Megan’s Stampmaker DVD will be on HSN TONIGHT! 21

Hi Everyone!

Sean again (Megan’s husband)… Just a reminder that the Teresa Collins Stampmaker along with Megan’s DVD will be on HSN tonight at 6:00pm Eastern. If you want to read more about it, there is a nice page on the HSN website that describes the Stampmaker and Megan’s DVD!

Here is the link:

One other thing…

I hope I’m not asking for too much, but I know it would just put Megan over the top if just even one person that she’s helped or inspired on her Above Rubies Studio blog called in with a testimonial about Megan 🙂 She would immediately blush, no doubt about it!

Here is the HSN number again: 1-800-284-5757

So, I hope you’ll join in on the fun! Myself and our two little ones will be watching for “mommy” on TV and I hope you’ll join us!

Sean (and Bensen and Jenavieve!)

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21 thoughts on “Megan’s Stampmaker DVD will be on HSN TONIGHT!

  • Julia Becker

    Way great !!!! Your DVD’s are so wonderful. This will be a great pairing–Congratulations Megan !!
    (also to Teresa Collins & her stamp system)
    Hope the 2 of you will collaborate on more projects together.

  • Barb

    We’ll be watching! I too just purchased from HSN on Wednesday when I noticed it back in stock AND Megan’s DVD. Love the picture of Bensen and Jenavieve … and … Megan’s enthusiasm. Thanks, Sean, for the update.

  • Jozie

    Congratulations! Wow! Super great to have you posting too! How exciting for the family. I wish I could call but I’ll be out of town and I have to be in a field turning saying can you hear me now using my cell. Would love to have talked to Megan! Super great picture of the children. Again Congratulations on this new adventure!

  • Christeen Baker

    Hi Sean I hope that Above Rubies and Club Ruby Designer international members are not forgotten in this offer. We can’t buy from HSN so we hope this offer will be available from Above Rubies store? Congratulations to you both on all you have achieved.

  • Dolly Foote

    I bought the Terresa Collins Stampmaker because I know with a DVD from Above Rubies Studio I will be up and running in no time! I have the very 1st Cricut DVD, and the Gypsy DVD and have pointed many in Megans direction. I can’t wait to start playing!

  • Robin

    It was very exciting but I was so disappointed not to see Megan or even hear them give credit for her DVD 🙁 I didn’t hear them take any calls either. Oh well, Congrats Megan- you rock!

  • Barbara

    Sorry, they didn’t memtion your name Megan and that you made the DVD. but Sean sure let everyone know that you.

  • sandy

    Hey Megan, I watched HSN and was very disappointed since they didn’t give you credit for the DVD, even though they did discuss it. All of us out here in cyberland know how awesome you are. You keep us all inspired to try new and different techniques. Thank you for all you do!

  • HRHLadyTina

    I did watch and was sorry to hear they did not give you credit for the DVD. Let’s see what happens on the 11 pm show.

  • Marcie Smith

    Sean, so great that you are so involved in all of this. Really nice to see. Was a little dissappointed that more credit was not given to Megan, but I recognized her hands in the DVD clips. I broke down and purchased the bundle, even thou I have been saying I really didn’t think I would get enough use out of it. I wish it created a little larger stamp. This is really limiting.

  • Kimberly

    Sean what a wonderful and supportive husband you are! I called HSN yesterday to sing praises on Megan’s video’s, but they wouldn’t let me because I didn’t buy the stamp maker from them. I think Megan would be a great spokesperson for Theresa Collins products. Maybe in the future she will be given that opportunity. I know she has many followers on her blog and we are here to support her!

  • Penny Mourer

    Got mine ordered and am excited about it. Megan’s DVDs are the best and so much help!!

    Thanks Megan and Sean!!


  • Wanda

    My arm is hurting so bad. I tried to stop my self from ordering this, but didn’t succeed. I can’t wait for the delivery.

  • karen

    I bought it and know I can make it work with her DVD. I have the cricut & Gypsy DVD’s. I have sent so many to your sight to get the DVD’s as they are so useful. I am sorry they did not give her credit for her work. I am glad you are supportive of her. My husband is great also.

  • Applegirl

    Hey Megan,
    I just watched your DVD yesterday. I am learning so much. I am so new to all of this. You make it so easy and fun for us beginners. May God continue to bless you