Scrapbook Expo NJ 25

Hey! It’s Saturday and I’m having a blast in New Jersey at Creek Bank Creations booth! We are selling through Gypsy and Cricut A-Z DVDs and having a blast meeting followers and new friends! I just had to check in to say hi here from the show and I can’t wait to post about some of the great things I’ve learned and tell you all about my new “Big Brother” and “Little Sister” you’re going to love them!!! Check in soon have a fabulous weekend!!!

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25 thoughts on “Scrapbook Expo NJ

  • Kar-Lyn

    How do you find out about these scrapbooking shows?? I’ve been wanted to attend one but don’t where to find out about them. I live in Columbus, Ohio, know of any coming to my area soon?

  • Marjorie

    Hi Megan !!!!
    Glad you are having a good time, which I was there. I had wanted to go , but wasn’t able too. would have loved to have met you. smooches

  • patricia pent

    I wish I would of known about this show, I’ve been looking forward to attending one and don’t know how to find out about them, I just bought your products Meagan, haven’t look at it yet but I’m sure I’ll love it, could you let us know when shows are coming up, I live in Mass but would of gone to Jersey if I knew, I have family there. I’m sure you are having a blast!

  • Melissa

    Kar-Lynn-just google “Scrapbooking Conventions” and a whole bunch will come up!

    Megan, Thanks for recommending the Gypsy DVD-I watched a little bit of it last night-so awesome. It was nice to meet you (even though you probably don’t remember me-lol)

  • Pat

    How do you find out about these expos? I live in NY…..maybe I could have gone to the expo in NJ…but I didn’t know anything about it

  • Pattie

    I was at the show on Friday! I too got a new big brother and little sister! I can’t wait to use them for scrapping! LOL I wish I knew you were going to be there, I would love to have stopped by to see you.

  • Sharon

    Hope u had a gr8 time at the show. Just want to let you know that I got my Gypsy A-Z dvd, and it’s SOOO AWESOME! Thks for the tipsy stylus too! I have both of your dvd’s, and they are a must for any Cricut and Gypsy owner & user! I now luv both my Cricut & Gypsy, thks to your dvd’s!

    You rock, Megan! šŸ™‚



  • ShawnfromMn

    WTG Meghan – you should come up to the one at the Mall of America!!! It is in September! I would help you out if you want!!!

  • StaddieJ

    I would LOve to be there and see and meet everyone. I know it would be a blast!! Will there ever be a scrap expo near Ky? I will be there … TFS!!

  • Mary Schmidt

    I wanna be there. It looks like so much fun. It is a long dry spell between scrap shows here. Good luck on selling your products.

  • Natalie McBroom

    So happy for you. I will have to see if there are any close to where I live. Mostly San Diego, but no babysitter :(. Hope you sold a lot and raised awareness of your wonderful business!

  • littlet 1950

    Hi Meagan,

    I love ABOVE RUBIES. I just ordered your Gypsy DVD and I have a question about my order. How do I contact you?


  • patricia pent

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I just spend today watching the gypsy dvd, it is wonderful! now it’s time for me to practice and create.

    About the shows, for those of you that are as confused as I was on how to find the scrapbook shows, if you google scrapbook expo, NJ (eventhough it’s over) it will show other areas where the shows will take place, that’s a start, I found one coming up now in June in Mass where I live and it’s only an hour away from my house, I hope to meet you all there specially Meagan and everyone else.

  • Janet

    For any Florida people, the expo is in Orlando this weekend, May 28 & 29. It will be my first one and I can’t wait. Love you Meghan!

  • Milly D

    Hi Megan, hope you enjoyed the Expo. I’m so dissapointed, since I found out you were at the Expo on Saturday. I spent my day there on Friday, took some workshops and came home with lots of bags full of amazing stuff.I would really loved to go say Hi and meet you.You should let us know before hand when you are going to attend these functions, so we can go say hi. Maybe next time!I really love the Gypsy A to Z.

  • michelle

    I was so surprised to be in the creek bank booth and turn around to see the same face that is on my computer all the time, MEGAN! It was like meeting a ROCK STAR! So very exciting that one of my favorite on line people was at one of my favorite convention booths! I watched some of the gypsy DVD and learned new things in the first few minutes.
    And.. the tipsy stylus? Also great for a touch screen cell phone when you are a super-texter! lol!
    Great to meet you Megan! Hope you join Creek Bank at the CKC convention in Valley Forge, I will see you there if you do!