Can I Be Santa?! Cricut Surprise Giveaway 981

Yup – Another Surprise Goody!  Why Not!?  Its’ JUST plain and simple more fun!  How awesome would it be to just receive a package at your door with a TOTAL surprise in it??? Like CHRISTMAS or Your Birthday with something you WILL Love!   I’m SO excited I get to “play Santa”! YAY!

Ok so to win:

Just leave a comment with one thing you’d like to see Above Rubies Studio change or provide you with!  Let us know – we want to hear! 🙂  Let us try to be Santa for you! 🙂

BONUS Giveaway!

More friends are Celebrating with us and I’m SO excited that Tracy from Craft Junkie Too is doing a giveaway with us for ALL of you to have fun as well!  Go check out Tracy’s Blog today and her awesome country home styles of scrapbooking and card making!  She does SUPER SUPER Cute stuff and I’m so happy she’s apart of this Celebration with us!  Thank you Tracy!!! 🙂  Go over there for details of how to enter her giveaway and have a WONDERFUL day Enjoying the Moments!

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981 thoughts on “Can I Be Santa?! Cricut Surprise Giveaway

  • Deana Hayes

    I’d like to see more comparing of different tools and their uses. Sometimes you get a tool and are not quite sure how to work it to full advantage. It would be nice to see it demoed before buying it. Someone else’s opinion really helps.

  • michelle

    i love scrapping gadgets and tools and am always eager to learn about them…see whats new…and get ideas as to how they can enhance or advance my scrapping and card making…if i wind up liking what i see…i then hunt it down and buy it when i see it for a great super bargain price!

  • Cathy R

    If you could just fit it into your busy schedule (I’m sure you could do it if you gave up an hour or two of sleep – just kidding!)I would like to see instructional vids on the Craft Room. I’m using it but am struggling. I do better after seeing it done, then doing it myself. Much like I did after I bought your Cricut from A-Z. Just saying, you know, you could probably just whip something out in your spare time! LOL! Thanks for all you do.
    MCF’s Mimi

  • Granny Sandy

    Dear Megan, I’m a newbie at Cricut so what I would love are step by step tutorials for absolute beginners. I know, I hear all you wonderfully experienced ladies groaning, but honestly I am fearful of making mistakes. I love all your posts and try and watch as much as I can without my family going nuts over my new obsession! Also I love reading more about how to mix and match different items for different gadgets, such as tutorials of Spellbinder products in Cuttlebug for example. If I have missed anything you have already covered i apologise.

  • Gayle

    Dear Santa,

    I would love to see more info on coloring in after you stamp. I love to make cards and would like to use more stamps. Oh Santa please help…

  • Sherri

    I would also like to see more how-to’s. I’m a person who likes to visually see how things work instead of reading instructions. Thanks, Megan!

  • Christeen Baker

    Just more videos – the train trip to and from work is too long and I have run out of videos. I think have have a habit and need therapy lol.

  • Renee Benson

    I’m new to Above Rubies, and I’ve been so appreciative of all the hard work you put into your fabulous product s. I’ve never been happy with any other cricut product, but yours! I’m not sure if you’re already preparing an E2 dvd but that is what I desperately need and want. Please, please, please! Love you guys bunches. Thank you for everything, God Bless.

  • Donna N

    Have your designers post in a specific area rather than the gallery. Makes it easier to find the Kit of the Month designs they have done. Thanks.

  • Jen R

    Being a newbie I’d like to see something on all the different tools. Like which are worth your money and which are not!

    Kissmyjen at

  • Shari

    Hi Robyn, I would love to see an instructional video on using the Gypsy along with my Cricut. I own both and just can’t find the guts to start trying to figure it all out. I have a huge craft room with everything you can think of but I guess I have little self confidence in my abilities!

  • Shari

    Hi Megan, I would love to see an instructional video on using the Gypsy along with my Cricut. I own both and just can’t find the guts to start trying to figure it all out. I have a huge craft room with everything you can think of but I guess I have little self confidence in my abilities!

  • Glenda

    I would love to see a tutorial on the Cricut Craft room and how the Make the Cut or Sure Cuts Alot, I love my Cricut but trying to figure out the craft room can be difficult. I don’t own the other two, but hope to in the future along with the Cameo when funds permit, and wondered what your take was on those programs and if they are difficult to navigate. Thanks Megan!

  • Jeannie

    how to use foils would be helpful. Also you should show people how to make T-shirts using their cutting machines and Reynolds wrap freezer paper. I just learned and super easy! Great craft project do do with kids! Love product demos!!

  • Marilyn

    I really can’t think of anything. I think you do an awesome job of presenting new products in a very positive yet very honest way. I love your energy…just keep doing what you are doing. You know the saying “if it’s not broke don’t fix it!”
    Thank you for all you do!

  • Sheryl

    I am very new to the cricut, and maybe during each tutorial you could give on hint/tip/did you know?? I have sent many of girls to your sight now that I have found you. I would also love to see a peek as to what the A-Z dvd is all about. I have purchased many things on the internet only to discover that it wasn’t what I thought it was. So I am a little “gun-shy” on purchasing. Thanks for all your hard work. LOVE everything I have learned so far from your sight.

  • Marcia Greene

    As others have said: More tool, gadget and supplies reviews. Another lady said more basics and I agree, although I have watched a lot of tutorials and videos all over the web, I still have questions about simple basics.

  • Vicki Knight

    Thanks Santa for the chance for another great poss giveaway. I’d like various demos done with different tools to see how they work. I do better when I can see someone using the tool than reading about it. Thanks.

  • Renee hamschin

    Dear Santa and Mrs. Claus,
    To be very honest, there have been times when I was naughty but I’m very nice! (giggle). I am also my own best audience! On a serious note, I also would like to see more product comparisons, more video’s on projects done with the Gypsy. I am so inept on the Gypsy. I did purchase your cd! However, having said all of that what you do for us is phenomenal. To be a young mom with children and you fit all of us into your day is so selfless. Have an awesome day!

  • Kathie

    I am still new to the sight, so I can’t think of any changes I would like to see. I did, however, like the suggestion that was made to show more tools and how they work. Thanks for the giveaways. Have a great day.

  • Donna Dial

    Megan, I have read the previous posts and agree would love to see more on gadgets,cricut craft room and tuitorials using your paper layrz. I hope Santa comes down my chimney….HO HO HO

  • Lisa

    Merry Christmas..oops got confused. LOL Great giveaways. I guess my only suggestion is maybe some shorter videos. The projects and instructions are great but with time issues sometimes it’s hard to watch the longer videos. Thanks

  • Ginger Simons

    Love surprises! Love to see more product demos, it really helps to see a product in action rather than just relying on the instructions that come with it.

  • Pamela Wilson

    Dear Santa Megan,
    I have been a good girl this year! lol ..I would like to see online class,tutorial on Cricut Craft Room A to Z.

  • KMG

    Dear Santa,
    How about some ideas for using Paper Layerz without a die cut machine! I know you are up to the challenge! Karen
    PS- I have been very good!

  • Kavita

    hi. I would like to see some free gypsy cut files and gypsy tutorials as I know I’m not getting the most out of my gypsy. Many thanks as always.

  • Christina 4635

    I love tutorial videos!! It makes such a difference when you see someone show you hold to use a tool, try a technique, etc. Keep up the great work!!

  • Gayle

    Above Rubies is so wonderful, and perfect it doesn’t seem possible to make corrections. A suggestion would be a video on using Craft Room. I spent 2 hours yesterday talking to Pat at Cricut trying to get started downloading. I am still struggling, but know they will get me through my dilemma. Thanks for asking for suggestions.

  • Donna R

    My birthday is about 2 weeks away and a Cricut surprise from you would be just wonderful. I am fairly new to Cricut and have the personal size one. Most everything these days is the newest machines. I know that you have to show how to use those but sometimes I’d like to see how that translates to the original Cricut. Thanks!

  • Kathy

    I would love, love, love tutorials on the Cricut Imagine. I’m kinda a hands on person and sometimes need to be able to visualize what I’m being taught. However, whatever you do will be spectacular cuz just love your ideas.

  • Pam B

    Everything you do is great. I think you provide a wide variety of ideas to give a jump start to our creativity. I’m thinking there is going to be a lot of withdrawl when we aren’t getting these post everyday! I’m always anxious to see what new product or idea you are going to show us. Thanks Santa!

  • Cynthia

    Love all your surprises! Love your product reviews. Enjoy seeing new products I’m not aware of and knowing which ones I should get or not. Thanks for all you do!

  • JO

    tutorials are always welcomed! As a beginner, I continue to resort to beginner level. Need to get confidence to move to the next step… so Cricut Level 1/b.
    and some magic of how to have long blocks of time to play & learn

  • Ellen Crawley

    It would be great to see info on ways (other than scrapbooking or cardmaking) to use scrapbooking tools. There are so many neat tools and being able to use them in “nontraditional” ways would be really helpful. Thanks!

  • Cindy

    I think I have to agree with some of the other comments… more videos on using different tools and scrapbooking embellishments. I would LOVE it if you would do product reviews of different items!!

  • Renee Roberts

    I would love to see more tutorials on the Cricut Expression 2. I love using the touch screen but having a hard time with the different uses.

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi Megan! Thanks again for this great and fun giveaway! and I’d like to see something on all the different tools; like how to use it, or comparations between what could be the best!! Thanks again! Hugs.. Maggy

  • katie

    Since my Christmases seemed to mostly be working as an RN And since I am a Travel RN at that, I was seem to work all the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving all the way through January 1st. And then my birthday is in th middle of Jan, it my birthday.
    Since I rarely get anything other than gift cards,which often not anyplace that I would enjoy, but it is still easy to love the giver, bd gracious.
    Any gift items would be a VERY fun to get.
    Thanks in advance for all you do!

    I shop–I guess this is how you

  • BethAnn

    Wow! Another Cricut surprise is awesome,Megan. Love to win anything at all, and good luck to the winner! Love your site, and especially look forward to the tutorial videos; I’m into cards, so more cards would be great! Love the product tutorials and reviews. BethAnn M.

  • Monica

    What I would love an area on a Chat Page on your site that has a Pre Loved or Trash and Treasure section, where members can contact each other about stuff they have that they no longer use. Definitely Not a selling site but more a “gifting” site for good condition no longer wanted craft gear, for example say I have a baby circut I no longer use because I have upgraded to the latest cricut, I advertise its available, I can select the applicant most worthy, maybe someone who is disadvantaged . Recipient pays postage and nothing more or picks up and craft gear no longer gathers dust but goes on to create more craft addicts! Its a concept that would need refining but I believe not everyone wants to EBay or give to an unknown Charity face but would still like to gift their craft rather than have it lie around.

  • Joanna P.

    ho ho ho!!!! 🙂 loving the contests you are having. An online crop might be fun or even an online monthly scrapbook page/card contest among your followers.

  • Kathy Tracy

    I would love some ideas with the new project cartridge, especially the Flower Shoppe one. I just purchased that cartridge and love it but there is not a whole lot of information out there about making some of the flowers. Thank you

  • Kimisue

    This is a really hard question. I love your tutorials, DVD’s and product reviews. So, keep doing what you’re doing maybe (in your spare time LOL) add more product reviews.
    You’re the best!

  • Pam Knight

    Good Morning Santa….I would love to see more tutorials. I love your DVD’s and have learned so much from watching you play…….You make things look soooo easy.

  • Kathy

    I always love to see new ways to use different tools…Sometimes we find ways to use tools for other than what they were originally released for. I alway love when people share those findings.

  • Theresa Riggs

    I love the surprise give-aways! Honestly….you already provide me with more information than I even have time to fully absorb that I simply cannot think of anything to add or improve upon…seriously. I appreciate your site and all the information that you share with us! Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Ruth

    Megan you do sure a wonderful job all ready…but what I like to see are step by step tutorials on to use a featured cricut cartridge either by making a card or scrapbook layout. I like to see you doing the cutting out with your cricut also, so often, it’s pre-cut. I still struggle with what size to cut things and how to know how big and object will be. Thanks for all you do.

  • Shirley

    I would love to see more about the cricut craft room for some reason I just can’t get the hang of it like I did the gypsy and the design studio. Thanks

  • ShariKay Brantley

    I’m ready to “deck the halls”, Santa. The one thing I would like to see on Above Rubies is more videos/tutorials using the kit of the month items. There are so many great items in each kit and would love to see how you and the design team work with them all.

  • Margaret Wise

    Megan have you done much with spellbinders and the bling to match the cuts? I have been working on cards with them. Still not getting the embossing right with the cut. Not sure what Im doing wrong.
    love surprises. Christmas especial, my favorite. To see little ones eye light up.

  • Jacklyn

    I would like to see you show us how to do more creative things with fabric. I am very interested in making things with fabric on my cricut.. You always have the cutest ideas, and I would like to see what you can show us with fabric. Thank you for your time. I love watching all of your tutorials. Sincerely Jacklyn Humphres

  • Moira

    Wow Megan,

    You already exceed my expectations. I guess if I wanted one thing to change, it would be to actually receive a personal e-mail back from you. I know your days are exceptionally busy with homeschooling, work, and travel, however if I need a questioned answered, I don’t think I have ever received a response. This is not a cut on you, we are all busy. However, being on a more personal level helps. You are a joy and I really appreciate your site, your talents, and your willingness to be a blessing to thousands. Keep up the good work. Have a great day:) Moira

  • Debi Lym

    Dear Santa, I would love to see more layout tutorials using the cricut. I am new to scrapbooking and love all the ideas you come up with.

  • Karen G

    I have and love both of your tutorials for the Cricut and Gypsy. I guess I would just want more …especially on the gypsy….still having a hard time ;(

  • Teresa

    Like everyone else, I would like to see more tool reviews, how they work and what else we can do with them. I like items that can be used in more than one way. Also, tutorials, love them.

  • Dana Desmond

    Help me with my access issues on Club Ruby. I haven’t been able to access my account for quite sometime and my e-mails have gone unanswered. I love to see what your designers have done with the kit. Also have a Design Team Gallery that features ONLY products found in the kit.

  • Paula C

    How bout new gadget reviews? Seems to me that everytime I turn around, something new is out there and sometimes is not cost effective but if I could see the benefits in our of your videos, I may be willing to foot the bill. HO HO HO!!!

  • Angela

    I believe you do a phenomenal job. The only thing I would critic is the audio when you are at the CHA shows. There was one video that I really couldn’t hear too well. Maybe you can have a wireless microphone for you and separate microphone for your guest. But other than that, I LOVE your site and you seem to be such a nice person. Thank you for all you do.

  • Pat

    I love your website and seeing what’s new out there. But, I would love to see Imagine videos. This has become my quick go to product. Thanks

  • Linda Peterson

    I love your blog and learn so much from you. I would love to see even more about the Flower Shoppe cartridge. Look forward to seeing new products reviewed.

  • Julie

    Thanks for another giveaway! I’d like to see cheaper shipping costs in the Above Rubies Store. I’d order more often if it wasn’t for the high shipping costs.

  • jeannette

    I love your tutorials! More tools and gadgets would really be great. I have purchased things because I have seen them on your site. Love the giveaways!

  • Helena

    step by step cards or pages or projects – you make everything look so easy – but I love your videos! I learn so much, new gadgets, new techniques, easy to do stuff. And you make me laugh! You crack me up!! Keep up the great work! Thanks!

  • Dana

    Oooooh . ..surprises are just so much fun!!
    I would love to see some product comparisons. What is the best of the best on the market . . .I’ve found papers, cutters, etc. that just stink and some that are fabulous. Would love to see a Scrapbooker’s Consumer Reports type of monthly/weekly review. Would save me sooo much $$. Thanks for all you do! You probably have the most fun job EVER!!

  • Jennifer H

    Santa Megan so glad you are finding time to visit us early this year. I love surprises! I would like to see more tutorials on using the supplies I already have. I love new stuff too but have to find more uses for all these scraps and supplies.

  • Nancy

    I love to see the tutorials. More of them would be the best. Maybe more frequent updates on what is new out there in the way of scrapping tools. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • megan

    Being new to your blog, Cricut and crafting with paper… I would enjoy a short video demo of new tools or products. Though directions are good, I am a visual learner.

    P.S. I LOVE Christmas!

  • Janet

    i would love to see more on fonts. Many times I see such cool/ cute fonts used on so many demos but nobody says what they are called so one can duplicate the look. Especially those freebie ones you can get online…It’s not like one needs a ton of them but a few really cool ones to use often. TIA!

  • Judi Farrell

    I LOVE your site so it’s hard to say what you would need to improve it……I, personally, need MORE tips and video tutorials on how to utilize ALL the settings on my Cricut. (I am Cricut impaired) 😀 Also, maybe some video tutorials on how to use some of the new gizmos and gadgets out there in scrapbook land. Everytime I watch your videos, I smile! You seem to have SOOOO much fun and that joy in crafting is conveyed to us, the viewer, and just makes me want to get in there and craft! OH! I would also like to see how to get the kits you talk about. I can’t figure out where to go to get the Above Rubies Kits. HELP!! Thanks! 😀

  • Angela W

    Hi Megan
    I love everything you are doing,you are doing so much I can’t even think that there would be more so keep up the good work and the inspiration coming and I hope you have a Blessed day.

  • SalLee Weidman

    I love your site. One thing I would like to see is more instructions on using tools. Maybe use tools that are alike and explain why you choose one brand over the other. Thanks 🙂

  • Vicki

    My life has been so crammed as of late that I just enjoy stopping by and cruising through..Haven’t really had time to sit and think about what I would want to see and there is so much here it is keeping me busy for now..:) Thanks for the chance to win..

  • Kristan(Crazy4Christ)

    o wow another surprise!! I actually don’t think there is anything i would change your website is great and provides alot of info already!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Pam Blair

    Ho, Ho, Ho it has definitely began to look like Christmas at Above Rubies Studio with all these Merry, Merry Giveaways. I would love to see even more tutorials on using the Expression & Imagine.

    Thank you Santa Claus for all the joy you’ve brought this past week 🙂 🙂

  • Alayne Fleming

    I love your spirit and sweet approach to teaching us what we don’t know and keeping us up to date on new products. I especially love the encouragement to “scraplift” your ideas and get going making our own versions. Keep up the good work and let us know how to encourage you, your family and team. I feel like I am part of you. I encourage my clients of Alayne’s Willing Hands to check out your tutorials because that is where I get a lot of my ideas from. So, don’t change, just continue. Thanks for your work.
    Always, Alayne

  • Betsy

    I just got an E2 and would love to see videos on all its capabilities. I know that it’s similar to the original E, but I think I’m missing out on some of its unique features.
    Merry Christmas!! Hope I get a nice Cricut gift!!

  • Brian

    How about some videos called “Hints and Tips” inspired by ideas/tips etc submitted to you by public. People could email in their favorite Hint or Tip , tip of week is selected and a video made … Could be very informative

  • helen

    wow i would love tutorials on the layering of items as i tend to cut just one image and it is flat without the layers but i don’t know what to do, thanks

  • Ann Diehl

    I would love to see ideas on how to use the tools & supplies that every scrapper & card maker already has in different & unique ways-basics like craft punches, brads, die-cuts, ribbons, scoring boards, fabric, little gems, decorative edge scissors, embossing folders, etc.

  • P.J.

    I’d really like how to register for each give away to be explained a little better to those of us who aren’t computer knowledgeable. I would have liked to been in on a few other give aways, but couldn’t figure out how. I just hope this one works.

  • Jackie "B"

    HO HO HO or should I say HEE HEE HEE Santa’s in the house. What a lovely surprise. I would like to see more tutorials on how to use tools properly and something on the E2. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

  • Evelyn Bee

    I would love to see a swop corner. I have lots of things I no longer use and woud love to swop for something I can use. For example I have Sissix machine and dies and an original Pazzel machine in perfect condition to swop.

  • GrannyB

    If you could fit in a few more product comparisons and or reviews that would be nice but I do like your blog the way it is. Thanks Santa!

  • Susan B.

    Hi! I would love more ‘basic’ videos for those of technically challenged! thanks for the chance to win a surprise! I could sure use one about now.

  • Johanne L.

    This is a difficult question. I enjoy very much what you do. I love seing your projects. Thanks again for the chance and have a nice day.

  • Phyllis Antosz

    Hi Megan, I would love to see more on using the gypsy. I have and love the DVD but I am slow and need more. I would love to understand the craft room. Thanks Phyllis

  • Cheryl Hauber

    I think you’re great as is… but I love the product reviews…especially on stuff that doesn’t necessarily live up to the hype.

  • Terri S

    Megan, I don’t want to really see any changes – I love it all. I guess I would suggest just doing what your doing!!

    HoHoho — you can play Santa anytime.

  • Kelly Wilford

    Thank you so much for the fun opportunity to win 🙂 I would LOVE to see more Gypsy DVD’s. The initial DVD has absolutely changed the way that I craft. I feel light the skys opened and the sun came shining through after watching it! Keep those coming please!!

  • Carol Ewing

    It would be great to recieve an early Christmas present. I would like to see more on making cards and scrapbook pages using the Cricut Imagine.

  • Denise

    I’d have to say more stuff on various tools and who has the best ones. There are so many companies out there. Also comparing the paper grades of the high end lines. Are they really worth the money or are they overpriced papers. I love heavy cardstock papers, so this is an issue with me and since we don’t have any lss (the only one is over an hour away), I see me doing mail order in the future.

  • jan mckenzie

    Explain more about the Cricut Craft room and how to use..You guys do a fantastic job! I love the makes it seem so easy to make beautiful things…….

  • SandyRW

    Thanks again Megan for the opportunity to win a prize. I would encourage you to keep showing the new products as they come out so we know what to do with them, like you did with the CANDi video.

  • Kathy S.

    Wow your site is already awesome, you have taught us sooooo much already. How about more info and reviews on new products. More tutorials on how to use scrap tools outside the box. I so hope Santa makes a stop at my house. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Gail

    There are soooo many cute cards, scrapbook pages, ideas etc. on your web site. I’m a beginner crafter that does so much better a visual instruction as to reading or pictures. I love the tutorials but since there are so many items to choose from, I think I would like to see how things work. The “bare basics” of crafting, the machines available. I appreciate everything you have done and I’m excited to have the chance to win a surprise!!!!! Thanks Santa

  • JoAnn

    I would love a tutorial on using the Design Studio especially how to meld. I would also love to see how the Gypsy works. I love surprises and hope I am a winner.

  • millie

    Hello santa I would like to see more tutorials on how to use the gypsy in differant ways like how to use just some parts of a cart.I am still alittle rusty with my gypsy.Thanks

  • Michelle

    Ok so I’m a gadget freak and would love to see more info on tools and new products so I can add more to my stash. You have a way of making me want to go out and buy Thanks for showing us about the Viva Decor Pearl Pens. Love them! Also I love the tutorials so please keep them coming. You make layouts and cards look so easy. I have Make the Cut, but don’t use it so if you could help show me how to get use out of that that would be great too. You inspire me and I love watching your videos. Thanks Santa Megan for all you do and for the great give-a-ways. Love you.

  • Amelia Andrade

    Thanks for the giveaway! You have so many great ideas on your site. I guess i would like to see some DVDs on accessing other prodcuts like the cuttlebug, SVG cuts, Make the cuts and adding more embellishments like the heat emboss or just some variety to our pages when we get in a rut.

  • Sharon

    I would love a video showing how to make gift boxes & bags, money holders, and gift card holders using various Cricut cartridges. Also one gadget I would like to see a demo for is the Crop-A-Dile. I have it but have not idea how to use it.

  • dori

    Believe it or not, I got into this craft because I thought it would be cheap; paper is cheap, right? Boy, was I wrong! So, I guess I would like to see more cheap or homemade versions of things that cost an arm and a leg! (EX: homemade glimmer mists, using channel in paper cutter instead of buying a score pal, etc.)

  • Linda

    learn my new passion of card making and scrapbooking, I have found your videos, cd’s, and projects the most informative. However I do agree with some of the other ladies and feel I need more information on the “tools of our trade”. Thanks for being there for us.

  • Evette K. Ciampo

    Early Santa, oh how great! Can not say I would change anything right now but continued tutorials help me so much. Especially on anything Cricut or Gyspy. thanks for the chance to win…AGAIN!!

  • Rebecca

    I would love to see a series of using the Imagine with the Gypsy. I am still on the fence about the Imagine, and would love to see some tips and tricks before I invest.

  • Rita

    I like the ideas about comparing tools. Maybe you could even do polls for readers to rate tools. Nothing is worse than buying a tool & discovering that it isn’t that great.

  • Connie

    I love what you do now, but I agree with the ones asking for more on the Design Studio. I love the way you think outside the box of cards and scrapbook pages with the Cricut…keep it coming 🙂

  • Jenny

    I just don’t know how you keep up on everything. I’m trying to use the voice of reason and not go crazy as I tend to do when anything involving stamping and making cards come out. I was just going to use the three cartridges I have but after seeing a demo on Flower Shoppe, I ordered it immediately. I’m retired and can’t find time to do all I want to do. I found if I invite a fellow stamper to come over I make the time. I do have the A to Z and find videos very helpful. I would never have figured out how to make the flowers on the Flower Shoppe cartridge without a video.

  • Phyllis

    Dear Santa Megan … I would like more project tutorials using the Gypsy in combination with the Expression. Thanks for all the giveaways, especially your time helping us become better scrapbookers and cardmakers.

  • Judy

    I’d love to see more “tools and gadgets” demoed- finding out where we can find them would be helpful too. With the holidays coming some gift-giving ideas would be great. Thanks again for an opportunity to win!!!

  • Cynthia Guy

    i’m not so sure I would change anything. Being that I know you and that I know how busy you are…I think you are doing a fantastic job. I feel as if I’ve gotten to know you better through your experiences through above rubies. 🙂 I’m proud of you. 🙂 Keep up the good work. You know the right priorities in your life. If you keep God and your family in check then I know you’ll succeed in anything that comes your way. :):):):) Enjoy your day.

  • Judi S

    Hi there Miss Santa Megan I would love anything for Christmas! oh…my birthday is Dec 3 too 🙂 you can surprise me, I know you won’t disappoint!

  • carla frohne

    I would also love to see more product reviews. I am one of those people that has to see it in use before I go and try it. Thanks so much for all the give aways!

  • Mary N from MN

    I love your video’s on card making and scrapbooking. I would like to see a cricut cartridges that welds letters together without using the Gypsy. Some of the cartridges have sayings on them, but I don’t know of one that if you type a saying on them, it would weld the letters together. I just started doing all of these things since Christmas last year. You are so good at explaining the uses of everything you use in your video’s. Thanks for the chance to win, Santa..

  • Jean Moe

    Love your tutorials, I have most if not all of your cd;s, would like to have instruction on how to use the gypsy with the imagine, i am ready for the surprise Megan, Thanks

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    Oh Megan, my Birthday is September 10th so I would love to have a surprise!! I would like to see some card making with some spellbinders. I just love them!! Thanks for all you do!!

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  • Gail Sc

    I would like to learn MORE about items that will work in the Cricut – as I just learned about using gel pens and sharpies and I am wondering – “Whateles can this machine do that I do not know?” I am a newbie, so maybe there are things out there but I have not come across yet? I would be blessed to win any prize – have a God-filled Day – Gail ~

  • Diane Wedding

    I am new to this site and I have to say that this is the most give aways I have ever seen. I just ordered my Cricut A to Z, haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but i can’t wait to play this weekend. I have enjoyed your tutorials – keep ’em coming. Thanks, Diane

  • Debbie - NanaBugaboo

    I appreciate what you do now, but I’d like to see more product comparisons and maybe more ways to use some of the stuff we already have, more gift and home dec ideas. Keep up the good work. It is almost my birthday and this would be a great gift. Nanabugaboo

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  • Linda C.

    I love the project videos. It’s hard to be creative sometimes and watching you take a page or card from start to finish helps tremendously. It gives me lots of ideas. Also I’ve learned so much about how to use the cricut just by watching you do it. Thanks for inspring us all!

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  • Susan

    Thank you for another giveaway! I read through a lot of the previous comments,I like a lot of the ideas. It seems that product tutorials/reviews is at the top of the list. I think this appeals to more crafters, of all levels of expertise.

  • Chris

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  • Audrey

    Tools and gadgets are great, but I can´t get them here in Mexico and as far as buying online well, quite frankly the shipping kills me. Lets have more videos with tried and true things and using everyday things around the house. I am sure I am not the only person limited with where they live or financially. Videos using everyday items would be great! Thanks for the chance to win another great prize.
    God Bless

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    Santa Megan Elizabeth I would love for you to send me any special treat you think is a must :o)

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    Thanks a bunch
    Angela R

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  • Wendy Lane

    I absolutely love my Cricut Expression – what I don’t love is not having enough time to really take advantage of all that it does!!!! I love ALL scrapbooking gadgets, big and small – just went to the CKC Convention in Charlotte and had such a great time! Would love a cartridge to go with the Cricut to create my own Grid pages to make collage / mosaic layouts. That way, I could buy my own cardstock and create what would work best for my pix. Thanks for the opportunity to win a fun scrapbooking surprise! 🙂

  • Petra

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  • Priscilla Leddy

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    I wouldn’t CHANGE anything, however I personally like to see how others store their supplies and organize. So Maybe a room tour video? I, like so many others, have design studio but am not skilled enough to use It to its full potential so perhaps adding a video or DVD to help us that are “flying by the seat of our pants” lol! Keep up the FABULOUS work and have a wonderful day! ~ Melissa

  • Lisa R

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    I enjoy & look forward to ALL your tutorials… you are so good at explaining & getting it all on camera. More please & thank you.

  • Karla

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    Thanks, Santa! You are much appreciated! 🙂

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  • Jaqui H.

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  • Tanya Thompson

    I love your videos as well, and would love to see tutorials demoing tools and techniques (especially cricut machines). I am a card maker, then scrapper so card techniques and ideas would be great too! Thanks Santa!

  • Mary

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  • Edwina Brown

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  • Paula

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  • Susan A

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  • Katherine A

    Megan, just wanted to say you are doing a great job and I appreciate all your time and effort. The A-Z DVD’s are so helpful in learning how to use the Expression, Gypsy, Imagine and more!

    I do love to see new product reviews and uses to help me in deciding whether or not to purchase them. Also, like to see new techniques to use in scrapbooking. Am anxiously awaiting instruction on using Paper Layerz with the E2.

  • colleen

    How about more projects using your own Paper Layerz. I would love to try them, but I’m afraid that I would mess something up with them. Thank you for the giveaway Santa Megan!

  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    I’d love to see more how-to videos. I started following you for all the great inspirational and how-tos you shared. I’d also like free access to the Club Ruby Designers videos.

  • Sarah

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  • Kelly Bienvenu

    I love your videos and website and think it’s great the way it is, however if you would like to possibly add more information about the new tools. There are so many new tools out there it’s hard for a girl to keep up!

  • Susan Blaker

    I work in a Natural Area park in Texas. I need a cricuit cartridge and stamp sets with realistic looking animals, plants, river scene etc. I create all nature craft projects for kids education programs. Help!

  • Carol Anderson

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  • Marcia

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    Also a chart comparing Design Studio, Gypsy, and Craft Room would be interesting to see.

    By the way, terrific job with everything!

  • Marijo Swartz

    I love everything you do. I would love to see more of the older tools used. We all have them and they have now taken a back seat to our Cricuts and the new “toys” we have gotten. Keep up the great work.
    Although, I always LOVE seeing Cricut projects too!

  • brenda york

    santa my wish would be for a program like the fairy cut or scal that i could use on my circut and do other clip art or fonts i don’t have or can’t afford but i’ll enjoy whatever santa brings- oh peace and a better economy would be great too

  • Valery Green

    I would like to see items made for church groups. i have several cartridges but my creativity has not been mastered on the level that is on above rubies studio site. Just a start of some examples would be great

  • Kelly

    More demo’s on products and comparisons. It seems that once one company comes out with something then the market is flooded with competition and you don’t know which is better.

  • Kathy Dunn

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  • Leslie

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    thank you so much.

  • Pamela Palm

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  • Frania

    J’aimerais voir plus de la comparaison des différents outils et leurs usages. Parfois, vous obtenez un outil et ne sont pas très bien comment ça marche pour profiter pleinement. Il serait agréable de voir qu’il fait une démo avant de l’acheter.

  • TK

    I just love your site, your insight and your information! I’m not sure I’d change anything, just more of you! Your help is so helpful and we “newbies” really need it.. thanks for everything.

  • Poquosonmom

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  • Tina V

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    Thanks for all the tutorials and product reviews – love those!

  • Joyce

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  • April Dawn Titus

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  • Marissa

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  • Mary Dunn

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    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Linda j

    This is all just amazing! I have the gypsy DVD, but still do not have the confidence to get started. I am just so glad I found your website, love the Tuesday tutorials. Thanks for the opportunity to win a surprise.

  • Anniebee

    Your projects are always very nice but they’re usually pretty “cutesy” too. I would like to see you present more variety in crafting styles. I understand that people normally lean toward a signature style but that style varies widely from person to person and to provide inspiration and instruction for all, it would be nice if you could branch out more or invite guest designers who don’t just use the Cricut to create. There are soooo many other tools and products out there. You do a great job but it never hurts to diversify a little more.

  • Penny

    I think I am more of a visual learner so I would like more videos on gadgets, tools, things like glimmer mist, glitter etc. Not sure what to do with it all. thanks for the chance to win, too.

  • Connie Gage

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  • Carol M

    I too am into the Cricut. I also have the Gypsy but have not used it much. Need to get it out and start designing. I am also into card making with Stampin Up. They just need to start incorporating their stamps with Cricut die cuts. But then that would hurt their sales of punches and die cuts. I am always ready to see a surprise.

  • Melanie Lewis

    Since you asked…I love all the education you supply at ARS, but sometimes I would love it if you would find some new adjectives to describe how “awesome” you think things are and how much we will love it.

  • lisa argyle

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    Love surprises for the Cricut!!!

  • Pinky

    I, too, would like to see videos of new products that are introduced to our crafting world. I just discovered the new brad setter at a retreat this past weekend. What a nifty little product that makes setting brads so easy!

  • Jean in Ohio

    Hi Megan. I cannot figure out my SCAL at all. Could you sometime go on a step by step way to make it work? I have had it for a long time and still cannot figure it out. There was a time when I was younger it would just come to me but now days (I’m 74) it just doesn’t come to me so easy.
    Thank you once again for the opportunity to win something. HO HO HO!!! You’re a sweetie.

  • Jane

    A few days ago you showed some flowers you made using Flower Shoppe. I tried it out, but am not doing a great job rolling the flowers up! If you had done a tutorial on that I’m sure it would have been easier. You do a fantastic job at showing technique.

  • Jennifer C

    Love love everything about your site
    Would love some more tuturials about layouts and use of the cricut craftroom
    Thank you so much for all you do and
    would love to WIN

  • Crystal

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  • Connie Gail

    I am not going to be much help to you because I am new to your blog but not to you! I have been watching your videos for some time now. Last night I went ahead and became a subscriber…:O) What attracted me to your blog? Knowing that you are a Christian and so lovingly posted the bible verse ~ that alone brought my heart JOY! I would love to see more cards/projects using bible verses. I too would enjoy products reviews and how to do’s. I’ll be visiting often!

  • Becky C

    Having just gotten myself a cricut, I’m still learning how to use it, and find your site very helpful. I haven’t explored enough yet to feel like I can ask for anything added to your site as I still have a lot to see. But thanks for all the info you already have, and thanks for the giveaways!

  • margret hill

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  • Terry

    Dear Santa,
    I have been really good learning for your tutorials. I pay attention and have had so much fun. I would love to have info. on things you have tried that really didn’t work for you. I learn from otheres.
    Thanks Santa!!

  • Debby J

    Oh I LOVE surprises!!!! Megan, you do such a great job it is hard to find something that you haven’t reviewed or explained, so about the only thing that comes to mind is the Cricut Craft Room-could you explain how it works and how you get into it-Thanks for ALL you and Sean do.

  • Briana

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  • Karen Edwards

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  • Star Sylvester

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  • Evelyn

    Dear Santa, you are doing a great job!!! K
    Just keep doing it! I have only 5 Cricut catridges and would to have more….. (because with the currency exchange and shipping fee it more expensive for me, almost the dubbel US citizen will pay) 🙁 Blessing….A good girl..LOL

  • Hillary

    Hi Megan,

    Thank you for the chance to win another surprise!! I would love to see more projects done with the cricut besides cards and scrapbook pages. I’m interested in vinyl home decor, seasonal projects, party ideas (place settings etc) I want to get the most from my cricut!

    Thanks again for everything.

  • Vivian

    I would like more videos and product reveiw. Many time we see a product and think I would like that but once we get it, either we don’t like it or we don’t use it. I thank God for all you do and the way you inspire people.

  • Melissa

    I love learning about new tools. I would also enjoy ideas on organizing my craft area better…storage methods etc…I LOOOOVE Christmas and Birthdays so I would love getting a surprise package in the mail!!! Thanks for the chance!!

  • KathR

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    thanks for these amazing giveaways…
    hugz Kath…

  • Sandy Christman

    I would like to have a comparison done on the new sillouette versus Craftwell’s E -Craft machine. I knowthey both cut 12″ paper. But will E-craft use the die cuts from Sillouette. Also what other difference’s.

  • Connie

    Trouble shooting on your circut like why paper tears, when it’s your blade and when it’s speed or presure that is causing a problem. I would also like to know what the “Cricut Craft room” is all about

  • Linda Posterick

    Fun, Fun!! I Love srprises!! I just picked up some of your paper at my LSS and all I can say is keep making this in lots more color combos…I lOve it!!!TFS

  • Nadine

    hahaha! I doute you’ll take my wish for real, but I wish there was an Above Ruby Studio location in Montreal, Canada, so shipping prices will be better ;P
    But I love everything you do and wouldn’t change nothing! I love you’re products reviews as well!
    Thanks for all the effort you put in everything you do and thanks for the opportunity for these amazing giveaways!!

  • Wanda

    This would be a great birthday suprise for me (Sept 18th) *hint, hint* I would like to see a tutorial on the cricut craft room. I love surprises 🙂

  • Kim Allen

    I love surprises. I would love to see you have a new team, like the design team, that would be the test team, that would test out things (embellishments, tools, etc) and give reviews, good and bad! Have this as a new tab on the website so folks can see just that if they want. Such as have a team of 6 get and review a Glue Glider Pro, and give their thoughts on the product. Thanks!
    Kemma sew4kim at yahoo

  • Karen W

    Santa Megan – I like that! I would love a surprise package. I’m quite new to your site and enjoying it – don’t really have anything to request at this time – maybe a tutorial on the process you use to design a scrap page so I can simplify my design process to get more done 🙂

  • Chevelle

    I have to agree with the other ladies about product comparison/demonstration-it would be very helpful to know if an item is something I would really use. In depth hints and uses of cartridges would be nice too!

  • Beth W

    I love tutorials especially with new and sometimes older products and explaining their many uses…sometimes we stop using what we have and need to be reminded. Would love a surprise to be delivered to my door. 🙂

  • Diana

    I would love to see a DVD using the Everyday Pop-up cartridge. I also would love more product reveiws and demos. Thanks so much for all you do!

  • Sarah Joy

    I love you tues tutorials and would love to se more videos – also, love the comparison of product too. My fav. it when you show little tricks to the trade- love it- it helps me to be more creative 🙂


  • Lori

    I would love to see more tutorials on other things such as vinyl, fabric and felt to use with the cricut. Thank you for all your creativeness and you talents that you share with us!!

  • Annette

    Thanks for all the time you put into videos. New product reviews are a nice overview. Also, with so many stamping ink companies, a chart on how similar the colors are. I don’t like spending $$ on a color that I have something similar to at home already. Thanks again:)

  • Kim

    Product comparisons and where some of them can be found along with coupons or codes for discounts and/or free shipping. The shipping is what kills me sometimes and sways me from not ordering. A lot of what you show is not readily available in our stores. You do mention most of the time where the products come from, but the website noted on your blog, video, etc. would be great.

  • Renai

    Dear Santa,

    I wouldn’t change anything, it’s ALL GREAT!! I would like to learn how to create more sophticated layouts because my adult friends love all the cute things I’ve created for my grandchildren. They want more!! I love surprises and I want more goodies to explore. Thanks for picking me!!

  • Diana

    Your so great at letting us know about the different products. I think it would be helpful to have a place you could go to see what is different between similar things. (i.e. Expression, Expression2, Imagine)

  • Bonnie Beck

    I’d love to see storage ideas. Mainly for scrap paper and seasonal embellies, pens, stamps…ok pretty much anything and everything that we crafters tend to um, hoard LOL! thank you for the chance to win a surprise!!

  • melanie

    I would to see more comparison of different popular products but to continue the same routine as I love all your stuff just need more comparisons from someone I trust. Thanks

  • Susan Burmood

    I would like to see more tutorials on using materials other than paper with the Cricut. I would also like a chipboard weight material that is white on both sides so that one can make things with the Cricut such as the dimensional snowflakes on the Paper Lace cartridge so they can be used as table centerpieces that stand on their own.

  • Melissa

    I love when you compare products. You really help us to choose what will work for each of us. Please keep that up. I enjoy your Blog. It’s the one I visit the most.

  • Lyn M

    Wow I would be really suprised and exicited if santa came to my door with a package from Megan 😉 . I also would like to see more demos and comparison with the many many gadgets on the market and also more projects using old cartridges. Thanks Megan

  • Kayla

    I agree regarding the tools/gadgets product comparisons and reviews. There’s so much out there! I’d love to make a wish list of the most useful stuff, and your opinion really matters! Thanks for all you do for us!

  • Kellyz Krafting Again

    You did a video of your favorite things on your craft table…I would love to see a weekly video featuring a new tool or a tool that you like to use and why….I find these videos extremely helpful especially if it is an item I have been thinking about purchasing.

  • TAmmy

    I LOVE surprises!!! I would love to see/hear how some tips and tricks on having/ being successful at having a crafting blog. Of course—I glean so much from all of your tutorials and reviews—so thankful—but if you had it all to do over again—would you change anything or do it the same—how to get started??
    blessings! bartlettpair4atmsndotcom

  • Sharan

    Dear Santa Megan, I would love to win!!! Love surprises, especially anything crafty or cricut. I enjoy the tutorials and would love a DVD on expanding the use of Expression 2.

  • Sandy

    What a great giveaway, surprises are fun. I would love to see more reviews of tools/carts. It’s great to see ideas of how to use them but some are limited in their use and reviews can show that. Thanks

  • Maura

    I feel very confident about tackling a crafting project after watching your Tuesday tutorials. Thank you for inspiring us. Would love to see more scrapbook page layouts.

  • Ellen Winkler

    Your ideas are great, you know the industry, just keep it coming. Although the newer cartridge booklets really lack instruction and example, so there’s an idea! Ho.

  • Kathleen P

    Megan, you do a great job of posting but answering emails is not your forte. I would like to see better customer service by getting you or someone, anyone, answer emails. I emailed you several times last year with a question regarding your Gypsy dvd and never received a reply. I also recently emailed above rubies site regarding craft-e-corner will no longer have free shipping that affects the club ruby kits under $50 and never received a reply. Maybe you should get an assistant? Santa should send you one!

  • Loretta

    Love the web site. MY favorites are the A-Z cricut and gypsy dvds. I have bought them for gifts for friends that are struggling with their machines. Having three daughter-in-laws and one daughter, an extra machine would come in quite handy.

    Thanks Megan for all your info.

  • Irene Baker

    I would LOVE to see a tutorial on the “Your Story” binder by Provo Craft. I have always had problems opening the book after it’s made, as well as the glue strip not holding along the binding. I saw on one demo that there seemed to be a crease along the edge, but I have no idea how to do that. So PLEASE think about doing a tutorial on that. Thank you Megan!!

  • Elizabeth

    Hello, I would like for info on the E2. I saw where u did a little comparison. Would like to see a little more. Also would like a some info on the craft room. Thanks with your busy ur great for just asking.

  • Lisa Gates

    I’m fairly new to cricut but would love to know all the differences and pros & cons between all the different cricut machines and add ons they have.

  • Donna Phillips

    Thanks so much for this site. Regarding tools, what I really need is ideas for storing and organizing tools. I’m well stocked, but I waste lots of time trying to find my stuff.

  • Dawn

    Megan, like some of your followers, I to am new as I have said before, anything and everything is knowledgeable for me,like the tool tutorials and
    D the cards, since that is what I seen
    M to be doing at this time. Also would like to get into more scrap booking, so tutorials on that would also be great. Would love to be a winner,start on Christmas projects. So Santa Megan would love to hear from you.

  • Lydia

    Agree with a lot of other suggestions – product reviews and comparisons. I spend SO much only to find it is something I really don’t need or there is something better out there. Thanks for all the information you share!

  • Marcy H.

    I am a newbie also! Love to learn more about the Gypsy. Thanks for the chance to win this is my Birthday month. So how fun a surprise package would be….

  • Sharron Turner

    You know…I was thinking that the website would be a lot better if it offered a 50% discount off EVERYTHING, to super cool people located in Las Vegas. Like maybe only the super cool people whose names had two Rs in it? Just an idea… 🙂

  • Brenda Suni Brandt

    Ho Ho Ho Santa !!!!! Christmas is great any time of year, the act of giving keeps love for one another alive and well, thanks so much for the chance to win!!!!

    I LOVE gadgets!!!! more product reviews!!!! saves us in the long run

  • Shirley Anderson

    I love all your tips, I love seeing new gadgets. I dont own much due to money. Would love to win something. I love christmas and birthdays

  • Christa Hamilton

    I think you are doing a great job! I can’t think of anything for you to improve on. You have kits, you give tutorials, you give great blog candy, what more is there?

  • Anna G

    I’d like to see a demo showing what various paper punches can do that die-cutting machines can’t do, and making comparisons.
    I’d love to win the latest surprise!

  • JoAnn

    Dear Santa, I have been sooo good this year. I can always use another item for my cricut.. Hope your elves see fit to draw my name.. Thanks and Merry Cricuting……

  • Ronnie

    Since I got my Gypsy, I hardly use the Cricut without it. Therefore, I would like to see more demos using the Gypsy. I would like to add, however, that I love all of your videos – this is not a complaint.

  • Karen

    I love “Santa in September” has a little ring to it 🙂 even better then Christmas in July. I am still new to the sight, so I can’t think of any changes I would like to see. I have to have more time to go thru what is already on here.:) Thank you for the give aways.

  • Lori F

    I am very new to all this online crafiness but enjoy all the enthusiasm and excitement of all the draws and giveaways and love my newly downloaded cricket manual that saves so much paper when I have all the setting right…thanks so much!

  • Jessie Conger

    Mrs. Claus…..thank goodness i can do this without sitting on your lap..tee hee. I’d squish ya! I would love if you could do a DVD on the Cricut Imagine with the Gypsy. There has to be a way to move your files on the gypsy into the imagine icon or vice versa…The DVD could possibly show what all we could do with both great tools. Right now I do certain things on my bug with my gypsy and others with my imagine. Thank you for making our scrapbooking questions and needs so easy!! Thanks Megan!!

  • Dorothy helmkay


  • Marta V.

    I have a list for you: Oh boy!!! 🙂

    1. Paper Layerz – video (how to work with the color combinations.
    2. Cricut Craft Room – videos (I’m truly lost in there)
    3. More Product reviews (love these)
    4. Meagan’s favorite products for the month
    5. Upcoming holliday projects

    Too much? 🙂 I am sorry, but I truly love your videos and I want to make sure you stay busy! LOL!!

  • Lisa Dove

    Megan, Some friends and I hold a womens Retreat each year. For the past 2 years it has been based arount a Beath Moore study. We also do a Scrapbook page and this year we will be doing Christmas cards. What I would like to see is something with a few different projects using the same supplies that we could try for the next retreat.

  • Jennie

    I would love to learn how to bold words that have been welded on my Gypsy. For example, if I welded my name “Jennie” in hot pink, but then I want to put a bold trim around it lets say in white. I hope I didn’t confuse you. Thanks Mrs. Clause.

  • Barbara

    I seem to find everything I want–videos, and tips. But the only thing I see not there is a link to for a quick log on. I don’t know you and your team are going to read all these suggestions! Good luck.

  • Geri

    I would like more ideas of what to make out of cuttlebug embossed pages. And, more scrapbook pages, and more gadget reviews. Thanks for all you have done to make paper crafts more fun.

  • Bibi Leak

    Since I just got the Expression 2 from my dear sweet hubby of 36 yrs. as an early birthday gift, I’d love to see more projects with that and Paper Layerz. God bless you and your family!!!

  • Islandnami

    I agree! This site is already great. Maybe small gifts, like back to school or teacher appreciation type things. . .Thanks for all the hard work you already do!

  • Danielle

    I think your blog is wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing. It has everything I want includint tutorials, free sketches and ideas as well as amzaing info and additional resources to others like us out there. Keep up the good work.

  • Nathalie Martin

    How can we ask for more from ARS??? You do great tutorials, come up with great products, so friendly and much more. Don’t change a thing!

  • Lyndsay

    I would love seeing more product reviews and comparisons. Not just from you, but maybe a forum where everyone comments on the items they have in a sub-category or something. Not sure exactly how you would set it up, but that way you could have feedback from all of us as well.

  • Cynthia V

    Yes, I agree. Playing Santa is fun and so are surprises. I went over to visit Tracy and check out her blog. Deciding to become a follower there as well. Ü Cynthia

  • Kasia Gilbert

    You have a lot of crafty friends and fans and I am always looking for great tips on storage or craftroom set ups…it would be cool to see other’s (self submitted) videos on their own tips or videos showing off their crating space. I think that would be a lot of fun and would be something that your fans could feel like they were contributing too!

  • Urszula

    I like your website – it’s easy to navigate and has great colors 🙂
    I love Santa surprises 🙂 And love cricut, I just love scrapping 🙂

  • Gayle

    I love your Tuesdy tutorials and I wish you would do more for scrapbook pages than just cards all the time. Also, it would be nice if you would let us know where we can get some of the great tools you use, sucj as the pearl pens, etc. I have tried to find them, but I can’t. Thank you for all you do to encourage us. You are a great help.

  • Corrine A.

    I would love to see more tutorials on how to mix and match…I’m just not good at it. Everyone else seems to make it look easy! 🙂 Thanks for playing Santa in September.

  • Kelli

    Dear Santa,
    I would love to see a demo/tutorial/comparison on the cuttlebug, sizzix big shot/big kick, spellbinders, Epic 6… etc. I’m in the market for one and I’d love to know which you think is best and to see them at work. I also have several sets of fiskars embossing plates so I’d like to be able to continue using them with the new machine. 😀 Thanks and you are awesome just for asking!

  • Laura

    I love seeing the way you do your cards and layouts. I would like to see some info on using fabric or other materials to cut with the cricut for t-shirts or home decor. Thanks for all of the videos you do.

  • Debbie

    I LOVE gadgets!!!! I love to see what new things are out there and how we can add them to our pages or cards. I think I’m a “tool junkie.” I love gadgets that are tools too.

  • Din T

    I would love to see a combo of video and non-video tutorials or the option of tutorials in text format since it is not always convenient to have a video playing where I am scrapbooking.

  • dianne davis

    More demos on different tools/gadgets.
    You do great tutorials. I love the one about score-pal, & MS score board. I have the MS board, & I thought “I” was the cause of(so much) wasted paper:(. I wish I had seen you video 1st!!! TFS

  • michelle

    I always like the scrapbook layout ideas. Also hope you keep showing ideas for just the cricut, as I can’t afford to keep up with all the new versions. I would also like to see hints for cutting other materials with the cricut. I’ve been experimenting, but don’t always have the best results. You’re awesome!

  • Shirley E.

    Am I doing something wrong? I find that you have too many “web sites”. One for your “store, etc”, one for “contests”, one for “club members”. I find that all so confusing! Can you please put everything all on the same “site”.

  • Loster

    I’d like some troubleshooting advice. My Cricut Imagine won’t accept new cartridges, but will work with some of my previously used cartridges. My Cricut Imagine won’t connect through my computer to do the sync-thing, and I can’t tell if the problem is with my computer, the Sync software, or the Cricut. If there are any guides out there, I’d like to know about them. Thanks.

  • Tamra

    Dear Santa I would really love a video on page layouts using the Cricut. I know you made a card video but unless I missed it you don’t just have a page layout right? Also a Cricut E2 video would be awesome Megan Oh I mean Santa……Thanks!

  • Amy E.

    I can’t really think of anything I would like to see changed. I love tutorials and video tutorials…keep ’em coming!!

    amyis300 AT hotmail DOT com

  • Julie W.

    Thanks so much for another give-away! I have a cricut and a gypsy and have bought both of your A-Z DVD’s, but haven’t had the opportunity to actually watch them yet! I’ve played with my Cricut, but have never used my Gypsy. I would love to see tutorials or videos on how to use them to make gifts or home decor items.


    Hello Santa!!!You know, I love everything about your website and videos.I have no complaints.Maybe if you could show more with the E2 would make my day.Thank you for everything you do for us crafters.Have a great day.Sarah Williams

  • Norma

    Being new to cricut and cardmaking I’d like to see more on making and designing cards with the cricut as well as more options for buying scrapbook paper. My Michael’s and Hobby Lobby carry the same papers need a change.

  • Neesey

    I would love to see Rubie do a video tutorial for Copic Marker coloring techniques. I’m lovin this 21 days. I have some of your goodies so I pass that day for comment to give a chance to another. Congrats on your anniversary.

  • sondra nunnally

    Your site is already wonderful and I love it. However, I have lots of money invested in cricut cartridges. I would like to see more projects made with characters etc. on each cartridge. I also have a hard time ,very hard mixing colors and patterns that are cute with the characters. I need help… Love all of yourinfo! Sondra

  • Sandra J.

    Hi Santa! I just bought the imagine so I would love some of your totally awesome tutorials on using that. I have learned so much from you already on how to use my gypsy and cricut. I LOVE your site and I am so glad I finally found it!

  • Renee

    Ho, Ho, Ho Megan, you rock!! I am like Shari and would like to know more about the Cricut and Gypsy used together, I have has issues with my Gypsy updating even with Provo Craft trying to help!

  • Pat Becker

    I would love to see you all do weekend seminars in different areas humm North Carolina would be great:)You have great ideas and great products what better way to get more hooked on your

  • Jennifer

    I think what would be a great surprise is refills. Most of us use items that should be replenished, like tape runners, or ATG tape, or just plain old card stock. Some kind of small “refill” on brads/eyelets/ribbon would just be great.

  • Joslyn F

    I’m fairly new to scrapbooking and card making. I’m more interested in making cards. It may already be somewhere on the website, but I’d like to see a list of basic tools for making cards.

  • Juanita

    There are so many different tools and product out their now and some do the same thing, I would love more comparing of similar products to help choose which i would prefer than to go get them all…

  • Stacey

    This is kinda a funny timed question for you to ask! I was just thinking to myself…while having a frustrating time with a LO…I wonder how Megan would make this work?!!! I did finally get the LO to look the way I wanted it too…by walking away from it! When I came back I had fresh eyes and a whole new attitude and it looks great! Just keep on doing what you are doing…thanks for the inspiration:)

  • Christine America Real


    I just came here for the first time from Craft Junkie Too. I tried to find your site one time before on my old computer because it was named one of the top sites by Cricut, but they just had you listed as “Above Rubies” and when I put you into a search engine, I couldn’t find you. So happy to have found you now! Whooo Hooo! by the way, my 54th birthday is September 11th and I would love to win a prize!

  • Cathy Plese

    I would like to see more videos on using the gypsy, design studio, craft room, and cricut. I have your DVD’s and have learned so much but I know there is more to learn. Any how to’s would be welcomed! You do such a great job and are an inspiration to me! Thank you!!!

  • Ruth Halbach

    I know there is a whole ‘nother cricut related world out there I haven’t discovered yet. Tell us what is good and what to beware of.

  • Melissa Brown

    You already do so much for us and teach us so much but two things I’d love to learn more about is cutting vinyl with the Cricut and creating some pop up cards with the new pop up Cricut cartridge. I would LOVE for Santa so show up at my door!!!!

  • Bobbi Ann

    I would like to know more about all the differant kinds of inks, chalks sparys ect:):):) I watch Christina and others, alot of you use all kind of inks. Thanks 4 chance to win F.U.N.:)

  • Christi Fillhard

    I love your site and all the great things that you do, I can’t think of a thing that I would change other than to keep adding more.
    Thanks for the chance to win something!

  • Liz Bailey

    I had to think long & hard… I’d love a list ofthe supplies you use scrolled at the end of your videos. I’m always rewinding trying to hear “what did shesay that was”. Being a newbie scrapbooker, I often miss what others may think was obvious because I’m not as familiar with whats out there. BTW – YOU’RE AWESOME

  • Tammy B.

    I know this sounds dumb, but oh well. In one of your videos, you mentioned about how you label a number & row for the buttons you use for the Cricut cartridge books. I have a my Cricut for a very long time & still don’t use it except for very basic cuts. Same with the Gypsy! I have both of your videos now, and just need that spare time thing! If you could explain the button system, maybe I could learn what to do with at least one of them! If it’s in the video, I’ll learn it this long weekend, since I’ll have an extra day! Thanks for all you do, Megan, Sean & Crew!

  • sue louis

    here i sit with 3 siamezers in my chair, one in my armpit;a computer in my lap, a heat pack on my broken left arm;i would love to win a Christmas prize especially from rubies studio-luv ya ruby on you tube

  • Liz

    I just recently discovered your wonderful website. I’ve had the Design Studio for over two years and haven’t had the courage to try it because so many people say it is very difficult. I’ve enjoyed the videos I’ve seen so far. I also have a Gypsy, but haven’t used it either. Help!

  • Christina D

    I would like to see:
    – photo editing
    – printer reviews
    – crafting areas/storage in small spaces
    – more tutorials!

    PS. My birthday is Christmas!

  • Anne

    Santa Megan, all I want for Christmas are any or all of the Cricut cartridges you are willing to give me.

    Could you do a live tutorial on how to put 10-12 different scraps of paper on a 12×12 cricut pad and cut out different things without reloading to make a page layout. How do you know what size papers to use, and which way the item will cut in relation to the above question. I have your DVE, but this one thing especially escapes me.

  • Anne

    Santa Megan, all I want for Christmas are any or all of the Cricut cartridges you are willing to give me.

    Could you do a live tutorial on how to put 10-12 different scraps of paper on a 12×12 cricut pad and cut out different things without reloading to make a page layout. How do you know what size papers to use, and which way the item will cut in relation to the above question. I have your DVD, but this one thing especially escapes me.

  • Renee

    I so appreciate your tutorials on new products – how to use them and providing ideas. Especially like the cricut step by step walk throughs.

  • Marde

    With all of the different types of inks and chalks out there I would love to know what to use where. Or maybe different techniques for some of the more common ones. I’m an avid scrapbooker but not a stamper (yet), and I would like to use inks to add some zip to my page but I’ve yet to go beyond using them on edges.

  • Cathy

    I have just started watching your demos. I really love the step by step demos. I have a hard time just reading something. I do better seeing something done. Thanks for your videos. I would love to hear about other adaptations or alternatives to a product or tool that I may not have.

  • Joan Peters


  • Janet Johnson

    Your site is already awesome at teaching so many things. I, too, would like to learn more about tools out there and what they do. Tips and tricks on the Expression would be nice too. I don’t get much time to watch videos, so if sometimes you could put more instructions into words, that would be greatly appreciated too. I have learned so much from your site. Thank you and thanks for the chance to win a surprise.

  • Gail

    I really enjoy when you do videos. Whether they are projects or tips about products. I would love to see more of these. I know your hands are full with the business side. Please don’t lose site of your true love though! May God continue to bless your business.

  • Debbie Eslinger

    I’m loving your 21 days, thanks for all the fun, love everything that you show us, it would be nice to see tutorials on the new CCR

  • Nancy Alexander

    I would like to know how you actually come up with the design of a card. Do you pick colors that you like and then come up with the design using those colors or do you have a design in mind and then pick papers to fit the design?

  • Susan Landon-Arnold

    there are so many posts and great suggestions I agree with all of them. It might be nice for some of us newbes to see a video or two on some old techniques. Like how to use a craft knife correctly or how to use Bodpodge.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Kim T

    I would love to see more impartial product reviews as these really help us crafter’s make the right decisions. Oh and a few tutorials on the new craft room wouldn’t go amiss. Thanks for playing Santa, I have been good, really, really good.
    Kim xXx

  • Penny Mourer

    Thanks for a chance to win. I do love all the information and help you give us. I am having difficulty using the Club Ruby Site and also wondered if we get any discounts anymore on the DVD’s, paper, etc. I do not participate in PayPal and want to get the kits, but cannot get them from Craft E Corner if PayPal is all they take for payment.



  • Pam

    I would like to see more comparisons on scrapping tools as well. I like to see what is out there and get an idea of what features would work for me. Thanks!

  • Anna

    Morning guys.
    It takes longer each day to leave a comment here.
    I read through a few of the comments and everyone seems to agree that more tutorials would be wonderful. Lots of people have left ideas of what they would love to learn or see. So maybe tuts as suggestioned by your devoted followers. We all learn from each other. I live in a remote area of Australia and dont have any crafters near me so I find this site very inspiring and a great way to connect with others.

  • Jeri

    Dear Santa–I mean Megan. I would love to see you use the Gypsy’s advanced function keys in your videos as well as more videos using the Cricut Imagine. I’d like to say thanks for all the awesome giveaways you’re doing, too.

  • Linda

    I would like to suggest for those of us who are newbie’s a tutorial on how to get started on blogging. That was a bit overwhelming until I figured it out. Thanks for all the great video’s and DVD’s that you have done.

  • Melissa Smith

    love learning about new items and how they work. love your tutorials. i learn by watching and then reading as my recall ability is somewhat impaired. so doing both makes it stick in my memory. thanks for the chance to win a surprise in the mail(doesn’t happen much).

  • M'Liss

    Really like your new peoducts video, but I would really like to see some videos on the E2 using both Imagine and regular carts.
    Thanks for asking and the chance to win!

  • Sue Anderson

    Would love to see videos demo-ing how to use new gadgets and tools. How are we supposed to know that we can’t live without something new, if we don’t understand how it can change our lives? ;P

  • Rose

    Yes,you can be Santa!Dear Santa! Your DVD have help me so much!I love the tutorials the step by step with pictures.The video take way to long for me to down load (like days),I live way out in the sticks & can lonely get dail-up I can’t even get AT&T out here!Thanks for all of you help it help so much!

  • Cris

    I would love to see some pictures on your e-mails that are sent out instead of just your comments on the opening screen. A lot of the other e-mails that I receive already have some ideas with pictures and I absoluteley want to open the web site to check out what other surprises are in store when I open the site….I always go to your site each time but I guess I would be tempted to open it up even faster if I could see what’s in store after I go to your site..