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Hello all of my friends!

How are you this Friday!? I hope that life is just wonderful and you are getting ready for an amazing, relaxing Weekend!

I just have so much I am dying to share with you! I’m constantly bubbling out with ideas, and driving myself, and my husband crazy, to create them all for you! LOL šŸ™‚

Anyway, I am sure you have heard about the new How To Use Your Gypsy A to Z dvd by now! I know, you keep hearing about it, and you don’t know what it’s all about, and you really don’t know when to buy it! Well, I’m going to share with you some great info and a fun video TODAY! I know you are so excited you can hardly wait right?

So I have a few questions for the current Gypsy owners, but then I also want to pose something to the non-Gypsy owner, because let me tell you, I believe with all my heart this DVD is for you too!!! šŸ™‚

Do you love your Cricut Machine? YES!! (I mean who doesn’t!? and if you DON’T love it CLICK HERE!!!)

Do you own a Gypsy but don’t have a clue what to do with it?

Do you WANT a Gypsy, but just aren’t ready to purchase it yet?

Does the thought of pulling the Gypsy out of her box drain you?

Do you feel like you are creative or want to be creative but something is always missing?

DO NOT WORRY!Ā  You are NOT Alone!!!!!Ā  In fact, many new and even experienced Gypsy owners are struggling to unlock all of its powerful features and their own creative potential.

The good news is, there is an answer!Ā  My friend, we are HERE to help!!!!Ā  *Da da da daaaahhhh!!!!!*

Unlock the Gypsy Secrets with “Use Your Gypsy A to Z”!

Join me, Megan Gravener and the famous Tammy Skinner as we guide you, step-by-step, through every detail of the Gypsy by Provo Craft in this DVD Video. You will discover the secrets that didn’t come with the instruction manual and start designing remarkable and stunning projects.

I’ve had two friends now tell me, and I quote,

“This Program is the ‘Instruction Manual’ We’ve Been Missing… and then some!”

With over 3.5 hours of fun, creativity and instruction, Tammy and myself will guide you through basic and advanced Gypsy techniques. You will know how to achieve amazing results and enhance your projects with confidence and style.

Learn to design like a pro on your Gypsy and be the envy of your crafting peers!

You too can join the ranks for Gypsy and Cricut Pros!!!

Tammy and I are so blessed to have helped thousands of Cricut users, beginner and advanced, to reach new heights with the Cricut and the Gypsy. Now, we are SO thrilled to have the opportunity to come right into your living room and share our knowledge with you! So sit back, grab your remote and get ready for creativity!

You Heard that Cricut A to Z is a Cricut University Right?Ā  Well Gypsy A to Z will give you your Masters Degree!!

Can I tell you, there are over 30 easy-to-follow lessons, this DVD!!!Ā  I know, it’s amazing!!! You are going to get so much from it, just the basics of;

  • Getting Started
  • First Power-on and Calibration
  • Learn the Gypsy Settings
  • Registering Your Gypsy
  • Using the “Gypsy Sync” Software
  • How to Open, Save, Upload and Download Cut Files
  • Linking and Storing Cartridges

You NEED TO Learn all the greatness of the Cricut Design Application

  • Application Overview
  • How to Use the Basic and Advanced Tabs
  • How to Get More from the Help Screens
  • How to Zoom and Pan
  • Care and Maintenance

Creating and Working with already Created Gypsy Projects

  • How to Start a New Project
  • How to Search Your Cartridges
  • How to View the Cartridges in Use
  • How to Create Welded Words and Shapes
  • How to Use Kerning
  • How to Use Grouping & Ungrouping
  • How to Use Mat Space, Vinyl & Transfer Tape
  • How to Use Flipping & Welding to Create Custom Cards
  • How to Create Custom Borders and Paper Lace
  • How to Use Skewing, Rotating & Welding To Create Custom Shapes
  • How to Copy and Paste to Multiple Pages
  • How to Cut Multiple Pieces of Paper in One Cut
  • How to Open Saved Projects as Templates

I mean this DVD is SOOO Jammed Packed – I don’t even know how it all fit into a whopping 3.5 hours!!!Ā  Oh and just for extra fun, we threw in a few other goodies too, like:

  • Interviews with Tammy and a few with me too!
  • About the Authors
  • Bloopers

Oh and the Bonus’s that are coming with this DVD are just something NO ONE can refuse, and the reason we are launching on MAY 1st 2010!!!

Bonus #1: Inspirational Project Galleries

Get inspired with the photo galleries filled with over 40 completed projects, all created with the Gypsy!

Bonus #2: Exclusive Download Access

You also get exclusive download access to the same Gypsy cut files that we used to teach lessons in this DVD! Now you can follow along by creating the exact same projects that are on the DVD! How TOTALLY cool is that???

Bonus #3: Free Tipsy Stylus

Be one of the first to order and get a flexible Tipsy Stylus for FREE (a $7.00 value, limited time offer).
This is an amazing offer and something I wish we could give to EVERYONE, but somethings have to remain limited and special! SO we are going to be giving away this AMAZING Tipsy Stylus to the first edition buyers!


I’ve been using this stylus for a while now and I can’t use my Gypsy without it!Ā  It feels like you are using your own finger but with more precision. Let me quickly break down a bunch of the benefits!

  • Wraps comfortably around your finger.
  • No more pick up and put down of the stylus, stays on your finger.
  • No more broken stylus tips from dropping the stylus
  • No more loosing your stylus from setting it down
  • Lets you do other tasks at the same time.
  • Smooth tip won’t scratch your screen.
  • No more stressed or cramped hand.
  • Use for hours with no pain.
  • Great if you have arthritis and find it hard to hold a regular stylus.
  • Cool and Fun!
  • Ok and my favorite part – EVERYONE will be getting it in Pink!

The Countdown Begins!

So this is a long breakdown of all to come!Ā  You will be able to purchase it at many leading online retailers as well as right here at starting May 1st, 2010!!! Yippee!

Sign Up to be notified of the release:

Now, you want to see some fun we had and a few previews of what’s inside??Ā  Check out the video at the top of this page!


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