New Mail Beauty Haul and Holiday Bah Humbugs

Merry Christmas week my friend!  It’s so hard to believe that Christmas 2016 is just about here and so is the all new 2017 YEAR!

I keep hearing over and over “I can’t wait for 2016 to be done” and “this year has been rough” and I just wanted to say, BIG HUGE HUGS if that is you – this year IS almost done, but don’t wish the valuable time away!!!

You can take action and have hope RIGHT NOW – no matter what you are going through!  I promise!  I have been there and feel the bah-humbugs of the holidays even did a video last year called “You’re a mean one Mommy Grinch” it happens…BUT – you can absolutely achieve hope and healing and I’m so here for you! You aren’t alone and you have such a gift inside you that no matter how down you feel, in the dark you seem, hope is JUST around the corner and you can use what you’ve been through to propel forward into such a shining bright light!

Anyway, today – I have a new box from Influenster and L’Oreal Hair and also BRAND NEW amazing goodies reformulated incredible 3D+ Fiber Lashes from Younique – with a special kit and goodies just for you!

Check out the video and links below!


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