Present #2 of 7 Days of Christmas Fun 484

Megan’s Wish List Item #2 – Starbucks Gift Cards

Starbucks Latte’s are my little luxuries in life that I ABSOLUTELY enjoy!Β  I call them my distressers – and the closest Starbucks is 15 minutes away, so sometimes, when I’m REALLY freakin’ out – just the drive over there knowing I’m about to sip the goodness…anyway – Starbucks Gift cards are on the list because if I HAVE to get a gift card (sometimes I think GC can be impersonal but sometimes they’re really nice to receive too…) I’d want it to be a Starbucks one!Β  Especially so I can stock up on Cranberry Bliss Bars and Carmel Brulee Lattes with Extra Whip! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


Wrapped Present #2 – This yummy little package has 4 little goodies in it!Β  They are “small” in size but give LOTS of great colors to your projects!Β  Something I rave lots about and I know anyone will love having these under your tree!

Thanks so much for Participating in our FUN Days of Giveaways – Contest Entry Period is now closed and I hope to see you again at for lots more fun in the future!Β  THANKS and Enjoy the Moments! <3 Megan


To win today’s wrapped present:Β  Leave a Comment on one thing you wish you could GIVE this Holiday season!Β  πŸ™‚Β  AND If you would like to GIVE Me something – Tell your friends to come on over and “LIKE” me on Facebook! πŸ™‚ That’s a great gift for me! πŸ˜‰

Facebook Winner: Becky Humphrey Cricut A to Z was awesome. You take your time showing and featuring how and why to do something. Your just awesome. It’s like you can read my mind on what questions I have and what layouts I like.

Congrats Becky!Β  You can claim the DVD of your choice by clicking HERE to Give me Your Info! THANKS!


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484 thoughts on “Present #2 of 7 Days of Christmas Fun

  • Robin Gerot

    I want to give wonderful memories to my children this Christmas season. We bought gifts for kids on the wanting tree. My son who is 7, cried to think there are some kids who don’t get the items that are on their X-mas wish list.

  • Barbara Callow

    We are in the process of giving each other “presence” not “presents” this year. Our family is small and for the first time in over a decade, we will be able to celebrate with my brother and the those loving abroad as an entire family! There is only one child (at this time), so he will definitely get his share of concrete gifts, but for the rest of us, it will be about being together.

  • debbie phillips

    I would love to give my family a true sense of what Christmas is really about. Less presents, more about the awesome gift of God’s love and forgiveness. Merry Christmas!

  • Teresa B.

    Robin, that is such a kind thing to do. This year with money and my Hubby’s job being in ? we are stepping down on spending too much $ on gifts we would like to give. Beside, don’t the grandkids have enough. But looking more to bring the real reason back into the Christmas spirit. Making sure that Family is Loved and the time spent together is our gift and Blessing.

  • casey toney

    gladly I will share about you!!!! I watched the paper DVD and it was awesome…and I am pretty sure I know what the giveway goodes are…I own two of them….because of your recommendation and they are great. What would I give? One huge gift to World Vision to fund various programs around the world. Now thats my kinda giving (minus all the big bucks to make it happen)

  • Karyn

    I would love to be able to give my family a gift of good health. We have had a very challenging year with health issues of both of my elderly parents and my brother. Nothing would be better than to be able to have them all home for Christmas and feeling well.

  • Stacy A

    I would give my kids that giving is as good as receiving. My oldest is 6 and is just learning this value. Christmas is magical for all ages but the key is in the giving.

  • Jill

    If I could give anything this Christmas season, I would want to give my grandmother the peace of mind that she will always be taken care of and will be happier living in the assisted living she will soon be moving into, than she is living alone. I would also like to give my boyfriend’s family a year free of major stresses. This year, his parents were both almost killed in a car accident (and are still dealing with subsequent health problems 8 months later), his sister almost lost her baby at 8 months, his grandmother had a stroke, he almost had a heart attack (at 27), and his grandfather suffered 2 heart attacks. I think all they need for Christmas is a year without any major problems.

  • Tracey

    I would like to give my step-father health because he’s suffering from memory lost and my mother all the money she needs so she can stay home and take care of him.

  • Brenda

    If I could give anything I would give back the gift of life to the 5 teens that lost their lives on Monday in our school district but I can’t, so I would like to give the gift of prayers. Enjoying the simple things in life, like a starbucks coffee or the joy of our childrens excitement on Christmas morning is what life is all about. Family, friends, there’s none no sweeter! Enjoy and give the simple joys of life.

  • susan rude

    The kindness and heartfelt thoughts that I see from those who visit your site Megan are just wonderful. My wish is for this to spread throughout the World and bring peace to these turbulent times. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. God Bless.

  • Mary

    My wish for others to be nice to each other. To reach out to others in need… Not to be mean and hateful. Leaving selflessness behind. Start the new year out right. With love first.

  • Trisha

    I would love to give the gift of financial security to those near and dear to me. I know, in these times of economic stress, most of my closest family is worried about jobs (or, in my daughter’s case, finding a job). She has been unemployed for two years and, even though she is now home with her children, she is very concerned.

  • Wendy

    I would like to give a gift to all the children who don’t get anything for Christmas. Times are tough for everyone today no matter where you are in this world.

  • Judy R M

    I would love to give everyone the love and enjoyment of the holiday season that I have. I always had so much fun with friends and family at Christmas time when I was growing up and I think it’s important for everyone to know the true meaning of Christmas and to be able to feel the spirituality of this special season. To know without a doubt that we are truely loved for who we are and that no matter what happens in our lives there’s always hope and peace if we seak after it.

  • Cindy Adkins

    I would love to help those that aren’t able to celebrate Christmas the way I’ve been so fortunate to do so throughout my life. I love the Christmas season, and to think there are families that aren’t able to buy gifts for one another just breaks my heart. Especially for the little children! How sad to wake up on Christmas morning and have nothing under the tree…. or to even HAVE a tree!

  • Ann Diehl

    If I had the money, I would love to give to family & friends who are struggling this Holiday season (& there are A LOT) gifts of much needed food, clothes, money & help with things that they can’t do for themselves. I would also like to see that all the dogs & cats in the shelters get great new homes & be loved by someone. And to ensure that my friends & family have a better 2012.

  • Michelle

    I would love the give my family back the sense of togetherness we used to have.

    For many years we’ve been fractured for so many reasons (rows, work, miles) and I know we would all love to have back the unconditionally strong, loving bond we use to have. It’s still there but we just need to time and strength to discover it again.

    Merry Christmas Everyone.

  • Emilie Boyd

    The one thing I wish I could give this season is peace to my grandson who has spent 4 trips to Iraq and Afghanistan and wish he could find work closer to his children.

  • KathyH

    Megan I would love to be able to give back to my children all the time I was ever away from them. I know that sounds weird, but time is a very special thing and everyone needs to enjoy it while you have it. Love one another.

  • Jackie Beechner-Scallan

    I wish I could give the gift of peace and prosperity this Christmas, and everyday of the year, so I do what I can in small ways… I’m going to have a gathering in the next week and have everyone bring a toy for Toys for Tots… I would give my husband the gift of patience as he is far away going through training for a new job that will take him even further away… And I truly LOVE giving Gift Cards as they are ALWAYS the perfect size, color, and fit for what the person wanted. I make them personal by making the card I slip it into πŸ˜‰

    I also will give permission to EVERYONE to slow down and truly enjoy the holiday season for what it is….

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi Megan!!! Well in this Christmas season,I would like to give presents a this childs that not reciving nothing in Christmas, like theirs who live in an orfanat for exemple, because I like a lot help people that have less and if I can help a little, I want to help more but in my possibilities I do that!! Big Hugs… Maggy πŸ™‚

  • Lara

    I want to give my significant other a break from snow shoveling. We live in Michigan, and I have a bad back, so it would need to be someone else helping me. Also, I’d love to give everyone a full stomach every night. I hate the idea of people going to bed hungry!

  • Frani MacPherson

    I will be kind and friendly to all even who are not so nice or friendly to me; I have come across quite a few this holiday season.

  • Kathy F

    I’d like to have us all return to a simpler time especially over the holidays. This would mean focusing on time spent together and creating new memories (and scrapbooking ideas!) instead of money spent for more “things”.

  • Helena Ford

    I would like to give you a gift certificate to Starbucks – so we could go together! my fav is vanilla bean frapaccino with 2 shots of expresso – yummy and a jolt of caffine!! tee hee hee

  • Kelly

    We are spending a special Christmas upnorth this year having the family together for Christmas morning. Giving my kids and parents that special memory of everyone being together that morning will be priceless. I know how much thoses kinds of things meant to me growing up so I’m so happy to be able to give that to them!


    i would love to give every child the chance to know the christmas i had growing up..did we have a lot of gifts? no, but it was just right.. the time was filled with music, baking, christmas colors, excitement, and of course the spirit of what christmas is all about..thank you…marie

  • JD

    This Christmas, I wish I could give more to help others. God has blessed me with so much this year, but our budget is so tight that it’s hard to do as much as I’d love to be able to do. But I truly believe the gift of prayer is the best gift you can give someone and that I can and will do.

  • Bobbi Chilson

    I wish that I could give every child the gift of having enough to eat every day. We have soooo much and many have to go to bed hungry or some even die a painful death due to lack of food. I know all the arguments about birth control but they are here and through no fault of their own are suffering.

  • Jenny

    I’m going to surprise a young family in CA who really have their priorities right and don’t have a lot of money for extras. I’m sending the four children Christmas cards with $ and the parents a gift card for Starbucks. I love just surprising people with gifts. I’m a gift giver all year long.

  • Amanda Villarreal

    I love Starbucks! I’d love to give my fiancΓ© the newest bow on the market. He loves hunting and would love that as a present lol.

  • Sandie Scott

    I would love to give everyone a gift of HOPE too many have nothing to look for in their future whether it be a new job, a new hobby, time with friends and family, better health or peace in the world. We have lost hope and faith too often.

  • Kayla

    I wish I could give my loved ones peace of mind financially. Times are tough this holiday season, and I hate to see those close to me so stressed in the midst of fridge compressors going out and cars breaking down, and everyone trying to make ends meet! I am thankful my family has each other, I just wish I could lighten the burdens.

  • linda

    I wish I could give back to all the people who need help this holiday season and that everyone
    would get along better. thanks for the chance to win gift #2.

  • Stephanie Bonin

    I would give the gift of good health to all our family and extended family. No lives lost during the holidays. My son’s young neighbor died from a ruptured aneurism the day after Thanksgiving. She left a husband, parents and two young boys, 3 and 5. You just never know.

  • Brenda S

    I would like to give people out of work a job, children the attention and deep felt love of their parents instead of toys and “things”, the world “PEACE”.

  • Sharan Grubbs

    I would give the gift of health to all I know who are suffering with chronic illnesses. In my immediate family, my Dad needs a new back and lungs, my husband needs a kidney and new feet, my Son in law needs new lungs, and many other people struggle every day to walk, breath, and suffer in pain. I am blessed with health and pray for all the above daily. Thank you Jesus for what I have to love.

  • Vicki

    I would love to take my family on a cruise. My boys are grown and have their own families now. With everyone so busy now days a week with my family would be awesome.

  • Laura Weinberger

    Something I would love to give… the gift of a safe, warm & loving home/family to all children who don’t have one–whether it’s through helping bio parents with productive jobs and training on how to parent lovingly, or by finding families willing to take them in & love them from the depths of their hearts– that’s what I would love to give… & a Caribou Coffee Vanilla Roobis Chai Latte πŸ™‚

  • Sharon

    If I could, I would give the gift of health to my wonderful mother – and peace of mind over $$$ concerns. She is 84, fighting Breast Cancer and going through chemotherapy. She was a widow at 56, lost a son when he was 36 and keeps on going. She is an AMAZING mother and a phenomenal grandmother to my children, and I love her beyond words. That is my “grownup Christmas wish!”

  • Gayle

    I just want to give the gift of joy to my family and enjoy them more than ever. I want the sparkle of Christmas to stay with them throughout the year so that they can spread this joy to others through a smile and kindness to others all year through. God Bless you all and thank you Megan for thinking of us all with your gifts.

  • Janet T

    WOW! IT is hard to decide because there are so many things to give but mainly God’s gift of faith, peace, love and joy for our family and the whole world. Our country is so in need of it if we would just turn away from all the devil’s lies and turn back to God! Truly remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season none other than that! God bless!

  • Rachael

    Reading these responses has been fun. We are all so blessed and for those that are struggling right now I wish for them a great start to the new year!

  • Melanie

    Joy to my family is at the top of my list this year has been hard for everyone across the country and I think we could all use a few extra smiles and hugs.

  • Terresa (Trish) W

    Caramel lattes……………yummy and they are destressors when there is no time for crafting which is my #1 destressor. πŸ™‚ #2 on my list is a gift cert for an hour long massage.

  • Cathy Nelson

    The gift I would like to give would be airfare and time off of her job for my sister. We miss her and wish she could be with us for Christmas.

  • Sherry Collett

    I wish I could give my son a happier marriage. He’s only been married 3 years and his wife has been miserable the whole time. He tries so hard and goes to counseling by himself becuase she says it’s all his fault, but even the Chaplain on the base tells him he tries harder and more than anyone he’s counseled before. He, my son, just wants to make his wife happy, but you can’t make other people happy no matter how hard you try. The whole situation makes him so sad, then I worry about him when he’s in dangerous situations at work. I love my son and wish I could give him what HE needs to be happy.

  • SalLee Weidman

    I wish I could give my husband a vacation for Christmas. He has been working more then full time and going to school more then part time. He could really use a nice week to relax.

  • Kim Hill

    On the big wish list, I would give freedom, both physically and spiritually. On the more bite-sized list, I’m trying to give grace. It’s really easy to get caught up in the Christmas rush and get irritable with people who slow me down. This year, I’m actively trying to show some grace to people, which has the added benefit of keeping me from getting caught up in the Christmas rush. ;D Love how that works!

  • Denise L.

    There is so much that I would love to give, that I don’t know where to begin. One would be wonderful memories for my children that they will remember and pass on to their children, like my parents did for me.

  • Carol

    I wish my great grandson would not haved to take his meds for ADHD and to you Robin the best oi\f health and strength to keep making us women happy.

  • Kim

    My goddaughter has been battling chrones disease since she was a small child. She just had surgery and is in so much pain. I would give her, her husband, parents and everyone close to her a healthy, worry and pain free holiday and new year.
    I also would give her grandmother a plane ticket to see them.

  • Amelia Andrade

    I would want to give my kids, peace on Christmas Day. Things have been really tough in our house lately and unfortunately, there has not been much peace on any day. So, I guess just peace in their hearts and minds and that their house would be a home for at least 1 day on Christmas.

  • Kim Mossler

    I want to give Thanks for having my husband here for the Holidays. He has been home a year from his last deployment and I give Thanks everyday that he is with me.

  • Darla Flynn

    I would love to give my family more of me! Sounds silly but we live in different states and now that the kids are grown and I sure miss all my 8 grandkids!!! I want to show them all the fun things that we did for Christmas! I miss my family!!!

  • Corrine Cooper

    I wish I could give my son the gift of being with his 7 month old on Christmas. He is a marine and was called up for active duty in October. We miss him terriblly. He has missed her first halloween, Thanksgiving, first tooth etc. He will miss all of the firsts including her birthday πŸ™ I sent him a care package using the cricut to decorate the box-he loved it!

  • Joan Manthe

    I would love for people to stop and remember the real reason for this wonderful time of year. My Christmas’s became so much better when we quit buying gifts, and get together to enjoy being with each other. God Bless.

  • Julie Ingalls

    My present would be the gift of serenity to all who need it but don’t know. What a joyous feeling it is to let the stress and strife of financial woes, holiday schedules and deadlines and all other streessors just melt away when I stop and say that one little prayer, the serenity prayer. It brings me back to center and to the place where i can forget about what doesn’t matter, and focus on what does. It’s a beautiful feeling.

  • Erika D

    I work with children with developmental delays and physical disabilities and I would love to give them all of the necessary medical equipment they need. It is unbelievable how much this stuff costs and how often it is denied by insurance! These kids deserve the best…they are awesome!

  • Caprice

    What I would want to give…we are a military family and I know how difficult the holidays can be without your family close by. So if there was a chance that I could give a family the gift of having their family with them this holiday season would be my gift to give. I have not been “home” with my family in 7 years. We just moved to Alabama from Texas and my mom and brother live in Canada.
    I have a few friends who will be spending Christmas without their husband due to deployments, wish that I could bring them home for Christmas!
    We also like to open our home to military members who can not make it home for the holidays to their families. We hope that we can brighten their holiday and so that they are not alone this holiday season.

  • sheila

    I would love to give this world a great big economy boost. It saddens me that people are not able to give and enjoy the holidays, or any day for that matter.

  • Tonya

    I would love to give the gift of togetherness… family is so spread apart to have us all together for the holiday would be amazing!!!!

  • Carla Frohne

    If I could give one thing it would be world peace, if even for just ONE day, no fighting, bickering, war, killing..nothing. To just be grateful for the life that God has givien us and the Joys in our lives that sometimes are hard to see past the anger and hatred. Oh, and I would give our town the gift of a Starbucks so we didn’t have to drive 35 minutes to find one πŸ™‚

  • Debbie Eslinger

    I would love to be able to give m y parents and my children a life of a little more relaxing take away the worries and stress, to be able to fully enjoy their lives and that of their children. Like it is said take time to smell the roses, but then I want to be able to have time for them that they can plant it, tend it, cut it also

  • Natalie

    It would be wonderful to plant groves of “Fruit of the Spirit” trees all around the world. I think the effects of everyone enjoying a taste of those might alleviate so many of the ailments of the world…political, economic, medical…what a blessing that would be!

  • Sherette Cline

    If I could give anything this year, it would be peace on Earth! Like many others, my husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan (his 6th deployment to this area). It would be wonderful if everyone could be with their families, and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Today is my birthday, and when I blow out the candles on the cake my kids have for me – you can guarantee that I’ll be making this wish. Though I know this is a dream wish … I hope that all of you will remember our guys and gals that will be in harms way this Christmas, and pray for their safe return home.

  • Lori Cross

    My wish for the holiday and beyond is for all to enjoy life as I do. I am fortunate to be in good health and have a loving family, and I don’t take that gift for granted. (You never know what tomorrow may bring.)
    AND…We just learned last night that our son and daughter-in-law are expecting their first child. How exciting!
    Peace, Happiness, Health & Prosperity to all.
    God Bless Everyone!

  • Linda E

    What I would really like to give for Christmas – we have dear friends in Cincinati that have a daughter that has been battling 4 brain tumor’s – I wish I could give her back good health so she could care for her only child (9 year old son) and give her parents peace of mind once again.

  • Vanesa

    I would like to give everyone the true meaning of Christmas….and minimize the commercialism. The most important gifts are those that come from the heart…

  • Nancy Lee

    If I could I would love to give all 4 of my grandkids a college education so they could have a good future an posper in this uncertain world we live in.
    God Bless all.

  • Laura Hartman

    If I could give anything I wanted, it would be to meet the desires of every lady who posted today — they were all “selfless” wishes for those they love. Bless them each and every one.

  • Nancy Coultas

    I would love to give all my family and friends the gift of peace and happiness. There is so much in the world today that consists of violence and discontent. What a world we would have if we could give each other that gift and enjoy life to its fullest without those worries.

  • Johanne L.

    If I could, I’d wish to give good health to all my family members, especialy to my mother. I live far from her and I can see her only a few times a year. Wish I could be there more often and help her. Thanks for the chance and have a nice day.

  • Crystal

    I want to give my daughter the best memories of the holiday season. I want her to know the meaning of Christmas and remember the fun thing we do together. My health is not the best so I try to make every minute count. Megan you are a blessing to allot of people. You always seem to make me smile. Merry Christmas

  • Rhonda Harre

    The one gift I would give this year if I were able is to give my dear friend and husband, Brad, his health back. I am Brad’s primary caregiver and have been for the past 7 years. Brad has been in a wheelchair for the past 4 years. Today is our 26th Wedding Anniversary! Live in the moment, love those close to you and let them know you love them, and cover everyone one in grace as we have been covered by our Lord and Savior.
    Our words and actions are momentary, but can leave an impact lasting a lifetime.

  • Marijane

    I would love to give my daughter peace and tranquility. Her husband is a Reverend in a very small town in a rural area. They have 2 small children and she is a stay at home Mom. We know the Lord has a purpose for them being where they are, however driving 2 hours on North Dakota roads in the winter just to get a sick child to the doctor is becoming difficult. Plus the demands of being in the ministry are sometimes difficult.
    Recently she has talked about them leaving the ministry and moving to Montana to live on his parents ranch. I really don’t think this is what God wants for them, however with the job market I also do not see him getting another church. I have prayed and prayed for another church/area for them but so far God has not answered. Being home bound in the winter in a barren place like North Dakota is difficult. Sometimes she get really depressed so I worry. If they leave the ministry and don’t know if they will ever get back in and I know God wants them in the ministry. Megan, I am heartbroken for them. It helped me alot just to get this off my chest. Thanks for doing this . As I read through the other entries, everyone has problems, Some day we will be with our precious Lord and this will be over. God Bless you.

  • Sandy Handrich

    I wish I had more “time” to give to others in need. As I said my prayers this morning I was praying for the needs of others and wishing I had more time before Christmas to do something special for them.

  • Ardis H

    I wish I could give the gift of health. I have friends and family members that could use that wonderful gift. They are in need of it. If I could find the right store, the right gift to give that would help them feel better and get better that would be all I would want for Christmas.

  • 9kids

    I found the idea of giving blessing bags to the homeless on Pinterest, and am in the process of making some up to keep in my van. I wish I could give a blessing bag to everyone who needs one!

    Also, I’d like to give YOU a huge thank you!! I don’t know how to manage to do all that you do – and I sure appreciate it.

    And, on a selfish note, I wish that I could give all my kids, and my parents, airline tickets to come visit me…..I miss them πŸ™

  • Angela W

    The thing I would like to give most would be “Days Off” to help my Mom who take care of her 75 year old Mother with and alot of health problems her 42 year old brother who had 5 massive strokes she also has a full time job, so I will give her more days off so she can do something for herself, and I would also like to give my mother in law have more “Days Off” my father in law has Alzhimers and is bed ridden so I would like to give her more days to just get out of the house.

  • Suzanne

    Times are tough for many people. I am getting back to making more gifts this season and my cricut and imagine help me do just that. You have helped me master my cricut with your DVD’s.

  • Amie K

    That would be one of my favorite gift cards too! Besides scrapbook stores, lol…What I want to give…I wish that I could give my mother relief from her back pain. She has had surgery, injections, and other medical procedures to try to make it go away, but it always comes back. I just wish she did not have to deal with it every day. I would give all my scrappin’ stuff to make it go away. πŸ™

  • Marlene Koster

    I wish people could opt out of the have to buy and give frame of mind and opt in to the need to make, create and share a homemade thoughtful gift with loved ones.

  • Connie

    We gave a gift that we wanted……we helped raise enough money for the womens shelter to build a playground for the children that take refuge there. This was my 6 yr olds wish and we ran 5 K for sponsorship towards it. I would give my sister safety and peace of mind, if I could give anything this year.

  • P.J.

    I would give financially and peace of mind to all those who suffered and lost so much this past summer in the Missouri River 4 months of flooding. While other disasters have gotten attention and help, these families and businesses, for the most part, haven’t gotten any outside help. I’d give them the assurance that flooding like this would never happen again.

  • Wanda

    I would love to be able to get plane tickets for my parents to come surprise my 5 yr old for Christmas…. He has been talking non-stop about them and tells me he misses them so much. They moved back to Puerto Rico from the states in May.
    Thanks for this new opportunity πŸ™‚

  • Deann

    I wish I could give more to people in need, but I am donating coats that do not fit my children anymore and blankets that we haven’t used in a long time to the homeless center. With the weather turning cold (colder than usual), I thought that this would be helpful to those that really don’t have anything. God Bless everyone.

  • Carla Bentley

    I would love to give the gift of Peace to everyone this Holiday Season. Peace of mind that knowing one day, we will meet with our savior and all of this worldly bad stuff will be over. Like not being able to get a job, and not being able to provide like I want to for my kids, and my parents health going downhill the older they get, and the hunger that our animals and brothers and sisters face every day. I know that I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach, but there are alot of people out there that don’t. I would like to stop world hunger and provide Peace of mind for everyone.. Impossible for me.. Yes.. God.. Never!

  • Briana

    I wish I could give all the poor animals in this city of Erie a home. It’s really sad to see all the homeless cats and dogs in the shelters or on the street. If I had one magic wish for Christmas that’s what it would be. I know that has nothing to do with crafts but helping animals is really important to me.

  • Michelle

    As with so many families this year our funds are on the low side, so we are hand-making gifts for everyone with supplies on hand. Thanks Megan for your great ideas on gift making/giving. You have taken the stress out of trying to come up with ideas.

  • Tami McDaniel

    I have been off work due to my 7th back surgery, so my daughter told me that we are going to skip buying gifts this year. I have two little grandsons. How on earth can I skip it? Well luckily I prepare a little over the year, so I have a few small things for them. I am making some home made items, all from the heart. What I would love to give is to be able to fly my in-laws out for Christmas. They are 85 years old and we were going to go visit this year, but due to my surgery it can’t happen this year. We plan on spending the day with our family on a tradition we started though, going downtown Seattle, getting pictures with Santa, having lunch, and letting the boys ride on the holiday carousel. I love being in the city during the holidays with all of the decorations and the music. It is festive and makes me feel joyous, especially by being with my family. tfs Tami
    Tambos Creations!

  • Terry

    I would love to be able to give my family good health. You don’t realize how much good health means until you and your loved ones begin having health problems.

  • Diana

    My wish for Christmas would be that all family members would all be thankful just to be together and enjoy what God has blessed us with this year. Thanks for a chance to win : )

  • Krysta

    My uncle was just diagnosed with terminal cancer, so if I could give anything, it would be to give him the rest of his days here on earth without pain, so that he and his children can enjoy them together without suffering.

  • Mary Ann O.

    I love to give our troops the best Christmas ever. They risk their lives for us every day. Each Christmas when we get together with my husbands family instead of gifts for each other we all put that money together and pick a charity to give to instead. Being able to share with others is a wonderful feeling.

  • Debby J

    If I could give anyone a gift this year it would be to my hubby. I wish I could get all his children together to celebrate Christmas with him. Each of his kids are special to him in their own way and each has problems that I know weight heavily on him, problems he wishes he could solve and make a better life for them all.

  • Sara Foreman

    I would love to make lots of little gifts to give to the people who feel lonely and forgotten at Christmas time. I’ve made a few and had someone else give the out. Now I’ve just got to make a few more each week to be handed out.

  • Terri S.

    I know this is not the traditional wish but I wish I could give my dad a job. He has been out of work for almost 3 years and it’s really putting a toll on my parents. They have had to sell stuff that was important to them just to make a living.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Jessica R

    This year I would like Christmas to be more spiritual rather than a gift giving event. So our family has decided to greatly cut down on the amount that we are spending. Rather, our gift to each other will be more time talking, sharing stories and enjoying each others company rather than exchanging emails, text messages, etc. So overall, my wish for Christmas is for this to be a Christmas to remember and a time of joy for all my family as well as everyone else in the World.

  • brenda

    I would love to be able to give tolerance to all the peoples of the world. With more tolerance for each others differences there would be more peace and harmony in the world.

  • vivian kaufman

    I would like to give the gift of Jesus to all who who not know him. My gift to my family will be to spend more quality time with them.

  • AuroraM

    Thinking back to the Christmas times of my childhood, when the simple things gave us all pleasure, I would give my family the gift of remembrance. Those memories are so precious and it seems that we get caught up in the “things” of Christmas, we often forget how important and wonderful it was just being together.

  • Christie Brooks

    If I could bring home our troops for the Christmas holidays to spend time with their families, that would be my Christmas wish. God bless those and their families who are protecting us.

  • Leslie Buhl

    I, too, would give the sense of peace. With the loss of my husbands job last week, Christmas this year is about sharing the true meaning of Christmas. I would good health and prosperity to everyone on my list.

  • SandyR

    I would love to give each of my daughters and expression. That way we could really tear into paper, chip, and so much more together. Aaaahhh.

  • Marilyn

    I would love to give my daughter her car fixed and able to drive without fear of it breaking down. So far that seems not to be a happening thing. I also would like to give the true spirit of Christmas to some of the smaller children…Christmas is about love of your fellow mankind…not material items.

  • Pam Dotts

    I wish I could give the gift of brightening the day for others. Some of my fondest memories as a child were helping my Grandmother bake and deliver cakes or pies to her friends and family that were in need. Whether they were sick, running short on money or just needing something to cheer them up. She did this year ’round. She was known for her baking skills. It was such fun to go with her and see the smiles she brought! πŸ™‚ Oh, and at Christmas, the fruit cakes she made. Good memories! Giving of yourself is the BEST gift of all!

  • Cathy Wegner

    I would like to give our government pride and common sense. They worry so much about “PC” and getting themselves re-elected that what is good for the country doesn’t even enter their minds!

  • Karen from SW KS

    Gosh, there are so many things that I would “love” to be able to give! First, I would love to give a home to a niece that is a single mother of 3 small children. She has had a really rough time and has been moving around living with friends for several years now. It would be such a joy to know that they had a place to call “HOME”. Also, Peace on Earth!!

  • Anita Wills

    As we lose family members to their final reward, we who remain struggle with the changes. I want to give my children the family traditions that gave me great joy. I’m the only one that can make that happen. Merry Christmas and God bless.

  • Karen

    My mother passed away in July and I feel like with her passing she took a lot of the Holdays with her. I’d like to keep that spirit going for our families. And continue to pass down the traditions that her and my father and grandmother have passed down to me.

  • Kimber Crow

    A day of peace, for the entire planet. Peace from wondering where your next meal is coming from b/c it’s sitting on the table. Peace from the conflict and strife in so many countries. Peace from hating someone b/c they are different, or you’ve been raised to see them as the enemy. Imagine what a day of peace from your health worries would be like….

    Just call it my grown up christmas list (that song ALWAYS gets me weepy, b/c it is sooo authentic)

  • Jennie McFarling

    The gift I would give is to my friend, a homeless 100% disabled American, from the Gulf War a small studio apt to call home. He has a amall disability check, but is not enough to secure a home.
    He us a very proud man with his service dog. He gives his daily life helping other veterans deal with their PTSD and never asks for things for himself. What a beautiful man he is. He has taught me much about life.

  • Diane

    I would love to give all the soldiers who are bravely serving our country one hour with their families on Christmas even if it was a telephone call. Family is the most important gift of all. We do not have a lot, but are more fortunate than others, so we try to provide for a few children so that they do not have a empty tree. I would much rather not get anything myself, but give to children. I have everything I already need and that is the love of my family and friends. God Bless you Megan and I will give you that gift to encourage my friends to like your facebook page too!

  • GrannyCharlotte

    Wow!! Awesome responses to your question. I would love to give the gift of joy and peace to all. I pray that all of our troops overseas will have a blessed Christmas season and that they will be able to communicate in some way with their families this season. Merry Christmas to all!!!

  • Pat L

    I’d like to give my family a great vacation – all of us together. We are scattered and with work and time constraints, do not get to see one another often enough.

  • Maxine

    What I would love to give is Peace. Seems the only thing on the TV lately is unrest, protesting, violence; not at all in the Christmas spirit! Megan, that’s what I pray for you and your family too. That you enjoy the presents, food and family but also remember WHY we have CHRISTmas. Peace, Love and Joy, that’s Christmas!

  • stacey meckes

    I have so many student in class who have little to look forward to at Christmas. I wish I could do something for them so they could look forward to the holidays.

  • Jane

    If I could I would end hunger in this world. But realistically it will be gift cards for the 7 grandchildren and the great granddaughter and homemade meat pies and fudge from my kitchen for their parents. Great answers from all of you!

  • Debbie

    I would love to give my daughter plane tickets to come home for Christmas. She is living overseas and I have not seen her in 2 years. I would also, and do, send my love and prayers for the families that lost their children in the car accident that another wrote about. I, too, lost my 16 year old daughter in a car accident and I know what those families are going through. My heart goes out to them. May God grant them peace.

    • Tammy Lever

      My family has been really blessed this year and we do not really need anything. However, if I could, I would give my mom better health. She has had a real challenge this year after suffering a rare stroke in her bowel and she has had a lot of complications since then. It would be so nice to see her healthy for a consistent period of time and I know it is something that she would love as well.

  • Mary

    If i could GIVE a gift it would be to my daughter and her chance to get in \to nurseing school she’s tried for 2 years, but she’s being patiant and ready to go.

  • Nanadoll

    Wow! I love reading all the comments your great following created. What a bunch of wonderful people! There is so much upheaval and unrest with job losses and craziness going on around, I can’t even think of being selfish and wanting anything over and above for our family except safe homes, food on the table and peace of mind. We’ll do what we can for our 11 grandkids and adult kids for Christmas, but we cannot justify the going over board.

    If we could all be like my 5 yr old grandson, Ryan, at Halloween. He said, as he was leaving for trick or treating, “I really hope I get a Fiber bar for a treat, that would be a REAL treat Nana”. So sweet and innocent. Happy Holidays to all.

  • Margaret Senn

    Starbucks has great hot chocolate and hot apple cider too.
    I would like to give the ability to visit the past so i could see my father one more time. Ok that is a present i would give my self.

  • Karla

    There are actually 2 things I would love to give this year. The first would be a job to my youngest brother. Despite a college degree and years of experience, he has been out of work for two years. His company closed, and he has put in hundreds of applications (and not just for his “field”) yet has not been able to garner a job. He is married with two young children. His wife is working part-time at a department store (doesn’t pay much, as you know). He’s taken on odd jobs as he can, but it’s just not enough. The second thing would be to fly my oldest brother’s girlfriend and her daughter back to him. They live in Greece, and he is in Florida.

  • Joybird

    I would love to give inspiration everyone to give just a little more of themselves, not just financially but in presence to make someones life just a little bit better. Be Kind.

  • Stephanie

    I wish I could give my grown children and my grandchildren more physical time. We live 2 states and 12 hours apart. Pictures and phone calls are great, but I miss all my babies. But our job security won’t allow us to move.

  • Mommyme

    I would give the gift of health. My grandmother had a stroke a few weeks ago…her recovery is not progressing. My grandfather was just notified by his doctor, that a large tumor was found in his bladder. He’s scheduled for surgery on December 16th. He’s had cancer before, so we’re praying for a benign result. Fortunately, my grandmother is staying in a rehab facility, so she’ll be cared for while he’s recovering. My other grandfather awoke a few weeks ago, (while on vacation), and was unable to see. Apparently, he has macular degeneration. I cannot GIVE health, but I can ask for it in prayer!

  • Cheryl Hauber

    I would give everyone some extra time, but with the caveat that it be spent with family and no interruptions (electronic or otherwise). Everyone seems to be go go go in this world and not taking the time to just spend time with family.

  • Margaret

    I would llike to give the gift of kindness. We are all in such a rush any more that we forget to be kind. I work retail in a layaway department. People think the minute they get to the counter I should have their package there waiting for them, like I knew in advance they were coming. If people would be kind the day would go so smooth and enjoyable.
    Luvya Megan, I would give you the gift of endless energy to continue to be the wonderful mom and wife and business woman you are already
    Merry Christmas

  • Nanette Fodor

    I would love to be able to afford to give a needy family a complete Christmas…food, decorations, gifts but do it anonymously.

  • Kemberley

    I would love to give my daughter a color Nook e-reader for Christmas, but I think it’s going to be a birthday present in March…sigh…so many things to buy, sooo little money and time.

  • Kemberley

    I would love to give my daughter a color Nook e-reader for Christmas, but I think it’s going to be a birthday present in March…sigh…so many things to buy, sooo little money and time.

  • Marissa

    I wish I could provide all of my first grade students at least ONE item on their Christmas list. I have 22 little darlings and they are so cute! I teach at a low-income school and most of them will not get their wishes granted.

  • Donna

    One gift I’m excited about giving this year is an iPod nano to my nephew. I had earned a free one at work this winter and gave it to his brother because his birthday was at that time. My other nephew really liked it so I bought him one for Christmas. They’re such good kids.

  • Kim

    I am so jealous, when I lived in California there was a starbucks on nearly every corner and I probably hit them all at one time or another. Now that I live in Idaho the nearest starbucks is 89 miles away πŸ™ so sad!
    Anyway, If I could truly give “anything” this season, I would give the “gift of knowing” to all those who are sad and lonely on this holiday so that they would know that someone, somewhere, loves and cares about them, then perhaps we would have a lower suicide rate over the holidays…and just for you…a facebook recommendation is on it’s way! Merry Christmas πŸ™‚

  • Charity Brown

    I wish I could give the gift of time to everyone….time to sip that coffee at Starbucks without worrying what you have to do next or run to the next meeting, dishes to do. I wish everyone would stop and smell the roses….life is too short!

  • Moira


    This year like every year, I want to give to my mother-in-law a heating system for her spare room where she can’t play for very long with my daughter because she gets cold.
    The heater she wants is hard to find and is very expensive. I would give her the world if I could.

  • Stephanie Justice

    I would love to give my family the gift of time. With two daugthers in High School and one son in Elementary School and all their activities, and my husband and I both with full time jobs, time is just flying by. I would to be able to savor every moment, but we are always on the go, go, go. I would love for time to slow down just a bit.

  • Kim B

    I really wish I could get my son all the digital music software he needs to really get him going in his music career. It is all very expensive, so we can just get a little at a time!!!

  • Kat

    My 11 year old surprised me this year, he asked that we don’t buy him anything and to take the money we would spend on him and buy presents and a Christmas dinner for a friend of his at school, who’s family is struggling so much that they do not get 3 meals a day. It brought tears to my eyes, the thought that my son does know what Christmas is all about. He even asked if we could invite them over once a week to have dinner with us. So yesterday with the help of the company I work for, small but generous we went out and purchased all new Winter gear, and clothes for the kids and parents, winters are cold in Minnesota. We did so well with our money that we bought each kid a little something extra. I’m so proud to have a son, who has a big heart.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  • Rose LaQuay

    I wish I could give my husband a job. He’s stressing, and I think he would have a better Christmas reassured that he’s supporting his family and taking care of us. After that, I have always wanted to do Operation Christmas Child, so I guess giving a bunch of filled shoebox gifts would be the next thing on my “to gift” list. My kids are basically grown, so I miss shopping for kids and toys!!

  • Maureen Schwenkbeck

    This Christmas(and always) I wish certain family members would start speaking to each other,so we can be the family we once were. Peace on Earth.

  • Jan B

    I would really like to give to my adult children the peace and joy that living a life in Christ Jesus brings. They both struggle with day to day issues in life and need the peace that that only Christ can bring. I pray this Christmas that they recieve the most precious gift ever given.

  • Dianne Bell

    Hi, Megan,
    My wish for this holiday season is to see all our service men and women come home for Christmas and hope they never have to return again. They have given so much of themselves for us. We should all be thankful to them for the service to our country. God Bless All.

  • Marlise

    Peace of mind would be my giving gift this year. Too many of us are uncertain of what the future holds, and just to know that times will be better would be a great comfort.

  • Wanda

    If it were in my power, of course happiness to my family. Tangible gifts, I would love to be able to give my granddaughter the Disney Princess doll house. Every time she sees it she tells her mother that I am going to get it for her. She is almost 3.

  • Andrea Dixon

    Good morning! I wish I could give all the kids at my children’s school a warm coat and gloves and hat and scarf. When I see the kids walking home I see some kids don’t have warm clothes to wear. They all deserve to be warm and safe.

  • Candice

    I would like to give all us more time. We’re all so rushed that we forget about the simple little pleasures. I just truly wish we had time to stop and smell the roses.

  • Ros McPartlin

    I would love to be able to give my sister true love. She has been a single mom for a years, kissing a lot of frogs but never found the one.

  • Katy

    The biggest thing I wish I could give this holiday season is new kitchen appliances to my mom. She has no dishwasher, which is much more annoying now that there are 6 people dirtying dishes. The oven’s broken, there’s only 1 working burner on the range, and the refrigerator randomly stops working every few months. She would never spend money on them herself or complain, but it would be nice to be able to do that for her.

  • DianeK

    I wish I could give children who are suffering with debilitating medical situations not only the gift of hope but also health and recovery for their lifetime.

  • Pat B

    I think of the homeless, not only at Holiday time, but as the winter season sets in. I wish for them to have a warm, safe place to rest their head each night.
    Best wishes to all!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    I would love to give everyone peace of mind and freedom from worry in these tough economic times, jobs for those who need them, pay raises for those who are already working or retired , and to make us all debt free for life !

  • Christie Johns

    My grandchildren as did my kids, pick an angel off the angel tree and we try to fill each and every wish there. Sometimes we pick several small ones and fill those as well. They have as much fun filling their angel wishes as they do getting their gift Christmas Morning.

  • Tammy White

    What would I give someone? I would give my husband and his family the present of his grandmother receiving her memory back. She is 97 and she has dimentia/Alzheimers. She is dying and it is sad to go to the nursing home and have her not remember you. It breaks my heart to see my husband and sons when they interact with her, knowing she does not know them. The greatest gift would be to go back 10 years and relive the happy times.

  • Stacey

    It is the giving of gifts that I like the most! And we (my brothers & families) are giving our mom the gift is a donation to her favorite charity! This is something that we have been wanting to do and are finally financially able to. Giving a loved one a gift that they truly appreciate is awesome. Thank you Megan for sharing you gift of talent with us πŸ˜‰

  • Patty Miller

    If I could have one wish.. I would wish for world peace, financial stability , good health and happiness for all. I guess that is more than one wish!

  • Deborah Mussack

    If I could give one thing this year, I would give my son a flight home. He is leaving Afghanistan, but has been held up in some other ‘stan, waiting for a flight to leave for over a week, he has been snowed in and whenever he gets close to boarding some higher uppity- up bumps him off…He will fly back to his duty station in Germany and then he is supposed to fly home for Christmas…if he makes it home this will be the first Christmas in three years, I will have my whole family together under one roof. Oh please, someone send Santas sleigh to go get him.

    • Kathy

      oh Dear Deborah, I will pray for you and your son. We are waiting for our 19 year old son to receive his first orders for a duty station after he graduates A-school Dec. 15. He should have already gotten those orders but with the military ….who knows when he’ll get them. We can’t make Christmas plans with him till we know where he’s gonna be.

  • Mary Arellanes

    This year, my brother and his family have been struggling to pay their bills. The economy has hit them extremely hard. So, if I could give one gift this year, it would be to have his family prosper. The kids are wonderful and never complain about not having. They help around the house, they volunteer and do whatever they can to try and take some stress off of my brother. I will be buying their presents this year as my brother cannot afford to however, that just puts a bandaid on the issue. I wish for them prosperity and happiness.

  • Margaret H. Devine

    What I would like this Christmas is to be in two places at the same time. My brother-in-law died on November 19th & I want to spend Christmas with her but my son who lives in Las Vegas is coming home for a short visit Dec. 23 thru Dec. 26 since he has motions before the court on Dec. 27. So I would like to be back in home in Texas so I could see him since I don’t get to see him very much.

  • Ann Morrell

    I wish I could give the gift of health to one of my old friends that is battling lung cancer…she is so brave and fearless…she goes through all the chemo, comes out clean for a few months and then it returns…if any of you out there can say a little prayer for my friend Mary… I would be most grateful.

  • Judy

    I would love to be able to give my 50-something brother, who has been out of work for over a year now, a job! He hunts and hunts, but he’s either over qualified for the job (ones where he is out of his field but just wants to work!), has no experience in that area, or he loses out to the competition (of which there is a lot)! He’s had to give his cats to a friend to take care of and she can’t keep them much longer, so he has that worry on top of the job search & the financial burdens. It is hard to be helpless to help!

  • Irene Mermelstein

    I wish I could give the gift of good health. That is the one thing everyone needs. It is the worldwide leveler. If you don’t have it, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have, life just isn’t as sweet. Thanks for a chance to win. Irene

  • KitnM

    If I could give anything without thinking of cost…it would be a get away for the family so that we could all be together for Christmas. It is such a special time of year and being spread out we aren’t able to be together. It just isn’t the same without everyone there. It wouldn’t need to be any place fancy, just something central to all of us.

  • Carmen

    HI Megan~ I want to get set up and start making money somehow with my crafts! It is what I really enjoy doing, and I feel that I am good enough to sell things….Just dont know how to go about starting! Then my hardworking, loyal husband (who is 61) could quit his second job! That would be the gift I wold love to give him~

    • Shelley

      I would like to give the gift of time if it were possible! We all need more of it – more time for my girls to study for finals, more time to work, clean, shop, PLAY, and craft! Life is so hectic, we need more time to get the things done that we have to do, and more time to enjoy the simple things, like family and friends!

  • Jennifer S.

    If I could give anything away for Christmas this year, it would be happiness and inner peace. Too many of us have such hectic lives and this time of year just mulitples all the stress. I would wish for everyone to enjoy their loved ones, and forget about all the negative forces working against us.

  • Jean

    I would like to give hope and faith to so many who are struggling. I would like to give good health to all that are suffering with an illness or recovery of any kind. I would like to give a smile to all who are unhappy and I would like to give everyone peace and goodwill.
    And Megan, I would love to take you to Starbucks!!

  • Irene Kallis

    If I could, I would give my daughter a job. She graduated from college in the spring and has not been able to find work (of any kind). She is getting discouraged and needs to feel like she is a valuable person.

  • Carol Kirby

    I would give the gift of healing I have a son who longs to be able to walk A daughter with M.S. My husband and daughters with asthma and my Mom with Alzheimer’s.

  • stacy Blankenbaker

    I would love to be able to give the gift of comfort this season to those in need. So many of my friends seem to be struggling emotionally this season with different things (divorce, death, etc). I pray for them to find peace and comfort and in time, I know they will. But with the holiday season upon us, it seems to be an extra stressor that I wish I could ease for them.

  • Francyne

    What I would love to give? … TIME ….more time for ALL … extra time for the busy students who just seem so stressed with all the end of semester deadlines and exams.

  • Nancy

    I would like to give my husband the means to be able to retire and my sister good health. And good health, prosperity, & peace to everyone.

  • Stephanie W

    I would love to give each of our children a large monetary gift so that: 1) our son & his wife (& son) could buy a house and be able to be out on their own (they currently live with our daughter-in-law’s grandparents and 2) our daughter could pay off her student loans. She and her boyfriend are wanting to be married and having that financial pressure taken off may help them be able to be married sooner. I’d also like to provide for my mother-in-law so that she could stay in her home as long as possible. This might mean hiring help or whatever. I’d love to be able to make that happen.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Barbara Burgess

    I love to give presents to people. This year, I decided that I would pick 2 children from the Angel Tree at our church, instead of one. Of course I picked one that wanted something artsy/crafty! I can’t wait to bring them to church. I just wish I could see their faces as they open their presents!

  • Heather W

    I would like to be able to give my son Ethan his voice back. He has autism and was speaking up until Nov. 2010 and now he only says “ma.” I see his fustration when I don’t understand what he wants as he currently uses gestures. He receives in home therapy and they are working to get him ready to use a picture/object schedule. I’m hopeful that the ipad along with its apps will help him as I’ve seen other success stories with its use. If I could afford to help other families going through this I would. Thankfully there is more awareness now!

  • Felicia

    I know it may sound like a lot, but I wish I could give my Parents a New or Used car. It’s so hard for them to get around by having to borrow my brother’s car all the time. They’ve given the world to me and I wish I could afford to make this happen for them. Since being laid off 6mo ago, it’s been hard, but I’m a believer in Miracles.
    Megan, you and I can make a Starbuck Run Anytime… that Creme Brulee’ is the Best. Smooches…

  • Edwina Brown

    I’d love to be able to give my parents a trip to Newport. They work all the time and haven’t been on a vacation in4 1/2 years. I’d love to send them there so they could rejuiveate and come back refreshed.

  • Glenda Hart

    If I could give any one thing I would give my husband no stress. I would like him to know Gods always in control and has our family right where we are supposed to be and he got into Nursing school which would take a major weight off his shoulders.

  • Rebecca B.

    The gift of a prayer; for all those in pain and suffering, struggling financially, going through trials and tribulations. I am praying for you that the love of the Lord will shine down upon you so that you might experience a respite from all the pain and hurt that you are feeling, that you will experience the warm comfort that Gods love can bring and that your burdens will be lighter knowing that God can shoulder the things that are weighing you down. Peace

  • Kathy

    If I could afford itI would give each of my 4 grown children 12 round trip airplane tickets so they could come home once a month (even if it’s just a weekend) 12 times next year. I think that would be a gift for me and not really for them at all. oh well!

  • Bobbie

    If I could wrap any present under the tree that I wanted to give it would be the gift of health for my sister. She has Fibromyalgia. She is on so much medication because of it.

  • Donna

    When my kids were growing up, every year we would choose a child from our church’s Angel Tree. We’d go out shopping & buy all the things on the child’s list. They learned that we should share with those less fortunate. Now, we are doing this with our grandkids.

  • Dorothy Breitenstein

    My wish would be so our prayers would be answered so my niece’s daughter would have some seizure free days to really enjoy the holidays.

  • Betsy B

    I wish I could give my son a job. He and his girlfriend are wanting to get married, but she lives/works about 2 1/2 hours from our hometown. She has a really good job and can’t give it up, so my son has been trying to find a job in her area. As soon as he does, he’ll move there and they’ll get married. It’s hard to find a job in a new area when you have no contacts there! We’re all wishing that something will open up for him very soon!!! Thanks for the chance to win one of your holiday gifts, Megan!

  • Nikki

    I would love to give my family a vacation. I always thought it would be amazing to be one of those family’s whose kids open their present on Christmas and inside the package it says “we’re going to Disneyland”. Maybe in a couple of years LOL!

  • MAry Ellen

    Dear Megan: I would like to share the true meaning of Christmas to all who would accept it. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season. Show love, compassion and kindess to all you meet each day.

  • Shelly Baker

    This Christmas or anytime of the year if it would happen, to have enough money to buy my children their own homes to raise their families and have them close to me. Also to help those that are hungry and homeless. I am so blessed with what I have.

  • Alicia B

    I would SO love to give my mom my younger brother’s presence for Christmas! This is our third year without him (he is too far away and unable to come home) and it is such an empty feeling not having him there with us! *Hugs* and Merry Christmas!

  • leah

    holiday wishes to all. i would love to surprise our family with tickets to a tropical cruise. maybe our teenagers would enjoy spending time with us then.

  • Debbie Maguire

    I would love to give my children the hope that this economy will get better and as they work hard to keep up … It will all pay off in the end.

  • Rosalind

    Considering everything on my Christmas list is all about crafting, I would like to have the cardmaking dvd you have available. I am a neighbor hood mom who enjoys the smiles on little people faces. I work with the elderly and the youngsters on a daily basis. I like to help people make different things for special occasions or just because. Have a happy and healthy holiday.

  • Cheryl S

    First I wish that all would accept the gift of eternal life. I wish that my husband’s health would be restored to him. Second I wish I had all funds needed to help all those in true need.

  • Cindi

    If I could give one thing for Christmas it would be to bring all our brave soldiers home and finally finish this war. I want to thank you for adding some fun to the holidays by doing this for all of us. You are the sweetest person I craft with.

  • Barbara Edeker

    I wish that my family would have the memories that I had as a child with my grandparents and extended family…we all live so far apart. I wish the best for my Dad and husband who both have cancer and need extra prayers at this time…

  • Janice

    Seeing so much need around us, we are picking a few families to do things for. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be much. Just knowing that they are thought of and cared about is a great gift in itself. We have tried to instill this in our children as well. Ann-consider it done.

  • Karen OConnell

    If I could give my very close friend to be able to come home with his family for this Christmas, it is a very long story but that is what I would love to be able to give.
    Happy Holidays

  • Joyce Valenza

    I would give everyone a Joyous Holiday Season filled with good health and happiness, sharing and creating memories for years to come.

  • Lynn B

    I would like to be able to bring all the service men and women home to their families! I helped pack care packages for 100 soldiers this past weekend (Toys for Troops) and as they showed the slide show of the men and women, I ached knowing that so many of them have young children waiting for them to come home and will have to spend Christmas without their Daddy (or Mommy).

  • Donna Diggins

    This year we are giving our Christmas weekend to my father in law, who lives about 3.5 hours away. The family is spread out, and his wife lost her battle with cancer a year ago. He has not had a “proper” Christmas in several years. We did the same for him at Thanksgiving, and although it was just the 3 of us, he truly seemed to appreciate it and said he was looking forward to doing it again for Christmas. But if I could truly give ANYTHING it would be a cancer free health report for my niece who is not responding to treatment at this time.

  • Stacie

    If I could give one thing this Christmas–ANYTHING at all, I would give everyone another day with someone they lost–whether it is a family member or a furry friend.

  • Crystal Nichols

    This year I have an overwhelming urge to give coats to those in need, and to give the spirit of christmas to my family by decorating and reminding them why we celebrate christmas.

  • Phyllis Freese

    My wish is for all those in the service could spend the holiday at home this Christmas. They give selflessly of themselves all year and hate the thought that some will not be home to celebrate with their families.

  • Stephanie Madriz

    I have a 2 year old son who is just enjoying all the Christmas Spirit around the town. He sees anything that looks like Christmas he says “mama HO HO HO Merry Christams” I pray that at his young age Im able to start a lifetime of apprectiation for what Christmas is really about the Birth of Jesus. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  • Holly Buchanan

    I would love to give my kids the time and attention they haven’t received over the past year. We took in a niece and nephew last year who have special needs and my own kids have lacked the one-on-one they deserve. The other kids are moving on now and this gift will be able to be given.

  • Carolyn Hartle

    I want to give love and happiness to my friends and family. Just being with friends and family is a great gift if life and happiness.

  • Leslie

    I would love to give my sister better health. She is having some major health issues and sometimes it’s hard for her to just function every day. I would love if she was feeling better.

  • Shana

    If I could give “TIME” that would be pretty neat. Everyone could use it. But what I will give is a prayer for everyone to truly know the real meaning of Christmas!

  • Terri Kurilla

    I would love to give my Mom a place to store her scrapbook supplies that allows her to access them quickly and easity. I get so much joy and relaxation from doing just alittle bit of crafting fairly often. I just wish she had someplace to leave her projects so that they are accessable yet not in the way so she could enjoy herself when she has a few available minutes now and then. Its so much easier to find a few minutes to spare rather than several hours. She has worked so hard in her life and I would like her to be able to relax and enjoy herself without having to worry about creating a mess with her scrapbooking stuff. She does so much for everyone else, I would like to do something just for her because I know she would do it more if it was easier to clean up and keep organized.

  • Bobbi Ann

    It would be that people get along better with each other. To remember that Christmas is not just about presents.
    To be able to help more at the Soup Kitchen.

  • Debbie

    I also agree with Sandy above, I hope the economy starts to show some positive results. Being self employed for over 20 years, and the last couple have been very stressful.

  • Diane Villegas

    If I could I would give my family the gift of me. My Children and Sibling live in various different states and it has been 4 years since we have seen each other. So, I would love to buy all of them airfare to spend the holiday with me, and that is truly all I want for Christmas my family closer than they are now. Have a wonderful holiday season all of you.

  • Elizabeth f Jennings

    Hi megan, i would give wonderful bless to everyone,and give my sons wonderful women to share their life .god bless you all.and the big one is that all our men,women come HOME!!!

  • Becky H

    My 2 little nieces wisdom. I hope they don’t make some of the foolish mistakes that I have made in my life. I know the school of hard knocks builds character and I truly want them to learn by their mistakes. My concern is that children are so innocent and the world today has become very hard and cruel. My babies are so beautiful and precious to me and I can only hope and pray that their parents and our family instill the values and morals of yester years.

  • Pat Burson

    The best present I want to give is a great big HUG to my daughter who is coming home from Saipan (that’s in the South Pacific near Guam) to AZ, thousands of miles away from us) to spend a week with us for Christmas. She is over there teaching second grade in the public school system. We are so proud of her! Our kids rock! Hope all of you have a happy holiday season….I know I will:)

  • Tracy

    I wish that everyone fills there hearts with love and happiness. To remember ones that are less fortunate this year. This holiday should be more about giving of one’s self instead of receiving. I told my family no presents this year. Instead, we are donating what we don’t use in our closets so that someone else can say warm this cold season.

    God Bless & Happy Holidays Everyone

  • Cris Nosack

    I have a son in his 40’s, a kind soft hearted young man. This year his wife of 20 years left him for another….if I could, I would give him some happiness back, I know he will make it and be better for this but it is so hard to see one of your children be so sad.

  • Barb S

    I would give peace of mind and heart to my daughter and her children who are currently going through very difficult times. It is so heart breaking to see the bad guy win, even when it is hopefully a temporary win!

  • Lisa

    I would love to give the gift of good health and less stress to those of my loved ones who have been struggling as of late.
    And on a larger scale, I wish I could give peace of mind, kindness of spirit and the freedom from any worries that may be weighing on the minds of people everywhere.
    Merry Christmas, everyone… May you all have a blessed holiday.

  • Brenda Mingus

    I would love to give my mom the gift of peace and a real understanding of God’s love this holiday season as this is the first Christmas without my dad. Their 66th anniversary would have been a couple days after Christmas so this is a hard time for her. Merry Christmas to all

  • Vicky Hale

    I always wanted to give my Papa a brand new tractor. He used to work so hard on his old “green” one, so hard he hardly had time to get his work done. Now I guess he has no use for a new tractor because his work is done in heaven. I miss him very much!

  • Fran

    I would like to give ever one good will to every one, the world would be such a nice place if everyone gave good will to each other and thought of other before themselves.

  • Sheila

    I would like to give peace and hope to all who have been stuggling without jobs. In these tough times STRESS is the worst on families. I would like to see them all get back on their feet and live normal lives again. STRESS FREE! πŸ™‚

  • candice carrell

    A new heart for my husband. He had a silent heart attack (no idea when) and it was pretty major. He is my soulmate, my best friend and the love of my life. I know it is all in God’s hands and I know he is not afraid to die, but I want a lot more time with him.

  • Kristi

    I wish I could give my parents a contractor to be able to finish the little touches of the remodel that they started over ten years ago, so that they can enjoy the house and not have undone projects.

  • Linda

    Love Starbucks also. I would like to give my husband his want for a gas powered weed eater. I know that doesn’t sound like a gift that us gals would want but he really wants one.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  • Nanci

    I work with cancer patients. If I could I would give each one of them what they need so they didn’t have to stress over payments, medicines and their illness in general.

  • CathyinMN

    I would like to give the gift of time to my family so we can take our time doing things or getting somewhere — not always being in a rush. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Hilary

    I’d like to give my kids a sense of the true meaning of Christmas. They’re young still (3 and 1) but I’d like to start now so it’s just a part of who they are and they don’t know any different.

  • Rose

    I like to do angel tree gifts or fill shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. I haven’t done any of those yet this year, as I got rather behind because my granddaughter got married and we had our family Christmas at Thanksgiving.

  • Jessie Conger

    Wow, it’s a big order…For one all and I mean all of our Men and Women in harm’s way to be home and with their families for Christmas! Then for every child less fortunate to be given a feast, clothes and warm place to place their sweet little heads like in (The Little Princess) yall know the part!
    For you Megan more customers so you can remain at home and continue your creativeness!
    Merry Christmas everyone and may your New Year be bright and full of joy!

  • Karen G

    My sister is struggling with money this year (no child support from her ex either) and will not have enough to even have money for Christmas gifts for her 3 older children. She is buying a few things for her 3 year old who believes in Santa…the others will wait for her tax refund if there is one. I just wish I could give her the kind of wonderful husband I have and money for all of her Santa needs!

  • Nicole Lawrence

    This past week a group of us got together to have a stocking exchange. One of the things I was given from the person who drew my name was a prayer commitment. She committed to pray for my family @ I every Monday. I was incredibly touched by this and would like to be able to do this for someone else so I would give a prayer commitment.

  • Donna Schaffer

    I would love to give my whole family peace. My father died in September after two years of being very ill. It was 5 days before my only daughter’s wedding and Christmas this year will be very hard. Family has always been the most important part of our lives so we will be missing dad (and my two brothers) very much this year. Donna

  • Janice M.

    I would love to give my grandchildren a taste of the memories I have of Christmas’ growing up. Things were so carefree and festive back then, and the memories are wonderful. I want them to have those same kind of warm memories when they look back on Christmas at grandma’s house!

  • Christa Hamilton

    A present that I like to give is anything hand made! I’m really stingy about them though, because I want to make sure the person who recieves the gift will appreciate the time and effort that went into the gift. Merry Christmas Megan!

  • Paula Banos

    I wish for peace in the world we live in andi good health to every one:) how do you read all these comments ? God bless you and your family happy holiday

  • Nicki Lundeen

    If I could give ANYTHING I would go to every angel tree I could find and buy gifts for those who aren’t going to get anything this year. We have done some of this, but I would love to be in a situation where I could do a lot more.

  • Sherry Kaas


  • Trudy

    I would like to give my brothers great success in their businesses, since they’ve been going through such a tough time the past few years (like so many others). That way they could redirect some energy to their families and enjoying life without financial worries hanging over their heads.

  • Lisa Lahiff

    ohhhh I agree starbucks is so lovely and nothing can compare! Hmmm… I would love to be able to give my son any and all of the Thomas train toys he wants, and for my little girl all of the dresses and blings out hair things! hehehe! Thanks!

  • Pat

    I would give my husband a year of peace on his job. We feel his company is trying to force him out since he is nearing retirement. I try to tell him to hang on because he does still have a job.

    To all others I would like to give the gift of Jesus as their savior. He is the best gift and if we want to go to heaven shouldn’t we want everyone to go there?

  • Erika Bardo

    I wanted to give some gifts to children in need so me and my fiance went and bought some toys to donate to a some young kids at the local women’s shelter. πŸ™‚



  • Karen Edwards

    I wish I could give the gift of perfect health to my daughter Megan who is type 1 diabetic since age 2.
    Since that is in God’s hands, I would like to give my friend Amelia something new in scrapbooking that she does not have. She is a very awesome scrapbooker and a wonderful person. She is a senior citizen and has been scrapping for over 30 yrs. Karen Edwards

  • Christeen Baker

    I would like to give all the Australian kids who’s mummies and daddies are serving in Afghanistan and around the world their family reunited on Christmas day. I feel so sad to think of these kids not being able to get a hug and kiss from one of their parents on Christmas morning. Disruption to family life is just one of the many sacrifices our defence personnel make serving their country. Merry Christmas to all that serve to defend our peace and freedom.

  • Janie T

    If I could give I would give my neighbor enough money to be able to afford all her medications so her quality of life would be better.

  • Katie

    I would love to give my mom peace of mind. During Irene several trees fell–one squashed her car and one clipped the garage and two more fell in the yard. Trees surround the house. Thankfully the ones that fell did not fall on the house, but now when even a mention of a storm is made, she starts to worry that this will be the one that takes the house. I’d wish for a car to replace the one she lost, but she dedided that maybe (at age 92) it was time for her to stop driving.
    May all of your Christmas wishes come true.

  • BJ

    First, I would ensure that my mom regains her strength to walk. I would like to make this a special Christmas for those who are in need. I would like to find forever families for orphans. I would like to give aid to those who are hurting physically,financially, and emotionally and provide a period of rest for the weary. Short of fufilling those dreams, I can help a few children have a good Christmas by providing presents.

  • DawnD

    I would like Peace and Harmony for the World. I would love to give ALL children that dont have families or have families that cant aford gifts this year the first item on their wish list, and see the joy on their face Christmas morning.

  • Melinda McDonald

    Well there are a few things I wish I could give. In the care home that I work at, we just took a $650 pay cut a month…so I would give back all the money that everyone lost and depends on for daily living. I would give my boyfriend a job, along with the other guys that got laid off a few months ago. Then I would make sure that everyone who is living on the streets in the cold weather, had a shelter to be in. There are sooo many things that I wish I could do, but there would have to be a lot of changes in the world. However there is something that I WILL be able to do…. and that is give all the love I can and make sure that all my residents have a fabulous Christmas day, especially the ones that don’t have any visits from family members.

  • Cydney Fowler

    I wish I could give my oldest son a job. He is unemployed and has a wife and six kids. He is looking and I pray that he finds one soon. I won’t let the babies be homeless or without utilities but I don’t have endless funds…maybe Santa can help. :^)

  • Melissa Brown

    I would love for everyone to receive what they have wished for on these comments! There are some real heart wrenching wishes. Personally I would like a job offer for my husband as well as family peace for my Grandma who divided up her savings to the family in the way she saw fit and some people didn’t feel it was enough and have hurt feelings over it. Seeing my Grandma get hurt has been difficult for me.

  • Barb Leffeler

    I wish I had more income so I could give it to the Bread For Life Food Pantry. Our whole county is in need. The Pantry runs out of food quit often.

  • Francine H

    I would love to give my daughter a brand new baby stroller for christmas. The one she has is not sturdy enough to hold her little girl right now. I will probably have to look in second hand shops instead because they would be much cheaper. If I had the money I would just buy her a new one with plenty of room for storage.

  • Elizabeth f Jennings

    Hi Megan,i wish that i can give my mom money to help her out,for my sons wonderful women in their life,for the men and women to come home!!! god bless you all,thank you.

  • Robyn Blake

    I wish I could give my daughter peace and to lessen some of the stress in her life. She has 3 wonderful daughters and works full time and really between the kids and their activities and her job has very little time for herself. I guess I am being a bit selfish cause maybe we could spend a bit more time together if she had less to do.

  • Amy

    I would love to give more presents that are homemade!!! I make all my own cards and I have done other crafty projects for people in the past, I just wish I could be more organized to give out more presents I had a hand in πŸ™‚

  • Daphne H.

    My sister and her family really struggle financially. It’s hard to see them work so darn hard just to make ends meet. So if I could, I’d help them in some way to be more financially free – since I know that puts an enormous amount of pressure on a marriage!

  • Carol W.

    I would love to be able to give more to my brother’s family and to my sister’s family, both have finanial problems due to layoffs (like a lot of people these days).

    Carol W.

  • Marla H.

    I would LOVE to give my sister and brother in law the Dave Ramsey course and have them willing to attend so 2012 could be much more secure and safe for them because they could learn how to manage money and not have so many financial worries!!

  • Laura

    About a month ago my family found out that both my mother (asap) and my grandmother need surgery. Both are lifesaving and threatening in their own way. This year I want to have the whole family together again to celebrate not just the holidays but life and love itself. We used to do this many, many moons ago and we all enjoyed it but, when life gets in the way we can forget to live. I want to give another of those happy moments to my family. If each one of us is enfused with happiness then we will be able to spend it to others…and so on.

  • Fran

    I would like to give two of my coworkers their wish for a new baby. Both of them would be great mothers.
    But since I know that is not possible for me to give, I would like to give my BFF a much needed vacation, complete with spa treatments.

  • Phyllis Clark (kscookie)

    I would love to give everyone one day of knowing peace and the same feeling I experience when I think of Christmas, to not know hunger, being homeless, to know at least one day of having all that they need.

  • Nicole Warne-McGraw

    We have several family friends who are facing life-threatening diseases — mostly cancers that have come back after the strongest treatment protocols. The gift I wish I could give them this Christmas is the gift of hope, comfort, and healing. And I wish wish wiiiiish there were a cure for cancers.

  • Leanna

    I wish I could give my mom her good health back. She has been in the hospital off and on since June.
    Hope she can spend holiday with us.

  • Cindy

    The gift I would like the most to give this year would have to be for my husband. He works sooo hard everyday so that I can stay home with my daughter. My wish for him would be a job that isn’t so physically demanding. He deserves that and sooo much more. πŸ™‚

  • Diane

    A holiday tradition for our family is to select a name off the Salvation Army Angel tree. Do to financial difficulties this year we are unable to do this. I made all my Christmas presents this year (handy to be crafty and inexpensive) and my kids know there will be no gifts under the tree this year. If by some miracle I can come up with some extra cash the family will not be spending it on ourselves but will go pick a name off the Angel Tree.

  • Julie

    O yum yum yum Starbucks here I come, Carmel Brulee my favorite at this time tooo. I wish they would have it all year long. Merry Merry Christmas everybody!!!!

  • Annette

    I wish I could give everyone a smile. I like to smile at people when they look like they are having a bad day. Usually, I get one in return:)

  • Name (Required)

    For the first time in years my sister and her family are coming home for Christmas. Lots of new relatives to meet. I wish I could give her more time to be here. She can only stay 3 days. Time is the gift I would give.

  • Kim Allen

    Megan, did you catch that the cranberry bliss bars are half off today only for their day 7 special? yum! I wish I could give the man in my life a new Mac computer! He would be so surprised lol
    thanks for the giveaway!

  • kim mcnaughton

    I would love to make a Christmas for a needy family….gifts for all and dinner too. I have been there…when there is no money to even buy milk.

  • Linda

    Since I work with abused and neglected children, the one gift I would like to give would be reunification with caring parents. That is always not possible so maybe we could make sure all of those older kids are remembered with something special that they would like to have.

  • Sharron Turner

    When I think of anyone I know, I can think of something that they can really use and would make a difference in their lives; well almost everyone.

    If I could give ANYTHING, I’d give my brother his wife back. Since she was my best friend and the mother to my niece and nephew, that’s a gift that we all would cherish. Since she passed in February (so young, only 41), there is this hole that no present in the world can fill for any of us.

    In absence of THAT, I can and do pray for peace and acceptance for them. I can see that the Lord is already answering my prayers and their hearts are not as heavy. In time…in time.

  • Bernadine Stahl

    i would love to give a great christmas for an unfortunate family. i will be picking an anget off the tree at the mall. so hopefully that helps. things are tight and every little bit helps a family with children..

  • Debra Peloso

    I wish that I could give someone who’s doing without this year the security to enjoy the holiday season so that they can focus on whats important- love, patience, kindness and joy to everyone, including people we know and people we don’t. The spirit of kindness to all and the joy of giving, even a friendly smile, can make all the difference in someones day.

  • Deborah Koehler

    I would like to give you the gift of time. A bit more time to level out the stress this time of year brings. Not that I don’t absolutely LOVE this time of year, but if you’re anything like me, you know that Christmas is sneaking up on us too quickly! Another day or two would be so nice, don’t you think?

  • Kim Higgins

    The gift I would most like to give … is the gift of a simplified life! Whether traveling or home, happy or sad, healthy or sick the burdens we allow to impose stress on our own selves and those around us niggle away at the quality of enjoyment we savor from those experiences. The Gift Of A Simplified Life …. that is definitely what I would give! πŸ˜‰

  • Jan Lynn

    I have been gathering old family photos to make heritage albums for our family memebers. I hope to have some of the pages done in time for Christmas. These are especially important this year as we lost my MIL in May and a neice in July. I want our family to think on the good memories instead of the sorrow we have had this year.

  • facsmom

    My heart is thinking a lot about children both in and out of hospitals. My present would be to take away their pain and suffering and the trials and experiences of the friends and family who love them so much. I know that God never leaves us and can use the challenges of life in so many ways, for HIS good. My finite mind that doesn’t always see His big plan, would love to give them cures and/or relief.

  • Linda Lapotka

    I wish all families could be together for Christmas and all soldiers could come home and be with their families. I don’t have anyone in the service but I think about all those families who have family members far away fighting for the freedom that we sometimes take for granted. They are the ones who should have the presents.

  • TK

    I LOVE to give gifts that aren’t really on anybody’s lists! Yep, the element of surprise!! Oh, I’m very practical and get stuff that’s on their list, but there’s always something that isn’t on their list. The surprise might be a GC to coffee, massage, pedicure or my favorite — a handmade gift! I’m making my 3 daughters stuff this year that they’ve talked about but it isn’t on their lists, I just remember conversations … one is a handmade jewelry holder. Another gift is some handmade “floating frame” pictures made with my cricut, and then a Recipe book for my oldest daughter who just got married! I love the thought it takes throughout the year to come up with something really personal :o)

  • Brenda Letellier

    The one thing I would love to give is: to pay for my mom to have a live in nanny for my 45 year old severly handicapped sister. My mom has taken care of her since birth and it has really taken a toll on her body.

  • cheryl sibilia

    Hi Megan, I would like to buy my husband a ocean fishing rod. Money is non existant this season but i would like to get him that. Have a wonderful day!!

  • Ruth Gauss

    I wish I could give the gift of good health and happiness to everyone who is suffering from illness or struggling with depression.

  • Wanda M.

    If the money was available I would love to help my cousin by paying her mortgage off. She has not be able to find a job since April 2010. People our age seem to be looked over for jobs in our area. You can imagine the stress this would take off her. Sometimes we think we have problems but we just have to look around the corner and then we see how blessed we are.

  • Julie Steed

    I want to give my daughter wonderful memories of this Christmas. We haven’t seen her for a year now. She’s in CA and we are in OH. I got laid off in the spring so our annual trip 1/2 through the year didn’t happen. She has also lost 110+ lbs since we have seen her and gotten herself healthy. I know she’s looking forward to seeing friends and family to show off the new her. I want her to feel great about herself and have a great time for the short two weeks we get to have her home.

  • Jan Mougel

    I would like to give my family happy Christmas memories.The memories will not be in the gifts that they recieve, it will be how our time is spent together remembering why we have the Christmas season. It will be in family time, playing games and laughing with each other.
    The gift I would like is good health, and of course things for my craft room.

  • Linda

    Our pastor has been stressing spend less and giving more and I think that is so great! But if I could I would give my husband freedom from the stress of his job.

  • Shirley E.

    This Holiday Season, and all year through I would like to be able to take away all the tears of children. Whether they are out of hunger, abuse, lonliness, homelessness, bullying or for any other reason I would like to love and protect and bring smiles to all their beautiful faces!

  • Susan

    I hope to give my kids the gift of knowing the real meaning of Christmas and instill in them the joy of giving of themselves. I want to give them wonderful childhood memories during the Christmas season that will form their missions for life.

  • Brenda

    This season has already been a giving season for our family. My office has a couple families we are buying for, our church has families we are buying for (dinner and presents). my sons scout troop has had a food/coat drive and toys for tots drive and my specific group at work roughly 30 of us are always given a honey baked ham or can donate that cost to soup kitchen – so we decided to donate this year. Christmas this year for my family will be different as we have no little kids, so we can and have started to turn Christmas back to the real meaning.
    Thanks for all you “give” to us Megan.

  • Cindy Sue

    I would love to give EVERYONE a little “ME TIME”. Time to slow down and really enjoy the season. Build a snowman, go to midnight service on Christmas Eve, take in all the wonders of the season, pray for our service men and women, be grateful for what we have and not expect that “big” gift this year, sit down with family and talk and laugh, (When was the last time you laughed until your face hurt?) but above all have a very blessed Christmas.

  • angela R

    I would love to give “peace of mind” to those who need to just catch a break during these hard times. I would like to give the homeless lady who is living out of shopping carts a place to live , instead of only giving her a warm winter coat and other little things. I can go on and on about what I would like to give.Only wish I could!

  • Jeri

    Obviously this is way too extravagant to really give…but a grandma can dream. I’d love to buy plane tickets and a trip to DisneyWorld for my grandkids. It’s a dream I’ve had since my first of nine grandkids was born.

  • Kim Kucharski

    I wish I could give a new life to my cousin. Her husband is disabled after being hit by a car while on the job. He’ll never work again. Laurie is working 4 part time jobs because she can’t find a full time job. Then there’s running her husband to therapy several times a week and getting her boys to school and activities. Working part time means no insurance benefits either. I think she needs a miracle.

  • Donna Sebby

    I would want something for my two new grandsons. I would say world peace – but I think that was said already. Maybe something as simple as being loved by the two wonderful parents that each has and knowing their are loved.

  • Janet Sisk

    I wish I could give the gift of salvation to my family members who don’t know Christ. *sigh* Only Christ can do that so I guess I will just keep praying. Thanks for a chance to win today. πŸ˜€

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Seems, we spend so much time shopping and planning and parties to attend, that we run out of free time. I am so hoping that with all that is going on at this Christmas Season, I can find some hours to volunteer to help with the Domestic Violence gift wrap center at our local mall. I think giving of your time is a most precious gift, and it means you have to sacrifice something else to do it. Christ sacrificed for us on the cross and its because of His sacrifice that we can celebrate Christmas and the best gift ever is giving your time and talents to fill a need and bless someone else. May you look for opportunities this Christmas to give a gift of serving and helping where ever there is a need. Merry Christmas

  • Nancy Funderburgh

    I have several students who won’t have a true Christmas dinner, any gifts under the tree, and no tree at all. I wish I could bring them home with me for a real Christmas.

  • Jeanne

    I already have this wonderful DVD, but it would make a great gift to share with one of my Cricket pals. As to a gift I would really love to get, it would be Dinner at Joe’s Crab Shack. Yum Alaska King Crab. I could also use this as a Birthday gift since My “B” is Dec. 24th.

  • Cathy Plese

    I would like to give the gift of time! The time spent with family and friends is priceless and precious so I am going to spend more time making each moment together memorable and full of love.

  • robin breault

    I am ssooo late in doing this, but thought I’d try anyways! I wass so carried away with wrapping gifts up that I lost track of time tonight! As far as a gift for everyone, my gift is simple, cheap and can be used by all! I want to see big smiles, hearty laughs and feel warm hearts and hugs from everyone I know!

  • dedra irelan

    If I were able, I would give the answers to fixing our broken economy while showing care and compassion toward every member of society.

  • Francine Howard

    I am trying one more time. This morning I tried to put a comment to let you know what I would give someone for Christmas, but after I posted it said my comment is being monitored. I have never had this happen before to me. I am fairly new to this website and joining too. Okay one more time. I would want to give my daughter a stroller for Christmas because the one she has now is too small for Chloe’ my granddaughter. I hope my comment goes through this time. Hugs, Francine Howard

  • Tina Campbell

    To give my family the joy that I have in knowing Jesus Christ and what he has done for our lives, and for them to know him too. That is truly the best gift in the world and the truest meaning of Christmas to me.

  • Judi Farrell

    If I could give anything this Christmas, it would be the family trip to DisneyWorld I have always promised my kids. Now my oldest is 24 and married, middles is 20 and youngest is 12. I promised the oldest when she was little that before she was 18 we would take a trip to DisneyWorld—-18 came and went and we never got to DisneyWorld. Finances—–or lack of—-were always the problem along with death, war, cancer, job loss, etc. I feel tremendous guilt for not following through on my promise, but it just couldn’t be helped. My kids have NEVER made me feel bad about it. They have always understood, but that almost makes me feel worse. :/ So, any gift to give for Christmas would have to be a family trip to DisneyWorld. πŸ˜€

  • Linda

    Oh, Megan.. I would love to give someone a machine that makes gift cards in any amount for any store with an unlimited account to back it up! Wouldn’t that be the most funnest gift ever? That person.. (someone who LOVES me very much, lol) could give food and coffee and clothes and of course…. craft stuff… and toys and oh, you get the picture! That would be the best!

  • penny reinhart

    I wish this year that I could give my mother her health and strenght back after she has been so ill, craft wise i wish i could give my grand daughter kaylynn a cricut machine, she loves to create things.

  • Heather

    If I could give anything, it would be for my huband to beat his cancer and get his voice back. Our daughter has not heard his voice since she was a baby. It would be great for him not to have chemo anymore. It would be wonderful for him to be able to spend more time with us, have his energy and appetite back and get to enjoy doing this with our daughter.

  • Tina V

    I love giving a jar of my homemade salsa with a bag of tortilla chips so the receiver can enjoy it right away! I wish I had enough of the spicy treat (and money for the necessary chips) to give to all my coworkers and friends!

  • Tricia

    This is my sons first Christmas where he’ll actually be aware of the going ons, so I’m hoping that we can give him the best first Christmas ever!!

  • Tammy Palmer

    Too many of us our so stressed out about bills and how we are going to provide gifts for our family that we forget that the little things we do create memmories that can last a life time. So I wish everyone could stop stressing and just enjoy and be thankful for what they do have. Spending more time with our families will creat memmories that last longer than any gift I could buy.

  • Kay Goebel

    I would love to be able to give enough rain to our parts of Texas, who are in a severe drought, to fill the lakes so there would be no water shortage.

  • MousEarz

    I wish I could give my best friend the gift of her own business. She’s amazing and has a fantastic business plan, but hasn’t been able to obtain the funding.

  • Tonia H.

    I would love to give my son, who is in South America serving with the Coast Guard, Christmas at home this year! I pray they all stay safe! MERRY CHRISTMAS to all the family and friends who have loved ones serving in the military this Christmas.

  • Heather Mauck

    I would like to give my mom a week long visit. Her mom died this year and she has none of her kids around her. I think a week visit would be great. Then we could craft together!!!

  • Nancy Hjortness

    If I could give any gift I want to any one—-it would be some special gifts to all the people who are in a nursing home and have no one to visit them or to the mentally challenged adults in group homes—-we always try and remember the children, and they are just adult children—-Thanks Nancy

  • Sarah Joy

    This year i am hoping to give my girls bunk beds – we are saving up to be able to seperate them from sharing a room. But more importantly I am so looking foward to just being with family- I am right now in New York getting ready to head to the viewing of my husband’s grandmother. She passed away this last sunday night. She was 90 years old and had a stroke 3 wks ago. I am so thankful that we were able to celebrate her life this last summer and to spend time with her and know she is now with her Savior!! But it sure helps youto focus on what is really important- she was healthy and stong in July and know 5 mos. later we are going to be at her funeral. Treasure the moments – slow down and do not be so busy to miss spending time with your loved ones!!!

  • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

    Funny, I think I’d focus more on the positive. Rather than looking at all the “distress” in my life making me run to the coffee spot, I think I’d do a Polly-Anna and call my Starbucks “de-stressors”, since I would look at the positive side of how they might make me feel better.Whatever one calls a coffee treat, my personal fave is a Caramel Macchiato. Yum!

  • Amyfj1

    I loved the book & so did my husband. We are always quoting from the book. Its funny to us when whoever iis with us doesn’t understand why we are laughing.


    Megan, I would like nothing more than to give to those that don’t have. So, I have again this year as in the past taken from our company’s CHRISTMAS TREE ( for those in need) to give to the Elderly and the ABUSED CHILDREN network–we take an ornament with their names on front and their wish/wishes on the back– get their wish and wrap it with their ornament and place it under the CHRISTMAS TREE in our lobby–they will be given to them in time for Christmas! I just want them to know SOMEONE DOES CARE! God Bless you all!

  • Connie T

    I would love to give my sister and her husband airline tickets and hotel reservations in Florida in February; They’ve had a rough year and it would make me happy to know they’d get time away & it would be paid for.

  • Darla Haverstock

    I wish I could give someone a day back with a loved one.
    Since that will never be possible I wish I could win the lottery and give my family paid off mortgages.
    And since truly that won’t happen either (since I don’t buy lotto tickets)…. I’d like to have time to make homemade gifts for all of my family and friends!! (I send out 200 Christmas cards handmade and only send to family that is no further than a 1st cousin away and friends that I see at least once a month).

  • Tasha

    I hope that I will be able to help someone have a merry Christmas. Just do whatever I could do to help them. And show God’s love. That’s the best gift of all

  • Karyn J

    I wish for good health (physical & mental) for my family. We have had a rough year, but praying it gets better.

    Thanks for the chance to win

  • Judy Spencer

    I would like to be with my grandkids for Christmas…they are in Minnesota and we are in Washington State…other than that..I have all I’ll ever need

  • Sandra J

    I know it sounds like a cliche but I truly would love to give the gift of Peace on Earth. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all live in peace?

  • Lisa LeMay

    This year I want to give my husband and family a stress free holiday. I am a neat freak AND a perfectionist, not to mention a compete and total go-getter! I am 100%, (ok, well, maybe 99.9%), task oriented person and I know I rarely give my hubby and kids a break. So! This year I want to enjoy the season their way! No list of activities and baking. No perfect decorations or big parties to attend. Just plain ol’ FUN! (Wish me luck!) Take care! πŸ˜›

  • Judy

    I wish I could give my sister the gift of peace. I try to get her to look at the glass as half full but she always has to take the negative outlook, and I feel she’s missing out on the peace and tranquility we all need. She has a heart of gold but needs to relax and enjoy life before it all passes her by and she wonders where the time went!

  • Sandy W

    Oh, I totally love color! I would love to give so many things this year, mostly jackets, hats, and blankets to anyone who needs them. Our weather feels warm to so many people (Arizona – USA) but if you live here, it is so very cold.

  • Christie Harris

    I would love to get my mom a Cricut (anyone really but the Expressions is the one I think she would like the most)! After I made her and my dad their first family scrapbook many moons ago, her and I began scrapbooking together! This was a great way or us to spend quality time together and take trips down memory lane! If I could get her a Cricut, it would expand her ability to create craft projects and be MUCH easier for her!!!

  • Shawn Stoen

    There is this little girl who make’s cards to “Send smiles” to little children that are sick or just need a reason to smile. She is also collecting silly socks to send to children at St Judes hospital. My wish would be to send her more supplies to help offset the cost. I have sent her one care box already but i want to send her another. She is such a caring, kind hearted little girl. You can find her on facebook under Cards for Kids.

  • Jennifer

    This year I wish I could give my Mum her dream gift, which is a cruise to Alaska. She has been talking about wanting to go on one since I was a little girl, but has never been able to.

  • Christi Fillhard

    I would love to give peace to all. I would like to make everyone able to live comfortably and not have to worry day to day.
    Thanks again for the chances to win and have a great holiday!

  • Andrene

    I wish I could have made a Christmas card for each and every member of our Armed Services who are overseas this holiday season and unable to spend Christmas with their families. And just a FYI – my fav is the caramel macchiato and I love the caramel macchiato biscottis too!!!

  • Megan Elizabeth Post author

    Thanks so much for Participating in our FUN Days of Giveaways – Contest Entry Period is now closed and I hope to see you again at for lots more fun in the future! THANKS and Enjoy the Moments! <3 Megan