A Few of My Favorite Things…March 2011 56

Ok – so something I am going to be doing from time to time on the weekend in answer questions that are non-craft related – and share some favorite things of MINE with you all!

I’d LOVE to hear more about your favorite things too – so comment away and let me know! šŸ™‚

I’m going to start with just Life Favorites and then I’ll give you three crafting favs! šŸ™‚

Today was awesome!Ā  Got to spend some time with my lonnggggg time bestest girlfriend Heidi! šŸ™‚Ā  We went to the park and acted crazy singing and dancing like we’re teenagers! šŸ™‚ LOVE IT!Ā  Anyway, Wanted to Share a Pic!

Lip Gloss – A girls BF right!??!Ā  I’m really liking this Bare Minerals Buxom Lipgloss – so tingling and long lasting and I just love it right now.Ā  Its one of those things that everytime I put it on it “takes me back” – I can’t tell you exactly what to…but its one of those good feeling triggers. Just love!

Girl Scout Cookies – especially these Carmel Delights!Ā  I posted earlier on Facebook and I said “Girl Scouts are the Devil” and thats only because these cookies are SOOO good I have to duct tape myself to a chair to just not eat the WHOLE box! LOL šŸ˜‰

Crafting and Scrapbooking Favs for the Moment:

Ok, So I’m organizing and Crafting this weekend a LOT too,Ā  Lets talk about a few favorites in that department!

1)Ā  My We R Memory Keepers Corner Chomper! I LOVE this thing!Ā  I really use it more than I realize I think!Ā  Its great for rounding almost anything!Ā  Goes through a lot of thicknesses and I just really like the look of rounded corners!Ā  Use it ALL the time! Can’t craft without in anymore!

2) Jet Max Storage Cubes!Ā  Ok soo I am in the process of creating a new craft/studio space because of some changes happening and i was in NEED of MORE organization.Ā  Michael’s had these all 40% off and some of them were only $12.00 so I thought I’m GOING to try them!Ā  I AM LOVING THEM!Ā  Those and the $2.50 Milk Crates from Walmart! I’m seriously getting my stuff organized and I WILL be posting videos when I complete the room šŸ˜‰ Ok – so the ORIGINAL plan was everything was going to be Teal. White. and Dark Purple.Ā  But dark purple things are REALLY not as easy to find – so I went with Magenta… There is a TON of Magenta Plastic in that room LOL its a little bit of a pink barf overload – but at least my walls are nice and TEAL! šŸ™‚

3) The Last thing thats a current crafting fav is this stamp set I LOVE IT! I am REALLY a huge fan of Unity Stamps right now – I haven’t used them in a lot of videos lately – but I DO use them a TON and I still have a video from CHA with the wonderful Angela over at Unity to post for you guys!Ā  BUT this stamp set is my current FAV!

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56 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things…March 2011

  • lindsey holcomb

    Ohhh, you’re one of those crazy people who don’t call the cookies Samoas! Haha, I know it’s different by region, here in Chicago the same cookies are called Samoas, and they are ahhh-mazing!! Enjoy!

  • Patricia Pent

    I love the JMax storage units too, but the ones with the small drawers are a PAIN to put together, even my hubby had a hard time, but once it is it looks nice. Love the Samoas too (we call them that in the East too:) and love spending time with my family! can’t wait to see your new room!

  • Dianne Bell

    Your color suggestions sound great. Anxious to see the complete room. I have a guest bedroom, not in use, for my crafting and share with my husband’s computer and my laptop. But the scrapbooking tools and machines are everywhere with no organization whatever. Well, maybe I should say an organized MESS. Even put my embroidery and serger machines away and using my sewing table for scrapping and that is loaded with tons of STUFF. With a small area for my work space. I need one of those TV organizers desperately……

  • LorraineB

    I love getting up in the morning and hearing the birds outside singing. Love the end of winter. Nothing better than a beautiful summer day. Love anything animal related. Love to laugh. Craft related..I really enjoy making alcohol ink backgrounds – putting colors on the paper and seeing a really cool finished background. Same thing with the melted crayon technique. Kind of like opening a gift and not knowing what you’ll get.

  • Robin

    I love to walk outside now that the weather is getting better. My craft room is more organized now that I have the Jet Max cubes and looks much neater now. I just brought the corner chomper, have not used it yet.

  • Ra

    I’ve enjoyed your website and DVDs, and now I get to see what you enjoy! Right with you on the lip gloss…love Bare Minerals! Take care and can’t wait to see what you come up with next time…your list is way better than Oprah’s favorite things!!!

  • Kathy

    I’m new to card making and using my Cricut. I click on Above Rubies Studio daily in hopes that you have added something new. Purchased your Cricut A to Z and found it so helpful. Love Love Love you.

  • Karen Dougan

    Good Morning Megan!
    I am a new follower and have so enjoyed all your video’s, blogs, etc.Your love for life, your family and friends is so refreshing on top of how amazingly talented you are. Thanks for sharing your world, your passions with us.

  • Robin

    Love our comments! I can’t wait to see your new craft room and see ideas to help me with my organization! Right now, it seems like I do more organizing of “stuff” than actual work (fun!!!)

  • Tina Campbell

    my 3 favs are the color purple, Blue Heelers (dogs) my favorite two are my Buddy and Jake and Spring(seeing God’s work in the spring is marvlous. Crafting has to be my cutter, the new cuttlebug I got for christmas and liquid pearls (just tried his yeserday for the first time and can see so many uses for it). Love your DVDs learned alot about the gypsy that way.

  • Linda W

    I love the buxum too, love that tingling feeling when you put it on. They had a color that was a perfect match to my dress for my daughter’s wedding.
    I have 12 Jetmax cubes along my lavender painted walls of my craft room. I like your idea of the milk crates, good for storing items like the Cinch, plastic containers of punches (now that I have the Cricut)and other items that I don’t use as often.
    My corner chomper is also a favorite of mine lately. Many of my cards are starting to have its corners chomped.
    As always, thanks for sharing.

  • Sandra Copeland

    I really love the Jet Max storage clubs.Also You are so right about the round corner punch,I use mine all the time.Thank you for sharing and have a GREAT day

  • Rae Rae

    I love the Samoas too (I didn’t know what a caramel deLite was!) – those things should be outlawed! I’m loving some Mac Lip Glass right now and experimenting with airbrushing. Love the new color scheme for your craft space!!!

  • Kim B

    I just redid my craft space not to long ago. I actually have my own room now, not a corner of the kids playroom & I have been buying the Jet Max storage too. LOVE them. My craft room is looking so good!!! and I am organized!!!

  • Sue Kimmet

    Love my craftroom! Cozy, but all mine. And love my daughter who was home and organized it for me! Love the wooden cabinet that was being thrown away at school (where I teach, was used in the “old” days for storing reeds and small music things, has about 20 little drawers for bling and other embellishments. How lucky was that? And LOVE MY CRICUT EXPRESSION! I love to use stamps and ribbons and so forth, but my Cricut ties it all together. And I think I’m going to love the Crop-a-dile 2 Big Bite that I just bought. I’m going to be making some albums and want to punch holes.

    Wow!! I could go on and on. I’m SO glad I’ve started card making. I just love it!

  • Angela W

    Lol in Tennessee we know the fabulous Girl Scout Cookies in the purple box as Samoas to, they are the best! Another one of my favorite things, warm summer day out side in the pool with Steve, my husband, an Kirsten an Jared, my kids, an my dog Ginger,

  • Marcie Smith

    I love the Jet Max storage cubes. This was my choice a few years ago when I but my craft room together. I bought tons everytime Michaels and Target (who use to carry them also) had them on for 40% or 50%. I spent several nights sitting in front of the TV putting them together and another couple of days loading them and making labels. They have a variety of pieces so they really do accomodate everything. Every now and then I will pick up a new one and add it. I love the paper stackers I have all my card stock in them and sorted by color. Each shelf actually pulls out so you can flip through the color pallet to find just the right shade. Best investment I ever made.

  • Carmen

    My daughter is a Girl Scout Leader and one corner of our house was stacked with Cookies~ the Caramel Delites were the best seller of all!
    A few of my favorites are ice tea, my two maltese who give me more love than I ever imagined, the sweet scent of a candle burning and music playing while I craft~ OH and I could live without my computer which gives me all of the inspiration I ever need. I love my Cricut, corner chomper, and my cuttlebug…

  • Linda hoffner

    I had though about the Jet Max for so long and when they were 55% off Thanksgiving day I decided it was time to buy….I did have to move dinner to a later time as Michael’s didn’t open until 4:30 and I was having dinner at my house! Wall unit is 5′ tall by 5′ long and love it.
    I think we call the GS cookies Samoas cause we always want “some more”.

  • Vickie

    Thanks Megan for sharing your faves. Can’t wait to see the new studio, will it be ready for Fresh Look Friday this coming Friday???? God Bless

  • ScrapnVA

    I love the organized look in my craft room but have found the JetMax cubes to not be the most economical to use for crafting. They are thin pieces of MDF that crack and break easily. In my opinion, it is not worth wasting one’s hard earned money on a cheaply made item that will undoubtedly break soon after its purchase.
    My favorite organizing furniture type items are the ScrapnStore cubes (yes, those are hard to find). However, another good alternative is the modular storage units (available from Target). These are made of thicker, sturdier MDF than the JetMax. Even with the 40% off from M’s, they cost about the same–even possibly less expensive as a 5-in1 modular unit runs about $149. Actually, in the end the modular units are less expensive because they are more durable. The best part about the modular storage units is that every piece can accommodate for 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper & supplies.
    I love how being organized prompts creativity.
    Another favorite of mine is coffee–which is why I love my Keurig machine.
    And my the last of my top three fav’s is hearing children’s laughter. It is so contagious. There’s no better way to put a smile on one’s face!

  • Mary Ann Huntington

    I love love my craft room, my beloved Cricut and Cuttlebug, my adorable Shih Tzu and oh yes, my wonderful husband of almost 50 years! I’m anxious to see what you’ve done to your room with the new colors and furniture.

  • gina

    Hi Megan, So nice to hear a little about yourself. Love to her more. I know how you feel about girl scout cookies. Im a girl scout leader and I’m also the cookie mom for my troop. So many cookies in my famly room. (so hard to have control) The Samoas (carmel delights) are also my son & my favorite cookie. I also have those Jet Max Storage cubes and love them. Just got the chomper haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

  • Lynne

    Girl Scout Cookies are the best!!! My mom used to store them in the freezer but my brothers would eat them one at a time thinking she wouldn’t notice.

  • Carol Pringle

    Hi Meagan, I have been trying to organise my craft things and they have taken over. Every time I want to do a project I bring out the equipment and forget to put it back again….how wonderful to have your very own room…..! I love that you share so much of yourself and do appreciate this.thanks…..I have just bought the corner chomper after seeing you use it on video….but havent used it yet……I love all things cat related…..hence the name ozeekat…..Cheers to all

  • Peggy

    I don’t have the memory keepers chomper for round corners, but you said it would do thick paper, as in chipboard. Let me know and I will have to have it. My favorite scraptool is wet chalk inks. I cannot scrap a page without using them. My favorite thing to do beside scrapping is making jewelry and I use scrapstuff to incorporate into my designs at times. And going to Thrift store, garage sales, estate sales is my all time favorite after scrapbooking, Always find things I can use in scrapbooking. 2nd, grandchildren, third serving and helping others at anything. I have a 4th, my above rubies website, love you megan for your sweetness and all the work you do to help all of us.You pave the way for us with all the stuff we might never know about. Thanks.

  • Annette

    I have lots of favorite things but the top of my list are my family, my health, the ability to laugh(it brightens the soul), crafting, being a Christian. On the craft side of things, I bought a corner chomper because you use yours frequently. It is a very handy tool. I like using my E, Cuttlebug, and stamps.
    Thanks for sharing your favorite things. Can’t wait to see your new room.

  • Judy

    I love your storage idea’s with the small milk crate’s but my only problem is I cannot find them
    anywhere, none at Walmart or online, do you have any suggestions where I could find them?? Should have bought them when they were so popular….

  • Peggy

    I am in the process of organizing my crafting things too so the storage cubes and milk crates are a great suggestion. I will be checking them out for sure!

  • Cydney

    My new favorite craft thing is the stamp making machine by Photocentric. I couldn’t find the Teresa Collins version so I bought the generic one directly from the manufacturer. It is awesome! I will post some photos soon – still perfecting my current project. Non craft favorites include a relaxing weekend reading the paper, sitting in the hot tub with DH and a sunny day. Thanks for sharing Megan. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  • Edwina Brown

    I love the stamps. Where can I get them? I had wondered about those crafting storage cubes. Thanks for sharing. How do I send you an e-mail?

  • Susan

    Hi Megan, Favorite things…Boy that’s hard to pick just a few. I love to walk to Turkey Point Light house with my best friend, my husband, Chuck. We get up there and I feel like I am on top of the world. Can just see forever. Then I love my kids and grands. have two grand daughters that I don’t get to see as often as I would like, they live in Texas and I in Maryland, but they are dear, sweet, and of course beautiful girls. Crafting favs: Of course my cricut. I have a friend who introduced me to this wonderful piece of machinery. I cut out some things just yesterday and my mom commented Wow wish I have that thing when I was doing Sunday School and had to cut out all those letters and things for bulletin boards back in the 50′ and 60′. And I just love the ideas that I get on youtube from you and other crafters. Its really nice when someone comments on the pretty card you made for them. Thanks Megan for all your input. Really appreciate it.

  • Nancy L Miller

    My current faves: IKEA Expedit 5×5 bookcases in light wood color; striped folding bins from Big Lots; Snap-plastic cases that fit the cubbies in #1 perfectly. All these to help organize the craft room, formerly known as the “crap” room due to its messiness!!

  • michelle

    ok…I personally think that room isn’t just going to look great – but it will be extremely functional for you too!
    might have to try those choppers – I only have a corner thing that can do regular papers.
    love the peak inside you too…I need a lip gloss I love – haven’t had that for a long while.

  • Diana

    Hi Megan,
    It would be nice to have a separate thread with pics(can you post pics on here) of how people have actually organized their craft rooms and how it is put together. And maybe a list of items they used, where they got them and maybe price. Some of us are more visual. How large of a room or space we are looking at. I have so many small things, not sure where they all are. I personally, am cramped for space. Do you place stamps, punches, patterned sizzers (which I can’t find), of course paper with like items or by season? Couldn’t find martha stewart circle cutter when I needed it, which happens most ofter. I need more flat table top space so I can do crafts. How do you display your ribbon? How do you display you stamps? punches? How can you use peg board to to display small items like brads, buttons, glitters, flower petals, etc.

  • Diana

    I would say my two favorite items is my cricut expressions (I would just like to learn to use all the functions more easily, instead of being intimated by the computer), all 78 cartridges, my cuttle bug, I love felt ribbons.

  • Shari Y

    My favorite non craft thing right now is Banana Laffy Taffy (I must be related to My Pink Stamper).
    Craft things, I Love the Jet Max cubes and have 4 but want more. I am reorganizing my craft room because I now have to sleep in there so the cubes really work. I love the dividers that fit into the three drawer cubes. Great for storing acrylic paint, reinkers alcohol inks, stickles, etc.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Shari Y

  • Laurie

    Love, love, love all things outdoors. Once spring comes, my scrapbooking and stamping slow down a bit. Next love is the baby smells associated with my cute little grandson.

  • Stacey Halbgewachs

    My 4 most fav things ever… My husband and 3 boys šŸ™‚ They make me smile and giggle even as they are making me mad! That’s men for ya šŸ™‚ Our family is my passion and I am sure that is why I have such a passion for crafting and preserving all of our memories!

    As for scrapping… just about everything is my fav! I am easy to please when it comes to trying new creative tools… But so far my all time fav is my Gypsy and Cricut Expressions! My Gypsy goes everywhere with me… ya never know when inspiration will strike!

  • Marissa

    I love taking pictures, scrapbooking, and going to Disneyland with my favorite guy (my hubby of 14 1/2 years)!
    I can hardly wait to see your new craft room. I have a craft “space” in a spare bedroom that I share my my hubby. I’ve been getting organized as well. I guess it’s “Spring Cleaning” time, ’cause I just purchased a great “Realspace” 12-drawer Mobile Organizer to put my expression on, the drawers are perfect for all of my tools, adhesives, pens, etc. Now I can just roll my cart (with everything I need) to wherever I want to craft!

  • Shelly

    Hi Megan, Thanks for “all your loves!!” I wrote you a few nights ago asking about the stamp collection with 123 Cards collection no word yet! I would like to get 3 of them “please”! I was sharing the DVD with a girlfriend tonight she likes a lot! I can’t wait till I am moved in my new home so I can set up all my very own craft/computer room. I will be using all kinds of organization things too .. 2 things from Ikea. That will hold paper and misc items…. I hope to be in my new home by May if not sooner … It is a short sale in Carson City, NV … it’s already been 3 almost 4 months … God has reason for me not to leave San Diego area yet … divorce headaches! Looking forward to seeing your new craft room … my girlfriend has one to “die for” it’s so cool and she has so much “stuff” her hubby gets a estate and garage sales for her … she shares some things with me here and there! Well, I better get gooing it’s early am here .. Hope to hear from you soon regarding the stamps I can’t the site to work for me…. Thank you,

  • Lisa

    “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…” Haha… I could NOT resist! Mary Poppins is one of my favorites… I think of her and Snow White when I am in the trenches with laundry, etc… and try to remember to “whistle while I work!”
    My husband and 2 boys are at the TOP of my list of favorites! They make the world go round! I also love my fuzzy Golden Retrievers and the purr of unconditional love from my kitty (that is a great sound!!) Giggles, a great cup of coffee, a breeze on a warm summer day, sand between my toes! As far as crafting goes… I just got my bind-it-all this week and it is super fun to play with! My Cricut, Gypsy, paper trimmer, Tombo Mono Multi glue, and STICKERS! I love stickers!!
    Thank you, Megan for inspiring me… and all of you who leave comments… they are so helpful! :o)

  • Holly

    I am really new to scrapbooking I watch every video you have and always check out your favorite items. I am building my supplies around your suggestions. You do a great job. I just love EVERYTHING!!!! I’ve only made one page so far and a few cards but I am having a blast learning!

  • Vicky

    I totally agree with…well all of those! Buxom is the greatest lip gloss ever, and I don’t even like lip gloss!! I wear it every day now…I almost feel like a girl! I too love my JetMax! Enjoy!~~~