Make Someones Day Saturday! 83

Hey Guys!


Its another Saturday in March!!!  ANDDD that means its time to MAKE SOMEONES DAY!


Please share stories and ideas with me of HOW I can make SOMEONES day today!  I wish I could give people houses or a million dollars or do something INCREDIBLY Life changing – but share the ideas of things we can do to make someone smile today!


What can I do for you???


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By the end of this month – I have a special video to do and share more information about Why I’m doing this and BIGGER Prizes too! 🙂

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83 thoughts on “Make Someones Day Saturday!

  • corina daily

    I would love the green and yellow SMASH books to complete my collection, but I also LOVE your videos so maybe you could make a new one!

  • Lisa Simpson

    I Love watching all your utube shows,Megan,I’m thankful for all I have,I have a friend that puts other people before herself and I would love for her to win.I’d love the smash book for her.

  • Darcy Mitchell

    It would make my day to get the gyspy and the #2 DVD for cricut. I’ve been looking them over and thinking they will be my next purchase, but if you wanted to give them to me…..I’d be one very happy camper : )

  • Leslie

    I would love to have some card making supplies to give to my friend’s daughter. Hannah is 14 and volunteers at a Senior Center. She has card making classes for the ladies there and they just love the classes. Hannah and her mom have to buy all the supplies themselves because nothing is supplied at the center. It is getting costly and I would love to be able to help them out.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Barb A.

    Ooooohhhhh! Let’s see; how can you brighten my day?!!! I could ask you to help me with ideas as to how to remodel my dark, dinky kitchen. Nooooo! That won’t work! Oh, I know! I could try out some of your paper layers….that might help. Or, I could watch one of your card videos….No, I can’t do that either because I don’t have any of your papers or your videos; but, I sure would like to own both your paper layers and your card videos. 🙂

  • Debby J

    I make cards for Operation Write Home and right now I am totally out of adhesive. I love my overworked ATG gun and can never seem to keep extra refills. I would also love some of your new adhesives, Megan. It would all go toward my monthly card goal for OWH. For my personal use, I would love some of your Sparkle Lightz!!!

    • Cydney

      I think this is an awesome thing that you do and I hope Megan picks you to get some adhesives! I am so blessed that I won’t ask for anything for me; just that you get your request filled so you can make lots of cards.

  • Shirley K.

    I would love to try your paperlayers. I just got the Cricut and bought your dvd. I am learning so much stuff. Maybe I will actually be able to do this. lol

  • patricia pent

    I feel very fortunate to have my family, that means the world to me. How you can add to my day will be by getting any of your items, I’m not picky….I can use anything you would like to give me, after all surprises are great!
    Thank you so much for all you do.

  • GrandmaAYW

    Send me some PaperLayerz and SparkleLightz. That would really make my day as well as the day of whoever I send the handmade cards to!

  • Carol Kirby

    I would love to have some of your pink sparkles lights, adhesive or your ink. Any would be appreciated. Thank you for this opportunity. I enjoy when you profess your faith and listening to the stories of how you have been blessed in your business Thank you so much for sharing.

  • Sandy W

    I love this MSD giveaway and can’t wait to see who wins what! Of course, I’m secretly crossing my fingers that my number gets selected because I would love to have your Cricut and/or Gypsy DVD’s. Just printing out the settings guide you give to subscribers has been extremely helpful. Thanks!

  • Lynn B.

    I would love to try your paper layers, but honestly I have so much paper I need to use some of it before I get more. What I would really like would be for you to send something to a crafter(s) who lost their items in one of the recent tornadoes. We all know how much crafting means to us and the thought of having that taken away on top of the other losses they suffered is extremely sad.

  • Terresa (Trish) Wood

    Green expression? LOL. Well I would really like one of your kits to create with, that would definitely put a smile on my face.

  • Amie Kiger

    Hi Megan! Let me know that you received my mystery box entry! But really, there is a school in Henryville, IN that was all but destroyed by a tornado last week. I read about it on the Cricut Circle blog, and many of the girls in there have been helping out by making tags for the kids when they hopefully get back to class on March 19th. They have no supplies left, so it would be amazing if you would be able to supply them with some basics for art. They would be ever so grateful. I can get you in touch with someone to help. Thanks for these Saturdays! 🙂

  • Sue Anderson

    I hope my comment isn’t too late, I just now got online… It would make my day to get some paper Layerz and adhesive squares, and perhaps even some of those darling little sparkle lites things, they are so darn cute! Just anything, really to do some scrapping. Love you, Megan! You are too cool!

  • Sharon

    Hi Megan. I would luv some Sparkle Lightz and Apha stickers for me, my mom & my sista. We are all dedicated crafters and would luv some of your crafting stash. Awesome idea… U rock, Megan. 🙂



    PS: When are your adhesive squares and adhesive bundle kits, going to be ready for purchase on your online store?

  • Carolyn Hartle

    Oh my gosh, I would love some sparkle lights. I have some paper and a couple of you dvds which i do use for inspiration. Inspiration is a biggy. Thank you

  • Sandie Scott

    just got your email, i think you should go with helping the tornado victims or go do class at your local senior center just because you would cheer them up by your presence and positive attitude. I am trying to think of a way it would be practical to go to people’s homes who are not able to get out a lot because of things like being on oxygen 24hours a day Their minds and hands are fine and spirits are willing to learn. I have a lot to learn before I can go teach others though.

  • Kristan Richard

    I would love it if you could come on over and spring clean (my craft room is a mess) I guess it has been well used!! I need it cleaned by next week as I am starting to look after another child and need to put a playpen in the room, that would make my day; a clean and getting to meet you!!

  • Connie Gage

    I would love to try your paper layers, they look so neat. I love to make cards and my daughter who cannot afford much at all love for her to come and help make cards and gives her some cards to use.

  • Margaret K

    I would love to win any of the supplies that you have or have put together like your kits, Your work is so much fun to learn from. We learn so much from you and you are an insperation to each and every one of us. Anything you would send would be treasured by each and every one of us. Keep up God’s work you are an angel to me.

  • elaine

    Our MOPS group has a talented and creative young mom as craft leader. She hope someday to have a Cricut. Anything you’d gift her would be turned into incredibly great crafts for other young moms to do.

  • Barbara P

    Megan, first of all thank you for sharing your ideas with us. You have been such an inspiration to us in creating what we like to think are our ‘masterpieces’! Ha! I love makng cards that I know will brighten someone’s day and although God has blessed me with many supplies, I would love to add to my collection your paper layers and some special ‘bling’ for extra ‘pop’. I’m involved with a group called AARK (Artistic Acts of Random Kindesss) in which we share the love and warmth of Christ with handmade gifts and I’ll be making cards for those who need a ‘lift’ during difficult times. Thank you again for all that you do and know that it is so appreciated by all of us who look forward to visiting your studio daily! God bless you, abundantly!

  • Deborah Mussack

    One thing I like to do is find someone who badly wants a Cricut machine/ die cutting machine and just can’t afford one. God has tremendously blessed my husband and I. I buy new or used Cricut machines at a good price and donate them to someone. So far I have given away four machines…one Expression, two baby bugs, and an old Xyron machine. These machines are well loved and used by their new owners. I am not asking anything for myself but the baby bug I sent to someone in Ohio busted during shipment…it’s usable just frustrating to use. This dear sweet lady struggles with medical issues every day…sometimes hardly being able to walk because of the pain wracking her body. She loves to scrapbook though! Is it possible to send her a new/ used Cricut machine that’s not broken?

  • sherry sinard

    What a fun way to start the day. Let’s see…….I could use your guide for using the cricut expression. The kits you have would be fun to play with too. Anything would be fine as it’s all a blessing. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • KathyJo

    I am reading what others are saying and I say combine their ideas. How about donating to a school, after school youth program, Charity Wings, or some other worthy organization and make a video showing what you are we can all see and feel like we had a hand in it.

  • Brenda

    It would make my day if some supplies could be sent to one of the school’s that was involved in the tornados. Thanks Megan, you are the best!

  • Brenda

    Megan – I think you should reach out to those who have lost their homes and make their day. I know their kids will need school supplies and the schools will need supplies.

    Personally,To make my day, I am trying to finish a scrapbook page for my son, but have no creative thoughts. He and a friend are sitting on tractors at the county fair. They were age 10, so still little, yet trying to be grown up. The tractors are green and the pics are focused in on the boys, so not alot of background. Any ideas would be truly welcomed ! PS they are now they are 12 and won’t want to sit on tractors anymore – it will be cars!

  • Kathy H.

    Well Meagan……first things first….. Something that would make my day….OOOOOHHHH I know…… meeting you of course! I have mostly all your dvd’s except the card one I think and I did order 2 more of your kits….can’t wait to get them so anything you decide would be alright w/ me but quite honestly I think that helping someone else make thier day would make my day. Have a gr8 day.

  • Pat Davenpor

    You are just the best there is in the Cricut world. I just got the paper layerz and it cuts like a hot knife cutting butter with my cricut. When are you coming out with 12 x 12 solid colors??? Would be your first best customer if you do!!!! Talk with you later. Pat

  • Johanne L.

    I wish everybody’s happy and doing something they love. I love doing crafting and scrapbooking projects. I have less time to do them but when I can have a minute, I try to make a little something. Have a great day.

  • nancy Alberghini

    I have made a scrap book and make cards for a little girl age 7 in my grand daughters class. This little girl has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer….so very sad….to lift her spirits and create memories for her and her family I have completed the album…and now will begin making cards to send to her. If anyone would like to make Natalie a card…please email me at…I will give you my address and will forward them on to Natalie. Megan Elizabeth a layerz pack would be wonderful to use for the cards I am making!!

  • Betsy B.

    I work for the afterschool program in our town, which is run by the YWCA through a grant and services kids in grades 3-12 at three different sites. The kids would love to have scrapbooking supplies. They always clamor to sign up for the scrapbooking/cardmaking classes we offer as a part of the program. Our grant doesn’t financially allow us to purchase a lot of good quality scrapbooking supplies, so we end up using just construction paper and cheap glue. The middle school kids were ecstatic last year when one of the teachers brought in her Cricut machine one day for them to use. Any scrapbooking supplies that could be donated would be SOOOO appreciated by our kids!!!

  • Angela W

    What you could do to make my day, prayers and well I would love your Imagine video and paper layers for my daughter and I . We have been wanting to order these for a while but due to doctor bills I have been unable to. We just found out my 16yr daughter has a heart conditions and the start of chromes disease,she has been on home bound for a few month and we have been scrapbooking alot and doing craft project to keep her mind off of things.
    Thanks for all you do share with us all. I hope you have a blessed day.

  • Linda W

    I want to say a prayer of healing to all who need it. As for me, I am thankful that all is well. Bless you, Megan, for listening and helping those in need.

  • Melissa

    Having any of your products would really put a smile on my face, since I have not been able to buy anything new in awhile(Aug.2011). Thank you.

  • Kristine Mann

    As I read the posts above I have to agree with donating to a charity. I really like the Sr. Center idea, I already volunteer down there, but I believe I’ll take that idea and run with it (Thank you Sandie) As for me, you make my day everytime I read your blog and see you videos, you inspire me. I am blessed, but prayers are nice.

  • Phyllis

    My son & his family live 35 miles from Henryville IN where the recent tornado devastated the town. We are so thankful that our family are safe. I agree with the earlier post who suggested helping the high school art dept. there We are blessed to have the tools to craft and a gift from you to those students who have lost their school would be a gift of love. Thank you for all you do.

  • Laurey

    I am also blessed maybe not rich but blessed and I would love to help with adhesive for the operation write home that Debbie posted and help with the scrapbook supplies for Hannah for her class at the Sr. Center that Leslie posted about how can I do this please let me know. Helping Making someone elses day makes my day. They can contact me personally I figure every little bit can only help and both of these people are touching and putting far more smiles on peoples faces than I can God Bless them both.

    • Christie Brooks

      I agree that some of us might not be rich but we can make others live feel a little richer by giving of ourselves or some things to make it better for them. Many blessings to you and your family!

    • facsmom

      I am so touched with the suggestions AND respondents finding ways to join the Make Someody’s Day. I think papercrafters are some of the nicest people out there. I’m glad to be included in the family.

  • Diana R.

    I have a friend who is very ill with MS. She is a single mother to a ten year old girl. She would like to make a scrapbook for her daughter. She has never scrapped before, I would like to get her started with some very basic supplies. Maybe a book, paper, and definitely adhesive.

  • Sandra VanWoerden

    I love the idea of donating to those who have lost everything from the most recent Tornados. The area that has been hit the hardest is in Alabama, 2nd tornado in less than 8 mos. Lynn B’s idea is fabulous. But, if that’s not possible (due to their basic needs being met first will be a time challenge), hosting a class at the seniors citizens home is another great option.
    As for me, Making my day would be ….. a few prayers for jobs to open up in this area. Being laid-off over 6 months is not fun and it is effecting my creative side. I know we will bounce back. Our family has been very Blessed considering the many who were in worse financial shape than ourselves when lay offs hit our community. Thanks for all you do Megan. Your so up beat and happy go lucky and I love your down to earth personality. God Bless you and your family!

  • Name (Required)

    As i sit here,i first had several things in mind that i wouldlikefor myself. Then i thought how incredibly blessed i am for all i do have…material things as well as loving friends and family. What would make my day is to be able to give supplies to someone else so they can enjoy paper crafting as much as i do! Thanks for everything you do.

  • mississaugarobin

    The way to make some ones day: my kids(actually teens), I will make their day by making bear or mickey pancakes, just like when they where little! They’ll laugh and make fun of me treating them like there still babies, and inside they’ll know I love them and be happier because of it…which in turn makes me happy! To make my day…you could enter me into a contest to win something! Anything! Even a “have a great day” from you would make my day! Thanks and God Bless,

  • Patricia McGee

    This seems like such a silly request, but it would make my day to have a bone folder! I use a ruler right now, and am on such a strict budget I can’t buy anything new until Jesus’ Birthday. Something non craft related: I need help clearing out my flower beds for Spring! Hope you are having a blessed and crafty day!

  • Kim Becker

    We are having a very difficult time with our current foster son and it has turned so bad that we had to put in our 30 day notice on him. I never like to give up on my kiddos but we can’t help him here. I could use a nice crafting surprise like a Smash book, on some Paper Layerz or some Viva Decor pearl pens to help take away that broken hearted feeling I have. Thanks, Kim PS. I just shared your cutting guide with friend ( I had an extra one) and she LOVED it!!!! Thanks for making great stuff!!!

  • Chris

    I love your page kits but haven’t been able to order one yet. It would be fabulous & you would make my MONTH if you could please send me one. I love to crop & make my parents & mother-in-law each a scrapbook of my daughter each year for Christmas, and a Page kit would be a quick and awesome way to get a page done. Thank you so much for all you do, Megan. I SO look forward to your emails & tutorials.
    Very Sincerely,

  • Roxanne

    To make my day I would love to have anyone pray for me to find a job. I have been out of work for a long time. I have been keeping my head up and I know God has a plan for me. There are alot of others worse off then me. I am very grateful for my sister who has helped alot. I do have time in between looking for a job to make cards which helps keep me from stressing too much. Keep up the great work, love your videos and tips/ideas.


  • Margaret Elliott

    I just started Making Cards in January after starting to recover from Back and Neck surgery in December. I have accumulated quite a few pieces of equipment, Cricut Expression, personal cutter, BigKick, Zyron, Paper, Heat Gun, Embossing Powders, a few blings (not many) and Stamps, Ink Pads and Copic Markers. But now I need some really good instruction on how to create two (2) beautiful Scrapbooks for my Grandchildren as a Christmas present this coming year! Do you have an instructional video you could give me along with some embelishments that might help me accomplish this tremendous task? Go ahead “Make My SATURday!”

  • Gayla

    You make my day with your fun videos. I’m still blown away that you put yourself out there to teach us how to do our make up and even at my advanced age, I learned something. As for material items there is nothing I need as much as some of the others on here. I thank God for the goodness he has shown me in providing for me now that I am alone but not really alone with my kids and grandkids. I know He will guide you to choose the right person to help out today. God bless you and your unselfish ways.

  • Gayla

    I’ve been reading some of the posts with ideas for you and I keep thinking what a huge thing we could do with someone’s suggestion about giving cratt supplies to the tornado victims or their schools. They have so many immediate needs that I’m sure our hobby items are far from their mind but if we had some one gather up all we could send and take it to them when school starts back next September it would be awesome. I know I have paper that came in a package that I did like and will probably never be used. Could you under take such a huge project? It would make sense to send it to someone near there if there is a church or some place trustworthy as sadly not everyone is. Just saying…………..

  • Heather Wilmotte

    I would love to try some of your paper layers. My husband has cancer and I craft and make cards to take my mind off of things. I make cards for other cancer patients in chemo with my husband, and help make things for my church when they need them. I’ve wanted to try Paper Layerz, but since I’m the only one working, I haven’t been able to afford them…yet. Someday, though, I love watching your videos and gettign new ideas. Thank you for all you do, Megan. You are a blessing to so many!

  • Nicole H.

    I am so blessed Megan, I truly want for no material goods. But from what I’ve read here today, there are many deserving people whom you could bless. So that’s how you could make my Saturday, just pick who you feel is the most needy, and help them. 🙂 Thank you for all the you do!!! Hugs, Nicole

  • Karen OConnell

    I also think it would be awesome to go for the 14 yr old at the senior center or the tornado victims. As much as I would love some much needed craft supplies I am fortunate to have a roof over my head and to be at home. Ten years ago my daughter was 6 mo old I got paralyzed from dental work that lead to infection in my spine, I am blessed that I have a wonderful husband who gave up his career to take care of me and my daughter. We struggle and money is hard but life is good. Since things have gotten much better and I craft and am blessed to be where I am today. But they need their day brightened.. I cannot imagine what the tornado victims are going thru!!!

  • Patricia Gamble

    I am 70 yrs young I have odds and ends in paper I would like to have just one stack all of a kind to make a mini album complete, also a couple of circle punches the most popular one, if that is not possible I will still use my bottle caps to make the circlesbut I really would like the paper stack


  • Diane

    It would make my day if you (and others who folow ARS) could send a week worth of daily prayer-hugs to my daughter-in-law Elizabeth, who is experiencing some difficult emotional and health concerns. She is a wonderful woman who cares for intensive-care-neonates (and the families going through tough days); she is compassionate, smart, lively, giving, and intellegient, and a best friend to many. She has had some difficult months and could benefit from spiritual bouquets and lots of love sent her way….and she is a scrapbooker!!! Thanks…..

  • B Womack

    I do a great deal of volunteering for my 10 year old son’s school. I am currently helping create poster signs for a festival that they will be having using the oringinal cricut. My cricut is dying a slow death ;( I am unemployed so financially I can not afford to purchase another cricut. I would LOVE to get another Cricut machine. I would even be happy with a used one. It will be very appreciated!!!!

  • Cynthia

    Would love any type of card making supplies. I’m a Chemo Angel and make cards for those going through chemo. The Chemo Angels are always looking for more people to join in as they have more patients than card makers. Awesome organization! I became a chemo angel because of how my life was touched by two angels that helped me when I was going through radiation and chemo. Some days that was the reasonI had for getting out of bed… to go check the mail.

  • Becky

    I read through all the posts because I was thinking of telling you about our OCS school factory and letting you know about my students and some needs. I ended thinking – there are so many others who have more deserving needs. Being in the school system, I love the idea of helping a school and maybe even using video so that we all could see. I would love to somehow let our students be a part of this. One note of caution – from personal experience: We just had a tornado go through the community where our church is located (in January) and our church has become command central for the clean-up efforts. Our fellowship hall is literally PACKED with donations that are still not leaving very quickly. It takes so much longer than you would expect to haul away debris just to get ready to rebuild. Then that process is a LONG one. Craft supplies may get “lost” in the process. It is a great idea – maybe it just needs to be put off a few months. And I would suggest a contact that will personally see that it is put to use. If we can help – let me know!

  • Lori Apgar

    There is a little boy who was just admitted to a pediatric care facility and will be there for a long time. He is 5 and was in a horrible car accident. We are sending banners to this care facility for every holiday, but it would be awesome if people could send this little guy a card. His name is Brandon and the cards can be mailed to Ellen (Cardmonkey) Jarvis
    318 Clubhouse Lane
    Warminster, PA 18974 USA


    PS his little sister and mom could use a card too!

  • Brenda

    I would love anything you had in mind but I also love the comment of sending something to someone who lost all of their crafting supplies in the recent tornados……

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan,

    You could make my day by sending some prayer my way and also giving me some advice on what is a good cropodile for punching holes and/or putting in brads,etc. as I have never done that before. Would love to have some Paper Mates paper of yours or either your stamping, card making or either of your Cricut DVDs. Wishing everyone a good day.


  • cheryl

    Hi Megan, I’m trying to find your inks? Are they not available yet? If not I would love to try your inks. They are little and look juicy. That would make my husbands and mine. Thanks Have a Great Day!! Cheryl

  • Vickie Sanders

    Megan this is a wonderful idea. I am amazed by all the comments and what everyone is doing. My only request would be for you to come to Idaho Falls Idaho and teach a class, you can even stay here at my house. I have 5 ladies in my Cricut Club Class that would be there for sure and contacts at 3 craft stores in my area and would totally make sure the class was PACKED!!! I would be thrilled to get to go to a class of yours and it would make my day. Just think about it. God Bless your day!!!

  • Godot's Girl

    It would make my day today if you would pray for my new Cricut friend whose husband is waiting for a cornea transplant. I am just getting to know her, and she seems like such a wonderful person. She has gone through a lot the last few weeks, with a death in the family, and now waiting for word on the transplant, so I know she needs God’s comfort and Grace. Thank you!

  • Lisa Simpson

    Wow,I came to ask you to make my friends day,and I see she’s asking the same for me,how awesome is that!
    MaryNSC,always think of others,the proof is in the pudding,kinda makes you tear up,thanks for the chance and your video’s.

  • Amanda

    Megan, I work at a state psychiatric hospital where I am responsible for changing the bulletin board on a regular basis. We have very limited funding and I need ideas, equipment and supplies so that I can put something up that will be attractive and informative for the patients and the staff.. Any help that you can give me will be appreciated. Thank you.