RTM: DIY Glitter Totes 3

Remember These Moments?!

These little bags are such great cute little gifts for goodies at Valentine’s Day which is coming up soon!  Little totes can be picked up at almost any craft store and using the Viva Decor Glitter Gels/Glitter Pens and Pearl Pens (available at craft-e-corner.com) it creates such a simple, yet fun and beautiful results!

DIY Your own glittery bag today!

Original Post Below Video!

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3 thoughts on “RTM: DIY Glitter Totes

  • Kathhy

    Oh, congrats on the new baby! I didn’t know until I read the comments before me. Megan, I’ve been wanting to get your Imagine and Gypsy DVDs but I had a few question I was wondering if you could answer, no rush, just if you can get to it. First, has the Imagine DVD been updated since the new cutting mats came out (I’ve been reading everywhere that they are all too sticky and you have to find ways to get some of the stick to wear off before you start using it. I’ve had my Imagine in the closet and have never used it but regained some hope that with the new mats, it might work better. Second, if I master the information in the Gypsy DVD, will I pretty much be able to navigate the Cricut Craftroom without much trouble? Thanks so much and take good care. Bye for now.