Now Available! 123 Cards DVD: Inspiring Education for Every Card Maker 33

Hey Everyone!

The DVD you’ve ALL been waiting for is FINALLY Here!!!

123 Cards is NOW Available for purchase and is shipping IMMEDIATELY!

This DVD is over 112 min of non stop Card Making Fun and Inspiration!  We show you everything from making standard A2 size cards and fun interactive pop up cards!  I’m so excited to share this DVD with all of you!  You’re going to LOVE IT!

So it is now available in the Above Rubies Studio Store so get your Copy TODAY! 🙂

p.s. You can get free shipping too! Just add 123 Cards to your cart to learn how.

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33 thoughts on “Now Available! 123 Cards DVD: Inspiring Education for Every Card Maker

  • Sharon

    SO awesome Megan, I just luv your dvds. I also ordered this dvd with the Stamps 123, to get free shipping. It’s already on it’s way to me, and I only ordered it last night. EXCELLENT SERVICE! 🙂



  • Arlene (GrandmaTo5)

    Ordered over the weekend but couldn’t take advantage of the free shipping since i already have 123 Stamp! {pout}

    Can’t wait to get my DVD.

  • Nancy

    I am so excited! I ordered mine already along with the 123 Stamp. Can’t wait to get them I have enjoyed the Cricut & Gypsy ones sooo much.

    Thanks for the opportunity get them both at a great price and free shipping

  • Angela W

    I ordered both videos and just want to tell you I love the Cricut an Gypsy A to Z and I’m sure these new videos will be just as great. Can’t wait to get them!

  • Kathleen

    Megan, what’s the Backstage Subscriber “limited, included bonus” you offered in your email announcement? Is it free shipping for both DVD’s or something else? Thanks.

  • monica

    Sounds like a great dvd! Maybe in a few months….just not in my budget at this time. But like I said before…I see DONNY all over the cover just like in your fresh look fridays! GROOVY!

  • carolyn hartle

    I ordered them the other day and received them today. Were in my mail when I got home. Guess what I will be looking at tonight. I am very excited to see the 123 Cards dvd and the123 Stamp dvd. Love, love the stamp set.

  • Terry


  • Karen

    I ordered both DVDs with the bonus stamp set. Just got them but the stamps were out of stock by the time I ordered. I can’t seem to get the link on the post card to work so I can order the stamps using the code. Any help?

  • Shelly

    I have the 123 Cards ordered … haven’t gotten it yet but looking forward to seeing it. I enjoy making all kinds of cards with my Cricut and other crafty stuff … Thanks for making the DVD Megan! and staff

  • Kathy

    I have sent numerous e-mails to your contact info on your website and haven’t gotten a response. What else can I do to get someone to answer me. When I placed my order for the card & stamp DVD it didn’t go through the first time so I reentered my card number and it ended up ordering me two sets. I only want ONE. I need to cancel one…. Also I never got the flexible Tipsy Stylus when I got my Gypsy A to Z DVD.

  • Diana

    I ordered both DVDs “123 Cards” and “123 Stamps” with the bonus stamp set. Just got them, but the stamps were out of stock by the time I ordered and I ordered them 2/25/11. I can’t seem to get into the link on the post card to work so I can reserve the stamps (that were supposed to be included in the order) using the code on cards. And now I have to pay for the postage and handling for you to send them to me?

  • Debi F

    I already got my copy and I just sat and made 3 cards. REALLY like this dvd. Also, (a hint) I never knew that a plastic grocery bag could be so much fun!) Thanks Megan for your clear and creative ideas/instruction. Debi

  • Pattie Weingardt

    Megan you Rock!!I got my DVD today. I so love it and I have done cards for along time but I learned so much from your DVD. Hope you are thinking of doing another one.

  • PJ

    I got my DVD today with the stamp set missing. A note says to reserve my stamps and pay an additional shipping and handling fee! That’s not a good policy to have to pay shipping twice.

  • Debbie - NanaBugaboo

    I recieved both the 123 Cards and 123 Stamping dvd’s this week, just watched them both and like always you do a great job. I would recommend these to anyone. Thanks again.

  • Carolyn

    Tried to order the stamps (and pay additional shipping) but the coupon code does not work! Isn’t $3.99 high for just the stamps??

  • ScrapnVA

    Wow! Super fast shipping! Love it!!
    Every Tuesday, I make cards with my mother-in-law, who is an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility. Now, I have so many more ideas to share with her!! Thanks so much

  • Carolyn

    I keep trying to order the stamps, but the promo code keeps flipping back to say “Invalid” So what do I need to do to get these stamps???

  • Janelle

    Received my DVDs today great information, missed getting the stamps won’t let me order them for the 3.99 HELP really want the stamps

  • Janet

    Just got my 123 Cards and Stamps dvds. These are the most outstanding teaching videos I have ever watched. You give clear and concise instructions that make it easy to understand how you create your cards. I can hardly wait to start using your wonderful ideas. Thank you!

  • Donna Napper

    I just received my 2 CD’s and can’t wait to watch them. However no stamps came and when I tried to go on the website I can’t get on. Any ideas how I can receive the stamp set?