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I just wanted to share a little inside information with everyone and let you in on my heart a little bit.  I want you all to know your comments all mean so much to me!  Whether they be good or bad, the positive, the negative, the encouraging, the disappointing, the happy and the sad…you can ask my best friend, my husband and even my Design Team what YOUR comments do to me and for me! 🙂

I take each and every one of them to heart, and I don’t think I’ve ever taken the time to actually express that to you, the commenter! (Insert the Megan DUH face right HERE! 😉 )

I know there are times in life when people do things you don’t agree with,  people do things that excite you, people do things that upset you, people do things that encourage and uplift you…that’s what life is all about.  Taking in each one of those moments, allowing them to shape you and mold you into (hopefully) a better you than you were the day before.

You’re comments do that for me! I have received so much love through so many of you for so long and from the bottom of my heart thank you for the kind support.


I want to share a comment with you from a fellow crafter so all could actually read it and I wanted to comment a reply so all could see.  This comment is from Carrie in response to the China for Scrapbookers video I posted it says:

Thanks for finding where the products are produced that we already love and use everyday.
We follow you because of the great things you have already produced right here in the USA, keep up the good work. We know you won’t stop your video creation, but only grow in your knowledge and expertise to keep sharing the things we’ve grown to love. I can’t wait to see how you apply your new knowledge on the videos you are editing and preparing for us. Thanks for willing to take the life risk and do more than most of us could ever dream of when asked to step out of our comfort zone.


I read that and it meant SO much to me.  There are MANY others that do as well, but for this moment at this time, I just wanted to share a thankful heart of Carrie posting this.  First I’m thankful she’s recognized that I have most of my products produced right here in the United States for a reason. My trip to China is not meant to strip jobs from the US (if we’re scrapbooking, we’re using things from China which I saw quickly being over there just being there)- as a matter of fact – its quite the opposite and I know there will be protest and concerns regardless.  Just know where my heart really is in all of this.  That’s all I’ll say about that. 🙂

And Carrie – Your comment also inspired me because of your thanks for stepping out of the comfort zone… and I wanted everyone to read and see that because I think that should be a challenge to ALL of us!


We have the choice to CREATE the life we DREAM about.  You have to believe in yourself – step out of what negative beliefs you may hold of “that will never work” or “I could never do that” and BELIEVE that YOU CAN! Because – YOU CAN!!! I promise YOU CAN!


Doesn’t mean you HAVE to fly to China to see where Stampin’ Up and Basic Gray and KaiserCraft and BoBunny products are made.  It doesn’t mean you have to have your own line of scrapbook paper, it doesn’t mean you have to turn on a video camera and talk to people.  Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone can be as simple as smiling at the lady at the check out counter who’s grumpy and having a bad day just like you are.  Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone is letting the kids play in the mud even though you’ll DREAD having to clean up That Mess! (GUILTY!) Sometimes its writing a handwritten letter, a kind word, a helpful spirit, sometimes its dropping everything to do something that makes someone else feel good!

The point I’m trying to get at is – you CAN start small in creating a LIFE that makes you BEAM – that allows your light to shine and makes an impact!  Sometimes it means doing big things – taking BIG risks – but it ALL comes back to believing in yourself to make YOUR life a DREAM!

I happen to believe this one simple truth found in Psalm 37 that says “Trust in the Lord and DO Good, feed on His faithfulness. DELIGHT yourself in the Lord and HE shall give you the DESIRES of your heart.”

I think that verse goes a long way.  Its not about just sitting back and saying ok God whatever you give me – I think its about DOING – DOING the good and seeking after Him and the desires you want fall right into place.

Ok – there are my two cents – again – I know that won’t agree with some of you – I know that there is NO possible way to receive 100% positive and uplifting comments ALL the time.  I know there will be times when I fail and I let you and others down…

But I’m here – My heart is IN THIS – and I believe that it is “thanks to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundant beyond ALL we can ask or think” (Eph. 3:20) – And the comments and support each one of you at home give as well!!!! 🙂

Once again THANK YOU and I SO want you to PLEASE get OUT THERE and ENJOY THE MOMENTS!  GO FOR IT!!!


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51 thoughts on “What Your Comments Mean to Me…

  • Shari

    Awesome inspiration! I think you’re such a wonderful example and I love that I/we can see you grow professionally, personally and in faith. I thank you for letting us in so that we can all learn and grow along with you.

  • Cynthia Guy

    Thanks for the joyful post this morning, Megan! 🙂 I miss seeing you! And when I do we’re already heading out of the parking lot. Next time I’ll just have to repark the car….:) Enjoy your day with Sean and the kids. And have fun with the snow tomorrow! 🙂

  • Sandy Handrich

    Megan, thanks for the reminder of Psalms 37….I love how God can use 1 verse out of the whole Bible to strike a chord and get your attention. I really needed that verse as I have been struggling with taking the next step in my own business. Struggling with wondering if I’m putting to much emphasis on earthly things and neglecting my service in ministry and helping others. I need to remember that God wants to bless me as well with the desires of my heart, as well as use me to be a blessing to others. Sometimes it’s just hard to find that balance, but “I can do all things through Him”. Thank for sharing your heart! Love Above Rubies and all that it and you stand for! Sandy

    • Tanya Thompson

      Thank you Megan, your words are exactly what I was looking for to convey a positive message for my daughter. She is going through a rough patch right now and your words will help me show her that everyone has good and bad days, ups and downs, hits and misses, critiques and praise…I am going to borrow some of your passages to send her and hopefully help her rise above. Thanks so much!

  • Jane

    Hey Megan… I am and have been quiet as far as sending messages are concerned. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate all that you do. But I do applaud your faith and love in God. I am always on alert to help anyone who needs it. I actually quit my job 2 years ago because a friend was in need of someone she trusted to take care of her in her last three months of life. I counted what I did for her as a blessing, not only for her, but for me as well. Each time I went out of my way for her she always told me that I had just earned another feather for my wings! So I continue “earning those feathers” by making people smile and helping whenever I can. Keep smiling and going forward. We all love you.

  • Irene

    Hi Megan,

    I don’t post often but you touched my heart today and I wanted to let you know that. I am so proud of you, your abilities and the joy you are making with living your life. Keep on keeping on, Kiddo. Your fans are so thrilled with your creativity which in turn inspires us. Irene

  • Katherine A

    Thank you for this post today. Even though I visit this blog regularly, I don’t often leave a comment. Now that I know you actually take the time to read them, I will try to do better. I do appreciate all you do to share with us and rejoice in how things have taken off for you since I first started following your blog. Don’t worry about not being able to please everyone or about the little things that go wrong. When I was a young women, a much older and wiser women told me something that has stuck with me. She said, “Honey, don’t worry about making a mistake. There was only one person ever on this earth who was perfect, and we crucified Him!”

  • Jamie

    Hi Megan-

    I didn’t leave a comment on your trip to China, but a couple of things bothered me. The first was about our taking business to China and not keeping it here in America. Notice I said, “our”, I am part of this every time I buy something made in China. And second, as a Christian, what do you think of China’s government persecuting of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ? I know we can’t control everything going on in the world. But I can’t ignore the tug on my heart that tells me to move away from China. Reading about believers locked up and put in work camps in China has changed my buying habits. You can read some of their stories at the Voice of the Martyrs website.

  • Jean

    Megan, you are such a delight. I love starting the day with you, be it a post or a video it is the first thing I read when I check my email in the morning, You have such a wonderful uplifting spirit and I feel blessed to have you in my day, Thank you so much for all you do. You are truly an inspiration. You Go Girl!!

  • Kathy

    Amen, Sister! As my old pastor would say “That’ll preach any day of the week”. I love the part of Psalm 37 that says, “feed on His faithfullness”. Those words just lept off the screen and into my very being! It is so easy when I am going through lifes diffuclties to lose sight of the fact that He has NEVER failed me, NEVER abandoned me. God has always, always, always sustained me even when I didn’t see the big picture and today I choose to “feed on His faithfullness”! I don’t always read your posts(sorry) but I did today and I am so glad I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carmen Elrod

    Hi Megan~ Thank you so much for the much needed encouragement! I have been dealing with a major family issue and have been DOWN IN THE DUMPS! Just this morning, I was thinking, why should I bother making cards, nobody seems to appreciate them as much as I enjoy making them! After reading your blog, I realized ~ creating is my dream and has become my life!!!!!! I work hard at what I do, and I am good at it! Thank You, Megan~ for lifting my spirits and for always being there for us to inspire and help make our dreams come true! I can’t imagine ANYONE ever giving you a negative comment! You keep us going in the Paper Craft world!
    Love ya~

  • Audrey

    lso shows me God’s fathfulness when times are tough and He blesses His children.
    God BlessThank you Megan for your lovely message this morning. I stepped out of my comfort zone 5 years ago by moving to Mexico. I did not know why God wanted me here, but am continuing to find out. I did not speak a word of Spanish except Hola and Banos (hello and Bathroom) but I am continuining to learn the languauge and the culture. My husband and I attend a Mexican church and the needs are great. I have been able to work at a free breakfast for the people on the mountain side who often do not have food and where all the gangs live. I have gone to houses that are nothing but plastic tarps hanging and been blessed to bring food and share love wth these wonderful loving people who are very grateful for anything and everything you do for them. My husband and I also srugle financially but God always meets and exceeds our needs, si that we can continue to give and bless otheres. I amnow attempting to start my own card businesshere for the English speaking community and withthat I will be able to give more to these wonderful peole. Than you for all you do and your inspiring, uplifting and funny videos. God Bless

  • Sharon v/d Westhuizen

    WOW, thks for such inspiring and uplifting words.U truly are an amazing person, and for being YOU.
    U rock, Megan. 🙂



  • Arlene

    Thank you for the reminder to always give God the Glory for every good thing in our lives. Your Christian witness is what drew me to you 2 years ago and what keeps me coming back for more. Love your inspirations and pray you never lose sight of what’s really important in life.

  • Crystal Nichols

    Megan your message spoke to me today. I am alwasy afraid to fail so don’t step out of my “zone” very often, I am working on that though. I find inspiration in what you do and to hear you give the glory to God and his provision is why I keep looking to your website. You are an inspiration to those of us who may want to step out and do more but may just have a fear (that does not come from God) of failure. Everything you do seems to be amazing and there is always more. I pray for you all the time because I think ” Wow God keep her and her family close” Life is not perfect and with out God, Sean, and the kids none of us would matter. I am glad that you have their full support and help, to make you the woman we keep coming back to for inspiration. Thank you for all your effort and may God & your family keep pouring into you so you can keep pouring out to all of us. THANKS!

  • Sandie Barnes

    Megan I appreciate your videos and your honest approach. Your love the our Lord comes through. Having a Christian site to visit and get inspiration from is refreshing. Looking forward to a long relationship with you and Above Rubies Studio! Keep up the good work! Thank you.

  • Dottie

    Megan, I love your card making techniques and designs. I am so Blessed that you are willing to share all you know, not only the crafting part but the organizational part also. I truly am thrilled that you are a Christian who is sharing your talents with others and I appauld you for voiceing the fact that you are a Christian and quoting Bible verses…………….GO MEGAN

    Thanks for all you do

  • Claudia

    Hi Megan,
    I just want to Thank You so much for the note. You have inspired me and I so enjoy your website. When you say step outside of your comfort zone–that is me. I have always enjoyed crafts (knitting, crocheting, sewing, needlework stuff) but had never tried scrapbooking. Never thought I could do it. Well, now I am and just loving it. What forced me into it was a tragedy–our beautiful Daughter passed away leaving 3 young children. I so wanted them to remember their Mother, so decided to do her life in a scrapbook for them. This has been a bitter sweet project, but also a healing one for me. It is still a work in progress.
    Thank You for the inspiration.

  • Cin Price

    I want you to know I”m very much a made in USA shopper. I buy USA made when I can. Sometimes it’s just not possible to buy USA. I want you to know I have been following you for a long time and I know in my heart you are in the place God has given you the choice to be because of your heart and good conscience. It’s the right choice. Unlike most USA made only buyers,I feel as Americans we have to remember world trade is important. We sell our products to other country’s too and we buy tons of stuff that we couldn’t afford to buy if it wasn’t made in China! So that being said, you have my 100% support in your new ventures. I know you are weighing everything carefully. I commend you for being a responsible business woman and making wise choices in how you want to represent and build your company. It’s not about the almighty dollar and that gets through to me as your supporter and creative follower! Follow your heart it’s won’t steer you wrong!

  • Billie A

    Megan,, Very well said. I know I visit your site all the time and others and I do not leave comments and I know I should. I do appreciate it when people leave me comments so I should return them. I do appreciate all you do and your time to do it all and raise kids and time for them and your hubby. I really appreciate your videos. I have not tried your line of papers and guilty dont use my cricut because I am confused with it but I love what you do. Keep up the good work and believing in yourself and others. Hugs

  • jeanne

    I love your inventiveness and like to read your posts, even when I don’t always respond. I’ve missed much of the comments lately, I had by-pass surgery this past Monday after spending week in hospital BEFORE the surgery.

    I’m evidently on the mend, but not up to keeping up with all the posts yet.

    But you keep up your good work. Your good, creative soul comes shinning through in all you do

  • Noaleen

    Hi Megan,
    This is stepping out side of my comfort zone as I have never finished reading any of your news letters until today , this one count my attention so clicked on read more. I have to agree with the other comments, the words in this letter are very powerful. i wish to THANK YOU for putting this news letter up and for all the great videos that you do, I find something for me in all of them
    Regards Noaleen

  • Julie


    Thanks for the words of inspiration, especially from Ps. 37. When reading your post I was thinking of how I’m at a place where I’m just sort of “sitting back” and waiting for things to happen. Life begins to just pass us by… Thanks for the challenge to get up and get going. Getting out of my comfort zone is really scary, but your message is an encouragement to take a step in the right direction. Bless you!

    Regards, Julie

  • Phyllis

    Dear Megan, You inspire me so much! And I agree that it is important to do things in this world. That is why god gave us all different gifts, so that we can use them and give to each other. Keep up the good work! Phyllis

  • Joan Peters

    Megan, so thankfuf that you are willing to share your faith with all of us. It makes me very thankful that we still live in a country that allows us to do that very thing. I love all of your products and videos. Just keep wishing that you would do a video on Design Studio. (Maybe let me know why you have decided against it.)

  • Anne

    Thank you for sharing your Faith, with scripture to back it up. To me that is the most important thing that you do. Your inspiration of “making” it in the big world for young mothers is awesome, along with all that you share with the rest of us. With God as your partner, then I trust that you will make the best decisions for yourself and family, and being honest with us on what you decide is about all we can ask of you. Standing behind the USA in all that we do, so that the young men and women who give their all and more for the USA can sense the pride we have in them is up most in my mind. But again, I don’t have your knowledge or expertise to know what the best decisions are for you. Blessing to you as you make these decisions. Love the site, blogs, videos and especially your smile.

  • Lisa LeMay

    First of all, faith is an action word! You are absolutely right, Megan!!! Heavenly Father has given us all so many gifts that we are to share with those around us! And you do exactly that!

    “My goal was to always share and promote that a womans worth is much more than any precious gem on this earth when she is filled with the virtue and honor that Proverbs 31 talks about.”

    That right there is exactly what you do everyday. When I am having a really hard day, I come and check out your blog because it makes me feel so much happier and stronger! Knowing I can do what God gave me-because HE gave it to me-makes me feel so much better. And I know I am not the only one. You are a huge blessing to so many people-even the ones that may seem like they do not agree with you or your work. If it didn’t have an impact, they would not be on your blog reading and replying. 🙂 You do great work, sweetheart, and we all appreciate it! (Including the husbands on the sidelines who do not see your husband but knows he there. It means something when a man is behind everything a woman does instead of thinking that she should be in the background.) Heavenly Father has plans for us all and I have no doubts that you are doing exactly what He put you here for. Thanx for being faithful and following His plan for you. We all love you so very much! Take care. 🙂

  • Dorcas

    I am so glad that you took the time to express heart here. God is faithful and you are a beacon of light to those of us who love you. Keep up the good work and remember that we are able to do ALL things through Him! Your words about stepping out of our comfort zone really touched me.

  • Bonny

    I have followed you for quite some time now and have always enjoyed your ideas and the things you do and what you stand for. Although here lately it’s all about you and rarely do you post things like you used to. It’s all about your success and your photo shoot and you, you, you. Remember the name of your blog is “above rubies”. Do you really know what that means? Your success can be a great thing if you can handle it but so far it’s not looking like you can. And the paper idea you came up with is only neat for people who are color blind. How hard is it to put together colors that look good together and if you can’t then look at a color wheel. You are taking advantage of simple people, but I guess if they are willing to pay for it more power to you. When you first said you had this great idea I was all excited then when you showed it I was like, that’s it. Good grief!

    • Laura

      I think that Megan is going through a growth period, and she is sharing with her online friends so that she keeps a relationship going. I am sure she would be glad to read about what is going on in your personal journey through life. About the paper, in my humble opinion, it is not for people who can’t match colors, it is for convenience, so you can make all your cuts on one page, instead of changing paper multiple times or cutting and piecing together on your mat. Just convenience, and for that it is a great idea.

  • Jennie Barger

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us! Your mission “statement” is what initially drew me to your site! I strive daily to be a Proverbs 31 woman so I have to tell you it is truly an honor to be a member of your design team and I consider it a true gift to be able to participate in a small way in the dreams that God has given you! The Lord has brought us through so much so I totally know what it means to step out of my comfort zone – but the blessings that result from that are immeasurable! Thanks for all you do! I want to be a part of Above Rubies Studio and Club Ruby as long as you’ll allow me! 🙂 I love it!

  • Donna Dial

    Wow Megan you are truly an inspiration both in crafting and spiritually. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. I am one of your early fans, my husband actually discovered your website after I purchased my first cricut creation. He signed me up and I have followed you ever since. I love watching you grow and fullfill your dreams, yet not forget about us, and continue to learn and share with us. God Bless you and your family.

  • Vickie

    Thanks for sharing yourself with all of us. I love all your tips and have sent many people I know to your website for your tips and cutting guide for cricut which is absolutely the best and it’s free to download. You are amazing and I want you to keep up the good work!!! God Bless

  • Judy Goodson

    Dear Megan,
    I feel that my comment that I left yesterday opened a can of worms, and I didn’t mean any of it as criticism about your trip to China or what is going on with your new ventures. I was just very surprised to learn that even our precious scrapbook supplies were mostly being made in China. I kind of think as scrapbooking having started in the USA and staying “homegrown”. I know I’m naive about such things, so I don’t want any scrapbookers to take my comments personally. I follow your blog faithfully and comment often because I think you do a great job and are very ambitious in getting your new “projects” going. You are an inspiration to all of us!! On that same note, I do urge people to try to buy products made in the USA. Our country needs us as consumers to look at labels and, if possible (and I know sometimes that’s hard), buy American, even when you scrapbook.

  • Gwen

    Frustration with cricut (throw it out the window) I was updating the firmware and update was complete and it told me I needed a second update so I did that and towards the end it shut down the whole program and my circuits won’t turn on!!!!! Please help asap

  • Patricia Logan

    I too want to thank you for first of all, going to China to see everything that is being made there. I often wonder why the US lost the jobs that were here to these countries like China. I am not going to debate it here. I am a consultant with a direct selling company, and everything but one product is made in China (the main product line is still being made in the US). I am also glad that you chose to have your products made in the US, because it does create jobs. I also wanted to thank you for adding a bible verse in your blog post too. It is often pleasing to this Christian scrapbooker to read comments and post like this. Keep up the Good work, Meagan.

  • Kim M.

    Thank you for your inspiring and encouraging words. I have heard so many good things about your blog, so I decided to stop by and subscribe. Your sentiments are very relevant in my life at this very moment. Thank you!

  • Vicki

    Awesome! This past year has been a time of growth and reflection in how I look at things. God has been telling me “Look for the good things not the bad”. Boy what a difference that can make in one’s live. Keep on doing what you are doing because it is working. Enjoy where life and just go with it!

  • scrappy vicky

    Thanks so much for this inspiring message. Psalm 37 is one of my favorites! Thanks again for all that you do and the time you give.

  • sondra nunnally

    Thank you for the uplifting scripture and sweet thoughts you shared. I think often on this verse found in Jeremiah 29:11 NRSV
    For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord…to give you a future with hope. Isn’t that encouraging and comforting. We are so blessed by a wonderful God.

  • Marcie Mclaughlin

    Hello there… I would just like to request if any person understands the notes of Blissful Birthday on violin. My niece is learning how to perform the violin and she is implementing the G D A E string. So can people give the notes…Thank you.