Day 6: Merry and Bright ONE Cut and Done Card Making 37

Day 6 of the 2014 12 Days of Giveaways!


Todays Tutorial:  May Your Days be Merry and Bright!!  One die cut and the card is done without adhesive! Yeah I like that kinda card making!  But lets go a little further – make it a frosted window card, add a coordinating designer paper to tie it together and a little dimension with Sparkle Lightz!

Today’s Featured Momma: Michelle and the YGY Moms! Many of you may remember Michelle Van Etten from Cricut days!  She was a Provo Craft Cricut designer for Hello Thursday and she now is a TOP Million Dollar (and lots more) earner with Youngevity.  She and I personally work together on some fun things and so today is kinda special!   I really am blessed to be able to help teach other moms who want to start a Home Based Business how to do so with YGY Moms and Healthy Moms, Wealthy Moms.  Youngevity is where I now get all my makeup from as well as many hair and skin care products.  I also use their 90 for Life drink mixes to get all 90 essential vitamins and MINERALS that are missing!  This company is really all about replacement shopping (instead of just blowing $100 at walmart before you know it on whatever you get) – get all your regular needs for health, home, pet, fashion, hobbies, makeup etc….through YOURSELF.  One, you get all you need, best quality at great wholesale prices and two, you support other moms growing their business’s as well!  I do get all of my Makeup from Youngevity and I have even used several of their essential oils and blends that Doterra does not carry – like Sweet Birch – which makes everything smell like a root beer float and assists in aches, pains, fatigue and stress relief!  It’s an amazing way to diversify everything that you do.  Mom’s Night Out parties are incredibly fun and all in all it’s an impressive structure – more impressive than ANY other Home Based Business I have seen – and I check out a lot!!!  This is definitely for the person who “doesn’t want to stress about sales” and for the kind of person who wants to help others.  It’s for someone who is serious about their, and their families health, it’s for the person that is ready to make something different with their lives and doesn’t know where to start in a Home Based Business!  Michelle is here to help you with just that – and me too – but Michelle IS pretty amazing – but it’s all about the team!  Michelle and I both know this!  So her question for you would be – are you ready??? Michelle Million Dollar Earner




Today’s Giveaway:  Is ACTUALLY a Winner Choice!!!  They get to choose between a YGY Makeup Tower, a YGY Essential Oil Lip Gloss, A Scrapbook Goodie Bag OR a Healthy Start 90 Day Challenge Sampler!

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**We will also select at random throughout the 12 Days surprise bonus winners for those actively participating in the event!  So you could win for sharing the event, commenting, and much more above and beyond the fun rafflecopter!  Check back tomorrow to see who our bonus select random winners are!!!**



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(ALL proceeds for ALL 12 days go to Operation Christmas Child!) Bundle Deals

(All DVD Sale Proceeds go towards Oshkosh Community Church Christmas Samaritan Fund and/or sponsoring Compassion International Children!)

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37 thoughts on “Day 6: Merry and Bright ONE Cut and Done Card Making

  • liz lane

    Card was cute-LOVED the video with your make up routine and all about Norwex. I had never heard of Norwex before, but will look into it. I also really like the makeup tower! Great coverage but very natural looking! I think you are right about being careful about what we put on and in our body–it is costly to make a complete shift, but I’m sure it’s beneficial and pays off in the long run, financially and health-wise!

    Blessings on you, Megan! I hope your Christmas stress melts away! Go sip hot tea in front of your Christmas tree and kick your feet up! 🙂
    Liz in PA

  • Shennita English

    This card is easy peasy and too cute! Though I only wear lipstick, eye liner and a little eye shadow on occassion, I also enjoyed hearing you talk about the makeup and especially the essential oils. You are so informative and I appreciate that.

  • Donna

    Love the cleavning cloths you showed. I would love to be able to wear makeup, but am highly allergic to most things. Thanks for sharing your daily routine. It’s nice to know that you are just like all of us.

  • Shana Hurst

    I love how you introduce us to new products! I see several things I want to check out! Question about the lashes. Are they safe for contact wearers? Thanks for keeping it real!

  • Carmen Elrod

    THanks for letting us start your day with you, Megan! I do not wear make-up regularly, but when I do I really do feel better about myself and I find myself smiling more. I am thinking about trying out the fiber lashes, and see if I get any WOW’s! LOL I love how you dress up the card to make it go from beautiful to fabulous! Last but not least, I am still thinking about getting the Physicians Kit~ Would love to have that free Frankincense!

  • Lisa Kay

    I am going to have to give Youngevity a try… Thank you for the Video today… I still have a lot of Sparkle Lightz and I use them on just about everything…

  • Angela Mabe

    Cute card and thank you so much for showing us your daily morning routine. All of those products look great, I just wish I had extra money to be able to try some.

  • Tiffany T

    Thanks for the videos today! The card is super cute (I just ordered some paper layerz- the mystery box- and sparkle lightz from craft e corner, and a few more things from the above rubles store to get stocked up. So sad they are going away! I’ll probably miss the ink edgerz the most though!) and I really liked seeing how you incorporate a lot of these products into your life. I am sold on Jamberrys now too! I’ve got a friend that’s a consultant and it’s great for her that I love them, and so do my two daughters, because I don’t wanna sell it, so she gets all my orders! 😉 Essential oils have become a big part of my day to day as well, for me and my four children, and I’ve had some very impressive results! Can’t wait to try out a few more of these products! I do have a question, usually with “home parties” there is a special (Spend $50 you get xyz for free type of offer…) is there a special right now if you order from the Norwex party? I didn’t see anything on her website but thought maybe I missed it.

  • Luria Dantzler

    I love the artfully sent cartridge to. So many great cards on this one. Love how you can keep it simple or make it a little more elegant.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Katie D

    Love the card! I made all of our Christmas cards last year and loved using bling! Even if the card is simple, bling always adds more pizzazz!

    I also enjoyed your “Day in The Life,” and how real you are with all of us!

  • Sharon Harrison

    ! look forward to starting every day with your videos. Great way to get moving. You have such energy that helps me get going. I really enjoyed this video about how you apply your makeup. Thank you for caring so much for all of us in so many ways.

  • Chris

    Hi Megan, love all your videos and ideas….I have a question, for this 6th Day project, Merry & Bright, One Cut and Done card, what paper pack did you highlight and where can it be found? I checked your shop but didn’t see it. Can you let me know?