Business & Life: 30 Day Challenge IS Back! For You!

Hello my Ready to Achieve Her Goals Friend!

Yes! It’s you I am talking to!  Sitting right there, reading this and thinking – I’m SICK of being stuck and just not seeing my life go forward and achieving the things I wish to be accomplishing.

Where are you just “missing” it?  Where does it feel like it’s just not quite coming together?

Do you know how to utilize your skills and voice to really make a difference and see the results you’re after?

The Gems and I have started the 30 Day Challenge (September every year) over at — we also have a support and encouragement group happing right now for ANYONE at

I wanted to invite you over – even though we’ve already sorta kicked this off already – because I felt this little voice inside me that said you – reading this – where needing to hear from me today.

Mark it down on your calendar RIGHT NOW that THIS Thursday Night at 9:30pm

eastern time over on the Channel you can join us LIVE to talk about the next 30 days and how you can use them to truly focus to change your entire life.  How you can take the next 30 days and turn them into everyday here on out!

So don’t delay – this isn’t a mistake or an accident – you read this and are ready to see changes take place in your life so that you can start having business, life and balance the way you want it!

To be surrounded by other incredible women (and men too) who are seeking to grow and be more – have fuller purpose and be on this journey to write (and re-write) their own stories!  You are one of them – so come place your thumb print that no one else has into this group and take action over the next 30 days to start right where you are, with what you have and do all you can and see something different come out of it!

If you have seen the success of AboveRubiesStudio and have ever once thought to yourself “I wish I could do that but…..” or “Wholly cow, top 6 of her direct sales company? I could never do that….” or “I just can’t seem to find the power to breakthrough this……” — Come talk to me!  Let’s plan a one on one direct communication phone call or messaging session so we can get YOU on the track you desire to be on …. I am NO ONE SPECIAL.  I’ve made all the mistakes in the world – but every single time I have fallen – there’s some secrets that have picked me back up and placed me higher and higher each time.  I know you have felt down or worthless before – my deepest desire for you is to know your worth truly is far above rubies and that you rise up blessed in your life!!!

You are so very loved and I so appreciate that you are here!  I absolutely love and adore working with women, just like you, one on one and through our courses at – the 30 days challenge always seems to produce the most exciting results, breakthroughs and motivation – so don’t wait any longer – don’t think “I already missed my chance” – dive in now and miss nothing else!


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