Pennsylvania Snow Pictures 62

Here are a few pics from today so far – The snow is still coming down hard and we don’t really expect it to stop any time soon!  It’s Crazzzzyyyy!

I really haven’t gotten much of anything done at all other than some postings – but you have days like this.  Today’s the best day for it – not much to do outside the house, and I figure most people that don’t work from home have a snow day – I’m taking a lazy one too! 🙂

So great!  Here are some pics!

DSCN1334 What we’ve been doing all day! 🙂

DSCN1358 Our Backyard

DSCN1344 This was early today

DSCN1363 This was only two hours later

DSCN1362 Yeah – it’s a LOT of snow! LOL 🙂

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62 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Snow Pictures

  • Jessica

    Megan – Oh My Goodness – you deserve a snow day. Someone’s gonna have to shovel all that snow LOL Love the pic of the kids – awesome!

  • Lisa D

    wow we got six inches last week and two days ago we got 8.5 inches. Kids hopefully go back to school on Thursday or they will be going until June!!! 🙁 But anyways we’ve enjoyed our snow days also. movies, games, and popcorn!! Have a blast you got way more snow those little kiddos probably can’t even see over it. LOL

  • Jeanette

    In northern Ireland, if we get more than a few inches of snow everything seems to come to a standstill!
    Although the photos are really picturesque, I hope you all keep safe. X

  • Megan Gravener

    We took the kids out in the first round of snow we had over the weekend – that was a “mistake” LOL to say the least – lots of tears and crying. We tried! So we are staying inside this time! haha!

  • Melissa

    Megan, I live pretty close to you (in Shillington) and I agree that this is CRAZY! We haven’t had this much snow all at once in a few years. Enjoy your inside time with your family.

  • LilGreenBug

    Looks cold to this California girl!!! Love the sweet pic of DH with the kiddos, though!! Just enjoy some downtime with your hubby and kids!!! You deserve it!!!
    Blessings and hugs!

  • Sandy Bayles

    We have the same thing in Kentucky… I have done 7 Valentines, 1 Valentine Box, 2-Birthday Card, One with flowers and basket with button centers, and one for my Red Hat friend. Simple cards since last Friday… Take a look at my Web Site…Megan will send to the other e-mail address.

  • DawnC

    I live in Western PA and we have gotten a record 29″ since Friday. Megan you probably have a little more. It’s still snowing and tomorrow will be the kid’s FOURTH snow day! They are driving me bonkers. Fortunately I can work from home when I need too. TR – You have to let us know where you live because I never want to live there!! Stay warm and safe!

  • Chris

    UNBELIEVABLE! I’m from the Northeast and we’re getting it pretty good right’s 9:30 PM, but it certainly doesn’t look like PA! I know alot of people just hate the snow, but I like it. It forces people to slow down; to take a breath; to enjoy nature the way the good Lord want us to. He has created such art in every flake that has ever crossed from the heavens to here….we need to take a step back and enjoy His breathtaking beauty! On top of all that, we get to play around and learn from one of his special creations, Megan….THANKS for sharing your oh-so-special talent that He has given you. I am so blessed that I found your website and that I ordered or DVD Cricut A to Z…you are an inspiration. Enjoy the snow, your family, your “lazy” day (like any mom ever had a lazy day), and above all, God’s greatness!

  • Pamela Younker

    I live in Washington state(west side) last year we had 97.7 inches of snow. The year before we got 92.6 inches. That’s a lot of snow. Our normal is 48″ per year, we get a lot of snow every year and cold too. Except this year 2″ of snow this year, after the last 2 years though, I’m glad!! Pam

  • Brenda

    Glad you’re enjoying the day and put up challenges. Here in MD, we are still clearing from the Sat snow and waiting for today’s to quit. We have broken all records and more to come on Monday. HI have taken pics during breaks of still having to work. Hubby and I still have to work by logging into our companies computer system, so its really not a “snow” day for us.
    Stay safe and warm.

  • Jenn Lynn

    Oh my gosh, that is some insane snow Megan! I grew up in Pittsburgh and my parents and sisters all still live there – they are in the same boat as you are – it is truly hard to believe when I look at all the pics. Hopefully your power will stay on and you can just enjoy some cozy family time.
    Stay warm!

  • cricutkris

    How much did you guys get up there? I just posted pictures on my blog of what we got down here in southern Lancaster Co. I think between the 2 storms we are well over 40″ and now it’s blowing to beat the band! Stay warm!

  • Milly D

    Hi Megan, it looks good having a relaxed snow day!! Here in NW New Jersey we got about 15 in.
    just yesterday.I have a extreme long driveway, husband works a hour away ,so my son and I every 2 hours were out shoveling and plowing with our quad just to catch up. At the end the snowfall the driveway was just barely wide enough fit a car. Today’s my do nothing day, just exausted. Going to watch you Cricut A TO Z again. Stay warm!!

  • Gloria Westerman

    OMG!!!!!!!!!and we only had 5 inches and it paralyzed the whole city of Memphis and our little city of Atoka…..our kids are still out of school b/c of the sheet of ice on the roads….and all the limbs coming down from the trees…..I really do feel for you guys up north….and good luck with all that snow….

  • Sharon

    I live in Parow, close to Cape Town in South Africa.
    We’ve had an average temp between 25 +- 30 degrees celsius, as it’s summer time here, at the moment.
    Enjoy the snow day with your family, as we hardly ever get snow in Cape Town.

  • Ginni G

    My parents live in a suburb of DC where they’ve received over 60″ of snow this year so far!!!! UGH! Hope you can get un-buried soon! TFS the pics!


    We had a blizzard, 13″ of snow and winds up to 50mph. I just finished getting the snow off my Caravan and it was a job and a half! Combine that with shoveling snow and it’s a real workout. We’re supposed to be getting more Monday and I’m praying they’re wrong. I’m so ready for Spring!!

  • teri

    Been there many times! I will take snow over bitter cold thogh- the day we moved to where we live now, it was -53 in the city we were leaving , and that did not constitute a stay at home day there!!
    Hope everyone is inside , safe and warm


    Forgot to say I live in Suffolk County on Long Island NY. I’m still tired from shoveling the 26″ snowfall we had in December! LOL. I like ONE big snowfall a year and preferably when everyone’s home and safe. This snow was tough to shovel and clean off our cars because it’s a wet snow and heavier. For those of you who don’t live in an area where you get snow you don’t know what you’re missing. Achy knees, backaches, and exhaustion. Can you tell how much I love winter?! The good thing about living in NY is that they plow the streets quickly and do a good job so if you have to go anywhere, you can. My friend in PA didn’t get plowed for 3 days from last Saturday’s snowstorm and she only got plowed on the 4th day because she called her local councilman and complained.


    I see you have a van too Megan. Loads of fun getting all the snow off of it isn’t it?! I love my Caravan – except when it has over a foot of snow on it. Then I’m wishing I had a nice small car – lol. It took a long time for me to get all that snow off the car this morning and then I had to shovel the fallen snow off the driveway – again. It’s fun to play in the snow with my grandson but shoveling, not so much.

  • Jane Johnson

    I was in the last two days. Every time I would go out and shovel the walk and deck it would just be covered up again. My husband went out last night after it was over the clean the drive. I am glad I am retired now so I don’t have to worry about going anywhere.

  • StaddieJ

    I love all your pics..The kids look so warm and comfee, that’s the life!! I love snow but think a lot of states have had enough for the year or 2. Record breaking amounts every where!! Stay warm and safe… Thanks for sharing your pics!!

  • Tonya

    I live in Delaware Cty, PA, and we got covered!!!! Atleast 23 inches with this last storm. Between the last 2 storms they say we got approx 40-50 inches since 02/05. Tonya

  • maricella cruz

    I love all that snow we don’t get hardly any here we lucky if we do. But come from Texas the Pan Handle part and got lots of snow there every winter i miss it.

  • Peggy1

    In MD, we have snow on snow around snow in snow, just snow and shoveling the snow with ice on the bottom is really bad for the back. I think Mother Nature is making up for the snow we didn’t received in the past and I’m hearing we might get some more by Monday. I hope not.

  • alina

    Hi megan I would ask how you are doing but I can see what is going on!!! do you go to your studio across the street ,to get into the mood to make projects.right now I’m listening to Janet Jackson and here in Battle Creek Michigan we have 14 to 16 inches of looks so pretty to watch all the Deer come out.I live way out in the country and I enjoy all the wild life.I don’t hunt.we have 20 acres of beautiful pine tree’s and the wild turkey and Deer come out to feed on all my plants that I leave for them to feed on during winter times. how would I send you a pretty photo of a Deer feeding on my snow covered plants.I am such a fan of all your video’s and and My pink stamper have such great attitudes towards your life!!! it is so cool to learn from your talents and Robyns take care Megan.Sincerly,Alina from Battle Creek Michigan where they make Kelloggs products.2-11-2010

  • Ronda Upton

    I can’t even imagine. Lived in Sunny Ca all of my life (50+). If it gets below 40 we think we are going to die. You can come stay at my house if you want. I have room for all of you. Stay warm and pray for sun.

  • Jenny

    Just down the road from you and we got over 20 inches too. And that was on top of the snow from the weekend! I don’t think I have ever seen this much snow. We plowed and shoveled twice and still didn’t get it all!

  • Anniebee

    Here in Texas, we’re lucky if we see an inch or two each winter but just within the last 16 hours some areas around here have received around 10 inches accumulation! We haven’t seen this much snow in 35 years according to the weatherman. I went to work this morning and the temps have hovered right at 32 degrees all day so the roads have just been a slushy mess but at least they haven’t frozen over yet. They expect that to happen tonight so it’ll most likely be a snow day here tomorrow! Yippee! This is our second decent accumulation this winter; the first was on Christmas Eve and the roads were a solid sheet of ice Christmas morning. I’ll be finishing up a couple of layouts tomorrow for sure!

  • Mari H

    Megan, I can’t even imagine that much snow! I live in West Palm Beach, FL and have most of my life. Our air temps were down in the low 20’s a few weeks ago and stayed there for about 10 days. We GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) have very few warm articles of clothing. So picture this: The first 2 or 3 days, we tried at least to wear items that matched. However, by day 5 and 6, it didn’t matter whether it matched or not. It was all about staying warm, even if that meant wearing our soft spa socks — because they are the only socks we own! Enjoy your kiddos during snow days. They grow up really fast!

  • Mary Ann Huntington

    I live on the WEST side of Washington state and haven’t had any snow this winter. We basked in sunshine and above weather temps for most of January but now the normal rain is back. Oh well! I love the snow though. Maybe it’s not too late for us yet.

  • Peggy

    I am near Pittsburgh and we got 30 in locally and then another 8 two days later we have thousands still without power going on 10 days now. has been an adventure i also got some snow pics. National Guard was even called in to help. Spring where are you. I did get some scrapbooking done and a few cards. Kids have been off school ALL week.