Happy National Craft MONTH! & Make Someone’s Day Saturday! 34

Happy National Craft Month all My Crafting Friends!  I know we are 3 days into the Month – but I’m getting things all prepped and ready!

As some of you may know or seen I uploaded a BUNCH of stuff to Youtube this week and I’m about to be Posting every few days ALL month long of March as a SPECIAL for National Craft Month!  I hope this doesn’t make you all TOO used to me and LOTS of videos – BUT there is SO much going on and SO many videos I want to share – Its what I’m going to do! 🙂


Also – Every SATURDAY all Month Long – I want to do another “Make Someone’s Day!” Event!  So On Facebook and On AboveRubiesStudio.com – I’m going to be making posts about What I can do to make YOUR day!  Are you feeling blue?  Do you have a Need? Do you just have a plain old fun want?  Tell me about it!  I’m going to do my best to make at least ONE Persons Day Each Saturday! (ps – there are FIVE Saturdays THIS Month!)


SALE EVENT: Here is the AMAZING Cool INCREDIBLE part!  You all know I was just out at Craft-e-Corner and we decided to partner up on a few things with this!  Craft-e-Corner has been AWESOME in fulfilling the Megan Elizabeth and ClubRuby Kits every month for me.  And what they did is got in a Special Order and are hosting a HUGE Sale on ALL past Kits because ClubRubyDesigners is “going away” for awhile and ALL NEW Megan Elizabeth Products, Kits, Classes and Workshops are about to EXPLODE in April.  Craft-e-Corner.com has placed ALL Kits on SALE for $23.99 thats over HALF off their FULL retail values!  50% OFF!  HOW AMAZING is that!?  This is ONLY while Supplies last and I know there aren’t many – ALSO IF by chance there are any kits “left over” they will go back to FULL price at the end of the Sale Promotion.  GET ALL the Kits you WANT right HERE 🙂  http://www.craft-e-corner.com/c-451-megan-elizabeth.aspx

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!: Ok ok – I know that was TOTALLY cheesy infomercial but I HAD to do it because there REALLY is MORE!  Along with the AMAZING Sale, Craft-e-Corner.com is including a Scratch of Ticket in EVERY order placed and EVERY one is a winner!  They are giving away over $6,000.00 in prizes including Cricut Jukeboxes, eCrafts, other machines, cartridges and SO MUCH More!  Its INSANE what they are doing – its INCREDIBLE!  PLUS (YES still more!) Free US Shipping on all order over $50.00 – so if you order two kits and a Viva Decor Pearl Pen – You’ve saved TONS of money! I’m SOO Excited!

NOW for the FREE Goodies: Oh yeah! Lots of Free Goodies!

All month I’m posting Videos from PAST ClubRubyDesigner tutorials that went along with each of our kits!  There are over 50 of them in all and I have a FEW other surprises for you that total value equals over $350.00!!!!!  WOOTWOOT!


Ok Please share this!  Let others know that we LOVE You!  That we LOVE to make Peoples Days and Change lives through Paper Crafts!  I LOVE encouraging people and HELPING them to Enjoy the Moments and I really hope this National Craft Month demonstrates and Celebrates JUST that! 🙂


Here’s a Video To get this Party Started! 🙂

Since YOU all are SUCH A Blessing to me – Pretend that I made this Card for EACH of you!  Because I would LOVE to send it out to all of you!

YouTube Preview Image

Here is One More Video about being Thankful!

YouTube Preview Image

If you want to get the kit you see in this video on sale HERE it is: www.Craft-e-Corner.com

*Please NOTE – Kits aren’t guaranteed to be in stock – a many are going quickly – if you do not see the one used in the videos posted – it means we sold out of that particular kit! 



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34 thoughts on “Happy National Craft MONTH! & Make Someone’s Day Saturday!

  • Janice Davis

    Do I feel blue? Not exactly. I have every reason to be in a good mood. Got news from the doctor yesterday that I am still cancer free after 3 1/2 years (this time), I will be 65 in a couple of weeks and who would have thought that when I had my 1st cancer at 26. The only bad thing that happend all week is my doctor gave me a presciption for Actonel and my co-pay is $55.00 s pill. Had I been takking vitamin D all my life, I probably wouldn’t have this problem (well, I would, my body doesn’t absorb it). Thank goodness you only take it once a month. A small price to pay.

    It’s pretty outside and I sat on the porch for a while. But, for some reason, I can not motivate myself to do anything today. I made my bed and took out the recycle. That’s it. I am just in a So, who cares? mood and no one should ever be in that mood.

    Maybe my age is bothering me, but it has never done that before. Unlike a lot of people who complain about being older, I always thought, Wow, I made another year. And I am proud of every gray hair and wrinkle.

    I know I have a good life. I am cancer free, I have a spouse of 40 yrs and 1 month, I have 3 kids I am proud of, grandchildren I am proud of, I have a job, I have a roof over my head, it may not be the Taj Mahal, but it is our 89 year old home, all paid for, and I know how to laugh! Sometimes at my own expense.

    Okay, I’m not blue. Now to get some modivation!

  • Marilyn COLEMAN

    As always I am truly AMAZED at everything you do, I wish I could set and watch all your videos they are so inspiring…YOU ROCK!

  • Debby J

    Am I feeling blue? Sort of, which may seem rather a strange thing to say. I have a lot going for me right now-the biggest and best is a hubby who has saved so he could take me to Germany this year, but I also miss my daughter so much right now. She is living in New York, just got over a terrible cold, started a new job this week and has looked forward to going to an anime convention this weekend and now her boyfriend is sick and she probably will not be going. I just want to give her a hug, but my arms aren’t long enough. And my son went to yet another job interview, hoping he will wow the people, so he can finally get back to work after being unemployed for almost 2 years. So I decided to make some cards for Operation Write Home to lift my spirits, only to find out I am out of adhesives. How could this have happened?? So, now I will watch some of Megan’s videos and hope her energy rubs off on me and lifts me up. She usually does and maybe after I watch a few, I’ll get going and go to the store and get some adhesives, make some cards and lift my spirits.

  • Sue Anderson

    The new item on my wish list is a mini Scapin’n Easel. I’m not sure of the correct name of it, but I saw a video on youtube where they were using it. It’s a smaller version of the regular Scrapin’ Easel, made for cardmaking. It would be the perfect thing for me. I am housebound, and only get out of the house once a month to go to a doctor’s appointment. Playing with my paper crafts is the ONLY thing that keeps me from going stir-crazy! I just wanted to say thank you, Miss Megan. You are a very sweet, inspiring person, and I can’t wait to get started watching all the new videos you’ve uploaded! ~Hugs!

  • Marilyn

    You have made my day already. I have been watching all of thoe videos you uploaded. Thanks a million. I always look forward to them. You have given me many ideas. Now I can take them with me to my big scrapbooking event next weekend. thank you so much

  • Terresa (Trish) Wood

    You can make my day……… I want to win a green expressiion! LOL, I will be on the green expression kick for a while and you started it Megan! What I really need is a nice scrapbook tote on wheels, a big one to take to crops with me. I just started to seriously scrap this year and have really gotten into it. Don’t have the money to pay for what I have seen on the market. 🙁 Right now I am going to make some cards. Thanks Megan for all you do, you are such an inspiration!

  • ildi-The Craftin Mama

    I just love watching and learning from your video’s!! I have been a little blue lately, business is slow, slow is not good as it is our only income!! But I have to remember that God has us in his hands and he always carries us through!! Luv ya mama, hope you are well!!

  • Jan Scrappy 52

    Yes I am feelin a little blue- have been for a while . Family concerns have got me down. I am always trying to be teh peace maker in teh family and I am exhausted. I guess it is past time to give it to the true peace maker- God- and quit trying to fix everything..

  • Debbie

    I don’t really have a need, but I would like to have a copy of your Cricut Cards DVD. It’s the only one I don’t have, but it is certainly on my list for upcoming purchases! You have such a wonderful way of teaching and inspiring. Thank you for all you do.

  • Lori Apgar

    You are so sweet! I love your products and share your website with all of my cricut and gypsy students. I really love your Complete Cricut Cutting Guide! You can make my day by continuing to do what you do. Love your videos. I love your Paper Layerz for cutting cricut images! Because I mainly create 2 page layers, I would love to have duplicates without having to buy double (if that makes any sense).

  • Gayl3

    Yep, I’ve got the blues….A blue bird, lots of blue skies, a husband who’s favorite color is blue, blue living room and I just realized a lot of blue papers for crafting. We do have job issues, finances etc, but I must say my hubby and I have become much closer and I know we will survive together as long as we keep the faith. Life is full of ups and downs. It’s like the waves in the ocean. If we didn’t have the bad times, we would never appreciate the good times. I remember saying that to my husband once and he said, “How would you know a good time if you did not experience hard knocks.” Things do get better ALWAYS. It’s all about Attitude!

  • Margaret K

    I just love watching your videos, you make everything look so easy and turn out great. I would never dream of some of the combosyou put together but you make them work. I think we all carry around alitttle blues now and then but hopefully nothing major. I would love to receive a sample of some of your new products that I would love to try.
    Thanks Megan you are the greastest in all you do for us.Keep doing God’s work and you ROCK!!!!!

  • Barbara Hart

    I love how easy and delightful these cards are. The little pearls on the first one just make it more dazzling! TFS! I am excited that this is National Craft Month! I love the idea of making someone happy everyday with paper crafts! Thank you for all of your inspiration!

  • Sue

    Am I feeling blue? The answer is a big yes. Our granddaughter came home from school last Monday to find the garage door open and the inside door kicked in. Someone burglarized the house while my daughter and granddaughter were gone. Hubby and I caught the next plane out and have spent the week trying to help them get back to some kind of normalcy. We thank God everyday that they were not home when it happened. The
    Process of listing all the items stolen, approximate age, brands, etc. took us three days. This was needed by the insurance company. The alarm system is in place and is on whether anyone is home or not. So you ask am I feeling blue? Definitely.

  • Sandy W #1781

    Please do (post lots of videos this month)! I always pick up a tip or trick and your cards and projects are great! I love the “Make Someone’s Day” theme and hope you will let us early birds post on Sunday because your email doesn’t arrive until Sundays, or very, very, late on Saturdays. I’m not blue, or in need of anything, but there’s always something on my wish list. I still haven’t found that golden ticket that will buy me the Cricut and Gypsy CD’s and I could really use the help. LOL! That’s one of my summer goals starting in May. I want to master my Cricut and Gypsy. In fact, I know I could learn something from all of your CD’s, so that’s my special want this spring. Thanks for planning such a fun month for us.

  • Linda W

    Your videos give much inspiration. Thanks a bunch! I am not blue because I just became a grandma to my first grandchild. The only prayer I have is that my son will find a job soon because he was let go from his last job.

  • Marla

    I was just telling my husband your story ~ you are so inspiring to me! I lost my desire to craft after our house burned down in 2007, but I am slowly getting it back, thanks to your DVD’s and videos!

  • Sharon W

    LOVE your vidoes and your website….you are so, so helpful to me, especially when I first got my E2 – your videos helped me learn – thank you!!!! I think we’re all suspectible to feeling blue now and then….but crafting really helps:) Would love to have any of your products, or any of the newest releases of the Cricut cartridges. Thanks again for all that you do – so fun coming to your website!!!!

  • lydia

    ok so i’m going to be 50 on april 8, i believe that’s Easter sunday… which i have always felt especially blessed on that day… i’ve always been great with whatever age i am… no matter how my health is.,.. which is quite a bit of issues…so anytime i start feeling really off i sit at my craft table and try something new or just watch your videos and then some… i don’t sleep well at all, and Now… i force my self to step back inside (from inside of me) and say ok, lydia now take a deep slow breath, and quietly breath and smile… and say Lord, its me… settle the Kaos in my head for a while…” cause some days i’m about to burst… So that’s my usual day… there are many beautiful things amongst the rubble in our sight and i try to find it… (i may say a little corny, but i’m ok with that) So, Ladies…. I say… take a step back, focus on something shiney or pretty, anything and deep, slow breath, SMILE and release…and I want to thank all of you Ladies for the incredible gifts you allhave in your crafts and kindness you wouldn’t believe how much it makes my day when i see every thing… it’s just amazaing… take care..

  • Sandy Christman

    I’m blue about a lot of things. I just put mom in Hospice, she doesn’t have long before she meets our heavenly father. I’ve spent a lot of money on her care which I don’t regreat but it has put me in a bind. I really want to get the e-craft machine. But now I’m on disability and can’t afford one. The first time I saw one was at a CHA in Orlando where they had a prototype on show. I fell in love with it. Now they’re availabe for purchase and it’s out of my reach, since Social Security doesn’t pay much. If you could find it in your big heart to get me one I really would appreciate it Thanks for doing so much for other people. You really show your love for God by doing other things for other people. May God keep those blessings coming down as the prayers go up.Thanks for being such a good example.

  • mary Beth Chojnacki

    I’m glad this posting idea is here. I really need to vent. My Father-in Law is at Roswell Park Hospital for stage 4 cancer. He went in because he was unable to walk. And to make matters worse my husband is going in for surgery this week for a reoccurrence of colon cancer witch our surgeon has never seen it come back were it did. and there is a questionable spot on his liver just 2 yrs after first surgery. He is an only child and I have no family to count on or go to when I feel depresses or just need an outlet. So much in so little time Just praying for a quiet day when nothing is happening. Looking for a just an hr that I can go into my own little world and craft w/o worries. But that may not be for a little while yet. Hopefully We will get through this mess and things will get back to normal So if anyone reads this please say a prayer for my “Dad” and husband. Thanks.

  • Carole C.

    When you feel blue, you think you’re the only one who has problems, until you read about other peoples troubles and suddenly yours are not so big anymore, We as crafters, are very lucky, because our hobbies, whether they be paper crafting, beading, sewing, quilting etc, are what help us get through the bumps in the road and keep us sane, even when we feel uninspired. Sharing our feelings is also very theraputic. Thank you Meagan for your inspiration, your sharing and for the opportunity to express ourselves to help us overcome our daily difficulties.

  • Kathi phillips

    Am I feeling blue…my beloved husband, truly my soul mate, passed away 1/11/11 and although it’s been a year, I miss him so much! We lived in AZ all our time together (15 years), but all our family lived in OH, MI and IN. Together we have 8children and 16 grandchildren. So…I retired from my nursing job and drove cross country with our dog D.O.G. Our home was sold in a short sale, only 75% of what was owed (a beautiful place on 5 hillside acres). Now, I’m a renter, trying to fit a houseful of belongings into a much smaller place, going to grandchildren’s sporting events, trying to reconnect with old friends, BUT going home to an empty home! I can’t visit places we used to go, because they’re all in AZ. Now, I really have the time to do my crafts, but when I try to do something, too many memories overwhelm me and I get nowhere. I know things will get better, my husband is in a better place and I have the love of my family!

  • Bunnyfreak

    Thanks for the fun videos. Just did a bunch of car repairs – Praise God that the tax refund covered them. Looking forward to all the videos for March. My plain old fashioned want would be some paper layerz.

  • reddbudd

    This past several months i had my house broken into and all my jewelery stolen. The blessing is that i wasn’home when it happened. My small dog was attacked by a bull mastif. The blessing was that although she wasbadly hurt, she survived.I have an adult daughtrt with a mental illness that seems to be getting worse and will not get help. Im not sure why ive been given this challenge, but i know theres a reason for it and that i will come through it with Gods love and help. I will retire in May, and am trying to be careful with spending. i am not unhappy, but iwould sure like to receive aanything to build my craft stash so i can play when i retire!

  • Deborah R.

    OK, I was already feeling blue from all going wrong in my life and now I feel even worse after reading all these! Megan, I hope you can keep your fun spirit after all this. I can only put everyone on my prayer list and ask that you add me to yours.

  • Christie Brooks

    Asking for things is not in my nature, but receiving something out of the “blue” is wonderful. It is the small things in life that can make a “so-so day” wonderful. I am so looking forward to spring and summer, for the warmer days, windows open, birds chirping, BBQ’s, drives to unknown places….and yes, putting this into my paper crafts. I hope other crafters can share these kinds of little pleasures too.

  • Madonna

    I try not to feel blue. Each day that I wake up, able to walk and talk, see and hear is a blessing. I will be 59 in a couple months but in my mind I feel no different than when I was 19. Sure I have a few achesand pains but who does’nt? I spend any spare time I can get trying to become better at card making. I love all the different ways. And I’m trying them all….cricut, spellbinders, stampng, quilling, iris folding you name it. I love learning new things. Don’t always succeed…but love trying! Mary Beth ….prayers going out for your Dad and Hubby.

  • Kathy

    Megan –

    I am truly blessed in so many ways, but I feel especially grateful after reading all the stories from those who are facing some of life’s most difficult challenges. It’s easy to have a pity party occasionally when things don’t seem to be going right, but when you read about the REAL problems others are dealing with it puts my petty little worries into the proper perspective. May God grant them peace as they face those struggles with health and loss of dear ones. My heart goes out to them. And God bless you for reaching out to those who are in need.

  • Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Hi Megan, Yes, I am blue. I’ve been home bound with illnesses for the past three years. At this time we don’t have a vehicle due to finances so I am at home except for medical appointments. I so love country rides so it’s hard for me. Additionally, I am being tested for possibly cancerous spots on my liver and pancreas and am very frightened.. I don’t sleep well at all at night and sleep often during the day. My life feels so unproductive. I hope things improve. I have other family concerns as well and it all seems so much to handle. I don’t really mean to complain as I know know many people are so much worse off. I hope that everyone that has written here has a positive outcome to their problems. You could make my day, Megan, by praying for me and either sending any of your Expression 2 DVDs or Stamping DVD or Card Making DVD or any of that wonderful looking paper layerz paper. Thanks for doing this blog and everything you do.


  • Laurey

    I am blessed more than I can express I have more than I need my health could be better but that is in Gods Plan my grandson we are raising is healthy my husband has a job and I have alot of work but love what I do. I move alot slower than I used to and have a farm I get to see the beauty of baby animals take their first steps, leaps and first strides it is the best therapy for anything that tries to depress you I make soap and craft when I can and can wake up in the glory of Gods love each and every day I wish I could fill each of your wishes.. I pray for each and everyone that you will be blessed as well.

  • Shelly

    WOW oh WOW what a lot of things happening next month! I hope I can keep up with you on everything you are doing … I thank you for all that you do and share with us … Your Great and God Bless … have a great month next month!