Day 5: DIY Spa Set! Easy, Health Benefits and Luxury! 27

Day 5 of the 2014 12 Days of Giveaways!

Todays Tutorial: Lets make some DIY Lotion Bars, Lip Balms and maybe a few other things….!  The health benefits of using these products will blow you away and nothing toxic or icky in anything you create!  It feels amazing, tastes incredible and they are great gifts for teachers, siblings, aunts, neighbors, grandma’s you know – really anyone 😉

Today’s Special Feature: OMGeeee HUGE offer and it lasts until December 15th only but it’s totally worth it!!!

When you pick up 200PV (points value) in any Doterra Essential Oils, products, diffusers etc…you get a FREE Bottle of Frankincense which is a $93.00 value! WORTH IT alone!  You also would receive a Free Christmas Ornament and Holiday Joy Essential Oil Blend when you place a 125PV order – AND you can also get 10% off Wintergreen essential oil – which smells great for the season of course – but it’s health benefits of relieving aches and pains, lifting moods, and it also increases your awareness and elevate your sensory system – it’s pretty awesome stuff!!

Today’s Featured Momma: Karlee Guay is the wellness advocate for Doterra Essential oils for our 12 days of giveaways – you can shop with Karlee here –

Karlee is a momma to one amazing little 4 year old, Ruby.  She is Gradyn’s amazing auntie and we share a love of essential oils….so much so – we need to start an EO-Annoynimous!  Karlee has seen the results as I have with essential oils and is becoming educated quickly on helping many others find health and body benefits – as well as just the amazing aromas that fill the air and make you just feel great!

You can check out all of the Precious Gems Doterra Team Members too:



Check out the Gift Giving Guide MUST GIVES!!!


Here are those two other videos that I told you about for making Fizzy Bath Bombs (also great gifts) and the Bath salt Gift Set too!!!  SOO Much FUN! 

Today’s Giveaway: A $10.00 Gift Card for Doterra Essential Oil from Megan and Karlee!  One bottle of essential oil goes a LONG WAY for a Long List of remedies and uses!


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**We will also select at random throughout the 12 Days surprise bonus winners for those actively participating in the event!  So you could win for sharing the event, commenting, and much more above and beyond the fun rafflecopter!  Check back tomorrow to see who our bonus select random winners are!!!**


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 3D Fiber lashes with Lisa and Megan 

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27 thoughts on “Day 5: DIY Spa Set! Easy, Health Benefits and Luxury!

  • Angela

    Very interested in this as my husband is very ill with lung issues & I’ve changed lots of things but this is one I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, jump into the essential oils thing. We both have MAJOR health issues and meds are just making things worse at times it seems.
    TFS!!! =)

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Angela, Let me know if you need any help in selecting these oils – they TRULY have changed SOOO many lives and have at MINIMUM relieved symptoms and side effects of other phrama-world things! It’s exciting and so helpful! 🙂

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Cindy, the benefits FAR outweigh the costs and when you REALLY break it down – which is what I find soooo fascinating – is that its actually CHEAPER than most over the counter remedies and you use less with less side-effects!!! I’m such a believer!!! But you don’t have to just take my word for it – I could literally sit and share 90 PERSONAL testimonies of people I actually know who have used and had success with a large variety of things! It’s INCREDIBLE!

  • Dee

    Love your tutorials and recipe’s for essential oils. One thing I like to do when making things like this that have harder substances such as the beeswax is to use a grater or mandolin to shave it so that it melts quicker and is easy to measure as well.

    Thanks for all you do Megan, it is an inspiration to keep going!!

  • liz lane

    LOVED this video!!! It was fun to be in your kitchen with you and learn how to make these lotion bars. I am just beginning to learn about essential oils and have been diffusing oils (essentially the oils in the On Guard blend) this fall and will continue to into the winter.

    I would love to see more videos of things we can make with essential oils-like the lip balms, etc. Very fun crafty & super helpful video. You are a great teacher, Megan, and I appreciate you heart and tender spirit for the Lord. (I appreciated your email last night about your journey.) Keep on shining for Him!

    Liz in PA

  • Dee

    Love all of your tutorials and recipe’s. One thing I like to do when making things that you are using harder substances such as the beeswax for is to use a grater or a mandolin to shave it. It makes it much easier to melt and measure as well.

    Thank you for all you do, you are an inspiration for us all to keep going!

  • ildi Miskell

    Love all the projects you showed today!! Wish I had the extra $$ to buy some oils!1 Will have to wait till the new year and then I’m gonna try to invest in them and try these awesome ideas!! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

  • Lisa Gross

    Your videos are so helpful, my daughter use I think the peppermint oil when she was pregnant very bad morning sickness or should I say all day.

  • Lisa Kay

    I LoVe doTERRA Essential oils… I have been using them for several years now… I am a consultant for them as well… I just use them for my family for our health and wellbeing… I am not into the business side of it. doTERRA Essential oils are amazing…

  • LilGreenBug

    Wow! Never heard of lotion bars! What an awesome idea!!! I want to make some for gifts and for myself!!! Will have to wait until after the holidays to buy the oils, though. But will be looking forward to it!

  • Kim F

    I have been seeing so much about essential oils lately, I would love to get some more info and get started with using them. Also, Megan, thanks for all that you do.

  • Bobbie H.

    I am very interested in getting started on using essential oils. I sent you an e-mail at asking a few questions about them. Not sure if I sent my questions to the right place.

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Bobbie I haven’t received an email about essential oils today – but I would be happy to help you out! I’ll message you shortly 🙂

  • Jessica B.

    Thanks for doing the 12 days again! I love the ideas/inspiration that it brings and gives!!!!Also the flashbacks are an added bonus!!!