Cricut Craft Room Confusing You? 1

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Kelly D has written in:

Hi Megan, I recieved my cricut imagine dvd a-z, lots of great info and tips, but the problems I am having are in the craft room, I want to design colored layers that cut only in one peice. I am assuming I use it like the gypsy, which i am ordering that dvd from you all. But I have welded and grouped all images to one, but when it cuts it is cutting out all layers. I am confused. What can i do to fix this. Can you make a dvd for the craftroom a to z.. thank you


Hi Kelly,

I get lots of questions about the Cricut Craft Room!  It’s a new and exciting tool and I know a lot of people are anxious to learn more about it.  I have been using the Craft Room since it first came out in BETA Testing mode, and it does still have its minor issues, but its really can be a fun tool. I have not taken the time to really figure it out to give thorough instructions on using this program…however;

Luckily for us, Provo Craft has lots of really great instructional videos on about the Cricut Craft Room available right now.  That link is  There is also an FAQ section that might be helpful to you lower on that page.  If you still can’t find an answer to your question, check out the community.    As of today, there are over 6700 posts just on the Craft Room forum alone!  Here’s the direct link for you: 


Thanks for writing and enjoy the moments!

Megan Elizabeth

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One thought on “Cricut Craft Room Confusing You?

  • Amy

    I am so happy I found AboveRubiesStudio!! I just got a Cricut Imagine for my birthday and have been playing around with it and your site for days now. Will PaperLayerz work in my Imagine machine? I really love the idea about the paper and would like to use it.