CTO Happy Days Scrapbooking 9

Check This Out!  I love scrapbook paper you all know that!  It’s so fun to have a variety in our craft rooms to really create with a bang when we sit down to create!  Isn’t it the worst when you finally get time to create and you are missing just that PERFECT embellishment or piece of paper to complete your project, but you really don’t have time to run to the craft store?  This is why I believe a well stocked craft room is a must!  Always a TON of extra adhesive on hand, and always have a wide variety of types of papers and cardstock colors on hand!  It’s crucial to optimize your scrapbooking and cardmaking time! 😉 (You can tell your significant other I said so 😉 LOL!)

Enjoy today’s Check This Out video and you can pick this up at Craft-e-Corner.com right now!

YouTube Preview Image

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and as always…..

Enjoy the Moments!

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9 thoughts on “CTO Happy Days Scrapbooking

  • Elaine Peterson

    oh, I agree that a well stocked craft room is a key to being productive. Saves fuel and time. The right tools are invaluable as well. When I demonstrated my then new Cricut to my family, even my husband commented” that sure does a lot considering the price.” I consider the expense of crafting to be much more economical and so much more fun than a therapist!

  • LeeAnn B Sinclair

    Looks like a great kit , def worth checking out. I have to tell you , you’re convincing. I didn’t buy the glue glider when you were on HSN because I didn’t need it , love my ATG, etc. BUT you did such a wonderful job on your presentation that I wanted to watch it again. Well, Megan, you got me…lol. I ended up buying your glue glider configuration after all ! Did I need it ? Probably not. But you convinced me that I just have to have it and will find plenty of uses for it. I’m waiting for it to arrive now (along with a Martha Stewart punch set that I’d been considering adding to my collection for a while..love them ! ). So now I’m waiting for a UPS delivery because of your presentation rerun. Your presentation really was flawless and I hope you get many more opportunities because of it !

  • Jane

    I will definitely check this kit out. I just love it. I have a similar cartridge for my cricut and they would go so well together!

  • vivian kaufman

    I tried to keep my craft room well stock but sometime in the middle of a project I find that I need something. Most of the time I have something that I can use in exchange of my original idea but sometime not. Love the kit