Paper Flower Wreath For Any Occasion 19

Paper Flower Wreath

Start by cutting 2 circles from chipboard approx 11.5inches. I used my Pazzles inspiration, but if you do not have an electronic cutter you can use a plate to draw the circles ( you will also need a smaller plate to cut out the center).  Glue both circles together for added stability.

Wrap the chipboard circles in ribbon and use glue gun to glue in place. (Optional)

Next, with a hot glue gun or strong adhesive, glue a ribbon loop on to the top centre of the ring for hanging ( don’t worry about the glue, it will be covered by the flowers).

Using ‘Saru’s’ flower ding, cut lots of flowers using the letters ‘V’ & ‘W’ in various sizes. Again, I used the Pazzles to do this. I also used K&Co double sided paper for that extra effect.

Shaping the flower petals with a bone folder, turn some petals up and some petals down and layer 2 flowers for extra depth. Use some single layers for variety.

Using a glue gun or strong adhesive begin to stick flowers around the chipboard circle working your way from the outer edge towards the centre.

Once the chipboard is covered you can go back and fill in any gaps with more flowers.

I also added a few 3d roses which I cut on the Pazzles from my own cutting file, but they can be made from scallop circles as well.

For finishing touches, I added ‘Card Candy’ coloured dots on 3d foam and buttons to the centres of some of the flowers, and added Stickles to highlight some of the edges of the flowers.

What You’ll Need –

  • 2 Pieces of 12×12 Chipboard
  • Ribbon to cover chipboard ring
  • Ribbon to form Hanging Loop
  • Good quality Pattern paper/card (double sided if possible)
  • Saru’s Flower Ding (letters V & W)
  • Glue Gun or Strong Adhesive
  • Card Candy/Buttons
  • Stickles

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