Security Fix Means Extended Giveaway Period! 3

I was going to be ending our Back to School Back to Crafting sale today as well as the giveaway – however – there were a few cache issues with the shopping cart making it appear as though our website was not “secure” or safe to check out on. I can assure everyone that it was still safe and everything is fine – but we updated the systems to be sure and all is working in perfect order now – thanks to the help of Sean who still will step in from time to time to do what he does best and trouble shoot those things I just can’t figure out! So thanks Sean – I know you don’t need to help me anymore and you did anyway!

Because of all this crazy and emails we received I wanted to make sure everyone felt secure and good on this so I extended until FRIDAY (September 27, 2013) the giveaway/raffle and sale at both:

If you have any questions or concerns at all – let me know!

You can still spread the word to just comment and enter to win as well!!! Do so right HERE!

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3 thoughts on “Security Fix Means Extended Giveaway Period!

  • Lisa Kay

    I got in on the sell and I am so glad I did I love my new videos and my bling… I am so happy that Sean was able to help you…that is aWesome!!!

  • Annette

    Love all that you do. Thought the impromptu headboard video was wonderful!
    You make crafting and creating so much fun—that is what it is supposed to be–not work!