set up for picture taking. Please, please let me win this new toy!!!

  • Jeannie

    usually I create in my scrap room, but sometimes I’ll sit in my recliner watching tv either with my gypsy or laptop using the SCAL program.

  • Carla

    I crop in my scrapbook room which is small but has lots of storage and two tables, one for me and one for my Cricuts. The scrap easel would help me not have to stand all the time to get things straight.

  • Bonnie Garrett

    I too am one of those folks that outgrew her craft area and had to take up a whole room for it. I sit at an L-shape configuration to scrap. Hope this helps and thank you so much for the chance to win.

  • Marilyn Caro

    I converted one of our bedrooms into a craft room. A lot of times I have to stand up just to see how to line things up when I scrapbook. This Scrappin Easel may be the answer for me. Great giveaway. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  • Wendy Lane

    OH MY!!!! I love, love, LOVE the Scrapin’ Easel!!!! I remember when I first heard about it and thinking “That would be GREAT to have on hand!!!” I typically scrapbook at monthly crops a group at my church does but would LOVE to scrapbook more at home – once a month just isn’t enough!!!!!!! This would be a great addition to my supplies – thank you for the opportunity to win one! 🙂

  • Bobbi

    I am blessed to have a dedicated craft room. But, as a serial crafter, space is at a huge issue. Paper crafting competes with quilting, machine embroidery, beading, etc.

  • Sharon

    I make cards and do scapbook layouts in my space in the computer/craft room. I would luv win the Scap ‘n Easel. U rock ,Megan.

    Thks for the SUPER giveaways. 🙂



  • Petra

    I create at a peninsula in my kitchen which is right next to my dining room where I keep all of my scrapbooking supplies. I would love to win the Scrappin Easel. I saw a video demonstration of it.

  • Lyndra

    I craft in my kitchen! This would be a great addition to my supplies especially with school and my children’s extracurricular activites getting ready to start back up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Tam Harper

    I scrap where ever I can. Sometimes it is on the floor, kitchen table, on the picnic table outside, or even…gasp… in my craft room!

  • Kayla

    I have created everywhere! Everything spread out on the floor around me, at the kitchen table and all across my bed. I’ve wheeled my suitcase full of gadgets to my aunt’s, to friends’ and to many scrap nights. I finally have a nice craft table for my Cricut and self healing mats, but a product like this would help my back from being so sore after standing there being huddled over my projects. Thanks!

  • Janet S.

    I have seen a video on this before and it was awesome. I have my own room at home, small but its mine! I also crop with a group of friends at a church or library, when we get a chance!

  • Karla

    I work from home, so my office is also where I scrap. I have 2 tables to scrap on (yes, my office is a little “crowded”), so when I’m at home scrappin’ it’s in my office. Although, I do manage to get away to about 5 retreats a year (which are a blast!).

    Thanks for sharing the Scrap ‘n Easel with us! Have a great weekend, Megan!

  • Carolyn

    I am lucky enough to have my own craft room (next to my dining room) to share with my many talented & crafty friends. When we’re together,we can spread out, try new techniques, and inspire each other!

  • Vanessa

    I scrap in my craft room. We just moved and this is the first time I have had a room dedicated to my scrapbooking. I love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • star

    I generally create at the kitchen table. I am currently in progress to switch my office over to my scrap room as I’m no longer teaching. Soon it will be in my very own scrap room!!!

  • Renee Taylor

    I usually scrap at crop days once a month. I am trying to get together a new scrap area at home…now that I have my son he has taken over my scrap room. So once that is set up I will get to start scrapping at home on a regular basis again.

  • helen

    i scrap and card make in my bedroom where i have a shelf unit to hold my stuff and a table for working at but ifirst started using my bed as my work surface and sometimes slept beside my layouts!!!

  • JO

    I’m usually in my craft room which I love (but it needs frequent tidying ’cause table space is limited!). I’ll be working on a lg project so will most likely spread out over my dining room table. Would love to win – it looks very helpful!

  • Alayne Fleming

    This easel looks like a fantastic way to work on layouts. I like the angle of it and how you can take your work wherever you are! It is great how these fantastic companies are sharing with you and your staff and some of your clients. What a treat to see all the new gadgets available.
    Always, Alayne

  • Cynthia Guy

    My laundry room is also my craft room. 🙂 I have an old retro (somewhat wobbly) table that I work on. i also have a wonderful view of farm fields…it’s beautiful

  • Alayne Fleming

    ps since I have an empty nest I now have my girls bedroom converted into my scrap and craft room. It gets a bit lonely without them here but I do love the space. The proverbs says an empty stall is a clean stall, but sometimes I wish for my girls to be home again. Grandkids are different, have to hide my “stuff” from them, LOL
    Always, Alayne

  • carolyn hartle

    I have a spare bedroom I turned into a craft room. I work on a card table. I love my room. Would love to win and easal as it would make scraping a lot easier.

  • Julie

    I use my kitchen table – biggest surface w/the best lighting. The easel would be a great tool and very convenient! Thanks for the opportunity to win one. 🙂

  • Anne H

    I started scrapping in my diningroom. Since my crafting has grown so much over the years I have my stuff everywhere and scrap on my screened in porch during nice weather. The rest of the year, winter months, I go back inside where it is warm.

    Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  • Laverna Harris

    I do most of my crafting at a table at my church,where a group of us meet once a week to work, bond and share ideas together. Laverna

  • Linda

    That Scrap N Easel looks pretty impressive. Would love to have one. Thanks for a chance, especially when I craft in a corner of the frog. Just a small L-table.

  • sue

    I have a small craft room my husband helped me to convert so we could eat at the kitchen table again. He made a wonderful table but I needed another table once in ahhile so the genius that he is made me a gate leg table so I can set it up when I need more room. This easel woul be wonderful to set up projects on.

  • sue

    I have a small craft room my husband helped me to convert so we could eat at the kitchen table again. He made a wonderful table but I needed another table once in awhile so the genius that he is made me a gate leg table so I can set it up when I need more room. This easel woul be wonderful to set up projects on.

  • Mary

    Its an addiction! I Scrap where ever, I actually have a bag that carries my silhouette, computer, some tools and of course paper. So space can sometimes be a challenge:).

  • audra

    I have a walk-in closet that I’ve made into craft/office space- but I usually end up with stuff all over the floor and then sometimes I migrate to our dining table. But with 3 young boys I now craft wherever, whenever.

  • Marilyn Hansen

    I started out on the kitchen table, but when my daughter moved out, her bedroom suddenly turned into my craft room,lol. And now, I love this room everyday! I also go to crops and have fun with my scrappin’ friends!

  • Phyllis

    I share craft space in our office room, and stand a lot while crafting. The easel would help me see my projects while sitting, which would help my back a lot.

  • Irene Baker

    Since our daughter left for college, then ultimately marriage & a life of her own, I took over her bedroom. I have an armoir I inherited from my mom, so I am able to store lots of paper & cartridges on those shelves. I have a neat four ft. table set up for my working area, and both my Cricut and Imagine are on smaller tables in the room. I love it that I know where everything is. But I’d also love to try the easel. Thanks for giving us the chance. Love ya, Megan…

  • Pat

    I have a great craft room for my scrapping. Recently my neice and her friend came for a weekend of scrapping and visiting, and I had to really clean up my craftroom to make space for all 3 of us. Made me finally get it done, and I love my neat, organzied space. Now my desktop is not quite so neat, but it’s an improvement!

  • Rosario Polanco

    My creative area is the guest bedroom. I have tables along two walls and shelving in the closet, doors are removed. My only problem is that a twin size bed gets in my way. My wish, to convert the garage into a large scrapbooking room. Thanks for all the give aways.

  • Vanesa

    I have wanted this ever since I first saw it. I create anywhere and everywhere and this would be most beneficial to me.

    Thanks for offering such a special giveaway!

  • Rhonda Harre

    Oh, how I would love to win a Scappin’ Easel to use in my small craft room in our basement. My guys call it the dungeon, it is really our storage area, but I have a table for scrapbooking and all my supplies. It is my place to retreat to and I can close the door to be alone if I want. My Woman Cave!! Oh how I want a Scrappin Easel, I saw the video that Cindy B. did when she returned from CHA this past summer and knew that is going to be on my Christmas list.
    Smiles – Rhonda<

  • April Dawn Titus

    I have a craft/laundry room that has a majority of my sewing, stamp and wrapping supplies. I have all my paper and Cricut stuff in my kids playroom. I craft in my playroom if I am using my sewing/embroidery machine or Cricut. I usually do the finishing steps anywhere.

  • Judi S

    I create in my office,craft room,kitchen counter,I love to create at my friend Gayle’s house…she taught me how to made beautiful cards! I believe it is easy to create wherever you are. Thanks for the gifts!

  • Cindy

    I scrapbook in my craft room and have a chair to sit on, but find myself standing quite a bit to get a better look at what I’m working on. Having this product may keep me in my seat more, and help me get more scrappin’ done! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂


    Hello!I scrap at my kitchen table.i have my things nicely set up there.It works for now until i can get my own craft room.This is an awesome giveaway as usual!!!Thanks for the chance to win and good luck to all.Good day.

  • carla frohne

    I start out in my crafting room, and then somehow with my kids calling for me all the time I end up moving everything out to the kitchen table/island/dog crate…anywhere else I can ooze my papers and cricut onto 🙂

  • Kay

    I have a room for all my stuff, but the most exciting place is with friends,where ever that may be. We love to get together and share ideas of our homes and use the space available. It’s just fun to create when and where you can. PS: where do we buy one of these unique/absolutely must have items?

  • Evelyn Cura

    I love to craft in my craft room. I feel like a kid going in a candy store everytime i go in there. My husband would call it the “crap” room. Hey, hey, hey… no one can call my 2nd love of my life that way!

  • Jelayne

    I create everywhere. I have a craft room that I do most of it in. Sometimes I work at the dinning room table. I also take my stuff over to my moms place or my sisters as well.

  • Barbara

    I craft in our TV/extra bedroom. I have a dedicated table and shelving in the closet that holds my paper, ribbon and cutting board. I also craft outdoors at a desk I have set up containing paint supplies. I assemble in the library/computer room listening to podcasts, watching videos or listening to itunes or in the kitchen. In order words crafting anywhere at home.

  • Karen Backus

    I craft in my extra bedroom made into a scraproom. I Love watching you online. I get many idea’s from your site! I have doing crafts since I was a small girl. I have a Cricut expression and a Personal cricut. I would love the Easel it would make alot of my craft projects alot easier.
    Thanks to Above-Ruby-Studio for all their great ideas and gifts! Sincerely Karen

  • Terry

    I craft in my dream craft room!(Kithchen Table) I do lots of walking down the hall to the room I store it all in, but I work in the Kitchen.

  • kim

    OMGoodnessss!!! I saw this before and absolutley fell IN LOVE with it. In fact I teach scrapbooking classes and was telling my students about it. I think its the most amazing product yet!. LOL, anyways, I scrap in my craft room, my special haven from the hustle and bustle of kids, housework, phone..just about everything. I am blessed to have a room of my own, however it did take 20 years before I got one, lol, worth the wait I would say. Well, have a great day!!!!

    Smiles 🙂

  • Tanya Thompson

    I started out on an old drafting table in a corner of our formal living room (we never have used that room). Eventually, I’ve converted the whole room into a library/craft room for the kids and I to do our scrapping/card making/school projects. Over time we installed floor to ceiling bookshelves on one wall and acquired old, eclectic dressers to hold all our art supplies. We also have two 6 foot tables for our Cricuts and mats for lots of work space…Would love to win a Scrap n Easel…thanks for a chance!

  • Debi

    I am lucky enough to have an entire scrap and craft room. I love my time there and you can’t help but be creative with all the fun “toys” around you.

  • Ro Donner

    I keep looking at this Scrappin’ Easel and thinking how handy it would be. I have a craft room that I scrap in when I’m at home, but I also do a lot of crafting (scrapping and card making) in my camper on the weekends. How cool it would be to have this to tote my projects back and forth!

  • Linda Gay

    I loved this when I first saw it. I stand most of the time to get the right perspective, this would really be so awesome. Sit and crop, what a concept. 🙂

  • Barbara Craft Me This

    I had built an apartment for my Mom upstairs over my house and she lived with us for about 6 years and then passed away almost two years ago. Now I use her apartment which is 800 sq feet for my Craft Room. Lucky Me to have all that space and still feel like I am visiting with Mom.


    I sit near my computer because I love MTC with Cricut and have a tray table closest to my Create. I have my Expression on a desktop behind me. Kinda like a cockpit. I really need to refine where I do this, because it is always ‘cluttered’ with tools and paper.

  • Pat

    I have a craft room, which I rearrange over and over trying to find the best set-up. I never seem to have enough “flat” space available to work on. The easel sounds sweet. Thanks Megan for one more chance!

  • Heather

    I use whats supposed to be my dining room as a craft area, as I have my table in my kitchen. It’s cramped but one of these days I might have my own room. It works for now. I also go to crops and scrap with friends a few times a month. I hope to win the giveaway!

  • Dee

    You never know where I might land to do crafting. Could be my craft room in the living room to watch a movie at the same time, or even on a way too quiet weekend at work, because when I’m the only one there and it’s not busy I can’t just sit and do nothing. Seems like I’m always doing several things at once and I’m not good at sitting still.



    i really need this .i craft in two places for cards i use my bed room.i have a desk.when scrabooking with my daughter and granddaughter we put a large table in the living room.

  • Barbara

    I use to scrap in my bedroom when I started 4 years ago, but I got too big too fast. My wonderful husband is an artist and he set up his studio so that I have half (or more, LOL) of the studio and it is great! He actually built me a large counter in the closet where I use my large paper cutter and Cuttlebug.

  • Norma Weiss

    I scrap in my sewing/craft room. Where I can leave and come back too. I love it. Thanks for the chance to the easel. Have a great Holiday weekend!

  • Tammy

    Starting with my next project, I’ll craft in my ‘craft cubby’ that the Lord just enabled me to create. With many re purposed items and garage sales I now have a craft cubby. It would be a blessing to be able to ‘transport’ projects to be with my studmuffin sweetheart husband in the living room—be so very blessed!!! bartlettpair4atmsndotcom

  • angela

    I have 2 folding tables in the spare room where my grandchildren sleep when they visit.I usually end up on the dining room tale though because there isn’t ever enough room !

  • Megan

    I did set up a craft room, but after getting overwhelmed with all the “stuff” around me I often move to the dining room table. If we are lucky enough, we will need to turn my craft room into a nursery. 🙂

  • Debbie

    I scrapbook & paint in my craft room. In order to look at the scrapbook page I’m working on, I have put box on my trash container. Once everything is in place, I carefully move the page to my craft table. 🙂

  • Anna G

    I scrap on my dining room table at home, and once a month I attend crop night at Michaels. I find that I need to stand up to do most of the work. Using this easel would make it possible for me to sit and avoid straining my back.

  • Roberta

    I was just “eyeing” the scrappin’ easel in the latest Cricut mag like 2 minutes ago! : ) So, I do my scrapbooking and paper crafting usually at my project table or at the little desk with my cubes, however lately it’s been happening at the kitchen table because the other surfaces are not cleaned up! I love that you can change this for display and that it does lift it up to work with and you can rearrange things to see how they would look with the magnets. You can also use the magnets to hold on a template while you work with options to fill the spots!

  • Bonita

    I have had my own craft room for a year now. But would love something portable to take to living room while watching TV. Thanks for blog candy offer.

  • Catherine Leek

    I usually create on the kitchen table because of the room….BUT, this would be totally awesome to use at the many craps that I go to every year. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a wonderful product!!!

  • Jen Ranney

    This is such a fabulous giveaway! I craft in our spare room…I would love to make it a craft room but may have other plans for that room! Something portable like this would be amazing so I could put my stuff away with it still laid out.


    I bring it to work with me and use it during my down time. I also work with spouses at my work to get signs and cards done for their family while they are deployed. I love my Army life!!


    The easel concept is awesome … I scrap on any flat surface I can find … dining table, kitchen counter, coffee table, etc. Also, all day crops are something I look forward to each month. Love your site and videos … keep up the good works.

  • Vicki

    I use my desk which is in the dining room. But lately I have been bringing a stack of pictures and packet of paper to work to do during my lunch break. It’s amazing how much you can get done without a toddler grabbing at everything.

  • Debby J

    As soon as my daughter moved out, I took over her room! So I have an entire room dedicated to my crafts, but I also use the closets in my laundry room for the crafts I don’t do all the time.

  • Robin Goens

    I have a craft room my wonderful husband built for me. I have two counters to work with…so that Scrap’n Easel would definitely have a home on one of those counters. I mostly stand when I craft and this easel would be great to hold my work in place and at an angle while I create my layouts.

  • kim

    My husband and I converted the formal dining room into my craft area. During Thanksgiving we clear the table off and put all of the food on my craft table works out great.

  • Judi H

    I am using my dining room table right now as my crafting area because I live alone and it only gets used one a year at Easter. But, I am planning on turning one of my bedrooms into my “craftroom.”

  • Cathie Forman

    Looks like a neat product. Would love to try it out. I have a craft spot in my dining room where I work but sometimes I end up on the floor working on projects.

  • Di Chapman

    Well,here’s a story..for the last 4 years my cricut has been in my kitchen. My craft room has been a diaster for 4 years, no time to organize as I go from one “assignment” to the next. I made 18 scrapbooks for each of the kids in my daughters class 2 years in a row-sqaudron books for my son and so on. The easel would hide it away,but still keep it together! Its more for my husband really who moves the cricut at least once a day..married to a scapper the poor dear!

  • Dawn Lampman

    I have a scrap room. I have tred to make it accessible for my disabilities. I would love a scrap n easel because I have back and leg problems
    Its difficult to stand to scrapbook,this that product could help with with my health issues. Like you said though its on the pricey side and cant afford one.Winning one would be so nice.
    Dawn RI

  • Lana

    I would love to win a Scrapin’ Easel! I have to scrapbook in my dining room, which is open to the rest of my house and I can’t leave a mess. A portable place would be wonderful! Thanks for a chance to win!

  • Theresa AR Scrapper

    Cool Easel! I am fortunate enough to have a scrap room – my son’s former bedroom – he claims I converted it into a scrap room the day after he moved out!! I love creating in that room. But….I also love going to crops. I learn so very much from my scrap buddies that I don’t know what I would do without my crops!

  • Beth W

    I will have my own space when the house we are building is done…as of now most of my treasures are packed away 🙁 but I do have an area in my laundry room to work in our temporary house…The easel looks like it would be lots of fun!!!

  • Nancy Lee

    I have the best craft room in the world. My husband took our den and converted it into my craft room. He is a carpenter so I have wall to wall cabinets and drawers. I have a work area counter tops that go all around me. I have a cabinet for punches, ribbons,and stamps. I have a cabinet that holds all my cricut cartridges and so on and so on. It is a wonderful place where I can enjoy all my paper crafting. I have plenty of room to set up the scrap’n Easel. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Cheryl

    I have a wonderful scrap room…my son and husband fixed up for me…shelves…2 wonderful desks…and a closet filled with shelves…me and my granddaughter love scrapping and kind of do make a mess…so it is great to just leave it and close the door…I have been looking a the scrap easel and would love to win it…thanks

  • Michele B

    I am fortunate enough to have a room downstairs all to myself for stamping and scrapping! It is a no-guy zone! LOL!! I have a 4′ x 8′ table that is never uncluttered – it is amazing when you are creating how fast things get cluttered!! It is a great space though for when friends come over to scrap together.

  • Felicia

    I craft in my office/craft combo area. I dream to one day have my own craft room. DH carved out the area for me that’s pretty functional for now. I’ve always wanted to try this easel. Smooches…

  • Christa Hamilton

    I create anywhere I can! … from my dining room table, to at work, or at crops. This would be a very nice prize to win. Thanks for the chance.

  • lisa argyle

    I used to craft in the guest room, but since we keep having long-term ‘company’, I have had to take it all mobile and craft anywhere I can find a spot.

  • Renee

    Wow! I would so love one of those!! I work out of my home so I have a work/craft room, it is nice but I wish it was a little larger. I am very thankful to have it though.

  • Chevelle

    I create in the living room out of a scrapbook armoire my husband had made for me-however, the table is small! I’ve always wanted one of these!

  • Penny

    I have a craft room that is to small for anyone else but me so when my friends come to scrap we set up tables all over the living room. This easel looks great! I would love to win it! Thanks for the chance.

  • Tamara

    Oh i would LOVE to win this! I scrap at my desk usually but I end up moving around alot because I can’t sit still hunched over my work too long. I have had two back surgeries and this would make it so much easier to work on layouts! I’ve wanted one since they came out but just haven’t been able to afford it yet. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Stacey

    I create in our basement where I have taken over the unfinished half! YUP, the WHOLE HALF!!! I have also been know to haul what I need upstairs and craft on the coffee table while the kids are watching a movie… I can’t craft without noise! I was raised in a home full of noise (mostly good) and now I have a home full of noise (again, mostly good)!! I have been wanting to get this for a LONG TIME…okay it hasn’t been out that long but still! But the price has been holding me back… thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • Valinda

    Kitchen table. I have been trying to turn spare room into craft room since my oldest moved out four years ago but it is just a big junk magnet!! Soon . .

  • Jennifer

    I have a craft room. It’s the smallest bedroom in the house, but it holds soooo much! It used to be the sewing room until I found papercrafting. When I am not in there, I will take projects over to a friends house and we’ll scap together. I’ve been looking at the easel for a few weeks now. What an great invention! I would love to receive this as a give-away!

  • Kathy

    I’m SUPPOSED to scrap on a table in my sb room. I often, however, find myself scrapping in the floor or on the dining room table. And I love to crop at my friends’ houses and crops.

  • Paula C

    I am lucky enough that our guest bedroom is on our finished basement and there is enough room for a table and tons of shelves and a closet and drawers so I craft there. Sometimes, I craft on the island in my kitchen but only if something really good is on tv. ;o)

  • Heather W

    I started out at my dinning room table, but then decided I needed a craft desk that would fit in our bedroom. They were kind of expensive at Michael’s even with the sales, so my hsuband and I took a few trips to see what we could find. We ended up at goodwill type store called Unique and found a desk for $10 that has 2 shelves that work perfectly for my Sizzix Big shot and my Martha Stewart bone folder kit (that’s not what it’s called, but I can’t think of the name of it right now). I use the flat surface of the desk for scrapbooking, but there’s not a lot of room left next to my Cricut Expression, so this Scrap’N Easel would be a great addition to my crafting needs! Thanks for a chance to win one!

  • TK

    Hmmm… I have a scrapping room, but I tend to move around the house depending on where my family’s at so I can have time with them too! I also scrap at a friend’s house, and now my neighbor is just finishing off a room for her too! I’m heading camping, so a magnetic easel would be wonderful for that too!! I’ve looked at that easel before and just couldn’t swing it without having a good recommendation or “test” it, but would to have that opportunity through you. Thanks, ME!

  • ~~Jen H~~

    I have a craft table that my husband made me in the corner of the living room. My table surface is cluttered all the time and I usually overflow into the dining room of sitting on the couch. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Marilyn

    This looks like an awesome tool! I craft in our former homeschool classroom/office. The kids have all graduated 🙁 so I have taken over the space.

  • KitnM

    I use my dining room table for crafting. I was thinking I should use something higher so that I am not constantly bending; this would help keep my head up and not strained!

  • Tracy T.

    I create where ever I can. Crafting Tables are good but very staionary. Its hard to move crafting in the bedroom or the dinning room. So you can imagine I have my crafts EVERYWHERE. But I don’t mind because I know someday I’ll get it together….Lol
    tfctw….Great Job on the website 🙂

  • Marcia Noah

    My regular crafting spot is the dining room table. It never fails that as I begin my craft I soon look up to find my audience filling the other available spots at the table. (It must be the uniqueness of having mom in a fixed position for a little while.) That’s when the crafting spot becomes the entertainment center…… So much for quietly working! lol

  • Rita

    I just mentioned the easel yesterday wondering if you had any comments on it. I have a scrapbooking room in our basement which holds all my stuff, but sometimes I like to be upstairs with daylight coming in the windows, it’s more cheerful. I think the easel would certainly come in handy. How great would it be to win one!

  • Danita

    Two Sundays a month we scrap for 4 hours.
    Traveling with stuff is tough, want to take everything! At home, I am at the kitchen table. I can always use tips on organizing!

  • Janet

    I am working on a craft room but currently make cards at the kitchen table or card table. I love to go to crops with my scrab buddies. We have a blast. This would be an awesome product to use.

  • Shirley Anderson

    I just moved into a three bedroom house, one of the bedrooms is going to be my craft room. Right now I just craft on a folding table. Cant wait to get my room set up.

  • Krysta

    Sadly, I currently use my basement floor. No table, no nothing. With a little guy who is now pulling and standing on everything, I can’t keep stuff on the kitchen table or he’ll destroy it. Once we finish some renos, we’ll have a real office area where I will have some desk space to scrap. Can’t wait!

  • Sue Alg

    I’m a very lucky lady because I have my own craftroom. Many of my organizing items were custom built by my husband. I can follow blogs, scrapbook, and do all sorts of papers crafts in my very own room, decorated in my favorite colors. Yes, I’m very lucky!!

  • Amelia Andrade

    I scrap in various places, mostly my office at my craft table. I also scrap at my kitchen table with friends and at the local Michaels Arts & Crafts store crops. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Deeleane

    I have a craft room, but lately scrap and make cards on the kitchen table. My craft room needs cleaning out. Would love to win one of these. A little pricey, so I probably wouldn’t buy one, but it seems like a great idea

  • Linda W

    I started crafting on my coffee table while watching TV. When my knees and back started to complain, I went to a lap desk. Then my scrapbooking supplies started to grow, so I moved to the dining room table. When my daughter moved out after grad-school, I finally got my own computer/scrap room. Since I’ve retired, this is where I spend my time creating. Now I don’t have to hunt for a particular item for a project. Everything is organized and all in my very own craft room. The organizing cubes are the best for stashing craft supplies.

  • Phyllisnanatotwo

    I actually have a craft/office room but when I get a project started I’m usually spread out all over my desk and sometimes end up on my kitchen table, which is Oak. So I have to cover it and this easel would make it so much easier and safer as far as my Oak table is concerned. I think I could really use it. Thanks, Megan for the chance to win it.

  • Sheila R

    I turned my daugheters room in to an office/craft room when she moved out and went to college. Space is very small and my table is an old computer desk. This would work great to use on the side of my desk for work space which is very limited. I love this idea.

  • Lisa R

    Right now I set up a borrowed table in the living room. I leave it set up for a few days and squeeze in as much time as I can on projects. Then I put everything away again and tear down the table so my hubby can watch football games more easily.

  • Geri Egan

    I do most of my scrapping at retreats or with my Creative Memory consultants at their workshops. My dream is to have a scrapbook room of my own and not have to share an extra bedroom with my husband and his workout/game room. Enjoy your holiday weekend!

  • GranShoo

    I’m fortunate to have my own “Scrappy Room.” I have three desk/table units so I can have a couple of friends/relatives to come scrap with me.

  • Dawn

    I made my craft corner up in our bonus room .I have a big tv up there where I can watch your above rubies studio, and that is where I get inspired. Have a great day Megan Elizabeth.

  • susan rude

    I craft in newly finished craft room. My all time favorite place to scrap is at a crop with all my wonderful friends. The Scrappin Eisel would be so wonderful to have to keep my work in process together. Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities to learn and win prizes.

  • Loster

    The Scraping Easel looks like a tool that I’ve tried to create – but I never thought of making it a magnetic surface. What genious! I would be thrilled to win one of these!

  • Sharron Turner

    Since I work from home, my spare room is an office, I can store my scrapbooking things (and Scentsy) in there, but to actually do my crafts, I’ve got the dining room. I saw this easel before…would LOVE to try it!

  • Gaylen Flynn

    I had my mud room transformed into a scrapbook room. I have plenty of cabinets for storage and a desk made that is approximately 6 feet wide. I put in new flooing, new ceiling and painted the walls. Total price $4,000 and worth every dollar I saved to get it.

  • Jean Moe

    I work in my craft room which is way to crowded or on a lap table while I watch tv or where ever I can find a spot to do something fun, any place I can set something up. the easel looks like it would be very helpful to me! Love all the new things Megan, you are way to cool!!!

  • Anniebee

    I create at my computer desk or kitchen table. As I don’t have an actual craft room as yet, I create wherever I am and the Scrap ‘n Easel would make it a lot easier to do that. It would also make a great surface on which to photograph my projects to post on my blog. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  • Sandy in Minnesota

    Would love to win scrappin easel, have had it on my to order sheet for some time but haven’t quite made it to mail yet. When are you coming to MN again? would love to see you again.

  • Sharon Harrison

    We have a medical billing service that we run out of our home so space is really limited. My son-in-law has a ping pong table set up in the living room so we convert that to a scrapbooking area and invite over our scrappin’ buddies. Sounds crazy but it works and there is plenty of room to lay out all our “stuff”.

  • Maura

    I started off on the kitchen table when the kids would go to bed. Now I have a table in the basement that is just for my “mommy toys” and nothing else.

  • Joene

    I turned my daughter’s small bedroom into a craft room. I have the storage shelves and drawers from Oriental Trading which I love. It really made it into a neat craft area. I have a large table to craft on. I think the magnetic easel would be great to have.

  • Gail Ganong

    I usually work in my office but I like to be out in the shed my husband built for me to craft in. It has been way too hot out there right now!!

  • Dawn M.

    I saw the ad for this the other day and I ordered it – would love another though! I work mostly at a craft table and like the video said would love to raise my work so i am not hunching as much as i create. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  • Kim

    After 16 years of raising two boys in a small two story home, we are now in a larger two story home. However, the boys are now growing up (19 and 17). The older boy is now a sophomore in college and moved out to his own apartment. Was it bad that the very day he was moving his stuff out of his room, I was moving my craft stuff into his room?! Mind you, I had been crafting from a small walkin closet and prior to that our dining room table. Although, I would trade back to the walkin closet to have him back home 🙂

  • Kelli

    I have a craft room/laundry room that I use for all of my scrapping and crafts. I work at a fold up table, so I would LOVE to make it more comfortable!

  • joyce allen

    I saw a websode on the scrappin easle about a month ago. It was not for sale yet. I thought it was a wonderful tool(but exspensive) because I have to bring everything out to my kitchen table and put it back before meals. Because of the strong magnets holding everything you could just fold it all up and it is ready for your next time.
    I love the website above rubies studio and have told everyone about it. Ihave had a lot of great feedback on people that now use it.

  • Pat Glass

    This would be wonderful to have… I do all of my crafting on my dining room table… It is huge w/o the leaves it measures 54 x 54 and there are 6 leaves of 12 inches each. so you can tell it is huge. I mostly have 4 leaves in it, except for the holidays. It is tiger oak and belonged to my mothers grandmother. It is beautiful and I love it. My wish one day is to have my own craft room. Thanks for sharing..

  • Judy Cromwell

    Don’t be mad, but I have a house to scrap in. Well, I had a house, but I let my grandson move in, so now I have the living and dining rooms for my crops and crafts. It’s so nice not to have to put everything up every time. I bought the house for my Dad, who has passed away. It’s right next door to my “regular” house!!! Course I love crops too.

  • Cathy Plese

    I create in my home office/ craft room which is small but works. Sometimes I just set up a table in the family room and work as I watch tv. I scrap and make cards with my grandaughter and we use the floor so we can spread out our supplies. The Scrap’n Easel sure would make srcapping alot easier on my back! Thanks for the chance to win and keep up the amazing work that you do for all us crafters!

  • Lee

    Im working on turning a spare bedroom into a craft room. But it doesnt have cable and I like the soap channel while creating. Sometimes I drag everything out all over my living room floor.

  • Susan Blaker

    I create in my craft room at home and am lucky enough to work in a Natural Area park. I create all the bulletin boards and craft activities for the education program. So my office is second craft room. Magnetic easel would be so helpful!

  • Renee Duberville

    I share space with my husband. I also have a table in the livingroom. My favorite is when I go on an annual scrapbook retreat with my best friend.

  • Jennifer

    I am blessed enough to have a craft room…a Scrap Easle is something that I have wanted since I went to the Novi, Michigan show and inquired from a lady what exactly it was…How convenient and stress reducing by not having to “look over” your work! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sam

    I have been lusting after the scrap easel since I first saw it – sure hope I win, LOL!!

    I scrap on a table reserved for doing just that – although it is in the main part of the “open concept” little place we live in — once in a while though I try to make cards on a TV table in the living room so I can be more a part of things with the family — wouldn’t the scrap easel make it easier to do that!!! Thanks for your blog, I love it!

  • Donna Payton

    I have a scraproom with TV and Computer that used to be my office when I was a teacher that I use most of the time. I like to work in my basement where I have mini crops monthly and have long tables where I can spread out. I do Virtual crops with online groups and need the space when I’m doing 30 to 60 layouts.

  • debbie

    I started out in my room on a small table, but that didn’t work for long. I eventually moved to my family room and got a much larger table and created my own craft corner. I love it!!!!! One day i hope to have my own craft room.

  • Celeste

    I have a great craft room in my daylight basement and having been a graphic layout artist for 18 years standing at a large light table. I retired last year and do not have access to a light table any longer – and cannot afford one! The Scrappin’Easel would be perfect for me and I have wanted one since I first saw it offered. HOPE I WIN! Thanks much! C

  • Gail Pellegrin

    I have a former bedroom which I turned into a great craft room. More importantly, I have 3 sisters who also do crafts and we get together every month for 3-4 days of crafting. I would love the Craft Easel.

  • Beth

    Megan, I don’t have a dedicated scrapbooking space so I either bring out a card table or take my projects to a crop. The Scrappin Easel would make scrapping easier for me.

  • Debby

    I work either at my dining room table or in my bedroom where all of my craft “stuff” is located. Just depends on the size of the project. I have been looking at this for a few months, so it would be fun to win it. Once again, thanks for the chance to win..

  • Heather Poffenroth

    I craft in a space that I use as a home office/craft space. It is a work in progress, as all craft rooms are right? The only problem I have is that when I go into my office to work it is extremely difficult to stay focused on work with all of my craft stuff in the same space!!! The Scrap Easle looks amazing. It would be a fun product to use. My fingers are crossed.

  • C.Robin

    I have a craft room where I do most of my crafts. But I also stitch in my den,the Scrap Easle would help a lot. When we have craft night we work at the dining room table.

  • Rose

    I’m very fortunate. I hsve my own craft room. So I make my layouts and cards on one table, turn my chair and there is my computer and my Cricut Expression (That my daughter gave me that started this whole wonderful crazy hobby!).

  • Wendy C.

    I craft in our bed room. And hope to find a monthly crop somewhere in the Nampa Idaho area so I can get to know some new crafting buddies.

    God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wendy C.

  • Jo Ann G

    Winter I scrap in my craft room which my hubby remodeled for me last winter. In summer, I craft in a shared office. This means I have to clean up every time I scrap–uggghhh!

  • Elsie

    I scrap where-ever and when-ever I can! Mostly though @ my kitchen table with my girlfriends! Been wanting one of these! Can’t wait to watch that video!!

  • Jody

    Our living room is sort of long and skinny so my hubby built a wall at one end (it is not attached to the walls or anything because I wanted to be able to move it if we moved). Behind that wall is a countertop and all my stuff…..I love it. The craft easel would work great in there!

  • Jackie

    I am fortunate to have a dedicated craft room in my home. It is my “Happy Place.” I also enjoy creating at crop nights. This looks like a very useful item to enjoy and show off.

  • stacy

    I mostly create on card tables in the living room (a big pain to have to set-up everytime I want to work on scrapbooks) but have been know to use the floor from time to time 🙂

  • Susieque

    I have a great craft room that my friends and I use for creating and socializing….sometimes more socializing than creating, but that’s ok too!

  • Audrey L.

    I scrap in my office on a table and the easel would help me see a lot better. I saw this demo’d at a scrapbook show and it looks as if it would help with seeing your projects better.

  • Cindy Penfield

    The Scrap n Easel looks like a great tool. I usually work on a table in my scraproom, but I also go to crops when possible. I find myself holding up my scrapbook pages in progress so that I can get a better look at them. The lighting and angle on a flat table doesn’t always give the best vantage point. It would also be helpful to use the magnets to place items before permanently adhereing them. I often change things around after looking at them on the page. Cindy

  • Diana B

    I have a scrapbook room that allows 6 people to scrapbook. I have been known to scrapbook on a lap desk out in the livingroom too. I love new tools and would love to give the easel a try. Thank you.

  • JoAnne Freeman

    Thanks for the chance to win this great easel. I have been looking at them for months! I am blessed to have a wonderful craft room, about 16 by 22 foot and I scrap, make cards, paint, sew, quilt and do machine embroidery in this wonderful space. The reason I want one of these so badly is assist with my copic coloring and watercolor work. The position of your neck and shoulders when you sit at the sewing machine, paint or do coloring can be so hard on your neck and shoulders. This would be such a huge help!

  • Cheri

    Am working on my craft room now…hopefully it will be completed in 2 weeks! Currently play with friends at our clubhouse or on the floor or in front of the TV. Wherever or whenever…makes no matter! Yay!

  • Connie Dees

    I have a beautiful scraproom but my daughter and I like to drag it all out onto the familyroom tables. we have Cricut table, stamp’n table. And two tables smooshed together so we can share ideas, tools and lots of laughter. Love our time together

  • Heather

    After years of having two cribs in our home for all the grandkids that came to visit, they grew up enough and most moved closer to home, so I was able just this past couple months to get rid of one crib in the spare room and put in a couple tables and turn it into a craft room. Nothing fancy but it is wonderful and now my granddaughters are having so much fun there with me.

  • Juanita

    I am a stand up scrapper and this looks like it may let me be able to sit down and scrap. I have a beautiful room that use to be my sewing room but I converted it 10 years ago when I started scrapbooking. Thanks for all your awesome giveaways.

  • Julie Luna

    Well will live in a 912sf condo so what is suppose to be the breakfast nook, is my crafting space. I use my old sewing table (no room for the sewing machine though) as my craft table so I have limited space. The easel would be great so I can use it on the kitchen counter top and not worry about spills and then use the sewing table for the extra’s i use while scrapping. thanks for sharing. Julie

  • Wanda

    If you were to come in and inspect where I craft, you would turn around and walk back out. I dont have an actual place to do it. So everytime I craft I drag everything out of the garage and into the living room. I use the coffee table as my surface. Its pretty sad. Thank you for all the opportunities to win.

  • nitasha

    Even though I have a craft area, I usually craft in my bed, so winning this Scrappin’ Easel would be absolutely fantastic! Thanks so much for the chance!

  • Billie A

    I have a dedicated craft room so all my items are there and ready to use. Great giveaway. Thanks for all you do and for letting us that live in the little cities know what is happening in the bigger cities/world. Hugs

  • Nathalie Martin

    I have a 6ft table in a corner of my bedroom and I have all my stuff stacked on the back of it as best I can.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Mary

    Please, please, please choose me!! My old bones need a break from leaning over the table. This make it soooooooooooooooooo nice be more at eye level.Thank you for a chance to have one!!

  • Hilary

    In theory, I craft at my dining room table – however, I seem to be more productive when I go to a friend’s house!
    In theory, once my youngest is old enough to share a room with her sister, we’ll be turning her room into a play room – don’t tell my husband but I’m thinking we’ll turn it into a play/homework/craft room so I can be in there working on craft projects while they are playing and/or doing homework! 🙂

  • Jeri

    Well, I read through most of the comments and I didn’t see anyone else that crafts where I craft. A oouple of months ago my husband and I sold our home so we could travel full time in our RV. That’s where I craft now. I do miss my craft room and all the supplies I left in storage, but we’re seeing some amazing places and I can scrap our travels as I go with the supplies I brought with me (including my Cricut).

  • Cathy Rathburn

    Most of my scrapping gets done with good friends at “private crops” that we hold in the coference room at my office. We have two large tables in this room which makes perfect space for four of us to crop all day and into the evening on Saturdays. The company of friends makes scrapbooking so much more fun!

  • Linda Cross

    I work on two tables and sometimes they really get coverd when I’m working on crafts. This ScrapNEasel would be a great help in keeping my work together in one spot. Thanks for the good giveaway.

  • Teri

    I make do all my scrapping in my room, have Cricut and a table, but have to spend most of my time sitting in my recliner due to severe leg and back pain 24/7, so I am thinking the easel board might be nice to have. Maybe I could spend more time doing what I enjoy.

  • Pam

    I have a table set up in my family room where I do all my work. I love the fact that I don’t need to get it out each time I need to do something.

  • Theresa

    I have a spare room in the basement that my husband and I worked on to make it my craft room. Everything is within arms reach. I have a large farmhouse table I use. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  • Suzie

    I changed my home office into a craft room when I retired 2 years ago. Also belong to 3 scrappin groups in our small town. I would love a scrappin Easel. Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  • Aurea

    I do cards and scrapbooking on a folding table while I listen to my music. I certainly know about the backaches while trying to scrap (68 yrs. old). But I love it, so I keep going.

  • cecile

    We turned our 2nd bedroom into an office/craft room which I share with my husband. It allows me to leave my projects there until finished however my space is cramped because the room is small. I would love to win the scrappin’ easel!

  • sondra nunnally

    You are too sweet! Love all your ideas and projects. I have been yearning for the magnetic easel Just can’t afford it now. Thanks for allowing me to have a chance to receive it. Sondra

  • Sandy D.

    I scrap in my basement. My wonderful father-in-law has made quite a few custom storage pieces for me including a stickles storage block and a huge gift wrapping station. It’s quiet and I can look out the window and watch the deer in the early morning.

  • cindy robutka

    right now i do most of my crafting on my adjustable height living room table. I have craft stackabe bins in the corner with most of my supplies. My cricut is on the dining room table attached to a lap top. not very organized really need a spare room just for me but hard to get away from family and hide yourself away so I am trying to think of a solution for both me time and not making the wholoe house look like a craft room.

  • KimMJ

    When using my Cricut I tend to spread out. I start in my ‘Rubber Room’ with the cutting of paper and laying out embellies. Then set up the cricut in the ‘guest room’ with the desktop computer and finally end up on the kitchen table to put my project together.

    I also love to craft outside, at a friends or in the car!

    Thanx for the chance to win such an awesome prize!

  • Teresa Kaufhold

    I have a craft room, but it is upstairs. Last fall I had foot surgery and could not go up the steps, so my husband brought down my most used items for me to craft with. I now sit at an old kitchen table in my rec room/sunroom to craft! Have not moved back upstairs, even though I can walk now! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • JenL

    EVERYWHERE! I am not particular. If I have a chance to scrapbook, I take it. I usually do work from my scrapbook nook. I have a countertop with file cabinets underneath & shelves above. I saw an early video of the Scrappin Easely & thought it was a great idea. I’m so glad they are getting the publicity they will need to sell their product. I would love to have one.

  • Kimberly SH Jones

    Depends on what’s going on w/ the family …preferably my craft area in the basement, but there are times when I take over the dining room table or set up card table in the living room. I’ve been dying for one of stands, and have placed it on my xmas wish list.

  • JenL

    I love your how-to & product demo videos. I can’t get enough. I realize you might do more for those that belong to club ruby, but maybe you could release some of the older how-tos for those of us that are budget impaired & can’t belong to club ruby.

  • JoAnn V.

    I create in my craft room! It’s still not organized but I love that I have a place for all my stuff! 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  • Neesey

    I used to use my kitchen counter…then a vacant bedroom. Now I craft in the basement in a large room. It has sewing and all my “hobbies” all in one room now. Besides, I get my exercise going up and down stairs!

  • Joan Barch

    I have just now gotten rid of a bed and made that room into a craft room. So glad I did. Love it. (May be hard when I have guests though!!)

  • Mary K. Parker

    When I knew we were moving into our present house,I told my husband I get the living room. So that’s my craftroom and where I normally create. Would LOVE a Scrappin Easel as it lets you work with good body mechanics.

  • Dee

    I have very limited space in my house, so I scrap anywhere! I usually meet friends once a month at the local scrapbook store ti get most of it done! I have wanted one of these but it’s not in the budget right now! Would love to win one!

  • Karen

    I scrap at a friends house who has her entire basement set up for stamping and scrapping, also at our church we have a scrap day once a month so scrap there also. Would love to have this so I could see what I was doing rather then standing over it all the time.

  • Valerie f

    Omg this is the coolest product. My friend loves hers. I scrap sitting down at my scrap desk. Though I have to stand up to see the whole effect. This would make it so much easier. Thanks

  • ShariKay Brantley

    I scrapbook, make cards, gift things etc. in my craft room which was a bedroom at one time. Now when folks come to visit and spend the night, I have to hang them on the rafters at bed time. Most of them have now learned to bring their own bedrolls!

  • Christina

    I scrap in my living room. I have a large room so one corner is my craft spot. With the little ones around I am always having to get up and help them. So this would be perfect to come back to.

  • Sue Anderson

    I used to craft in our small, spare bedroom. But I’ve recently been confined to a wheelchair, but it won’t fit in the room with my stuff in there. My hubby widened the doorway, but I can’t turn around in there, once I’m in. So now I craft at a table that he made me in the living room. So this Easel will be the perfect thing for me! Thanks for the chance to win it!!

  • Islandnami

    I don’t have a dedicated craft room so I keep one of the 5 6 ft folding tables from Costco under my bed and pull it out whenever I need workspace. All my scrapbooking goodies are in my closest.

  • Donna

    I have a multiple use room – scraping, sewing, and miscellaneous crafting. I have checked out this easel and find myself drooling!! I am disabled and experience pain 24/7 – my shoulders and upper back are especially stressed when I scrap. This easel would help alleviate a great deal of the pain.

  • Karen G

    My husband set up a dedicated space for me to create as an anniversary present this year! It is in half of our living-room so I can be in the midst of the family action and scrapbook at the same time!

  • Dawn

    I have a craft room that I love to immerse myself in! Thank you so much for all the opportunities you are giving us to win such wonderful “gifts”.

  • Patricia

    I am fortunate to have a nice scrap area big enough for myself and my daughter in law to scrap in. It is in my sunroom. Since I re-arranged it a little this week (on my birthday)there is actually room for a grand-daughter to work also. Just got into scrapping this year – and I love it!!!

  • Susan

    I have my own scraproom/library to craft in. I can turn my chair from my computer to my workspace behind me and be ready to craft. I really like the design and concept of the Scrap N Easel, as you said it is a bit pricey right now, I would love to win one.

  • Michell

    My master bedroom has become my craft room along with the dinner room area. I would love to have the easel it would help me not to lean over so much,it would help me with my aching back. Thank you for all the wonderful giveways you give out!


  • Kathy

    My sewing room and I have a side room next to my kitchen were I do most of crafting…..Love and love all your site and all of your wonderful ideas and supplies that you offer…….!!!!!!!

  • Kris

    I stand up at an elevated craft table (or lean on a high stool) in my craft room/office and if it’s nice out I take small projects out on the deck. I have to watch out for the wind, though!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Sharon

    I am lucky to have a beautiful, well organized craft room. This is where I go to create when I scrapbook alone. (I will not allow a clock in this space). In addition, I hold crops every 2 months in my basement. There usually is approx. 12 of us. We eat, chat and crop for 6 hours.

  • Barb R.

    I’m lucky enough to have my own bonus/craft room. This easel would raise my page projects above all the stuff spread all over my table. It would be great!

  • Cathy Hartle

    I have a little corner in the computer room that is my craft area. It seems to growing a little at a time and taking over more and more of the room. 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Hi Megan!
    What a fun and great giveaway! I usually work on my crafts wherever there’s room…I share our office table or kitchen table with my two teenage sons doing homework. Sometimes it gets challenging trying to find a space so I’ll just use a folding table on the floor 🙂 thanks for the chance to win this awesome product!

    Suzanne Watanabe

  • Merilyn

    I started out on the dining room table – graduated to my own craft nook now moved into the Rumpus/Family room as I am constantly expanding which includes space for two of my adult children to participate with their craft spaces. Well I did say Family Room…

  • Betty

    Wow! I have been looking at this for some time now, little pricey for my budget. Would love to have one. I craft in my craft room on a table, with my cricut, card making supplies and scrapbooking it gets a little tight, but I manage. Thanks Betty

  • Heather Taylor

    In my son’s old room. In the mist of Christmas, halloween, Easter, Thanksgiving and anything else you can think of to decorate with!

  • Rox

    I craft on the couch with a tv tray in my living room. I use the couch for hold-all while I craft on small area on tray. I would love the easel.

  • Penny Mourer

    I have no set apart craft room yet. I usually do stuff in the living room or my Sunday School room, depending on the project I am working on at the moment.


  • Tracy

    I usually crop once a month at my local Michael’s store, although this would help my work in progress crop room at home. Thanks for the chance!

  • Jen

    I craft in my studio/craft room. My husband, the wonderful man that he is, gave up his garage so we could convert it to a craft room for me. How lucky am I!? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this easel!

  • Shawn

    I create in my scrapbook room/office. It is huge so I have lots of space and storage for things. It is great and when I need a break I can shut the doors and NO one goes in!

  • Joan Peters


  • Adelia

    I have done some of my cards on the pull out of my desk and my cricut on a small folding table. I can’t leave anything out. I have a very small house.

  • Debbie B.

    I find myself @ my kitchen table more often than anywhere. I’m in the process of making a bedroom into a craft room. Can’t wait to have it actually organized! I’d love to use the Scrappin’ Easel!

  • Edwina Brown

    I’ve been wanting one of these since it came out. I think it would ease a lot of pain in my joints. I scrap at a folding table in my Craft/Bedroom. It is 4 x 6 feet and is up at all times. This is were I am most of the time. Thanks for a chance to win.

  • Cheri Prieur

    I have turned a spare bedroom into my craft room…I’ve been gradually adding supplies and before much longer I’ll need to look for more storage options other than containers! Yes…it’s become my obsession! 🙂

  • Lydia

    I am one of those fortunate women who has a very understanding husband when it comes to my crafting. My friends say I have a crafting house because pretty much every room has some kind of craft in it.

  • Patti

    I work on my dining room table. I have an office/craft/junk room but never have a clean workspace so I bring what I need to my dining room and work there.

  • Patti

    I do my crafing on my dining room table. I have an office/craft/junk room but never have a clean workspace so I bring what I need to my dining room and work there.

  • cheryl

    Hi megan, great prize. i have been looking at this for months i just don’t have the money. i craft in my garage its a little warm in florida so sometimes i bring it in my dining room. thanks for the chance to win. have a great day!

  • Audrey

    We added on to our small house and my sweet ubbie built me a small studio. It is my getaway place and I just love it. You can see a picture of my now clean desk on my blog.
    Be blessed

  • Diane Weeks

    This looks awesome! I’ve wanted to see something like this for a lot of reason’s. I move sometimes from room to room and yes I even scrap in the great outdoors. This would make scrap life a lot more productive for me. So many great new things youv’e shared with us!!! I don’t know what I really hope I win, being able to see these new things I’m already a winner, because I am aware, all because you shared. Thanks again, Diane

  • Sandy

    I scrape and create in my new and unorganized craft room and office. I just love any new tool (toy) to play….work with to make scrapping and crafting easier and more fun. So I certainly would accept a new tool if it was sent my way :0


    I usually have get-togethers/crops with at least 2-3 friends, at their homes or at the local volunteer fire dept. There we have a fairly large space, if its just 3 or so attending. We all have mountains of stuff, especially me. I could really, really use an easel. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Jennie

    I have a few place I create, if it is a card most often I do this on my lap watching tv, but a layout needs more space so itis the kitchen table. But I do LOVE our weekly crop, so having this would make my craft time so easy!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Tiffany

    Now that 3 of my 7 kids are grown I now have my own craft room. I have been looking at the scrap easel for a while now and know it would be well loved!

  • Daphne Held

    My son going off to college was a mixed blessing! I missed him like crazy – but it did free up a bedroom! His sister moved into his old room and I got a scrapbooking room! So exciting to have my own space!

  • Judy G.

    I have a small room in my house for my “playthings”. I also have a small table in the room where I do my scrapping. The table is a little low, so it makes my back hurt. I would love to win this to raise my work level and help my back!

  • Tina V

    I create mostly in my craft cave. I call it a cave because my crafty space is in the basement without any windows and I am always wishing for some lighting! I do enjoy a craft swarm every now and again but as I add to my stash it gets harder to haul it!

  • Cydney

    I create in my dedicated craft room. I have a nice table in there but always seem to be working in small corner of it since it gets piled up with supplies. I clean them up and they reappear. Wonder how that happens?

  • Laura

    I prefer my craft room because everything is right at my fingertips. when I scrapbook with friends I move into the dining room so we can have space together. The easel looks really fab!

  • Diane

    Thank you for reviewing this. I have seen it in the mags and on the net but like you thought it was on the expensive side, and didn’t know anyone who had tried one.

    Dorris CA

  • Linda

    I will soon have a dedicated craft room, but until its ready, I’m still crafting in the living room while my husband watches tv. The easel would make scrapping so much easier. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Lynnbear

    I create wherever I can find a clear table as I have scrapping supplies in about every room. My dream is to have a craft room all my own one day so that I can get organized but right now I just design it in my mind and the thoughts keep churning!

  • Carol

    I have à craft room with 2 small taboes for my BRT and I To work. But we always spill out To THE kitchen, foyer., family room. We set up different work stations. This would be great for both of us To see oir creations.

  • Malena

    I bought the Scrappin’ Easel at Scrapbook Expo in IL. It is awesome! I love being able to have space to cut and keep my pages separate. We finished our basement and I keep my supplies down there and work on an 8 ft. table.

  • Kathy Olson

    OOOOOHHHH! I would so LOVE to win this one!!! I tend to work around the house – wherever the spirit moves me and this would work out so wonderfully! Pick me! Pick me!!! PLEASE!

  • Darla Haverstock

    I guess my answer depends on your definition of create… I cut stamp assemble etc all my crafts in my craft area of our living room (I have about half the room so it’s a fair size area) but I design almost everything I create in my head while laying in bed at night and often have to get up in the muddle of the night to “try” something because I need to know if it will work and just can’t wait until morning to find out. Lol

  • Bee

    Would you believe I create greeting cards and manually cut out projects, with scissors, in my walk in closet. It is wide enough to place a small table and a chair. It is peaceful and quiet and I am able the think without being disturbed.

  • jan mckenzie

    i have my own creating room…which i share with my puppies who sleep in there at nite…i have jet max cubes and have gradually flled most of them up! would love to try this new easel..pick me…pick me!

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    I started out on the dining room table but soon decided that I needed more space so I took over part of one of our 2 guest rooms. Now I have graduated to the whole room. The futon is still there but I have craft stuff all over it! LOL!

  • Kathleen

    Well, I USED to have a dining table, but now it’s my ‘craft studio’. Let’s be real, something had to go and we spend way more time crafting than eating, right?!! It overlooks a beautiful pond with running streams surrounded by lots of trees that keeps me relaxed and inspires my creativity. Me thinks an easel would be an excellent space-saving addition, so I join the others in thanking you for this opportunity!

  • Michelle

    I create in my armchair, at my kitchen table, in my craft room, and at the Scrapbook Studio. I do it just about anywhere I can, but I have to be comfortable do to fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I would love to create outdoors, and I think this would help with the magnets to hold everything in place.

  • A. Kennedy

    Thanks for the update on this product. I have been wondering about it. Most people seem to like it but it looks like it takes up a lot of space and is a little expensive.

  • Valerie

    I do most of my scrapping on the floor in front of the TV so this would be a great help. Maybe I could graduate to a TV tray instead of the floor!

  • Jeanne

    I started out on the dining room table years ago. I now have a craft corner in the spare baedroom and a converted closet for all the stuff! I also have a nook at my beach home. Great place to relax and crop!

  • Baljinder

    I craft on my porch, Most of my cards are based on nature, Iusually draw my own design for cards, and nature realy inspires me! Thank you so much for a chance to win this INCREDIBLE product <3

  • Joan Schonrock

    I like to think I make full use of crafting in my craft room, but more ofter, I end up using my kitchen table or bar area to be with the family.

  • Kashmir

    I craft in my bedroom, It doesn’t matter if I don’t have all the tools needed to make these kinds of things, because I usually make my own embellishments by hand. Having this easel would do wonders for me and my cards. I’ve heard quite some good things about this.

  • myska

    I have been wanting one of these! I scrap in my crop room, at the dining room table, in front of the tv and at various crop days and retreat! This would be a big help!

  • Dawn

    I do all my crafting at the dining room table it is not always the best place to work but its all I have at the moment. I hope to have my very own craft room again when we add on to our house.

  • Cecile L.

    I scrapbook on a huge desk in my combination office & laundry room. Also when I can, I get together with my grand-daughter & daughter & scrapbook on our kitchen table & island. The more people the merrier. I Enjoy your site & congratulations!

  • NanetteMT

    I go to crops and I have an office at home that I have finally gotten somewhat organized so I can work better and in one place.

    nanettemt at yahoo dot com

  • Madonna

    I make cards in my computer room…I made my husband take the desk top computer to his workshop and I set up my cricuts and printer on the computer desk!!!