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Let’s try this again šŸ™‚

If you were on the website yesterday, you were probably frustrated and at your wits end with the website not responding and giving you all kinds of crazy errors!

I know that many of you have been waiting to order and some of you even took special time out of your day and I am really sorry that my website has decided not to cooperate! I feel absolutely TERRIBLE that this has caused some of you a lot of frustration and wasted time.

So today I have something for your that will hopefully remedy yesterday’s disaster! Watch the video for the SCOOP…

The CutMates ARS Special Assortment Pack

What’s included: This assortment pack includes an assortment of 25 light and dark sheets of the solid CutMates paper that’s designed specifically for die-cutting machines… and it’s what Paper Layerz is printed on! This paper is a GREAT way to start playing and cutting with this amazing solid cardstock until Paper Layerz is available!Ā  So get crafty and start creating!

Quantity Available: Although there is still a limited supply, we do have more than before so that hopefully, more of you can get this amazing paper and start creating with it!

Pre-Order the CutMates ARS Special Assortment Pack Now

Rather than make you wait AGAIN, I decided to let everyone pre-order and claim their CutMates ARS Special Assortment Pack (25 Sheets) right away.

Price: The special price still stands! If you pre-order now, you will still get the 20% off discount!

CutMates Assortment Pack Regular Price: $9.99 ea.
Your Discounted Price: $7.99 ea.

Please NOTE, although we are accepting PRE-ORDERS now, orders will not ship until June 24th.

Again, thanks everyone for your excitement about CutMates and about Paper Layerz! And thanks for understanding about yesterday’s technical issues (arrrg!)… I am so amazed by all of you and your forgiving hearts!

Megan Elizabeth

p.s. Just a note for those who were able to order before today… your orders will ship this week. Only orders placed today or later will ship on June 24th.

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19 thoughts on “Website Working and More CutMates Paper Available!

  • Christeen Baker

    Wow sorry you had trouble yesterday. I didn’t go on the site yesterday because I was busy using the CutMates paper I received in my May kit. I can’t believe how beautifully this paper cuts. I was making a banner for my daughter’s engagement party so was using different papers and each time I used the CutMates it cut clean first time every time. I love it and now am even more excited to receive my PaperLayerz order. No wonder your website crashed everybody want this paper!

  • Judy

    Thanks for getting this assortment pack together for us. Can’t wait till June 24th now. Have a great day – yesterday’s catastrophe will just be a blip on the screen of all the good things happeing to you. Thanks again for taking care of your members!

  • Sharon

    I was so busy at work yesterday, I do not get a chance to order the paper. But I did order 2 special pack of paper today, & I can’t wait to get to play with them. A super BIG THANKS for organising the assortment packs, for us. We really do appreciate your FANTASTIC efforts. U rock, Megan. šŸ™‚

  • Marilyn

    Yay!!!! I was able to order the assortment pack today. After yesterdays disappointment I wasn’t sure of getting any of the paper. Thanks Megan

  • BJ

    Missed yesterdays mishap but am glad to be able to order today. Especially since I missed the PaperLayerz. Will there be a second chance for the PaperLayerz?

  • Teresa

    Quit apologizing girl, we live in a techni savvy world and stuff just happens. Just LOVE this new product and can’t wait to receive it. I did try many times on Monday but kept getting the “monkeymail” site, so I just let it go til this AM and was able to place the order with MUCH EASE!!! Blessings to you Megan for ALL your hard efforts to make our scrapping frenzy such a JOY :o)

  • Judy Resop

    Welcome to Wisconsin & all of our road construction. I live just 8 miles south of the world win plant. They have such great papers! Thank you for coming up with such a wonderful color pallet.

  • Judy

    Thanks for making it right for all of us who got
    so frustrated yesterday, I was in hopes to get the layerz paper so I could try that, will we not be able to order both kinds? When will it be available.

  • Debbie

    Hi Megan, what a day huh? Sorry you had all those problems. You know what would be nice???? If the shipping charges weren’t so dang high!! The shipping charges cost more than the paper…what’s wrong with this picture??? That’s what stopping me from buying this paper. I guess I’ll have to wait until it comes to a store near me. Sorry šŸ™

  • Sherlyn

    I’m sorry you had so much trouble yesterday! I wondered what was happening as I tried several times. So I went to order today and it is just not worth it! It’s a great price for the paper but the S&H is the same amount! That is just too much for me!

  • Ginney

    Really wanted to get this paper, but the $9.50 s/h was just too much for me to pay….hopefully I will be able to get it down the road

  • Becky H.

    Hey Megan, I really am looking forward to the cutmates. What I don’t understand…The discounted price (which is wonderful) and the shipping is about the same price. Can’t afford that. One screen said 7.50 and another screen said 8.00 shipping???? You know how it is, you are a super savvy girl! I guess I will have to wait until it hits the stores. Bummer.

  • Joene

    Hi Megan,
    Just order 2 of the new paper. I am really anxious to try it. Yesterday must have been very hard for you, but I know all of us understand and I thing getting lights and darks in the same package is a good deal Thank you for all you do for us.

  • Peter Curran

    Megan Elizabeth: All of us at WorldWin Papers want you to know that we truly are blessed to have made a working relationship with you and Sean. We can’t wait to meet the rest of your team! And thanks for the great pre-order sale on the CutMates assorted pack. We look forward to helping you and Above Rubies Studio reach new levels of growth and excitement.