Scrappin’ Easel Check This Out 48

Scrappin’ Easel is something I absolutely LOVE when I’m not doing an everyday video that I show you guys – ESPECIALLY when I want to walk away from a project or rearrange.  Check out this Easel and Let me know you’re thoughts!  Would you be an Easel “ette” fan or a full blow Scrappin’ Easel fan???

You can get your hands on a Scrappin’ Easel Right HERE Today!  🙂

YouTube Preview Image

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48 thoughts on “Scrappin’ Easel Check This Out

  • Valerie

    WOW! This nifty little gadget is the answer/solution to so many issues the scrappers and cardmakers have! Space saver at crops, third (or fourth or fifth!) helping hand when you’re trying to decide exactly how you want your page to be set up and or would look best where, and of course an awesome tool to have when trying to video your project for your blog! I JUST started my own blog, and so far have only taken pics as I went along. I don’t have the equipment that so many of my fav bloggers have to achieve the right angle, and I can see this working perfectly! Since I’m a diehard scrapbooker and recently discovered the joys of cardmaking, I think I’m going to have to look into BOTH of these handy dandy helpers! Thx so much for sharing!!

  • Rebecca

    I had seen this advertised, but I thought it was just a stand. Thanks for the video explaining how it works and why it is worthwhile! I don’t know which I would like more – the easel or the easelette — as I make more cards now but am just starting to scrapbook.

    Megan, I am still praying for you daily! I hope that you are feeling better!

  • Robyn

    I have one and am disappointed with the lack of quality of it. In my opinion it is very cheaply made. For such an expensive tool, I expected better. I never even use it…a waste of $70!

  • Brenda

    I have the Scrap’n Easel and find that it is very helpful. I have problems with my neck and back so bending over my work can be very tedious and painful. The magnets are super strong and hold your work nicely while trying various lay outs. It is pricey, but for me it was worth it, because of the relief I get from my neck and back.

  • Marilyn

    Was just thinking about getting one. I am going to a scrapbooking event next week and decided that I should get one because I always have trouble with my back. Thanks for the video

  • Lynn

    I have both sizes, I love them both, & use them for all of my scrapping projects, big or small, 🙂 Yes I think they are too expensive, I bought both of mine from the craft channel, so I saved a few bucks, my only issue with them are…. the chrome finish peels off of the magnets,

  • Kathleen

    I love my Scrappin’ Easel. Bought it when they first came out. I take it to crops and use it in the “work mode.” I use it at home in both modes, but in the “display mode” when I’m working on a project and need to step away from it, and take a look. I have bi-focals, and I also do NOT enjoy standing while I scrap so the easel helps with both of those issues.

  • Barbara

    I bought this several months ago when it was first released and love it. I for one suffered with upper back/shoulder strain when I scrapped. This solved the problem. No more tired shoulders

  • Diane

    Would love to have one of these because I have had back surgery and have a hard time scrapping for long periods so this would be great for me. The problem, a little pricy, but maybe someday. Thanks for the video.

  • Peggy Whisenhunt

    I think the price is too high for this product because it does not look sturdy and I think over time the way it is made to stand up will not hold up over time. I think it is a great idea, but I think $80 for it and shipping is too expensive. I like the concept but I think it is overpriced for what it is. I have a mat I use with magnets and a ruler and it was way cheaper than this product. I would love to have my work upright when i go to crops, but I think they need to make improvements to this product in the way it is made to work over time. thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

  • Marg

    I guess for me…the concept is great….materials used is good…..but well overpriced. A few minor improvements could be made to make it better. I have one and I use it. I got mine right after it came out, so I’ve had it long enough to know.

  • Kim b

    I have both of them and I LOVE them!!!! They really rock. Even my 14 yr old son thought they were pretty awesome!!!! I use mine all the time!!!

  • jeannie

    I have this and love it! Had it when it first came out so I’ve been using it for quite some time. Mine is always on top of my desk, but I don’t use it for scrap pages- not much of a scrapbooker. However I do creat a lot of 3 D projects that has many pieces and I use the easel to place all my pieces in order on the board and to keep them off my work area. It’s a godsend NOT to loose pieces on my desk especially when working with a lot of cut outs. Over priced? Yes, but I still enjoy using it and glad that I have it!

  • Irene Baker

    I don’t actually want a full blown easel (too large for my work space). But I do have the easel “ette” on my wish list for next payday. Yea!!

  • Debbie Z

    Love the concept but even with the sale price, still to pricey. I’ve heard from many that it is just not worth the price because it is cheaply made. The idea is great and would love to try one but I still can’t justify the price.

    Love the videos and alot of the products you do review and show. Quite helpful on my infrequent shopping trips. It takes me 40 miles one way to hit Michaels and Walmart where I live in WI.

    Hope you are on the road to recovery Megan.

    • Connie Bragg

      I got a scrappin easel about 8 months ago and was a great help in doing my Christmas Cards. I LOVE IT!!..Now that the mini is out there, I am going to look into it.

  • Suzanne D

    Love mine! I have had it for over a year…many of my friends have one now! Great product! I know just who I would giv1e one to, if I was lucky enough to win!

  • Donna Diggins

    I told my hubby I wanted this for my (60th – UGH) birthday a few months ago……he researched it and even he was impressed with the product. I love it for both my sore back AND designing, esp when I need to back away from a layout because I’m just not sure it’s right. Love it….love it….love it…..worth every penny!

  • Marlene Cardwell

    i can’t hear you on the last two videos with all sounds up as high as possible.
    Can you get a mike attached to you?

  • Melissa Brown

    I have the Scrappin’ Easel and I LOVE it! I wasn’t sure if I’d like scrapbooking at the raised angle but I found I really do! No more back and shoulder soreness when scrapbooking at a 4 day retreat! I also love working on two page layouts and having things line up from page to page with the ease of the ruler. Yes it is expensive, but I don’t feel it’s cheaply made. I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Lara Snider

    Love this product, but can’t afford it. Wish it was in the $50.00 range. Sending prayers for healing and psychological comfort too! Hang in the Megan!

  • Michelle N.

    Well, the easel looks interesting, but way, way too much for me to spend on something like that. Glad most of you like it, but will keep doing what I’m doing. In the future if the price comes down, way down, I will look into it.
    Thanks Megan and hope you are getting better. Love you

  • Tianna Fonseca

    I have been really looking at this product and am so glad to see you demo it. Looks pretty useful! As for sound, I find that putting in my earphones I can hear the videos much better.


  • Moira Efird

    Good Gracious….What a great idea and gadget. I am in envy of all who already possess this. My birthday and Christmas list is getting long. You keep me excited about what is new and genius out there…thank you for that. I hope that you are healing fast, and sorry to know that you have had a time of it. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger…go with that, and God speed Sweetie!!!! Moira

  • Regina F

    Wow, I would love one of these!! I like the first statement you made about saving your back. My back is usually screaming at crops from leaning over.

    Besides this great product, I do hope that you are feeling better and all is going well for you! Praying for you Megan.

  • Debra Gardner

    I love my Scrappin’ Easle. I bought it a year ago after neck, shoulder and back trouble. I can not scrapbook with it now. And no more shoulder neck and back strain. YES!!

  • Dawn

    Thank you for showing us this in use. I can already think of so many ways it would come in handy. I went to their website and she had a video showing the smaller one. They are both now on my wishlist.

  • Jean S

    I think it looks interesting. If you ever redo this one with sound that we can hear, please resend. I’d love to have this instruction.

  • JoAnn Weiss

    Hope you are feeling better Megan and I really enjoy your videos……always helpful!! This looks like a MUST HAVE scrapper’s item and the little easel sounds perfect for card making……would really like to own one!! As for the sound in videos I too find it better to wear my earphones when I watch…..please keep them coming and GET WELL SOON ~ you are too nice to be in pain.

  • Margaarita Kistler

    I enjoy your videos but there are frequent times that it is very difficult to hear you. I have checked my computer & made sure that volume was at its max and I also use head phones which are also at max and still it is very very difficult to hear you. It doesn’t happen all the time but it is frequent enough that I decided to say something. This is not a problem with other sites & their videos so I don’t believe that there is a problem at my end. I know that you are currently going through a difficult time & I hesitated about bringing it up. However I really do enjoy your videos & I hate missing what you are saying so I seriously hope that this problem is read by and easily resolved by one of you technicians. I missed a lot of what you said regarding the Scrappin’Easel but from what I read from other comments, it doesn’t sound like something that is within my budget at this time. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  • Ann

    I have researched this product for about a year and there hAve been more pros than cons. Since the price has come down a little I ordered one because I am going to a retreat and will be scrapping for hours for 4 days! I know I will enjoy it. Thanks for your video and hope you are feeling better.

  • Kim Brock

    I have the Scrapin Easel and just love it!! I know a few of my friends would like to have one but find the price prohibitive. As you said, I use it to set up a layout particularly when I’m stuck and need to find inspiration.

    Hope you are feeling better, my prayers are with you,

  • Esther

    After I saw your demo I went out and bought one. I love, love, love it! Thanks for showing this to us. I used to stand up to scrap. I would be bent over all day at the crops and go home with a terrible back and neck ache. Now, I can see what I’m doing from my chair. I am so happy with my scrappin easel.