Mark Your Calendars for Thursday! 24

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to just go ahead and make a separate post from today’s TWO video posts and make sure you all mark your calendar for THIS THURSDAY 10/28/10!

Great fun things and prizes are happening and we are also going to be sending out lots of love and encouragement to Monique Griffith who will be having surgery that day in battle with her breast cancer.Ā  Its almost the end of October so lets go pink and we will be giving away prizes like a Pink Craft Iron, Pink Glue Gun and other GREAT Fun Pink Tools!

I plan to do live Check ins throughout the day and I may even have a mini-ustream Thursday night JUST to say hi to everyone and answer any questions you may have about the NEW 123 Stamp DVD and the Launch of Club Ruby Designers.Ā  Thats still to be announced though šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜‰

Just make sure you check in – you won’t want to miss the prizes and all of the fun as well as sending out the love and support to Monique and others with (current or past) breast cancer.

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24 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars for Thursday!

  • Virginia S. Waddy

    Thank you for the updates. Praying for your friend that she will recovery and heal well. At my church on last Sunday all the members were given a pink ribbon in support of someone or a family member that has cancer, or lost a love one from cancer.

  • MaryNell

    Monique please know that we are all praying for you.
    Megan, what can I say, You never stop do you??? Love all your work and will be trlying some of them.

  • Tammy Brownlee

    I also have tried to log into the u-stream, but could only watch. When I try to sign in, the whole blog disappears and it take me several minutes to “find” it again. Please do a tutorial on that! You do have internet challenged people that try to follow you! Anyway, thanks for all you do & your hubby too!

  • MaryNell

    HI AGAIN , I am waiting for tomorrow, I have got to get in the CLUB this time. I was sick I missed the first time it was up.

  • Shelly

    Hi Megan, My prayers go to Monique … that ugly “C” diease. My hubby just found out today that he is not in remission anymore! This is 2nd time around for “lung cancer”. How advanced we don’t know till he has his MRI which is??? The first time was stage 3B to 4 which isn’t so good. I know. Hopefully Monique isn’t in this stage. I am hoping to sign up for Club Ruby tomorrow and hopefully be able to see the ustream 2. God Bless all you fantastic designers!!! Thanks.

  • Robin Marshall

    Really enjoyed the information about the kits…think I’ll be upgrading! Your mom’s name is George…ummm I mean KIM! Like Peggy, I’m not sure if this is where I post this or not. This is my first time for one of your live videos…so hope I’m doing this right! Thanks for all the great info!!!

  • Nique G.

    Hi Meagan your mom’s name is Kim. Also my prayers to Shelley and her husband listed up above. I pray for good news for he and Monique as well. God bless everyone and Happy Halloween. Megan thanks for all the give aways and I love all of your work and CLUB RUBY!!! Great broadcast tonight.

  • Sylvia Anadon

    Your special guest: your mom, Kim. Who you called George when you were little. šŸ™‚ Thanks for the u-stream… The comments went by so fast! It was a little hard listening and trying to read everyones comments and questions. Had a good time though. Thanks again.

  • vickie

    Your Mom is so sweet. My Mom died 5 yrs ago next month and I miss her a lot. Thanks for all the Pink things in the giveaway. I look forward to getting to see the entire broadcast tomorrow. I miss most of it with the sign in issues and family schedules. thanks for sharing.

  • Gloria L

    Hope this is the right place to post for the ustream giveaway. Your mom’s name is Kim and she was a great guest co-host. Sounds like you two are having a great visit. Love your work! Thanks!