Present #1 of 7 Days of Christmas Fun! 733

What Megan Wants for Christmas Day 1: A Smash Book

I think You all have heard me say it a billion times since I first held a Smash Book this summer!  LOL  This is one of those items, where I KNOW I can make them myself (and have done so, you can see here)…It really is one of those perfect Christmas gifts.  Its still something that I think is pretty, and cute, and done for you…so its item #1 on my Christmas Wish List.   Something reasonable to “ask” for this Christmas…but something that’s fun to get as a gift. 🙂  What’s top on your Christmas Wish List?

 Thanks so much for Participating in our FUN Days of Giveaways – Contest Entry Period is now closed and I hope to see you again at for lots more fun in the future!  THANKS and Enjoy the Moments! <3 Megan

Present #1: Today’s Totally Wrapped Present is something any crafter is going to love!  There are two little goodies wrapped in this box, but you know what they say – big things come in small packages!  I’m sure you’ll have fun creating with this gift…. Leave a comment on this post with something on your holiday wish list – crafting related of course! 🙂

Today’s Facebook Winner: Vanessa Hilker …. and the card dvd

Vanessa is the winner of our Cricut Cards for Every Occasions DVD!  Congratulations Vanessa!  Click HERE TO claim Your Prize!


Today’s Featured Discount Gift:

35% off of the Gypsy A to Z DVD and Cricut 2nd Edition A to Z DVD (Totally Revised and New!)

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Give these this Holiday Season to a fellow crafter or tell your loved ones its on your wish list – 35% off today only!

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733 thoughts on “Present #1 of 7 Days of Christmas Fun!

  • Jennie (Java Jen)

    Something on my Christmas wish list is the Teresa Collins Black & White Imagine pattern cartridge! I’ve been wanting it for quite awhile but it is always sold out! Looking forward to this fun-filled 7 days!!

  • Phyllis (Kscookie)

    I don’t really have any ONE thing on my Christmas Wish List, I just want any craft item. . . .I love everything and all and just want to be surprised

  • Christeen Baker

    On the top of my list for Christmas is the Teresa Collins Stampmaker. I missed out on the Black Friday sale and am so hoping it comes on sale again soon so Santa does not have to pay so much.

  • Michele Jecelin

    Love the ARS sitie. You have awesome tips and videos.
    One of the things on my Christmas list is the Cricut stamp making kit. Cricut has soooo many cute designs, it would be really cool to be able to co-ordinate with stamps.

  • fawn albright

    on my christmas wishlist would be the cricut mini. I have the expression, imagine and the expression2 but i think it would be great to cut different materials.

  • Vanesa

    I would love, love, love the easel for putting those scrapbook pages at just the right angle while you’re working on them….maybe one day the price will be right!

  • Jo-Ann

    I really would love more time to craft. I always have so many great ideas and intensions, but never seems to get around to getting it all done.

    • Caprice

      I finale got my paper organized. I bought two filing cabinets from the Jetmax collection. Of course i used my 40% off coupon at Micheal’s to get them. I happened to get the hanging file folders on sale a few weeks later. You can stack them or leave them side by side. I have solid cardstock in one and pattern paper in the other. I’ve been thinking about getting another one for my scrap papers…but I have the paper organized to holiday and colors..hope this helps.

  • Niki A.

    Something on my wishlist are those pearl paint pens, I can’t think of their official name right now. But I have seen Megan use them and they just look fabulous!

  • Barbara Edeker

    I would love to have time to craft and a magic button when you have a craft block mind freeze when you don’t know where to start…:)

  • Debbie Maguire

    Something on my Christmas list is a couple of new ink pads. Mine have been reinked many times, so some new, fresh ones would be nice.

  • Martha

    It seemed that everything on my Christmas wish list this year was Cricut and crafting related! One of those things is the Love You a Latte cartridge.

  • Lisa McGushion

    I have several cricut cartridges on my list. The rest of the stickles colors to complete my set. I would love to have a wide format printer with separate color inks.

  • Jill

    Something on my wish list this year is a Corner Chomper. I’ve wanted one for a while now, but since I’m out of work I can’t buy anything I can make do without.

  • Kathy

    WOW!!!! Not really sure what I want for christmas…. Honestly I just want all my family to be healthy and have the chance to all get together. As for crafting supplies….Well that list is a long one. LOL. I NEED something like an art bin for my Imagine cartridges., but I would like the TC black and white cartridge but can’t find it anywhere and when I do it’s sold out or out of stock. Bummer!!!! Good luck w/ your smash book. Hope you receive one Megan.

  • Cindie s.

    A stanley ‘fat max’ tool box (on wheels!). For crops. Saw one in action at a crop. It will hold most everything including paper! Oh please Santa, bend your ear this way!

  • Trisha K

    I just got the Cricut Imagine and a bunch of cartridges (my Chrustmas gift to myself…I worked hard to get it…lol). So, what I would like are ink cartridges and a bunch of white cardstock, and 3D glue dots of all sizes.

  • Tracy

    My crafty wish for Christmas would be for the Christmas Fairy or Santa (if he’s not too busy) to help me finish my “new” craft room in the house so I can get busy scrapbooking again!! 🙂

  • Frani MacPherson

    All I want for Xmas are gift cards for AC Mooe or Michael’s or Hobby lobby so I can buy, buy, buy some Cricut Imagine cartridges for my new Cricut Imagine

  • Kary Burlile

    There are all kunds of things that I want for Christmas. I just got a cricut and only have a few cartridges. I have been watching your videos and love them. I have given my whole family a list of items. The cricut tool kit, bone folder, lots of paper and of course cartridges.

  • Amelia Andrade

    Let’s see…top craft item on my Christmas list. I would have to say I have 2- First, Meagan Elizabeth’s card making DVD and then some lili of the Valley stamps to embellish with when making cards that I learn on Meagan’s DVD.

  • Corrine Cooper

    I would love one of each of your instructional DVDs for Christmas. I know enough to get by on each machine which I am fortunate enough to own- thank you Hubby! But I would like to unleash some more creativity out of both me and the machines.

  • Emmy

    As said several times above, I would love to have my family safe and healthy. For crafts….I would like some more dies. I LOVE cutting them out with my cuttlebug and using them for making cards.

  • JD

    I already got my number one wish this year… my son was born healthy and happy over the summer. I would still LOVE to see a Martha Stewart Knitting Loom under the tree this year… to make my son a blanket, of course!

  • Sandie

    Would LOVE a smashbox system! See it not only for scrap booking, but journals, reports of many kinds and ways to easily compile craft ideas to flip thru for inspiration of the day!

  • Brenda

    On the top of my wish list is a beautiful, organized, top of the line, brand new craft room with the works, every little storage thing ever invented. It’s not much to ask for is it????

  • Judy Hyde

    Since I just got the Imagine, at Walmart’s fantastic Thanksgiving Night deal, I’d love to receive some Imagine Cartridges from Santa this year. Thanks for these seven days of fun for us Megan-hope you get your Smash book and anything else you really want for Christmas, and that you and your family have a Merry and Blessed Holiday Season.

  • ScrapperQ

    Oh, I would love to see some Cricut cartridges under the tree: maybe Ornamental Iron or the Damask one, but really, any cartridge would make me happy.

  • Donna Weld

    Item on my Christmas list is the ATG gun. Have wanted one for quite a while. Hope I find it under the tree.

    Thanks for the fun giveaway and all the great videos.

  • Lori Hinueber

    Megan…What would we do without you? I love your ideas and your quick instructional webcasts, that’s about all of the craft training I have time for. For my stocking, I have on my list anything I can get locally to make the bling glue dots on my cards like you do and I would love your gypsy instructional video! I see that they are on sale today and am giving my husband a page print on that price! What a deal! The best video so far is the one of CTMH (a new product view for me!) Art Philosphy set, I love the flowers! Have a blessed Christmas!

  • Dawne DeRemer

    I certainly have the crafting wish list going this year!! One of the items is the Art Philosophy cricut cartridge and stamp sets bundle from Close to My Heart 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Kim Hill

    It’s a toss up really between the Art Philosophy bundle and a set of Copics. (A beautiful set of hand carved crochet hooks would be lovely, too, but not we’re just being frivolous!) 😉

  • Parth A. Leach

    I would like to have the Scrappin’ Easel. It’s way too big for my craft area. It’s WAYYYYYY too expensive. I don’t scrapbook, I make cards. I just have to have it anyway! That’s one item on my wish-list.

    Something that I would LOVE to have, but is completely out of the question…A Cure For Type 1 Diabetes. I am the mom of a child diagnosed 6 years ago.

  • Ann Morrell

    I want some of the Ranger products…stamp pads, ink daubers, sprays, etc. I love to watch Tim H. demonstrate their products and am hoping to get a lot of his wonderful stuff under the tree…so I can add them to my art journals, cards and scrapbooking.

  • Donna Harcourt

    I would really like a new color printer that will print vellum. Yudu card maker would be a nice touch too. Lastly a kopykat to be able to transfer patterns without tracing paper.

  • Trisha

    I really want a new cutting machine. The Silhouette Cameo seems to be the most reasonably priced. Have entered lots of contests to try to win one. I got two smash books from HSN and haven’t even started them yet. Going to check out your post for ideas.

  • Lisa Nygårds

    oh, for once I really have something craft related on my wishlist. 😉 Don’t use to as family don’t understand the idéa of either crafting or cristmasgifts to the mother… lol.
    But now I really wish for a Canon Selphy printer so I can easily print small photos and scrap with them right then and right there.

  • Moira Efird

    Goodmorning Megan,

    I like the board where you create a layout and the magnets hold it in place till you are ready to permenently adhear all the parts. Plus the one you featured this summer was on a stand itself. Awesome. Have a great scrapping day full of blessings, and fun. Moira

  • JennyB

    The Big Crafty present on my list this year is a Cricut Expression 2! I have yet to move in to the cricut world and finally decided it was about time to get one 🙂

  • Sandy Fleming

    A pink Smash book is at the top of my Christmas list this year. I, too, know I can make one, but there is just something about having it all done for you. I have such plans for one. Oh, I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

  • Michelle Segrave

    I’ve been curious about the smash book and if it is something I could whip out fast for others as a Christmas gift. I’m hoping Santa will bring me a few more imagine cartridges! Merry Christmas Megan! I really stay inspired by your crafting ideas!

  • Denise L.

    I would love a new paper cutter for christmas or a martha stewart score board. I even give my husband the coupons. Thank you for the chance to win.

  • Janice

    Something I need is a storage case for my loose cricut cartridges. What I really want is to see all my kids and grandkids at Christmas (not going to happen but I want it anyway). Love your ideas and even though I don’t have a lot of my own you are inspiring me to come up with some. Thanks so much.

  • Tina Campbell

    The best present this year is our son coming back from overseas, Christmas was such a downer last year because he wasn’t here with us. Family is the most important to us during the holidays. Crafting want is the imagine maybe but a lazy susan style organizer for on my desk would be the best for a craft gift. Thanks Megan for a chance to win.

  • JulieT

    I am glad i am not the only one who thinks that I can make that, but never do! On my list is a Bind it all. I really,really want one. I keep going to the store and looking at it. Hopefully I talked about and said the location so Santa may have heard.

  • Debbie Z

    I just discovered your site and love, love, love it. As for my Christmas wish list, I have only 4 things.
    1. To win a mega lottery so we could help out the local food pantry in our small town.
    2. Since I just bought the Cricut Imagine I need the Imagine carts.
    3. A maid for a day to help me clean my house from top to bottom.

    Hey, I can dream can’t I? LOL

  • Holly Wiseman

    First item on my list….my twin grandsons to come home from the hospital for Christmas!!
    Crafting wise I would love to finish my scrapbook room so that means LOTS of organization items:)
    I’ve heard great reviews on the Paper Layers too! That’d be fun to play with!

  • Mary Ellen

    After watching Megan’s last tutorial for 2011, I now want the Art Philosophy bundle. I have been mostly a scrapbooker for about 8 years. But I am just now getting interested in using stamps and maybe even making some cards and other gifts. I so appreciate all the inspiration you share with all of us. I can’t wait for the Internet Class on the 15th! Marry Christmas and God bless!

  • Diane Michaelis

    My wish is for the completion of my craft room, which I’ve been waiting a LONG time! I would also love to have the “Tis the Season” cartridge, and of course, time to play with it all!!

  • Laura Weinberger

    Someone to organize my craft room–like the little elves in the story about the old cobbler… That would be a wonderous gift! 🙂

  • Zandria tennent

    All I want this year are stamps and copics. I am just starting my copic collection and trying to be more of a stamper so I could totally use a little help with that.

  • Cheryl Hauber

    Well, I know I’m getting an imagine for Christmas (went with mom to pick it up, but can’t use it until then, boo!)… so I’d like some imagine cartridges and printer ink 😀

  • Ann Diehl

    My Christmas Wish List includes Imagine cartridges (my dear hubby has bought me 17 since I got my Imagine on Thanksgiving) and beads to make necklaces & fabric for sewing shirts.

    • Cheryl Crocker

      I like to give gifts more than receive. Honestly I do. But if I were asking for something it would probably be the Scrappin Easel or the Art Philosophy Cartridge.

  • Trish Riley

    I would love to have a set of your Cricut DVD’s. I have the beginners one but now I would love to get for Christmas the 2nd Edition Cricut DVD and the Gypsy DVD. They are amazing and I like helping others learn how to use the Cricut machines.

  • Crystal

    Top of my list is the Art Philosophy cartridge and stamps. I hope santa bring it to me. But i just love anything to do with scrapping and i will be happy. Have a great day.

  • Johanne L.

    I love the smash book too. But I would love to have the Crop-a-dile that does the ticket and tag cut. Thanks for the chance and have a nice day,

  • Mary Lou N.

    I love anything in the craft line, special the Close to my Heart Cricut Cardridge [ is on my Christmas list] and all the things you do making cards and scrapbooking with the stamp set..So the book sounds like a lot of fun. I like your D.V.D. on Cricut A to Z. Do you every use Creative Memory products? The Smash Book sound like a must have book. Thank You for all the Ideas you give us, I wouldn;t thought on my own.What could Megan make? Flowers.

  • Tanya Flowers

    I would love to be able to plan a craft room in my garage. I never park the car in it and it would be a place that I could go and almost be on holiday when I’m there. I feel the same way you do about the smash book. I have been trying to do one as a gift for some young girls in a youth group.

  • Michelle

    Well Megan, because you showed us the Art Philosophy cartridge package that’s all I can think about. AND I would also like to try PaperLayerz – that looks cool too. I am so blessed to have found you. Thanks!

  • Sharan Grubbs

    I would love more time to scrap and craft, finish my grandchildren’s new play room and have all my children together again soon. Thanksgiving was a prayer answered. We had 15 around my table and they are all but 1 my children, their spouses, and grandchildren. It was Heaven for me that day.
    As you can see from my website, I am a Close to My Heart consultant and if anyone reading this wants to take advantage, there are some awesome stamp sets, paper, and other items for our mutual addiction. The Art Philosophy is in my Cricut Expression constantly. It has a bit of everything.

  • Cathy P

    Got lots of stuff on my list, but one thing is the Scrap N Easel. Love the video you did on it and another video I saw somewhere else.

  • Susan Rude

    I love, love, love papercrafting and want so many things. I have been looking for the cricut lite cartridge Jolly Holidays 🙁 all sold out. I also would like a corner chomper and the of course a Smash book in pink.

  • Nancy C.

    What I would really like for Christmas is lots of time and some organizational storage to get a scrapbook area just for me in my home! Ahhh, heaven…..

  • Kim Kucharski

    I would like inspiration for Christmas. I’m working on my son & daughter-in-law’s wedding album and I’ve not been able to complete it.

  • Rhonda Harre

    A crafty item on my Christmas Wish List is the Scrappin Easel – loved the videos Cindy B put together using it. A smaller item is the Bow Easy, along with a few Sizzix dies. Merry Christmas to you! Thanks for your sharing your creative talent.

  • Rose LaQuay

    I’m asking for 2 Tim Holtz dec strip dies – the festive greenery and the autumn one – will give me lots of foliage for embellishing mini albums and cards.

  • Chrisi Lynd

    Guess what? About a week ago, I ordered your bundle #1!! I am so excited!! It will be under the tree for me from someone…the dog? LOL!!! I always see you on your Gypsy. I really think I want to try one of those some day. Think I’m going to add that to my list–just looks so portable and fun and easy. I have not done anything with my Cricut except “lettering” sorts of things. I am ready to get busy really using it! WooHoo! Merry Christmas! 🙂

  • Mary

    I would like for Christmas is storage space. I have a small apartment andd limited space for my scrapbook thing and cross stitch. Happpy Holidays.

  • Kristan

    o wow something craft related that’s on my wish list for Christmas… i know this should be easy but i have pretty much everything craft related. Humm…more K Andrew Stamps!!

  • Jonetta

    On my Christmas list is new organization for my paper. I have TONS of it and need it more “in my face” so I don’t forget what all I have to use. This includes packages of Paper Layerz!!!

  • Judy

    I would definitely like the Art Philosophy Cartridge/stamp set from CTMH! That would be awesome, but it is so far out of my budget as to just be a dream. Hope you get your Smash Book!

  • DianeK

    For Christmas I would like to have a banner-plane fly over our neighborhood saying thanks to my hubby for encouraging my creativity projects and space. He’s my lookout man for scrapbooking and cardmaking sales, new items and surprise purchases! What a guy…

  • Marg

    I would really love the Spellbinder’s Grand Caliber. I have wanted to try their large cutting dies but they don’t fit into my Big Shot. Love surprises!

  • Jean_H

    On my crafting wish list this year, believe it or not, is a “how to use your Cricut” DVD! I know just where to direct my sweetheart to do a little shopping 🙂

  • Connie Burger

    I would like some organizational items, more tme to do crafting. My new goal is to do more card making. Love to use my imagination.

  • Vicki

    My crafting wishlist is simple this year. I need new mats and blades for my Cricut. Could also use some adhesives and wouldn’t mind some cardstock.

  • Terry Ramsey

    My Christmas list includes anything for my cricket expression3, 5th anniversation edition. My son and daughter – in-law gave it to me Thanksgiving day as an early Christmas gift. I am really wanting to use it for a lot of vinyl projects. Merry Christmas@

  • Maggy Tronche

    Hi Megan!!! Well for christmas I would like in my liste the newest papers collections of some differents companies like your new Paper Layers, Graphic 45, DCWV or Bo Bunny!!! Thanks a lot for this fun oportunity to win!! BIg Hugs… Maggy 🙂

  • Laura Hartman

    I would love to have a Silhouette machine … but so hard to justify when I already have other things that I already enjoy with this hobby.

  • Effie

    High end – Silhouette Cameo (heavy sigh) Low end – any memory boy dies, or cheery lynn, or sweet stamps, or…… get the idea. Oh a real room would be nice, guess I need a house for that hahaha!

  • Linda F

    I would love love love the Imagine cartridge Black and White. Can’t wait for it to be back in stock.
    Meagan, love all your great ideas. Have a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

  • AuroraM

    Have been traveling to “scrap weekends” and this Christmas I would love a large rolling tote to make it easier to take all I need more easily. And pleases, Santa, world peace.

  • linda

    thanks for a chance to win the great prizes can’t wait to see what you have in store next
    on my wish list is the ribbon and rosettes cartridge.

  • Marla

    Top on my list would be to have all of my family together. Most of my 9 kids are now grown, and spread out in 2 different countries, so I know it’s not going to happen :(. As far as material things, there is nothing I really want….when my house burned down 4 years ago, I learned how little those things really matter. It’s the people and the memories that are important, which is why scrap booking is such a huge part of my life.

  • AuroraM

    Have been traveling to “scrap weekends” and this Christmas I would love a large rolling tote to make it easier to take all I need. And please, Santa, world peace would be nice.

  • Judy Borgia

    The thing I want most for Christmas is to spend time with my family and pray that they all stay safe and healthy. The gifts mean nothing without that.

  • Lori Cross

    Merry Christmas Megan!

    I have just begun to organize my craft room, and find that I need a few things to make me a happy scrapper.
    1. Anything Megan Elizabeth
    2. Crop-A-Dile
    3. Copic Markers
    4. Stampin’ Up! Acrylic Blocks/Case

  • Rosalind

    Dear Santa (Megan),

    I would like the Nestibilities. I love creating unusual things out of paper. I have worn out so many cuttle bug plates just because I always get an image in my head and I just have to create it. I use it in my scrapbooking. My number one gift on my wish list is the Cricut Expression 2.

  • Katie

    Number one on my widh list is a Silhouette Cameo, but as that is highly unlikely to be found under the tree this year, I would like a floor lamp for my crafting area–something like an Ottlite.
    Hope Santa is good to you this year and you get your Smashbook.

  • Marlene Gilbert

    Something I have on my wish list is a Cameo!! I’ve have the original Silhouette for years, since they first came out, but would love to be able to have the Cameo. I know for sure I will not be getting it, but I can always dream!

  • dedra irelan

    My number one on my wish list is for my daughter to get a job so she can live on her own and i can have my craft room, which has become her temp. Bedroom, back again!

  • Lynn C.

    Thanks for the chance to win. On top of my list is peace in the world. Then…all the little crafting items that I so love. I am asking for a paper crimper first. Merry Christmas to all and peace on earth.

  • RechelleP

    I am very blessed to have most everything I want but a girl could always have more! I would love to have more storage for my scrapbook room! My scrapbook room has a closet that could be used to add more storage so that I can add more stuff! 😉

  • Tammy B

    Paper layerz is beyond what I expected :)—i’d love to have the A to Z Cricut (2)—1-2-3- Stamp—DVD’s, i’d really like to try your adhesive:) thanks you so very much for all you do!!! be blessed beyond measure

  • Karla Weglage

    Santa I would like one of every craft item!!!! I would really like to have the scrap easel or a Grand Caliber. Really like my Spellbinders dies. But the best gift is to have my whole family home for Christmas.

  • Ladine

    I would love Christmas stamps,cricut cartridges and paper,and it’s always a laugh when family asks what is a cricut,saying it wrong.

  • star

    My crafting Christmas wish list would include the Scandinavian Christmas cartridge, sew easy organizer box and the new sew easy ribbon set!

  • Karen Scragg

    Something on my wish list is the Scrap-n Easel. It would make scrappbooking so much easier without all the back and neck pain from bending over the pages.

  • Kim Allen

    One of the items on my Christmas wish list is the We R Memory Keepers Crop-A-Dile Corner Chomper Tool: Round Cut, the one with the blue handles! I have the other three and need them all bwahahahaha!
    Thanks for the giveaways

  • kim

    My top wish would be for everyone to be able to come home for Christmas but you said craft related. I have gotten a pack of your paper layers and LOVE IT, so I would have to say I would love some more of that.


  • Debbie Harper

    The thing I want more than anything else for Christmas this year is time to play with my crafting supplies. I think I have all the necessary supplies so time is all that’s left…

    I hope you get your SMASH book. I got myself one but haven’t had TIME to put anything in it yet.

    I hope everyone gets the material and emotional things they want/need this year.

  • Donna dial

    Wow Santa will be busy with this long list! I have to agree the #1 wish I have is for TIME to scrap!! But in reality I would like the Art Philosophy cartridge.

  • Deann

    I would love peace and joy for everyone for Christmas. For me personally, how do you narrow it down to 1 thing: Expression 2, Art Philosophy or Scrap Easel (plus many more things). Right now the most useful item would be the Scrap Easel.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

  • Marilyn Richardson

    I would love to get a corner puncher like the one you lost…and had to replace…cann’t remember the name of it. I loved how you could change the punch from small to large. Just Great ! ! Hope everyone has a great holiday.

  • Debbie Haskell

    My wish is to have my crafting space really organized and functional! I’ve been blessed with so much stuff, but no where to really use it!! Love your website and tutorials. I’m so glad I “found” you.

  • SandyR

    Megan, I love coming here all the time just to get a positive feel for the day. The best part of that positive charge is that I also get to look at ideas for my favorite pastime., papercrafting.
    My Christmas list has peachy keen stamps and safty glasses for my new sand blast cabinet.

  • Karla

    The top thing on my wish list this year is the Cricut Green Polka Dot Cartridge Binder. I have a lot of cartridges, and I bought the Art Bin carrier, but I really don’t like that. I saw (in person) the Cricut Cartridge Binder, and it looks much, much better for carrying the cartridges (of course, I really need more than one, but one is a start! LOL). Thanks, Megan, for sharing your wonderful talents and your enthusiasm with all of us, and may you, Sean, and your children have the most blessed Christmas ever! Hugs!

  • Kimber Crow

    I would love to have Santa leave me a craft room~! hehe
    Or maybe a scrapbox.

    If that will be too big for the Santa to carry, I’ll just take the new CM Christmas cart 🙂

  • Wanda

    I laughed when I saw that the smash book was on your list, but one of those items that you could make yourself. That is where I always get to when I start to purchase one. On my wish list, and it is only wishing, is a lynx cutter. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

  • Karin

    would love some help by changing my scraproom. It’s a warzone now. Need some new lockers to pur everything in in an organized way. But a really crafting supply would be a gypsy. Have an expression2 but the gypsy wpould make it complete

  • DianaB

    I really don’t NEED anything, but I would love to have a Cricut Imagine. Merry Christmas to you and your family and a wish for a Happy New Year.

  • Margaret

    On my Christmas list is a Kindle Fire, but I would really like a whole room to set up my cricut and supplies andthen I would never have to move them to another room to work with them

  • Christie Brooks

    Time with others to craft together. Any instructional CD’s for my Cricuit Expressions and home decor or card making techniques. I love to see other’s artistic abilities! Merry Christmas and God bless your family.

    • Tammy Lever

      Something that I would really like that is on my Wish List is an I-rock. Have been wanting one for a while now and just putting it off but I am hoping Santa brings it. I too love the Smash books and if Santa wanted to bring one of those as well, I wouldn’t complain. 🙂

  • Beth W.

    The top of my not going to happen wish list is a new Cricut 2…but on the possibility list is the new Ribbons and Rosettes cartridge….this one looks like a MUST HAVE!!!
    Thanks for a chance to win…

  • Diane

    I would love to have the Cricut Expression 2 for Christmas. I bought an Imagine cartridge thinking I could use it on my Expression. If I had the Expression 2 I would be able to use it. Then I could sell my Expression to someone in need of one.

  • Marissa Flores

    Hi Megan!,
    I, too, would like a Smash Book! The pink one! I would like it with all of the goodies, you know: tags, pockets, tape. I don’t think I am being too unreasonable in asking for one. Now if I could just convince one of my gift givers, I would be so happy!!! Thanks for the giveaways and specials at Above Rubies Studios!

  • Debby J

    My craft wish list consists of any adhesives, but the first item on the list (underlines and in red!!) is the Art Nouveau cartridge. It is so me!!!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    What I would like most for Christmas is for my satellite tv wire to be run into my craft room. I recently bought a small tv and dvd player for my use while I’m crafting. We just need to run the wire from where it is to the craft room and move the satellite receiver….sounds simple enough except that someone will have to crawl under the house to do it…yuk…so it keeps getting put off. Yep, that would be the perfect Christmas present !

  • MommyMe

    I am longing for the Art Philosophy cartridge, (some coordinating stamps would be nice, too)! Unfortunately, that can’t happen this year:(

  • Terry Gammon

    my wish list isn’t really long this year. I reall just want to make my family happy. But one thing I really think I would need to have is a Cricut Mini! So I hope Santa is listening, I will use it side by side with my expression. Santa I will use it for good.

  • Sandie Scott

    Time and energy to use the new toys I get tomorrow from you and now I think I’ll add a scrapping easel to the list. Looking forward to the class on the 15th.

  • Doris Doze

    I would love to have one more storage unit for 12 x 12 paper, a new Cricut Expression, the Art Philosophy cartridge and a husband. :}

  • Kai

    What I want most for Christmas is a temporary-until-the-job-is-done personal assistant/organizer to help me organize, clean and DECLUTTER my house. How is that crafty related? Because once that is done, I feel less oppressed in my own home and able to craft in a more peaceful state, which I believe will help me get more things accomplished and created! Oh, and always anything Tim H. related is on my wishlist! Thanks for the chance to play…

  • Tina J.

    I would love an endless supply of paper. You know, you take one out and a new one would apear in its place. Well, since that’s not possible, just a good stock of paper layerz would be great!

  • Jane

    For Christmas I really want the Ornamental Iron Cricuit Cartridge. It screams black ink design with my Cricut. The designs are elegant and would be beautiful on cards and scrapbooking pages.

  • Holly Mira

    I would love anything tim Holtz or Ranger. love the products and use them all the time. By the way i am trying my hand at making a Smash book for a gift this year, it is perfect for a scrapbooker.

  • Debbie

    There is nothing I really NEED to have for Christmas so I just leave it up to my “Santa”. What I would really like is for my hubby to find a job! That would be a great Christmas present. As far as craft items go, I think I would like the new Cricut 2 DVD or the Cricut for beginners DVD. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  • DawnD

    something on my wish list is a Silouette Cameo and a storage unit for my 12×12 stock….Merry Christmas and my wish for you all is that you get everything on your wish list!!!

  • Colleen

    I would love to receive a Bind It All for Christmas. I think this looks like so much fun to use. Thank you for the great giveaways. God Bless Everyone this Holiday Season!

  • Anita W.

    I could use some crafting mojo…mine seems to have left the building. Maybe an Art Philosophy cartridge would get me back on track. Have a very blessed Christmas!

  • Luann

    I want the Cricut A to Z DVD (and I just recently purchased it!!). It should come tomorrow and I am excited to learn how to use my Cricut Expressions more efficiently.

  • Loraly

    For Christmas, I want my mom to come back from heaven and for her to promise me she’ll never leave me again. For this contest, I guess it would be good to wish for something that would organize my craft room. I haven’t been doing much since mom left. Maybe getting the room organized is a good start. But really, all I want is my mom.

  • Briana

    On the top of my list are your paper layerz paper! I have watched the videos you made about the things you can make with the paper layerz and I just think that is so cool! Keep up the good work!
    God bless!

  • Darlene Stines

    I just ordered your new cricut dvd and can’t wait for it to arrive. I really need 2 new mats for Christmas 12 inch and 24 inch. All of mine are worn out and curled on the sides which is making it difficult for them to feed properly. I love your site and your great tutorials and all the help I have received. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family. God Bless You

  • Jan H.

    I have so much already, but need some organizational skills. I’m a messy crafter and get frustrated because I can’t always find things that I know I have. At the top of my wish list,though, is success and happiness for my loving son and his family, and my beautiful daughter. These are things money can’t buy, but if someone wanted to spend a little on me it wouldn’t be hard. A gift card from any crafting store or website so that I can go crazy! Megan, I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas and continued success in the new year.

  • Diann

    Something I have on my Christmas wish list is that somehow we could bring manufacturing jobs back to this country to help our own economy get back on track! Then there might be more money to spend on crafting and creating!

  • Paula Banos

    I would love a elf to organize my craft room for me !!!!!!:) I can’t stand the mess but I keep on crafting ,happy holidays to you and your family.

  • Laverna Harris

    I would love one of those little containers that hold embossing powder and funnel it back into the bottle after you have coated your design.

  • Amy Little

    On my Christmas wish list is some stamp sets and Kate’s ABC cricut cartridge. Thanks Megan for all the inspiration and projects! I just love them all.

  • Kelly Dannemann

    My first wish for christmas, money can not buy, health happiness, Second list would be for cricut or PC to fix the updates for the imagine. Third wish is that everyone would remember the real reason for christmas and enjoy the time they have with their families and friend.

  • Gail Royer

    I would love the Tim Holtz Vagabond from Santa as well as health and happiness for my family and friends. Thanks for all you do for us, Merry Christmas!

  • Lori F

    I would love another Cricut. Mine’s still working fine but I’d like a backup one. I’ve seen several cartridges that I would like but it’s hard to decide on the order on my Christmas list. I also need an organizational system so I can put things away and yet find them when I need them!

  • Barbara Burgess

    What I would like for Christmas is a gift certificate for Gina K Designs. She has great stamps and lots of things I would love to get!

  • Linda Walker

    Wow one thing I really want is a book binder. I too would like a smash book but found it easier to just make my own. Then I find I barely use it. So me lol. I

    Linda Walker

  • Ferne

    I recently was able to add the Cricut Imagine to my collection of wonderful craft items so anything relating to the Cricut Expression or the Cricut Imagine would be a nice addition. Merry Christmas to all and God Bless!

  • Candice Carrell

    A Sizzix Eclips is first…followed by Copic Markers….followed by more folders for my Cuttlebug….and of course…always more cartridges for my Cricut!!!

  • Katherine A

    Like some of the other gals, I have been looking for the TC Black & White imagine cart. I also want the Cricut wireless adapter for my E2.

  • Ellen

    I agree with you …. a Smash Book is SO at the top of my list this year. I would love to make one…but that means I need a cinch or bind-it all…so unless Santa comes early with those… I ‘ll either have to wait and see what he brings or make my own after Chrsitmas. Have a great day. TFS.

  • Tanya Thompson

    Something on my Christmas list…an Cricut Imagine….but, I know that’s not gonna happen this year…so, a new cricut cartridge would be great and some Paper Layerz to go with it…haven’t tried the Paper Layerz yet. You are brilliant for coming up with this system. Thanks for a great blog! Such wonderful ideas (and giveaways, too)…Have a special, blessed Christmas season.

  • LindaP

    OMG, only one! As a new scrapper I need most everything. Would really love the ECraft machine and the
    Art Philosophy cartridge. I am awaiting my recent order to try the paper layerz.

  • Irene Mermelstein

    I would live an additional cutting machine like the silhouette cameo. I would like to try the svg cutting so I could use many different fonts for free. Of course that is after a huge outlay for this machine. LOL. Thanks for doing this for all of us. Happy holidays. Irene

  • Stephanie W

    I have a Grand Calibur and some spellbinders at the top of my Christmas wish list. I suspect it is already in the house since my hubby is so proud that he did his Christmas shopping so early. LOL I like surprises so I’m not investigating or asking questions. 🙂

  • KitnM

    I would love to get the Art Philosophy cartridge and stamps! I think they are great and I am seeing that is also on other peoples wish lists! I would also like to see you, Megan Elizabeth, add your stamps to ARS! I am wishing big here because I have all ready listed 2 wishes, but there is one more thing for my wish list; I would like a bind-it-all for my daughter. She loves to create and loves note books of every shape and size. She would love making her own!!

  • Cindy

    I also would love a pink smashbook, but I think my big scrapbook gift” wish” would have to be a scrap n easel. It just looks like it would make scrappin so much easier!
    Thanks for the chance to win something!
    Merry Christmas!

  • Heather W

    I already got my christmas wish, my husband let me buy the Cricut Imagine bundle at Walmart! Now to get it working with my gypsy! Oh and maybe the A to Z DVD for the Imagine!

  • Tessie

    First thank you for a chance to win some prizes. This is fun as always. I would like to have a smash book also but I am just now getting into the cricut so I would love to have more cartridges. Since I work full time and I have two Children and a husband I also need more me time to work on my crafts.

  • Nikki

    I have a list of about 40 cricut cartridges that I would love to have LOL!!!! I’ll have to agree with others though and say time to craft!!!!!! So I guess that means a housekeeper!!!

  • Kristie

    Hey Meagan, the top of my Christmas wish list is storage, and more storage. I’m trying to get my craft room organized and i have supplies everywhere, realisticly on my list would be the cards for every occassion the second dvd you have. I’ve gotten everyone other one you have so far. i’m really more into card making than scrapbooking. I love stamps also

  • Lynne Smith

    I too want a smash book. At first I didn’t think I was interested….until I noticed how many little things I keep such as ticket stubs and such to scrapbook and they still sit in the bin waiting. I am actually going to get one for my sister, daughter and daughter in law.


    I don’t wish for any material stuff but would love with all my heart to have the time to capture every single moment of my 4 year old boy’s life. To be there for him on every step of his life. God have given me the best gift of all and for that I’m grateful….God bless y’all and Happy Holidays!

  • Stacey

    Oh so many things on my “wish” list! But at the #1 spot is a new (to me) craft organizer cabinet. How great would it be to have ONE HUGE cabinet that would hold all paper, embellies, carts, stamps, inks, ect?! I saw one that I just fell in love with at a auction a couple weeks ago…and it was in need of some TLC… would have been perfect 🙂

  • Penny

    Thanks for all the wonderful insperation you give us. I would love to have the Art Philosophy bundle and of course world peace 🙂 Happy scrapping to all of you.

  • Sheryl Fowler

    I would love anything for crafting. I’m a crafting addict. It could be a corner chomper, a cinch machine, paper, embellishments, glues or glue dots, or refills for my xyron sticker maker. Anything for crafting would make me happy.

  • Melanie Lewis

    I know it shouldn’t be on my Christmas wish list because I have so many that I don’t have time to use them all, but I want MORE cartridges!! I even helped Santa by buying some for him to leave under the tree!! Silly me! But if someone wanted to give me a Flower Shoppe cartridge, or better yet, Art Philosophy, I certainly wouldn’t complain at all!!

  • Nanadoll

    Thanks so much for all your tips, tricks and wisdom thru out the year. Top of my crafting wishes would be a Cricut Imagine to go with my old Cricut and/or a scoring system.

  • Florence Oberkramer

    OH THIS IS SO EXCITING. I love surprises. One of my christmas wishes is that Art Philosphy cartridge and some more of your Paper Crafters papers. I’m using it a lot cause like you said, it doesn’t tear.
    Hugs, Flo

  • Brenda Westhafer

    I would like to have the Teresa Colllins Black & White Cartridge, but don’t know where to purchase. Never see it advertised or for sale!!!!

  • Carolyn H.

    I broke my leg last month pretty badly and have limited mobility right now so I would like to be able to actually get AROUND in my craft room to craft. Beyond that, I always love new paper pads. The Cricut Noah’s Ark cartridge looks interesting, too.

    • Angelina

      I would absolutely love anything Close to My Heart after seeing the Christmas Card you made with their products. The color pallet is so beautiful and the stamp sets looks so amazing. I couldn’t find anything even close in the craft stores!

  • Wanda Dodd

    I would love for my daughter to be able to come home for christmas, this will be our first not to be together but we will see her in March for her wedding. So since I can’t have that I would love to have some of Megan Elizabeth’s new adhesives. Happy Holidays to you all.

  • Sarah Williams

    Hello!!Whats on my wishlist for christmas is a Zutter or bind it all,and anything craft related,lol.Thanks for the chance to win girly!!!Sarah

  • Crystal Nichols

    I would love to have my hardwood floor refinished for christmas. On the crafting side I could always use more adhesive, and cricut cartridges. Thanks for sharing. I love some of the christmas wishes on others lists.

  • Bobbie

    Let me see. I think at the top of my list is the Art Philosophy bundle. From all of the videos I have seen you can do a lot with it. It would be one cartridge I know I would use over and over again.

  • Andrea Dixon

    I am loving your website and posts and I have been watching all your You Tube Videos. I am new to the You Tube thing and I am learning alot. Thank you for everything you do. You are an inspiration.

    • Andrea Dixon

      At the top of my christmas list this year is a Cricut Expression. I am been really good. But, I am just thankful for my family’s health and love in our hearts. I love going home everyday to a wonderful family and eating dinner together even if it is just a sandwich or something simple.

  • Kathy Billings

    I would love the E Bosser and the Teresa Colins stampmaker. I hope you all receive what you want for Christmas and your families have abundant health.

  • Betsy

    I’d like to have the whole set of all of your DVD’s! I love to get ideas from you, and I learn so much by watching the videos you post. I don’t have any of your DVD’s yet. Thanks for all of your inspiration and teaching, Megan!

  • Dawn RI. Lampman

    For Christmas I would like to see (ALOT) of violence to end. Each day there seems to be more violent acts in and on the news.It is so depressing,all I can do is pray.
    I want to start lookong into the Vagabond. My Cuttlebug just does not stick to the surface and that makes
    it difficult to crank.the pads through.
    Dawn RI

  • Chrissy Le

    A Gypsy! I’m getting an Imagine for Christmas, so I want to Gypsy for organization. Also a wishlist request: to have a Layerz add-on for your monthly kits (doesn’t have to be the entire pack, just few extras). I can’t be spending $8-$13 on shipping to by a few pack of cardstock, I just can’t do it. lol. OR maybe have free shipping over $50, then I can buy your Layerz! 😀

  • Cecile Lambert

    For my wishlist I also put an “Art Philosophy cartridge”. I checked on you-tube & it’s awesome. Would like to wish everyone Peace, Joy & Health for the Xmas Season from Canada.

  • Claire

    What do I want for Christmas, a heated mattress pad. Its only -4 degrees outside, brr!
    I have no idea what a smash book is, but I will have to check out the video and make one 🙂
    Happy Holidays everyone!

  • Renee Ferreira

    Merry Christmas, Meagan
    What I want for christmas is a craft room that I am not sharing with the laundry or my 5 boys. That would be a wonderful christmas gift. Have a happy holiday season.

  • Donna Diggins

    There are so many fun things for crafters….but I am in need of work and storage space….my minimal request is another table in my craft room so I can have two “work” stations….I’m always moving stuff around and it disrupts my creativity. Of course my hubby thinks that’s nuts, but he’ll “get it” once I have the table and rearrange things

  • Christine S

    I would love to have some time to do any papercrafting. A great solution would be a pull out desk in the car. Traveling for hockey and gymnastics requires alot of time in the car so having a space in the car to scrap would be awesome!

  • Kate

    On my Xmas wish list this I have a Sizzix Big Shot Machine. My poor Cuttlebug has been used so much that it needs to be replaced. I would love to win anything that will help me to create beautiful items. Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Linda

    I would love to have something to organize all my papers and tools and accessories for my Cricut….now I have to hunt every time I want to create something.

  • Brenda Hobdy

    My wish is for Anything crafty!!! I would really like to have several paper trimmers because in January, I am donating my time and teaching a craft paper bag album class at my church and the paper trimmers would come in handy for the ladies that are not at all familiar with crafting.

  • Cindi

    The top of my list is the cricut mini but the things i don’t have for my crafting are punches. like all sizes of rounds, squares, scalop….etc. Of course I want paper Layerz and dvd’s from ARS.

  • BJ

    I would love the new Silhouette Cameo!! I have the SD and love, love, love it. However, I would like to cut some larger images. I just can’t justify purchasing the Cameo (yet).

  • Nadine Dunker

    Happy Holidays…one of the things on my wish list are a set or two of the stamps with cute facial expressions. They would add so much to card making.

  • Anita

    I would love to have the “perfect” paper organizer. It’s getting out of hand now and would love the organizing fairy to come and fix it 🙂

  • Vicky Hale

    The first thing on my wish list is a permenant spot for me to craft at. I have to be really motivated to get out my table and all of my stuff. But when I do, my kids come to join me in the fun and that makes it worth it!
    Wishing you well

  • Pat Burson

    I would love to get “A Child’s Year” Cricut cartridge in my stocking this year. After watching Megans new Christmas Project DVD I must have it. I hope Santa comes through for me:)

  • Kim Davis

    The Smash book is also on my Christmas list. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I have already bought a couple for myself and they are wrapped and under the tree. I am so excited!!!! ;)))

  • Lynda

    the top of my Craft list is Paper Layers I love the dots one. I have the Creat A Critter Cartridge and Paper Layers is perfect as you have on you tube.
    Thank you for the 2011 year of great times I so enjoy hearing about your family and feel you make all of us your extended family. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

  • Sharon

    Since I recently purchased Megan’s card making DVDs, I have card making supplies on my Christmas list. Starting December 26th, I want to sit down with Megan, relax, and dive in to some card making for 2012

  • debbie phillips

    I would love to try the paper layerz. Such a cool idea! Not sure I’m up for a smash book yet. Still trying to find more time to devote to this hobby!

  • Christina Seeger

    We are saving for a new house, so the top of my list is a house with the perfect room to become my craft room, and in the meantime — time to use all the tools and supplies I have crammed into the small space in our rental house.

  • Kari Meshak

    The number one thing on my list is storage bins. I have so much stuff but I need to organize it. I also would like Everyday Pop Up Cards Cartridge for the Cricut.

  • Sue

    I’d really like a Scrap’n Easel after seeing you use it Megan. I normally stand on my chair & look down at my project to get a direct view – not so safe on a revolving chair! : )

  • Christine Housour

    I would love a laptop to take with me to crops. I always print my photos, but it always seems that I am looking for just one more photo or a certain photo that I think would look great in a layout. It would also be nice to sit in my comfy chair in the family room while editing photos and working on some digital projects : )

  • Rhonda Shows

    I would like a new lamp for my craft room, so I can see much better putting together all those super tiny cuts my cricut can make… Have a Wonderful Christmas with your family from precious family from God…

  • Mary Arellanes

    My goodness! So many things come to mind for things on my Christmas list. But, I guess the number 1 thing is the Disney Cars Cricut Cartridge.

    You see, I ordered it from HSN and for some reason the post office sent it back to them! They reimbursed me my money but now the cartridge is sold out everywhere I have looked. I am making banners and mobiles for all of my grandkids. The Cars cartridge was suppose to be for my grandson’s banner. Now it will have to wait until I can find it again. Hopefully before his birthday in February!
    Happy Holidays to everyone
    Miss Mary

  • Hilary

    I have a few crafty things on my wish list this year – I just received a Sizzix Texture Boutique Embosser for my birthday, so I’m hoping for more folders to go with that. And I’ve asked for some of the Cutmates paper because I love the results I get with it in my Cricut. I’ve also asked for the Teresa Collins Stamp Maker, but that’s one of those fantasy items that you never really expect to get. 🙂

  • Laura K

    Well I have lots of things on my wishlist but this year my husband and I are getting a moving trip back to Utah for our gifts. Since he finally has a job, a real job with benefits and everything, and that it is Utah, where we have been trying to get back to for over a year, we couldn’t be happier. But if Santa wanted to bring me something nice I would say I want a Cinch. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  • Marla H.

    I have been wanting a melting pot for some time so I could use my molds and make my own clear embellishments but they are hard to find!! Maybe I will get lucky some time!!

  • Karen OConnell

    The top of my wishlist is a Cameo but that is why it is a wishlist 🙂 I will be happy just to spend the time with my kids and grandkids and of course hubby!!!
    Happy Holidays!!

  • Chris Fretwell

    I want some shelves to help organize all my supplies. They are so hard to find and get to. As a single mom to twin toddlers though, unless I get it myself, it wont be under the tree or anywhere else.
    Thanks for the great deal on the DVDs. I have the cricut one but had been eyeing the gypsy DVD for a while.

  • Angie Overton

    I think the craft item I want the most this year is the Art Philosophy Cartridge. I love it! I would have bought it for myself by now but I’m trying to not buy anything for myself until I get all the kids bought for.

  • tucsoncarol

    I also want Smashbooks. I know you can make them yourself, but these are so pretty and ready to go right now. Sometimes you just want a gift that you don’t have to make. I love that they remind me of my mother’s (and grandmother’s) scrapbook and not the modern accentuated picture album that they call scrapbooks. I really feel I can just paste anything that interests me into one of these.

  • AJ Brown

    What would I like? Peace on Earth!! I would love some cutmates and paper layerz plus some cricut cartridges;A Childs Year and Snow Friends. I enjoy your video’s so much. Oh, yes, I would like the gypsy A to Z DVD as I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the gypsy that I order last week.

  • Kim T

    The first thing on my wish list is to bring all those wonderful soldiers home to their families mine included and if I can’t have that then pretty papers please.
    I had never heard of a smash book until I saw you video of them a while back but just recently I keep hearing of people wanting them for xmas umm maybe I should consider one of those too.
    Congratulations to Vanessa, enjoy.
    Kim xXx

  • Dena DeShirlia

    What I want for Christmas. Peace in all of our lives. We need lots of Prayers. I’d also like a Cricut Expression 2.
    Thanks for the chance to win a prize.

  • Esther

    I just love your site. Thanks for all the inspiration I get from you. Something crafty on my Christmas list? hmmmmmmm well I just got a Cricut over the summer and the perhaps some of your DVD tutorials… Have a GREAT holiday season..

  • Trish

    The one and ONLY thing on my Christmas list is the Gypsy!!! I have just recently begun scrapbooking/making cards. I spend LOTS of time in between games at my child’s sporting events where I could be designing some things. I’m also trying to get my daughter involved so we can make cards for the Troops, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, etc.

    I love your site! I’ve gotten so much inspiration and knowledge about all things scrapbooking…..Thank you so much

  • Sherry Kaas

    On my wish list would be some spare time to craft. Or get some much called for rest. I really don’t need any material things. Just time! Seems everyone forgets the real meaning of Christmas anymore and they all want to hustle you around buying things. just give me some free time and family time and I’d be a very happy girl.

  • Jody S

    I put the Martha Stewart scoreboard on my Christmas list…..I think I have been a good girl!
    I already received my big Christmas gift……….I went and bought a couple of cube sets at Ikea along with some drawers and doors. It did not take long to fill 20 cube spaces.

  • LeAnn Hurt

    One thing on my wish list is a book holder for the counter that I can put my book or craft magazine on to follow step by step and have it sitting upright and easy to read. Have it picked out already just have to point it out to Santa 🙂

  • Kim

    I am very easy to please so anything at all, to do with crafting, would be GREAT! But something that I have been thinking about alot is the bind it all. It would be fun to make name books for my grand kids and be able to bind them properly for a lasting gift.

  • Allison Sutherland

    Looking forward to the next few days!!! I purchased a Smash book for my neice for Christmas, she is 15 and very artsy, I think she will love it. I may have to try to make one or two more!!! Thanks for the inspiration each and every day!

  • Lisa

    One of the crafty things on my wishlist would be your Cricut Cards For All Occasions DVD…
    I’d also love the ultimate in organizational ideas…if I only knew what those were! 🙂
    Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for the chance to win!

  • Erika Bardo

    2 of the crafting related items on my wishlist this year are some tattered angel glimmer mist and glam and a smash book as well. Thanks for the chance at a prize!

  • Brandi A

    Hi Megan,
    I love the Smash Mouth Books too!! I am giving these out to my family members this christmas. I would love a Pack of Paper Layers for Christmas!!! Have a wonderful Day.

  • Diana

    I would loe to the the Jetmax setup for my craftroom. Right now I’m using the plastic carts w/drawers. IT works, but the Jetmax system looks nicer : )

  • Mary Dunn

    I would love anything that helps with card making. There are so many wonderful products that you have shown. I’m sure you have something great for the winner. I hope that winner is me! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  • Nancy Kitson

    I would love the Close to My Heart – Art Philosophy bundle pack. I’m out of work and can’t justify the cost. I wish I could figure out a way to get my other stamps to cut like the Art Philosophy does. That is sooooo cool! Oh yeah, I’d like to get some more time too! More time to craft and have fun! LOL!

  • Kim F

    Hmmm. What would I like for Christmas? A Corner Chomper, more Cricut cartridges, and definitely more time to craft. Thanks for the chance to win. Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

  • ScrapNSister1

    Ooohh, wonder what it is. 🙂

    I would really love to get a holder for my copics for Christmas. Anyone seen that new Copics bag? Wonder how many lovelies that holds. LOL

  • Carmen Elrod

    I have many craft wishes on my list, but have been dying to try out the paper layers~ I would like to see the difference in how it cuts. I hope you get your Smash Book, Megan!

  • Karen E

    I would like to get an Above Rubies monthly kit. I have yourr dvds and love them!!!! I also would like a Creative Memories cricut cartridge that you used in making a lot of your latest projects. Is that Art Philosophy?
    Love ya, Merry Christmas
    Jesus is the reason for the season
    Karen E

  • Wanda

    I had already told my husband that all I wanted for Christmas was a desk lamp. Something much brighter than what the ceiling light is. But since getting a hold of my imagibne machine I would love nothing more than imagine carts with images. Not the pattern ones 🙂
    Thank you for this opportunity!

  • Shana

    My number one wish would be a maid. She could do the household stuff and then I would have time to craft! LOL Secondly, I would like the CTMH Art Philosphy cartridge bundle. Had never heard of CTMH before seeing them on ARS. Now I am totally obessed Lastly, all of your products that I don’t already have in my collection. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Joanna P.

    Hmmmm…my wishlist has things on it all the time and constantly changes. I need some of the corner chompers (love the stub and deco one), and would love to convert our sun room into a craft room!

  • Charlene Zlomanchuk

    Oh, I wish, wish, wish, Santa would bring me the Teresa Collins Stampmaker or the Black and White Cartridge. I have been super good this year 😉

  • Jan B

    I would love to have cartridges for my Imagine and also some paper layerz. This is soooo much fun . I just ordered my Cricut DVD 2nd edition. Thank you so much Megan!

  • DAWN

    On my wish list is an idea book or something similar. Sometimes I just sit and stare at my supplies but cannot figure out what I want to do. Once I get started, it goes just fine.

  • Monica V

    Craft wise I wouldn’t mind a Silhouette Cameo or some military scrapbook papers to use in the making of my hubby’s Christmas present…..An Army scrapbbook 🙂

  • Barbara Hagerty

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I want to see how you fill it up when you get your Smashbook for Christmas! Copic markers are on my Christmas list this year! And if we’re wishing big, then a huge box full of Copic markers! XOXO

  • Bonnie H

    Christmas Wishes…Love, Health, and Happiness..More time with my Lord and with my Children..
    On the Crafting front… Christmas Papers and Embellishments.. A organized Craftroom..

  • Kristi Voth

    On my wish list for Christmas is the Art Philosphy Cartridge from Close to my heart. I enjoy watching your videos and getting great tips to use on my own projects.

  • Joene Rahn

    I would like more space in my house so I could organize and store all my crafty things and I wish for more time to do crafting. I am really thankful for what I have and I really can’t think of anything I need, but it is always nice to get cartridges and scrapbooking items. Merry Christmas to you all.

  • Judy Goodson

    I’ve been thinking about making a Smash book too, but I’m not sure what they’re all about. Are they like a diary? Do other people write in them with you? Basically, what do you put in them. Anyone got any advice?

  • Judy Goodson

    What I would like for Christmas is Peace in this world and Recovery for our country. I have had a wonderful life here in American, and I want the same for my Grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  • Glenda Hart

    I would love a cinch for Christmas. I have the use of a bind it all at my LSS but I work on projects at night after my kids are in bed and the LSS is not open at 12:30 in the morning.

  • Deborah R.

    I would love a silhoette, a gift certificate to any scrapbook store and the cricut A-Z 2nd edition. I’ve been very good this year Santa!

  • Eileen C

    Top of my Christmas wish list for crafting goodies is a magnetic cutting mat, like the Basic Grey one, or the WRMK, but I think I’ve missed the boat as I’ve had great difficulty finding one on this side of the big pond, and didn’t see any when I was in Florida recently. So, it’s a good thing there are lots of other goodies on the list!

  • Tammy Brownlee

    Crafting related Christmas list? Is there any other king of Christmas list? I would have to say right now, that I would love to have the Cuddlebug & lots of folders. A lot of the projects I am seeing lately are using them. I love the look of the embossing, but it’s not as nice & easy with the manual boards. I just need storage space to keep more “tools”!

  • Karen M

    I would love to have new counters! I repurposed some kitchen cabinets after we remodeled our kitchen, and placed them in the basement and have been using them to store craft items. I “temporarily” (2 years ago!) topped them with cardboard and a piece of hardboard. I would love to have actual counters, lol!! But it’s served ok so far – Used the temp counters to make projects for my niece’s wedding, too!

  • Jackie Beechner-Scallan

    Dream big, huh? Ok, how about “Tags, Bags, Boxes and More” from Cricut? Only, not at the some of the prices you see it listed for on eBay or Amazon, or some of the sites? ;-p I collect Cricut carts, and this one has eluded me thus far….

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Nancy Almquist

    I love having extra time to craft and create. I have my eye on the corner chomper. I also love the scrapbook layout thing with the magnets…..a GREAT tool it seems 🙂

  • Lara

    I love Christmas! I would also like a Smashbook, but kind of want to make my own too. Anyway, I am getting an Imagine for Christmas so cannot wait to get more cartridges. And now I need a car! Good grief, what a day. I love how you are making this season SO fun. Bless you!

  • Heather

    I have quite a few craft “toys” but what I wouldn’t give to have the time to use them all! Time is definately on my list!! (And a few more toys wouldn’t hurt!) Lol

  • Elizabeth f Jennings

    hi megan,the first thing i want for my wish list is my son to come home,and the big shot,some cricut cartridges,copic marker,some of your pretty paper,embossings fold.i want to thank you for all you do for us.merry christmas and a happy new year,god bless you all..

  • Linda

    Something on my wish list is a Cinch. I have recently fell in love with the mini albums. I think this would make making them so much easier.

  • Fran

    At the top of my Crafty Christmas list is an organized craft room.
    The way it is right now, I don’t think Santa could find his way around.

  • Michelle Olson

    I would love the Art Philosophy Cricut Cartridge as well as some of the co-ordinating stamp sets. I keep hear rave reviews about it and think it would be a great addition to my cartridge library! Thanks for all your great ideas as well as your optimism!

  • Lyn Peterson

    For Christmas I would like storage containers (or desk) for my crafting accessories. I have so much that it is hard to find what I need because it is not organized in a manner that is easy to find.

  • Annette

    I would love to get an e-craft cutter for Christmas. I love my Cricut but the e-craft has caught my eye since no mat is needed. It seems to be able to cut more things too. Thanks for giving me the chance to play.

  • Daniele

    I would love the Megan Elizabeth DVDs for Imagine machine ( I just got at the Walmart after the Black friday) and for Cricut expression, the paper Layerz with the DVD and a Silhouette Cameo.

  • Stacey M

    I would like to get some more Copic markers for the holidays. I love coloring my stamped images with them and could use some other colors. 🙂

  • Donna

    I would like to have all the great organizer things to organize my craft room. It is somewhat organized with mismatched baskets, an over-the-door shoe organizer holds all my punches, an old computer desk as a work space, etc. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a craft room makeover. HEY! HGTV where are you!!!

  • barbara j. stewart

    Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhh – I would love a WHOLE BUNCH of papers that I LOVE (ie: MME, BG, TC, K&Co,, C’ordinations, TH,) JUST REALLY GREAT PAPERS! Thank you for asking.

  • Elsie

    At the very top of my Christmas list is the Scrap n Easel. I want one so bad!! You have sold me on it!! My goodness, how I hope I get one!!

  • Wendy

    What I would LOVE for Christmas is my own craft room! I’m tired of spreading everything out in the dining room in order to scrapbook, then having to put everything away when guests come…..

  • Pat Ballew

    What I need for Christmas is a new ATG. I have the pink one but it looks awful. I couldn’t get it to open when I first bought it and then when I did get it open it cracked and there is a whole in the middle of it from where the cracks keeps getting bigger. It still works and I’m too cheap to purchase another one even with a coupon but it’s on my Santa’s list.

  • Janet Sisk

    Some day I would like to graduate up to the Cricut Imagine! That is a BIG wish. 😀 How cool it would be to print AND cut out images!!!! Thanks for the chance to win a surprise package, too.

  • Linda

    What I need for Christmas is someone to help me reorganize my craft room. Every time I think I have it under control, by the next day, it’s not.

  • Sonia Rowe

    WOW, where do I start….e-cutter, paper layerz, and so much more, but that is it for starters!! Thanks fo rthe chance to win some goodies.

  • marilyn boucher

    love your product would love to win dvd . I love your set ups they are so easy to understand and follow
    I have Your cards 123 stamp 123 set I just love them.

  • penny reinhart

    my christmas wish list item is a cricut cake 12×12, i currently have a cricut personal and find that it just isn’t big enough anymore, want to be able to cut full items instead of a portion at a time, i personally would love anything that gives me the capability to be creative. thank you for the chance to win a goodie

  • Jackie B

    I would love to have my own crafting space, but realisticly I would love to have several of the new cartridges and a few more crafting tools.that I don’t have.

  • Rosalie West

    What I would love for Christmas…… 1 or 2 days off from working, cooking, husband, children, grandchildren. I love them dearly but so badly want a couple of days to spend some time in my craft room and just do what I want to do for a change.

  • Joan Peters

    I love surprizes and a surprize package from you would be doublely special. I would really like to have a
    e-craft machine if I only had somewhere to put it. I guess what I really need, is a larger crafting space, but we can’t have everything, can we. I just thank the Lord for all that I have, and especially at this time of year I am thankful for Jesus, the reason for the season.

  • Erika D

    I would love for two uninterrupted hours per week to scrap! With two young boys and a traveling husband I am getting too far behind! Maybe I should write this down! 🙂

  • Jeanne

    All I really want for Christmas is to have all my family close by a warm fire and a peaceful and happy day. The rest will fall into place. I can’t think of any thing else that would make me happier. Well maybe; all my 35 mm slides copied on to DVDs ( I have 15 slide trays with, 140 slides each in them). This is a really really big job,and expensive to send out and have it done. I is taking forever scanning them my self.

  • Cathy DeCillo

    I would love a new job that I know would be enough for me to keep my house. It has been real difficult since my husband died. That would be my dream wish….but for now I would love it if there was a Cricut Expression 2 under the tree for me. That would be enough!!!!!

  • Jen N

    What I would really love for Christmas is to move ALL of my scrapping & card making supplies into our computer and make it my craft room. I really don’t need more paper because I am a paper ho, but I LOVE pretty paper! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE all of the new & older MFT stamps & dies!

  • Janice Zimmer

    My ultimate wish would be for a cricut expression 2. I have a cricut create but find it limiting with just a 6×12 size and. Maybe Santa will pay me a visit this year. Merry Xmas to All!!!

  • CathyinMN

    I would love to get the Santa’s Village Imagine cart (or some other Cricut carts) for Christmas. Thanks so much for the chance to win! (I hope this isn’t a duplicate post — I did not see that the one I just tried to do went through.)

  • Carolyn N.

    I would love the opportunity to spend more time crafting with my 9 year old granddaughter. She loves to craft, but her parents are divorced and by the time she spends time with Mommy, then Daddy, there isn’t much time left for Grammy. (sad face)

    A ‘Joys of the Season’ Cricut cartridge would be ok too.

  • Connie

    I’m guessing that wonderful gift shown doesn’t contain the kitchen remodel I’d love for Christmas, but whatever Megan is giving away would be a great gift because it would be truly a surprise!

  • Wendy

    I would like a totally set up and decked out craft room. One which has every tool, gadget and whatever that has been made. Of course that is a pipe dream. So any craft item would be great.

  • Jan Lynn

    One thing on my wish list is an E2. I have a baby bug and an Expression but really would like the additioon of wireless. I am loveing CCR but haveing a wirelss hookup for my Cricut would be easier as I usually craft a a desk in the den but my computer is in the back bedroom.

  • Judy R M

    I love the smash books too. But tops on my Christmas list are the Close to My Heart Cricut cartridge and stamp set; I can think of so many ways to use them. That’s what my dream gift is this year. Lol

  • casey Toney

    ahhh….for Christmas……well…I have most of your DVD’s…..and whooo whoooo…I just got the layerz today……howabout…..personal lessons from Megan…….hahahahah…..have a great day…and of course…I hope I wiin!!!!
    caseytoney at yahoo

  • Trish W

    #1 on my Christmas wish list is the Flower Shoppe cartridge. I actually don’t need a thing, just enjoy spending time with my family but we are afterall making a list! 🙂

  • Bernadine stahl

    I would love to have an imagine. Maybe next year. Money is tight this year and I will be thankful fir whatever I get. Peace and love.

  • Ruth Gauss

    Megan, yep a Smashbook sounds like lots of fun, but I am really hoping for the Scrap ‘n Easel! I watched your demo and was completely sold! Thanks so much for showing how cool it is and just make sure Santa knows where to pick one up!

  • Rene Bryant

    The main thing on my Christmas Craft wish list are more imagine cartridges. Bought myself an Imagine on Black Friday and now I want cartridges, especially the Baby Boutique, Black and White Patterns, Enjoy the Seasons, and Imagine More Cards. That’s not asking to much is it?

  • Anne

    Tops on my wish list is gift cards to Oozak or any crafting store that sells Copic Various Refills at a reasonable price. I never thought I could love something more than cutting with my Silhouette and Cricut machines but since I discovered Copics, that has all changed.

  • sandy

    I would love the Imagine or Copic Markers, really anyhting to do with paper crafting with my Expression, Merry Christmas everyone, blessings!

  • Debby Boone

    My newest crafting wish is the Paper Dolls Dress up cartridge but Santa will have to bring it because I am grounding myself from buying another cartridge until 2012.

  • Madeline Griggs

    I am like so many of the others, I wish for an organized craft room. I would also like to get some more Imagine carts. I bought a Gypsy from Craft e Corner during the Black Friday weekend specials and need more time to learn to use it and watch your DVD about how to use Gypsy. Hope you choose my name to win. Merry Christmas!

  • Victoria

    I wish that every one gets what they want for Christmas. I am blessed because my children both moved back home (to Colorado) and we’ll all be spending Christmas together for the 1st time in abt 15 yrs, Even my ex-hsb is coming (my ex and my hsb get along great) I have almost everything. I have alot of want’s but not many needs. I would like to have some ARS Paper Layerz, and that’s abt it. Thank you Megan, I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday!! You give so much of yourself to us. thank-you Blessings,

  • Diane

    I am happy when I get anything crafty for Christmas:) but would love to get the CTM Art Philosophy Cartridge it is expensive so may have to go on my Birthday list. I have asked for Peachy Keen Everyday Paper Doll Face Assortment to use with my paper doll carts and thanks to following you Megan tops on my list are some Viva Decor Pearl Pens! I may just order those for myself!

  • Tina

    My absolute #1 Christmas list present is…….a Close to My Heart -Art Philosophy bundle…… it would totally accent your December kit !! I love it. Hopefully, Santa hasn’t forgotten about me.

  • Shirley E.

    Oh Megan…you have actually made me excited about Christmas Gifts! Haven’t been this excited since I was a child. LOL!
    My #1 gift wish is to get a “Scrap ‘n Easel”
    Hope you get your Smash Book too!

  • Name (Required)

    I can’t wait to get my hands crafting at an organized craft space with lots of storage. I need someplace to craft and try the Paper Layerz I’m waiting for the carrier to deliver!!!


    With a Gypsy under my tree, I would really like the Gypsy A-Z DVD. What a great companion gift. Besides I think I am going to be totally lost at first with my new Gypsy!

  • cheryl sibilia

    Hi Megan, This has just been the worst year ever, can’t wait till its over. I think this year santa is going past here. but now we have our health my chrildren are grown so thats great. I hope I win that will be the best gift this year. Thanks for the chance. Hope you and your family have the most Wonderful Christmas Ever!!!

  • Patricia

    I like big things too. On my wish list I would like my scrap room organized with an I-pad 2 sitting on one of my tables. I have been trying to get my scrap room organized all year, and I have been wanting an I-pad since the 1-gen came out.