Saturday 7: Sparkle, Shine, Glitter – LOVEEE! 7

I sorta couldn’t help it! I just HAD to do a post about shiny things!  Glitter, Sparkle, Rhinestones, SparkleLightz, whatever it maybe I had to do it! Some just plain ol’ pretty and some really clever ideas!  I hope you enjoy!

Creative Rhinestone Uses

1. Not only an AWESOME way to bling up a gift a great way to recycle bottles too!

Rhinestone Uses 7


2. I never thought about using rhinestones as a negative for a word! VERY Sparkly! Rhinestone Uses Rhinestone Uses 6

3. Cover ANY chipboard shape or letter or frame- Looks GREAT with Sparkle Lightz!

Rhinestone Uses 5

4. Easily BLING UP your own shoes!  Heels, sneakers, have fun – just sparkle!

Rhinestone Uses 4


5. This is GREAT for a gift – dress up a hanger for keepsake clothing or brand new gifts! 

Rhinestone Uses 3

6. Might not be the most original idea, but I LOVE bling on my phone! You can pick up a case or bling out your own!

Rhinestone Uses 2

7. A simplistic and beautiful way to color with a little sparkle! I want to do something like this with Sparkle Lightz on a scrapbook page – its just charming!

Rhinestone Uses 1


Enjoy creating with some sparkle and shine today!  Whatever it maybe!!! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Saturday 7: Sparkle, Shine, Glitter – LOVEEE!

  • KitnM

    Love #2 and #7. I think it would take forever to do the entire background but like how the word stands out. And I love the simple/colorful butterfly card. I think I will add that to my list of ‘to do cards’! Thanks for sharing! I thought for sure you were going to have your baby on the 24th…hope you are feeling well. Enjoy the last few days! Since he didn’t come on the 24th, my next guess will be…March 6! Can’t wait to see pics and hear how he measures!

  • Jody

    I have a canister of bling (like that in the picture next to the blinged “A”. I have a
    hard time getting them to stick to stuff. What glue should I be using?
    All the bling stuff I just love. I own a florist and I am trying to add lots of it there.
    Thank you so much for all your ideas!