Live Ustream and iTouch Winner! 14

Winner of the 123 Stamp DVD and December Kit: FroggieStamps

Winner of the iTouch from 5,848 Entries: Gina Envellow

Great things coming out from and and always got stuff cooking in the works!

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14 thoughts on “Live Ustream and iTouch Winner!

  • Donna Sullivan

    I was sick last night too! Feel better Daphne! Saw you were sick too. Okay now that I have the answer, 5 takes, I have no clue what it means! Any helpers out there? This is my third ‘issue’ in a month, no clue what’s up with this old body! Sore throat and swollen glands this time, ughhhh.

  • Donna Sullivan

    Watched the video, got to the Imagine DVD release date and it ended! 8 ( I was really into watching and learning so much about both of you! Boo hoo, is it posted anywhere else? But YEAH for the new DVD, I really need that! And the big contest upcoming, maybe a new Imagine giveaway? lol

  • GinniG

    Congrats to the winners! I missed the live stream last nite. šŸ™ Between covering the garden for a freeze warning in Fort Lauderdale and a Skype call my evening was a bust.

  • Dana Desmon

    I can’t get club ruby to work. I can’t even find a way to post this comment on that site, since that would be the most appropriate place.

    I go to and at the top it says “Hi! Dana Desmond (logout).” So, it appears I’m logged in. I want to go build my profile, post to the message boards, and upload some of my designs, but the only thing I can do is upgrade my membership. I don’t have any other links that take me to the places I want to go. I even tried logging out and logging back in and I still can’t access anything.

    Also, I thought about becoming a kit club member as my current club subscription expires in January, but you don’t have a supply list for your kits. All other kit club sites give a supply list of the current kit and of past kits. That would give me some idea as what I can expect from your kits.

  • Debby Jensen

    Couldn’t watch last night-had to work but the answer is 5 takes. And yes, it is cold in Florida-Megan you may not have brought it down with you, but I wish you had taken it back!!!!

  • Cindy

    I have a question. I am new at Cricut Land and I just bought an imagine and now a Gypsy. Which of your DVDs should I order first? or Both?
    Thank you so kindly,