Easiest & Fastest Way to Get Photos from Phone to Album

I am SO thrilled my Chatbooks are HERE and I can’t wait to share with you how to quickly, easily and inexpensively Scrapbook you life into mini scrapbooks for only $5.00!!!!

My sister had told me about them years ago and I forgot what they were called and didn’t ever look back into it…well I got a coupon and signed up and now I have awesome MONTHLY scrapbooks that arrive to my door AND I am doing albums backwards from the time Nate and I first met!
Take a look! 👀

Use my code for $10 off your first order: MEGANHEEBNER-X3ZL

Download their app to get started or visit here to get started: http://invite.chatbooks.com/0woar2

These albums are the easiest and most beautiful way to capture your memories, tell your stories and save you a TON of time and money! Now I am a scrapbooker, I print my pics you all the cardstock, stickers, Cricut, inks and adhesives to tell the story of our lives….but what if in FIVE MINUTES you could easily have albums that reflect months worth of stories for only $5.00!

What a way to save you time AND money AND still tell all the stories of your family as life continues to wiz on by! Chatbooks are my new go to solution to KEEP UP with my scrapbooking, story telling and life documenting that matters to me. I am behind and I will forever be behind in telling all the stories I want to tell as a I process the life we live…but now with the Mini Chatbooks, I can show you how to quickly do all your scrapbooking in moments time without shorting through hundreds or thousands of photos, just month by month customize and drop the pictures that matter most to you!

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