Winter CHA 2012 Day One Check IN 41

Hey All!

Britten, Cindy and I are having a BLAST out here in Anaheim, CA and learning great new things and teaching quite a bit as well! We are talking to all the wonderful fabulous designers and manufactures that you all love – and can’t wait to share more!Ā  If there is something particular you would like to see and check out at the show – please let me know – just post a quick comment and we’ll do our best to send live video or pictures from the show.

There are two videos here for you all to take a peak at the new Megan Elizabeth products and then a little view of the Make and Takes too!

If you a CHA Member and are attending the Professionals Show – Stop by at see me at World Win Booth #1950 and Glue Arts booth #2333 – You can introduce yourself to Cindy, Britten or myself šŸ™‚

Megan Elizabeth NEW PRODUCTS PEAK! šŸ™‚

YouTube Preview Image

Megan’s Make and Take at the Glue Arts Booth:

YouTube Preview Image

Enjoy the Moments!


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41 thoughts on “Winter CHA 2012 Day One Check IN

  • Deborah


    I was at CHA all day. What a great time. Didn’t see you Megan but will track you down as we want to order your paper layers.

    See you tomorrow!!!

  • Milly D

    I wish I was there. Looks like lots of fun. The glue glider looks like a must have for me, I love the multi direction feature. Can you try to get photos from Tim Holtz booth and Ranger Booth. Have fun Megan !!

  • Margaret

    Love the videos,looks like so much fun. Love the new products , can’t wait to purchase them, or win them maybe. HInt! Have a great time and enjoy the weather.

  • Melissa Brown

    I’d love to see something from the Silhouette booth. Is the Cameo worth it for cutting fonts from my computer, cutting detailed images and for individual images i can purchase versus a whole cartridge?? Have fun!

  • Kay

    Please ask Provocraft when they are going to fix CCR so it doesn’t eject the mat after each cut on the Expression so it will work with pens and markers. Also heard there are new pens and an embossing tip so this even more critical. Thanks.

  • Barbara

    Have fun. If you see any usage of Spellbinder dies with cuttlebug, I would be interested in seeing how they work together. We are having great weather in the bay area, so Anaheim must be fab right now. Enjoy.

  • Sarah

    Megan, I would love to see photos and videos of the Provo Craft booth. I would also like to see videos of any new cutters from anyone. Thanks

  • Amy E.

    Oh how I would love to be there!! Looks like a blast! If you get a chance, I would love to see some of the new Smashbook goodies. I know they’re coming out with a purple smashbook and I would LOVE to have a peek inside!

    Have fun and don’t work too hard!

  • KitnM

    Thanks for posting a couple videos. I have been waiting…trying to be patient…and was so happy to see that you had gotten a couple uploaded. I am sure you are super busy with your products and then wanting to see all the other new products. We (those of us to follow your blog and love you) can’t wait to see all your new products. I love your paper because it cuts so much better than…I won’t mention the brands. I do wish that you and worldwin papers had large pads in our stores…I think the paper is soooooo much better. I will wait for your next post. Can’t wait to see what else is coming out! Hope you also have some time to enjoy the weather and relax while you are there! Coffee on balcony, patio, or anywhere outside, with the warm sun, sounds good doesn’t it!!

  • Jan B

    I am sure you are having loads of fun and are going to bring back many wonderful ideas. Wish I were there! Have fun girls and be hearing from you soon!

  • Cathy W.

    Megan, I can’t believe I didn’t get to this until 4:30 pm!!! Well the Princess (my dog) had to go to the vet this morning, and it took forever as she hasn’t been in over a year and a half… I just have to try PaperLayerz! And with the edger inks, … oh girl, you tempt me too much! Have a GREAT time!

  • LeeAnn from NC

    Looks like you’re having a great time. I can only imagine how awesome it is to be surrounded by so many crafters and so many crafting products …that’s the stuff dreams are made of …lol….Hope this is a very successful trip for you !

  • Andrene

    Thanks for the videos – they help us unlucky people at home feel like we are there with you!! Not to mention we all love ARS products!! Please get some shots from Tim Holtz’s booth on the projects made by my good friend Kathy Orta-Files (Paper Phenomenon). She was asked by Tim to create 3 projects and I know they are over the top creatively. Thanks and have a blast in Cali.

  • dorothy Helmkay

    Sure enjoyed the videos Megan. I got a new expressions 2 cricut machine for christmas . I am looking forward to learning how to use it. Thanks again. Dorothy Helmkay from Canada

  • Sharon

    Hi Megan

    I just watched your new products video at CHA Winter 2012, and I can’t wait for the products to be launched in your online shop, so I can buy them. LOL! Luv all your video’s dvd’s and products. U Rock,Megan. šŸ™‚



  • Iva

    I’m so excited playing with my paper layerz!!! Now, I’m waiting for the “edgers”. When and where
    will these be available to purchase.

    You are such an inspiration and I’ve loved all your training DVD’s. Praying for your safe travel home.

  • MommyMe

    I’m so excited for you! It must be thrilling to keep launching new products! I would be completely overwhelmed at CHA…I’m so grateful for you bringing us inside. Thank you, Britten, and Cindy for taking the time to film and post for those of us at home. Have a wonderful time!