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Hey Everyone

(MSD – Make Someones Day)

EVERY Saturday I’m going to be making posts on Facebook and Here on asking HOW I can make someones day!  There are a lot of troubles in the world and theres a TON of positives too – the idea of this all is just to put a smile on someones face and do a little good with some fun!

So from the FIRST Saturday – The winner is: recepient

Yep, I’ve got the blues….A blue bird, lots of blue skies, a husband who’s favorite color is blue, blue living room and I just realized a lot of blue papers for crafting. We do have job issues, finances etc, but I must say my hubby and I have become much closer and I know we will survive together as long as we keep the faith. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s like the waves in the ocean. If we didn’t have the bad times, we would never appreciate the good times. I remember saying that to my husband once and he said, “How would you know a good time if you did not experience hard knocks.” Things do get better ALWAYS. It’s all about Attitude!


I LOVE your attitude on this and I DEFINITELY want to do something to MAKE Your day!  Here are YOUR Options of what I can “do”.


1) You can be my Call in Guest for the Next Video for Above Rubies Studio

2) A set stamps from a previous Club Ruby Kit

3) Any DVD in the Above Rubies Studio store

Hope to hear from you soon and you can let me know what you want by Filling out the form HERE: CLAIM YOUR PRIZE

*Please remember to use the email address you commented with*

Today’s Tuesday Tutorial:

For today – EVEN though it’s National Craft month – I am posting a LOT of new Videos from PAST Club Ruby Classes. Tutorials and Kits – SO today – I thought it could be fun to answer 7 of my viewers questions about how I do my hair/Makeup on an everyday basis.  I don’t wear all the makeup everyday that you see on my DVDs, but that make up I wear for normal tutorial videos and such is what you’ll see here.  My hope is just to educate you a little bit on doing your Everyday Make up in Under 5 minutes.  Before I did Scrapbooking and Cardmaking, Hair and Makeup was my life and I was a salon stylist and Manager are a large salon here in Pennsylvania, so I know a few things that might help!  I do NOT do my makeup everyday the way “the pros do it” I make it much more simple and quick and hope it helps you feel great to enjoy your moments Everyday!

YouTube Preview Image


Lets throw in a Crafty Video too! 🙂

This Video is one of my more favorite cards for some reason.  I use the In Love Kit which you can find HERE: LOVE at

But I just think this is a cheery card that you can really give to anyone to brighten their day!

YouTube Preview Image

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28 thoughts on “MSD Saturday and 5 Minute Everyday Makeup Application

  • Gayla

    You must not have a vain bone in your body. To do a make up video with all your fans watching is awesome. You truely are above Rubies. You went from being a cute girl to being a beautiful woman in less than 10 minutes. This old dog did learn some new tricks that I’m going to work into my routine. Thanks so much. I loved the cute card vid too. I am a retired florist so to say I love ribbon is a vast understatement and I have tubs of it. If I have an obsession ribbon is it and seeing a new way to use it is stimulating. Thanks so much.

  • Kristan Richard

    Thank you so much for showing your viewers that you are just a normal women with flaws, I have problem skin and always have and find it so hard to find protucts that don’t make my skin worse. thanks for the tips and tricks you showed, I haven’t done my make up yet this morning so i think i will try and do what you did!! You are beautiful inside and out!!

  • Terresa (Trish) W

    Loved both videos! I did learn some new make up tricks and will definitely be using them. My skin tone is about the same as yours and I use the same colors so it will be easy. 🙂 Loved the card too, cute and simple. I like making cards that way! Thanks Megan, you are awesome!

  • Nancy

    Megan, thank you so much for doing this makeup video. I agree, you are awesome, not many people would go on camera without makeup and show us what you look like first thing in the morning! Great makeup tips, I am going to get some of those makeup brushes especially for my eyes (which are my best feature) instead of applying eye shadow with my figure tip…thanks again, your wonderful and so cute!!

  • Cynthia Guy

    Ok, Megan….you HAVE to take me to walmart and shop with me and get me the right stuff. I wore a tiny bit of make up for my sr. prom in 1999….but not again until my wedding day! Ever since I got married I wear it on weekends or very special occasions, but mostly go without. But I LOVE the way you do you rmakeup. You always have done a great job!! 🙂

  • Michelle N.

    Megan, the make-up video is exactly why I love watching you. You are so humble and down to earth and quite cute! Thanks for the lovely card video too. Very simple, but elegant. You are the BEST!

  • linda Lapotka

    Megan, Thanks for the make up video. I have used Mary Kay for years and am trying new products. I have never found anything I liked for eye liner. I never saw one like you used I will be looking for that. Thanks for doing that video.
    Beautiful card!

  • Tina N.

    Love the video Megan! Thank heaven for you being so brave to show us the make-up video. I’m not sure I could have done that. I laughed because I was really having one of those “frumpy” days. You know: house a mess, kids pulling you in different directions, too many things to do, & NO you time to make something fun. Totally agree. Loved the doily card video. Doilies are the trend right now. Oh, I wanted to mention, I swap out Buxom with a Sally Hansen product Gloss( it tingles too). I found that I like it better, and not as expensive. Keep up the good work! Can you make more videos using Cricut Imagine? I just got one:)

  • Janice

    Loved the card and I think between the 2 papers that the one with LOVE on it would be my favorite. As for the makeup (brave lady). Kudos to you.

  • Bobbie

    Thanks so much for your makeup video. I learned a lot of new tricks that I am going to apply. I use several of the Mac products and just love them. I need to get some better brushes. I also enjoyed your card video.

  • MommyMe

    You always put a smile on my face! The first person who commented was on the right track. However, the fact that you went fresh-faced on camera, showed the beautiful woman you are first. I agree, you are “above rubies”. Your creativity brought me in years ago…Your humility, genuine personality, generous nature, and positive outlook have brought me back, (almost daily), ever since! You continue to inspire my creativity with your ingenuity, and down-to-earth approach to crafting. And you inspire my spirit by your example. Thank you for all you share!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Thanks for the makeup tips and demo ! Also really like the pretty card.Love your attention to the littlest details….

  • Marilyn

    Loved your makeup video. I don’t put on makeup as much as I use to. I use the neutrogena mineral makeup, a little blush, lipstick and litte eye shadow. love your card. Congrats to Saturdays winner.

  • Shelly Baker

    Megan, I just love you! The one thing I didnt see you do is anything with your brows. Are they just naturally perfect or did you sneak that in while you were at the mirror? Where do you get the Buxom Lip gloss? Thanks for the great tips.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    Thanks for the makeup tips, I like the way you did your eye shadow, got to try it that way. This was great. Does the Buxom Lip Gloss stay on. My lipstick comes off almost as soon as I put it on. Can’t find anything that will stay on. I constantly put on lipstick all day long. This was a nice break from scrapbooking stuff, Do this again.

  • Nicole H.

    Hi Megan,

    I had so much fun watching your make-up tips, thank you! I feel I learned some valuable tips & hints and may be more inclined to wear make-up more often. 🙂 Thank you for all that you give of yourself! Congrats to Saturday’s winner also!

    Hugs, Nicole

  • Irene Baker

    Thanks for the makeup video. The reason we love you (besides your scrapping savy), is because you are just a “normal” person, and basically one of us. That, to me, makes everything you do at Above Rubies so sincere, because YOU ARE SINCERE!!! So thanks for always being you!!

  • JustAPacRat

    I love the videos especially the Make up one. I don’t wear a lot of makeup mostly mascara and base but you had a few tips that I don’t do and will look into trying them. Your video made me want to watch more make up videos on You tube, which I thank you for, there is tons of them, LOL. TFS

  • Lora

    I loved the makeup video! It made me want to go to Sephora (which I recently discovered). What were all of the products you used and the shades? The Buxom lip gloss is fabulous! I love that tingly feeling it gives you. TFS!