Stronger September

What IS strength to you?
How does it matter to you?
Would you like tools to develop deeper strength in your day to day life?

We are about to embark on Stronger September!!! I am so excited to go on this journey of strength with you starting with our live creative workshop on September 11, 2022!

We aren’t just talking about physical strength, though incredible, we are diving into our inner strength, true strength already there and ready to tap into deeper than ever before.

There are TWO ways to join us! One way is through your memberships, workshops included inside your SheMakes.Club membership.

or you can JUST join the Stronger September 2022 Workshops and Bonuses here

It’s time to unlock your strength from your story and develop deeper the skills for a stronger tomorrow.  Let’s dive into secret strengths together and unleash resilience practices in your every day life.

I know that there is already a strength inside you, inside me, we’ve witnessed it, lived it, but do we recognize it?

We aren’t talking about only physical strength, but emotional, spiritual and mental strength.

It’s time to realize the strength already there, but tap into an even greater strength from the Creator of All that is.

You will be inspired, encouraged to create and enjoy scrapbooking alongside your crafty besties, but also, you will be taken along on a journey to practical tools and exercises to strengthen your heart and life.

Live Scrapbook Creative Workshop September 11, 2022

  • Journal Prompted PDF Worksheet
  • Cricut Design Space Cut File Access
  • One Year On Demand Access
  • SVGs & Downloads yours to keep for life
  • Bonuses

Live Power Prayer Workshop September to 14, 2022

  • Journal Prompted PDF Worksheet
  • One Year On Demand Access
  • Downloads yours to keep for life
  • Bonuses

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