Make Someone’s Day Saturday and a Quick Tip Video 25

Hi Everybody!

It’s Britten here and I’ve stopped by on this gorgeous St. Patty’s Day to bring you a Quick Tip Video AND to bring you another Make Someone’s Day Saturday!!


First, this Quick Tip Video demonstrates how to flatten or SMOOSH the bottle caps that are so popular right now and used in all sorts of craft projects.  Megan posted two videos last week using the Fun for Boys and Girls kit from January and she used the bottle caps included in the kit on one of her layouts.  Today’s video shows how easy it is to alter those caps to give them a smooth, lower profile look:


To pick up your Fun for Boys and Girls kit today at a super GREAT price, visit now while they are still available!

For more information on the layout in the video above and to see some other projects using the January kit, visit my blog at


And of course we are bringing you another Make Someone’s Day Saturday!!

Please share stories and ideas of how we can make YOUR day today…tell us what would put a smile on your face!

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Now…Go Scrap Something!



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25 thoughts on “Make Someone’s Day Saturday and a Quick Tip Video

  • Betsy B.

    I’ve been dying to get a Cameo!!! Know where I can get one for cheap??? I love my Cricut, but I would love to be able to do the intricate cuts that the Cameo can do with ease.

  • Carol Kirby

    The new we are memories (I think) 8 way punches would be nice. Anything you want to give would brighten my day. Thanks Carol

  • Debby J

    Aside from a car, the one thing that would make my day would be adhesives. I need to finish my cards for Operation Write Home and I need more adhesives. Of course, some of Megan’s SparkleLightz would be nice too!!!

  • donna dial

    TIME TO SCRAPBOOK would make my Saturday!!!! I work full time and Saturdays and Sundays are filled with catchup laundry, grocery shopping, bill paying, cleaning, church and prep for next week…..just never enough hours in the day! So extra time would be helpful. Maybe a new cricut cartridge would give me some extra incentive.

  • Dianne Bell

    I loved the idea of the flattening the bottle cap, but, was that a bottle cap that came off a regular bottle or one that was bought for crafting. It looked a little like a craft bought type that edges were not flattened or rolled over. I want to try it but not sure if a regular bottle cap would ruin my Cuttlebug. Intereting idea, though.

    • Star

      back in early 2000 when bottle caps were really big I would used regular bottle caps and use my rubber mallet to flatten them. so glad what’s old is new again. Now maybe I can use up my stash! I not only used bottle caps I also regularly raided my husbands workshop for goodies.

  • sherry s.

    Some of the new flower or leaf design Spellbinder’s would be fun to have. Tried to buy one at Michal’s yesterday and they were all out. Bummer I was going to treat myself for my birthday.

  • Susan Rude

    First of all I love your quick tips and tutorials. Thanks for them. Second my Saturdays are always good days with all the family time and relaxation. The one thing that could make it even better would have to be the Tags, boxes and more 2 cartridge. It just looks amazing and I cannot find it at our local Joannes, Michaels or Hobby Lobby. I do a lot of donations for charity functions and this cartridge has a lot of things that would be great for these functions. Thanks again for all your tips. Have a great week.

  • Linda W

    Just watching your videos puts a smile on my face. Several months ago, I ordered a pack of 100 bottle caps and smoosh them all in my cuttlebug. I had use some for various projects, but I still have bunch left. Now that this video reminded me that I them, I’m going to think of ways to use them again.

  • Barbara

    I just bought a Cameo from and I got it for under $240!!! I’m in the process of selling my Cricut and am really looking forward to the Cameo because of the intricate cuts, as well as being able to download so much from the computer (for free!). There are so many YouTube tutorials on the Cameo and it seems the projects are endless as to what you can do!!!

  • Cathy Plese

    I love your video’s Meagan! I always come away with a new idea, thank you for making them! What would make my day is a new Cricut cartridge, I love to play with them as soon as I get home. It helps me to unwind after a day at work and to see what I created puts a smile on my face.

  • Mabel

    I am still wishing for A Child’s Year Cartridge. I know it is a favorite for alot of people. Everytime it goes on sale they sell out really fast. Thanks for all you do Megan…I enjoy all of your videos so much! 🙂

  • Harley

    I love my Cricut. But I would really love to have a Cameo Silhouette, so that I could cut out what I print from my computer. I’m a card maker and I create a lot of images on my computer. Right now, I have to print it and then make some intricate cuts by hand. And if I want it to be three dimensional or sculpt with it OMG. Not to mention that I’m an older crafter with some physical ailments.

  • Lisa LeMay

    Hi, Meghan and Britten! I hope you both are having a FABULOUS Sunday! (Today is my birthday! Yup! The big 30!!) You know, I haven’t wanted to post anything on these Saturdays as I just love watching other people get their wishes. But this week I lost a good friend of mine. The death was very unexpected and violent and has left our community reeling. I have been having an extremely hard time with it and I need something to really cheer me up and ‘make my day’. So, I am going to ask for an Imagine. I LOVE my Expression, which my hubby bought me for my b-day last yr!-and I want to add to the experience. I have wanted the Imagine since it came out, (who hasn’t?), and this would not only make my day, my week, AND my birthday-it would make my entire YEAR!!! Thanks for the chance to even wish out loud. Take care and be blessed! 🙂

  • Denisse

    I’m extremely grateful for whatever I can get…Never won anything therefore, anything is fine. As long as I’m healthy, got a job and can keep putting food on the table and providing for my little boy…I’m good to go, Praise the lord!!. Now, we all have dreams and mine right now that would make my day is a cuttlebug even if is a used one, some paper layerz and some viva color pearl pen (sigh**Girl can only dream, right?). Thank you Megan for the opportunity to express myself and have a great rest of the weekend!!!

  • Kim

    As trivial as it seems, I would like some circle, square or scallop punches…I have my cricut and it cuts all of these with ease, however, I prefer digital stamping to ink stamping and so it is a pain to try to line everything up to cut right. Punches would make this so much easier. Thanks for all you do Megan. I enjoy your blog immensely and have been a long time follower.

  • Elise

    I recently was diagnosed with a stress related illness. So I decided to make time to do things that keep me in the happy mode (card making & sewing). Card making is very new to me and once one card is complete I get such a joyous feeling. My wish is that you and your design tem get to continue sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences with all of us and perhaps a cuttlebug:) . Thanks for all you do to keep us smiling.

  • Deborah mussack

    Ever just have one of those days? One of those months? One of those years? This is really more of a vent than anything else. This year started off with my brother in law missing on New Years Day. Nobody had any idea what might have happened. Foul play? What? News stations from Utah to Arizona were airing the story of his disappearance and Facebook friends by the dozen were plastering his picture all over the world? Have you seen this man? 28 days later we get word that on his way from Denver to Albuquerque, where he was supposed to take another bus headed to Phoenix, he died of a massive coronary. Nobody noticed and he wound up in a morgue in El Paso, Texas. How can you not notice a dead person on a bus? How can police ignore the fact that this man had a family. March 31 we will say goodbye to my husbands brother as we gather at Estrella (mock Viking Wars) in Arizona. We will also be bidding a fond farewell to a husband, father, son and friend to many. Anything scrapbooky to help us memorialize his life would be very welcome.

  • Margaret K

    I love watching your videos as I learn so much from you. What I would really love to have is a corner
    punch to soften my edges on my cards like you do. I have tried to order one a few times and seems like my day to have the money they are out of stock. I am still learning how to make nice cards and you are a God Sent to me. Keep on teaching. Luvya

  • Lynn D

    I love your tips. They inspire beyond belief. What would make my day? I’d love a new Cricut cartridge, maybe not the newest releases but something to compliment what I already have. However, I really need cutting mats & blades and just can’t afford them. To really make my day though, a Cricut A to Z dvd has been on my wish list for a long time. I have Muscular Dystrophy and use my Cricut to make scrapbooking easier on my hands & arms. I have yet to learn how to use my Cricut machines to their optimum potential. Every day is a new adventure with scrapbooking. Keep up the great work! I love your vids & tips!

  • Deborah R.

    I am home recovering from brest cancer surgery and having the best time watching all the fun video archives Megan has. What a lovely way to recuperate! It would make my day to have the new cricut cartidge, Bags,tags,boxes and more2. I am hoping to be back crafting soon with all my new ideas. Thanks

  • Gayla

    It would make my day for all of the readers here to make someone’s day for me. I would like to request a card shower for Sgt. Jamie Jarboe. He is a patient a Colmery-O’Neil VA Medical Center, 2200 SW Gage Blvd., Topeka, KS, 66622. Jamie is a soldier who was stationed out of Ft Riley, KS near here and sent to Iraq where he was wounded. I can’t describe his injuries but he has a facebook page “Prayers For Jamie Jarboe”. where you can see picutes of him. It will be a year in a couple of weeks and he is still not out of the woods despite many surgeries and procedures. Most recently he was sent to the VA hospital in Washington, DC and after that surgery on his esophegus, his chin was sewn to his chest so there was no chance of him moving his head while it healed. That is only one of many, may awful treatments he has undergone. He weighs less than 100 lbs and is very very frail. I would like for him to be showered with cards reassuring him of God’s love and our appreciation for what he is enduring. I would prefer my name never be mentioned. His wife has been by his side only returning home for visits with their children and the children come here when they are able to. It’s been a rough, expensive year for all of them so if you can include a small donation for their travel expenses, ect, that would be nice but not at all expected. They were Christians before this but have had to learn a whole new way of leaning on God for everything and I’m sure there are low times when the questions flood in as would be expected. Any encouragement in that line would be lovely. Really, it’s not asking for you to do anything Megan but I always feel that this is such a loving Christian group of crafters here that I thought maybe you all would like to know about a real soldier who will never move on his own again. He still has to be resusitated from time to time so if you can’t send a card, please do Pray for Jamie Jarboe.