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Happy Thursday!

Just wanted to update everyone on the status of Paper Layerz!

There are a lot of people working very hard so that it’s available soon, and as the release of Paper Layerz gets closer, I thought it might be fun for you guys to send in letters to you local retail stores asking them to carry Paper Layerz!

To make it easy for you, I’ve written up a sample letter that you can use exactly as-is and just put your name on it!

The more people that write in the better chance there is that your local stores will start carrying this exciting new paper line and you can get your hands on it that much sooner!!!  You can send it to as many stores as you would like, even to your favorite online retailer!!

As an extra little fun surprise, I thought I’d give away a few sample sheets of Paper Layerz to everyone that COMMENTS on THIS Post! 🙂 YAY!

Here is what the letter says:

Dear Retailer,

I am a huge fan of your store and a loyal customer. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to our local scrapbook community! Whenever possible, I purchase craft supplies from your store and support your business, which is why I am sending you this letter.

I have recently discovered a new line of paper called “Paper Layerz”. It’s a completely unique line specifically designed for die- cutting machines. It’s actually formulated to cut clean and smooth in any die-cutting machine and the designs are color coordinated which is perfect for layering images together!

Please consider carrying “Paper Layerz” by Megan Elizabeth in your paper section! This is something I plan to use often and being able to purchase it from your store would be of great convenience.

The website is has more information and videos showing this great concept:

Again, thank you so much for serving our local paper craft market and I hope to see Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth in your store soon.


[insert your name]

Scrapbook enthusiast

Just download and print the letter using one of the links below! I created a word format (.doc) and one in the PDF format:

I am SO excited about this paper line, and SO Blessed by the  love and support you ALL have shared!  Hope you all have a BLAST with it and I really thank you, each and everyone of you, SO very VERY much!

Enjoy the Moments!!!


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189 thoughts on “Paper Layerz is Coming Soon! Request Your Local Store to Carry it!

  • Christeen Baker

    Is your new paper going to any Australian stores and if I take this letter to my local scrapbooking store will they’ve able to get it in? I have already told them about your paper and Above Rubies.

  • Eleanor

    Have been waiting for paper layerz to become available and have told the ladies in our scrapbooking class about it. We have 8 ladies in our class. Will it be available at the CKC convention at Valley Forge, PA in August?

  • Janette

    I just can’t wait to try out Paperlayerz – such a wonderful wonderful idea!! I am going to write to my local retailer right now to encourage them to get it in stock!

  • Tracey

    I don’t know where I’ve been but first time hearing of these. What a fantastic idea!! Praying much success for your new paper line, May the demand be more than you imagined or dreamed and I pray God gives you guys the strength and manpower to meet your demands.

  • Nancy Lee

    Thanks for the letter. This is a great idea. I am taking them directly to my favorite stores today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    God Bless

  • ShawnfromMn

    I am hoping/praying and keeping my fingers crossed that Crafts Direct will carry your paper!!! I will definitely send them a letter!!!! I have so many co-workers wanting it too!!!

  • Kathy

    Downloaded the letter and will mail out 2morrow. Can’t wait to get my hands on this paper. Love, love love your website @ and your videos. They r so informative…keep them coming. Thanx Megan.

  • Cynthia Guy

    I wish I had a cricut to use paper layerz for. however, I hand cut everything, so it’d still go to good use. 🙂 I’m so glad that you are able to do what you love to do with your website. You are a wonderful person and I am so glad to have gotten to know you more over the last couple of years. I pray for you often and I keep spreading the word of your website to friends of mine who don’t know about it. 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful day today.

  • Michelle aka Rue

    OMG I NEED MY STORE TO CARRY THIS PAPER!!!! My crafting started with making Christmas cards, then into scrapbooking, and then the CRICUT. Since the Cricut my crafting has gone to a whole new level, and the paper layerz will just make it that much faster and easier. Why didn’t anyone thing of this sooner!!! Heart you Megan for coming up with this. You my hero!!

  • Karen Hansen

    Great Idea Megan ! I will write them up and delivery them so I can talk to the buyes of the store and it will make it more personal. All the luck on a great product.

  • Bernie

    What a great idea, I live in a small town and we have one l
    store that carrys only what the owner wants. Good luk on this wonderful product.

  • Kathy

    Megan, This paper is such a great idea! I am excited about trying it and plan to go to our local craft stores in Central New York to request that they carry this paper. Thanks for all the awesome ideas you show us. Have a blessed day.

  • Anna Craig

    Will contact Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics and AC Moore. Those are the ones I frequent. A little personal (I hope you don’;t mind)…when is the little one due????

  • Anita W

    I am so excited about this paper line, my husband has just decided to get me a Cricut Expression 2 after he watched me cut out over 60 flowers for a pop up invitation I was making. I can’t wait to try them, I hope they will be coming to Australia. Thanks for all the great inspiration Megan

  • Angela

    Hi Megan. I’ve got my letters printed out and ready to go. Thanks so much for making such a cool paper product for die cutting machines. Best of luck to you!

  • Rhonda Harre

    Megan – The idea for Paper Layers is GREAT! I am so excited about getting to be able to use it in the July kit. I will download and send letters. God’s Blessings on this new adventure!

  • Lydia

    Like Lynne said, “AC Moore, Michaels, and JoAnn’s will be getting mail today” : ) We have all three and they are all on the same road. Makes shopping really simple.
    I’m impressed by the possibilities of using your paper. You are quite innovative and creative!!!

  • Sharon

    Gr8 video about your new product Paper Layerz by Megan Elizabeth. I hop that some scrapbook stores in Cape Town – South Africa, are going to stock your paper. If I owned my own craft shop, I would definitely stock all your paper, clear stamps, especially all your dvd’s. U rock, Megan. 🙂

  • Sharan Grubbs

    I have 2 local scrapbook stores that I am sending letters plus I will flood Hobby Lobby and Michaels with requests as well. I am very excited to have some of this paper

  • millie

    That is a great idea and having the letter ready to go is owsome because I have trouble with what to write but you make things so easy thank you so much.I preordered my papers in the begining of the month have not gotten them yet but I can’t wait to get them you have any Idea when they will be sending them? Hugs Millie.

  • Jackie "B"

    Great idea to draft the letters. All we have to do is print and sign. I will be sending mine to Joann’s and Michaels. Thanks for making this easy for us.

  • Christina Eagan

    I’ve been watching the Paper Layerz story unfold with much interest & can’t wait until it’s available. I am definitely going to write all the stores in Florida that I frequent, from Ocala to Clearwater to Coconut Creek!

  • Nica

    I have a small graduation project to work on today so I will be going to my local Hobby Lobby store and will drop off the letter. Looking forward to seeing your paper sell there!!

  • Reyne Rehm

    Oh my gosh! I can’t believe someone didn’t think of this paper sooner. It’s wonderful and I cannot wait to give letters to all my local stores and online ones too. I do shop from a number! Thank you so much for all your helpful videos and hard work on developing this line.

  • Janet H

    Megan, I have ordered Paper Layerz – any idea what the time frame is for receiving it. I’ve check my account and it says “Processing”. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks.

  • Jean Moe

    I was in the hosptital when the chance to get the samples came out so haven;t been able to check it out. we only have Hobby Lobby and Joanns here so our selection is not the best. Hope it goes to all the online retailers!! Love ya Megan and your products and help are awesome.

  • Susan Landon-Arnold

    I just mentioned your papers yesterday to a shop in Watertown South Dakota. The owner, Lori, asked for more information. This is very opportune, and I will forward you letter to her. I tried to buy your paper the last time you offered it but was unable to get through in time. So, I am anxious to see it in the stores. Thanks for your great work and designs.

  • Debbie

    Megan, I am so excited about Paperlayerz!! Thank you so much for coimg up with this idea, it’s going to make crafting so much easier & fun. Thank you, Thank you.

  • Sarah

    I am SO excited to finally get my hands on this paper. Your creation will make making layered images SUPER EASY & FAST!
    Thanks for writing the letter – again you come up with a way to make my life easier & in turn more creative!

  • Linda W

    Hi Megan~
    I’ve been away in Scandinavia, had a grand time. This new paper sounds wonderful. One can not have too much paper. You should see the accumulation of scraps that I have. Of course, scrap colors don’t always match the next projects. And. . . I will definitely request my local stores to carry it.

  • mia

    omg! i have been waiting to try your line and and the last time the site was down so…but anyways thankyou so much for the test drive paper samples teaser. you are the best megan.

  • MIchelle Hooker

    Signed, Sealed and Sent!!, Also forwarded to friends and family to do the same! Thanks for all you do. Also wanted to comment that i have tried the Stick and Spray & Stick Away from Crafters Companion……LOVE! Awesome products and again thanks for all of your videos, product reviews and recommendations.

  • Marilyn

    Great idea!! We don’t have any scrapbook stores in my area, only have a Michaels and Hobby Lobby.. Will be sending letter to them soon.

  • Diana

    I can’t wait to try this paper! I use my cricut expression a lot and these paper layers will make it so much easier to use. I would love for my local craft stores to carry these papers. Thank you so much for the letters to send them and for creating such an awesome product to help make crafting easier and so much fun!

  • Pat

    Printing and sending letters today. Would love to try your new paper. Tired of not getting “smooth” cuts and ruining paper. THANKS! Megan and have a great day!

  • Debbie

    If we only have a chain craft store like Hobby Lobby in our town, should the letter go to their main office or our local store? Just wondering.

  • Stacey

    Very exciting!! I have actually already been promoting your product in Ks 🙂 And I am going to follow up on all of my contacts with the letter you provided and for an extra special “bonus” they will all be in a card made from the CRD kits!!

  • Monica

    Looking forward to trying your new paper being carried locally. I’ll definitely download your sample letter and drop it off at my local craft and scrapbook stores…lots of those in L.A.

  • Debbie

    I am so loving this idea and want this paper so bad. I will be downlaoding your letter and taking to 5 different craft stores. Thanks again


  • Marissa

    I will be sending this letter out asap! I was not able to get in on the action when the paper was available due to a family emergency, but I am now looking forward to trying it out! I’ve watched your videos and can hardly wait!

  • Janet Hayes

    I’m so excited to try this paper. I love everything you’ve come out with and am so glad there are people like you who work so hard to promote and further our craft.

    Thanks Megan for all your hard work!

  • Jeannie

    Megan, told the owner all about your new paper line of a VERY small store here in town (only store that caries supplies) but she wants to see it first before she’ll even consider carrying the line.So I guess I’ll have to order some first and let her try it out. Very frustrating, 95% of all my supplies are ordered on the Internet and the closest Micheals is a 4 hour drive away. Can’t wait until this is available, will place an order as soon as it’s up on your website. Good luck to you and your new line!

  • Aly

    Just did four of the letters and will send them off when I pick up lunch for the gang here. I am so looking forward to trying out this paper! I just hope at least one of the stores I send the letter to will carry the paper! Thank you!

  • Kathleen

    Your light keeps shining, Megan! PTL!! Thanks for making everything about paper crafting so much easier for all of us, including bringing your wonderful new paper line into our local stores.

  • Shelly

    Hey Megan, I so love to get your updates. Cant wait for the paper to be available. I have baby announcements to make and I am waiting just for the new paper. Hope you are well and I know you have been busy so make sure you take time to stop and breath.

  • Crystal Nichols

    I don’t have any scrapbook stores in my town, but will definetly send out the letters to Joanns, Michaels, & Stacy’s Scrap Shack (my shop at the beach in Lincoln City, OR)

  • Mommyme

    I am so thrilled for you and your family, about all of your recent accomplishments! You have always inspired my creativity, but observing your growth has both humbled and inspired me as well. Thank you so much. I wish you continued success!

  • Peggy

    I will definitely send the letter to the two stores here where I buy my craft supplies. Congratulations! You deserve it after all your hard work. Can’t wait to receive some of the paper.

  • Nancy

    What a great idea to get the paper available locally! I will print it out and take it with me on my next shopping spree and to my next craft class. I wish you all the sucess in the world.

  • Carrie

    What a wonderful idea!! I am going straight to our local scrapbooking store and telling them about this. Awesome!! I can’t wait to try out this paper while working on my cricut. And then telling all my cricut pals.

  • Sarah

    Wow Megan! How nice to be able to work with your husband, and be around for your adorable little ones! I love your instructional videos!!!! Cannot wait to LOVE your new paper line! Eagerly awaiting its release! ~Sarah

  • Bibi Leak

    Your enthusiasum is so awesome. Everytime I finish watching one of your videos I just have to get into my craftroom and make a card or scrapbook page! I wish I had half your energy. Thanks for all the great creative ideas you are amazing. God bless you and your family.

  • Sandra

    Thank you for the pre written document. I am taking this to my local store today so they can check you out. I really hope they will be the first in this area to carry it. Great idea and I can’t wait to use it. Hope to order from you first thing. Thanks for all your spunk and energy. Thanks for sharing all your projects and talent.

  • Betty

    What a great idea I hope my two local stores will start stocking it after I take the letters in and that I don’t have to wait too long !!!

  • Connie Bragg

    Meagan I can’t wait to get this paper. I have printed out the letters to send to my 2 favorite craft stores, Michaels and Joanns. I am prayerfully hoping that they will start carrying the paper and would love to find it on line with the company.

  • Pat Ley

    I love this idea you have come up with.. so helpful for those of us that are truly color-challenged. I will be looking forward to using this product.

  • Lisa Kay

    Love Love Love Paper Layerz!!!!!

    I have really been loving the kits on Club Ruby Designers…Love all the ideas and information found in the club…

    Thank you for the letter I’m going to the Post Office today…

  • Kristie

    I think this is going to be great… I pray that your paper line makes it to our local stores in Alabama. thank you so much and have a blessed day….

  • Melissa Brown

    For sure Crafts Direct will be getting a letter! I can’t wait to get my hands on some!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  • susan R.

    I am so excited about your new paper. I am looking forward to receiving my order. I printed out your letter to take to my hometown retailer Vanessa. I would love to be able to buy locally. Thank you so much.

  • Christeen Baker

    What is this month’s kit code. I see the kit is already available at but I need the code for our discount.

  • Lee

    I will be sending my letters out in Mankato Mn. Thanks for the letter. I asked before but I thought I would again. Does cartridges that are linked to someone elses gypsy work in design studio. I dont have design studio but I would get it if my linked used cart would work in ds.

  • Cindy Lapp

    Megan, I am so excited I have been trying to get crafting paper from another online store and it keeps coming damaged but Today I recieved my shippment from you with my New CUT MAKE PAPER and it came in PERFECT shape the box was so large that there was no way it was getting distroyed… NICE JOB MEGAN!! Cant wait to receive the new PAPER LAYERZ.. and I know since you will be shipping it with such care I dont need to worry how it will arrive… THANKS AGAIN MEGAN for all your care and interest in your customers… <3 <3 <3 Cindy

  • Melida

    Hi Megan, I am a new member of Club Rubies Studio and I love what you do and sharing good ideas. I can’t wait to see your new line of paper in our local store. Thank you.

  • LeAnn Frick

    Looking forward to being able to purchase the PaperLayerz line of paper. Hopefully it will be available in our local shops soon. Thanks for all the wonderful advice and helpful tips. LeAnn Frick

  • Niki

    I can’t wait to try the new paper! I will do my part in helping to get in my local stores with the letter.
    Thanks from Denton, TX!

  • missionofjoy

    I wish we had a local scrapbook store to send a letter to, we only have the big guys left. I hope to see this paper somewhere around here soon. Keep us posted on when the major retailers are going to stock it.

  • Jessica

    Soooo ready to get my hands on this paper! I have printed the letter and am taking it with me when I go shopping this weekend. I will put it right in the hands of anyone I come across! Blessings Ms Megan

  • cecile

    Just printed the letter requesting that your paper be carried in their store, Michaels in Gilbert,Az, Hobby Lobby, Gilbert AZ and JoAnns, Gilbert AZ. I hope they will pay attention to a client request!

  • Nancy Solem

    This is really a smart idea to save paper and coordinate colors for layered cricut images. I am in the Twin Cities area of MN and downloaded the letter for my local Michael’s and JoAnn’s.

  • Jannie Bell

    I am just itching to try it! I can hardly wait. Its not coming fast enough. When I look at the videos, I can just imagine how fast it will be now doing a project, not having to keep loading all the different colors which take up a lot of time. PleaSE, PLEASE HURRY!!.

  • Sylvi

    Yay Megan, I’m so excited for you! Best of luck with the new paper line. You are my role model. I wish I could do what you are doing!

  • Elise McDonald

    I am also from Australia and love the look of paper layerz. Who will be your supplier in Australia? I will ask our local store to contact them. Thank you for your videos.

  • Chris Frost

    Hi Megan, great news that the Paper Layerz will be available soon. Do you know if you are shipping it to any Australian stores? I will certainly send on your letter to my favourite internet stores and request that they stock your paper.

  • carolyn hartle

    waiting for paper to come so I can try it. Letter great idea, printing out to take to three stores I use. Good luck on your new line.

  • Crys Jensen

    I definitely can hardly wait for this paper’s release in my local stores. I will be taking this to several stores I buy my supplies from around Denver and Castle Rock, Colorado. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product. Crys

  • Theresa Leyerle

    I love your idea and that you turned this dream into reality! I am looking forward to playing with this new paper. When I first saw what you did…it was an “ah ha” moment…like, why didn’t I think of that. It is perfect for our designing pleasure! God Bless You!

  • Eileen Powell

    Hopefully local stores will be starting to carry this paper sooner than later. Can’t wait to see how usefull it can be.

  • Jill

    Love the idea of these new papers. Would love to try out a sample pkg. I will submit letter to our little scrapbooking store here that focuses on Cricut.

  • Jeanine Vercelli

    I am so excited about the paper layerz and can’t wait to get my hands on it. I plan to send a letter to a little shop in Dothan, AL.
    Good Luck with your new line!!

  • Jane

    I am so excited to be able to use this paper. What a time and money saver! I usually save my scraps but have to cut squares so they don’t tear when I pull them out. Now I can have everything on one sheet and store them depending on how much of the square I use. I am just smiling. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

  • Kim Allen

    Lol on me, you know when the big preorder was going on for some reason I thought it was for paper layerz but it was for cut mates! I just got mine and while its super great, I was expecting the paper layerz. I just ordered my July kit tho, so will get to have some in there!

  • Edwina Brown

    Thanks Megan! I am going to take this letter to 3 stores and mail it to an online site I like. Appericate all your hard work and to videos.

  • Madeline Griggs

    I’m so excited because I received my four packages of cut mates cardstock today, can’t wait to use it. I have downloaded the letter and I will take a copy of it to several stores. It was a great idea of yours to have the color blocks on paper layerz. I do hope the stores will sell it. Please let me know when it is ready to order.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas.
    Madeline Griggs

  • Ruth

    My local independent scrapbooking store prides itself on carrying unique items in order to attract more customers. I’m sure they’d be all about Paper Layerz, especially since they’re trying to offer more classes for Cricut users right now!

  • Kathy Davis

    I live near Archiver’s in Memphis, TN. Do you have any idea if they plan to carry it? I worked there for a short period of time and would be happy to submit a letter to them. Great people!

  • Paula Sanchez

    I have been following your posts, anxiously awaiting the release of Paper Layerz!! I can’t wait to try them out!!

  • Jeannie

    Got to play with my new paper today and I got to tell you this stuff is awesome!!! Every cut came out great, just ordered the July kit and so excited to try the paper Layerz!!

  • Brenda Cheek

    I can’t wait to get some of this paper. I love using my cricut and I think this paper will make it more enjoyable.

  • Kathy

    I am really looking forward to trying out this new paper. The other papers i have used do not always give a crisp, fresh cut…even with a new blade!

  • stacy blankenbaker

    I have a favorite craft store in Palm Coast Florida that I visit while on vacation…luckily, I was there this past week and was able to promote your line of paper, the pearl pens, and the 3D liquid glue dots (all great products you have used). Well, when I went back at the end of the week to say my goodbye’s until January, the owner told me that she had ordered the pearl pens and glue…she was also considering carrying your line of paper but wanted to do more research within her customer base first. How terrific is that??? although I wasnt able to get any of these goodies this time, when I return in January I bet I come home with a whole suitcase of fun things!

  • Tamra

    I will be taking this to a friend of mine that just opened a new scrapbook store I know she would love to order your paper!

  • Greg T

    I can’t wait to try the paper. My local scrapbook store was just sold to a new owner. I am sending your letter off to them in hopes that the new owner will include it in their inventory.

  • Tami Garcia

    I do have a cricut machine and learning more each day. I LOVE to scrapbook and make crafts. Always looking for paper that is not sold in town so my stuff in unique. I am excited to see more about this product and will also help spread the news. God Bless!

  • Irene Baker

    Thanks for the suggestion, and the letter (makes it so much easier). I just printed it, and sending it out today to our two local scrapbooking stores.

  • dolores weitzman

    i just ordered (2) packs of your paper layerz and i just printed the letter for three of my local scrapbook retailers to see if they will purchase this paper!11 i would love to receive any additional paper layerz from you as a gift. thanks alot, the paper look so wonderful!!!

  • Charity Brown

    I hope I am not too late to still receive the paper layerz paper…I have been catching back up with everything and I am totally excited about these paper packs….They really look like fun and I will definately send the letter! Thanks

  • Andrea

    This is a fantastic idea and I will definitely ask and request they carry it at my local store! This will make card making on the Cricut so much easier and I don’t have to think too hard about what combination of colors to choose. Thank you!!!

  • Deborah

    Wow Megan Thanks, I just ordered some of the paper from your website. I will search to see if any of our local stores in Virginia carry your brand. If not I will request that they do.

  • Janet Workman

    ACMoore said that they only receive what the wearhouse sends them, will try Michaels but think l will get the same answer.

    • Nuchi Draiman

      Great idea, Megan!

      I just downloaded the letter. We should all bombard our favorite stores with letters about Paper Layerz and help Megan have a GREAT show at CHA!

      Store owners really do pay attention to letters like these. They assume that for every person who took the time to write, there are lots more who feel the same way but didn’t write, so your letter has a lot of impact.

      This is an easy way to help Megan out. Especially now, when she’s going through so much, let’s do all we can to help her!!

      I plan on writing to each of the wonderful people who participated in Megan’s online Thanks and Get Well Party to make sure they didn’t miss this post. If you didn’t join the party yet (and qualify for entries into the Giveaway!)–check it out!

      Let’s do all we can to make this an easier time for Megan and show her how much we care!!

  • Liz Lumsden

    The only way they know if want them to carry something is to tell them! Verbally or by mail. I do the same at grocery stores….

  • Margaret C

    Looking forward to trying paper layers someday. Your children are both adorable and I pray you are feeling yourself again soon. Speedy recovery because you have too many things to do and being sick just gets in the way of life… best Wishes.