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Alright, so here in PA, we are supposed to get up to 14inches of snow….the snow has been coming down pretty hard all morning, and we just have not been able to go out to cut down a Christmas Tree this year…well, We had an old 3′ Christmastree in the attic and I said, lets go get it!  My family and I pulled out this pathetic little Christmas tree that brought SO much joy to my little guy Bensen, it brought me to tears!  This is CHRISTMAS!!!!!

“Christmas tree!!!  Christmas Tree” – which comes out more like (crississ tee crississ tee!)  I love it – it is SO perfect for my family this year, may not be the ideals I have in my head, but when you see the joy on my kids faces, WOW it makes you stop and think! 🙂

So now here we are with our little Christmas tree and my beautiful children are napping…I’m watching the snow fall and thinking about 5 things that I can do our should be doing…

Here are my five choices 🙂

  1. Make Candy Lane Tea or Hot Chocolate, while curling up on our sofa by the new Christmas Tree and watch the snow fall.
  2. Watch Elf! (While having my Candy Lane Tea or Hot Chocolate of course!)
  3. Go start scrapbooking all of the photos I am months behind on – Or I could just start organizing the pictures! OR I could absolutely get in the spirit of “pre-making” a few fun layouts for all the things I am thankful for this Christmas!
  4. Make snow flakes and Christmas Trees and other fun Wintery Wondery themed paper projects and watch the Cricut go go go!  Maybe even give them to some wonderful friends!
  5. Actually be productive, and clean the house, finish laundry, wrap Christmas Presents and vacuum. (NAAHHH!)

Ok so those are my five options, and I totally think that I am going to scrapbook a few pages, maybe even “work” on a little CHA project stuff and fun for that.  I SHOULD wrap my daughter’s birthday presents for tomorrow and PRAY that we aren’t snowed in!

Here are five ideas for you, since it is snowing….

  1. Make some really yummy Hot Chocolate and watch the snow fall
  2. Watch your favorite Christmas movie with your favorite hot drink OR Grab a really great book and read it aloud – did you ever try that? It’s so fun sometimes 🙂
  3. Find 5 things that you are thankful for this Christmas Season and do a 2 page layout about them 🙂
  4. Find 5 people who maybe hurting this Christmas Season and make them a simple hand made Christmas note, telling them that you care and are thinking of them this Christmas
  5. Go tell every member in your house why you are thankful for today and why you are thankful for them, you’ll be surprised how much it will make THEIR day! 🙂  Don’t have anyone in the house with you today?  That’s ok, call a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, grandparent, parent, WHOEVER! And do the same thing 🙂

Something I heard this week, I want to share:

I have to share this, because it’s been ringing in my head all week something that a speaker at our MOPS group said this past week.  Here name is Denise and you can read more about her HERE anyway, she had made the analogy how women are like cups and that what we fill ourselves up with is what is going to spill out whenever we get bumped.  You know how right she is???  I have had a full helping of filling myself up with a lot of stress and anxiety over some personal things these past few weeks and have struggled with “keep the lid on” when things get even more ruffled.  Instead of continuing to let that take over, there is no reason in the world not to fill up and take in all the things I am thankful for and blessed with, and you know what…we are ALL blessed with great things.  Even through horrible struggles, heart aches and pains (Believe me, we ALL have them) each and everyone of us are SO blessed.

I just want to share with you that, you can be filled by God and His joys and blessings on your life this Christmas.  It’s not something you have to do on your own, but you can be filled with His love and peace and joy…not just at Christmas time, but all year around 🙂  Christmas is all about God sending His son, Jesus, to be born into this world, to live a life like ours, but without any sin, and then be put to death because God loves EACH AND EVERYONE of us SO much!  It is such a joy to accept His gift and eternal salvation!

If you want to know more of what I am talking about, feel free to email me anytime 🙂  This blog is to share with you many aspects of inspiration….and if you don’t share my faith, I hope you will still continue to have fun with us here at AboveRubiesStudio and still have fun creating along with us! 🙂

No matter what, I still want to encourage you to be filling yourself up with thankfulness and joy and goodness, so that when you get “bumped” this week, or the next or the next, you spill over with gentle, loving kindness that makes others take a step back and say, wow, he/she was so nice! 🙂

Enjoy the moments, enjoy the snow and


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16 thoughts on “5 Things To Do While It’s Snowing Today!

  • Kathryn

    Megan, thank you so much for you witness! I’m sure you have touched many lives today. I thank you for everything you have taught us through your craft talents and spiritual messages. You are so right in saying that each one of us is so blessed. It’s not snowing here, but I think I’ll enjoy a cup of hot apple cider and watch my Christmas tree lights twinkle! Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the simple things in life! Blessings to all.

  • cricutkris

    We are our way to Florida and we left Friday about 1:30pm so we would miss this storm. We only made it as far as just south of Richmond VA. Just heard from a neighbor that there was at least 2 feet of snow and it’s not supposed to stop until midnight!

    Stay warm!

  • Sherry B

    Me & my husband have been on reduced hours or reduced pay & our budget has been tight. Our Christmas is smaller this year than most others but we will have one. We have really been blessed this year as my hubby had open heart surgery, a step-son got married & our 1st grandbaby will be one month old on Christmas Day! How can you not be thankful for such wonderful things during tough times? Reading your note above inspired me to try to do a layout for the summary of 2009 of things we had to be greatful for & to get ready for the new year 🙂

  • Mary Rievley

    Megan, I so agree with you on finding things for which to be thankful. What I find amazing is when I quit looking at the negative that has hit my life and look toward the positive, God continues to show me His presence in my life. He is so good at turning the negatives into positives. I’m so thankful for His gift.

    I’m thankful for your blog. Your videos are so very helpful. I love your personality and your openness of your faith.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Megan.

  • Megan Gravener

    The “funny” thing, is, I posted this a few hours before I found out about our “dvd drama” – it was a major BUMP to say the least in my day. But I felt tested by my own words, and knew if I was encouraging all of you to be thankful and full of joy, I had to “pull it together” yet again and remember the blessings of this day. Even though others might not feel so happy with me…it’s just another bump in the road and something that we move forward from 🙂
    Thank you all for encouraging me right back with your emails and kind words this afternoon 🙂

  • Tina K

    Megan, Your testimony and your witness are what is “spilling” over now. You know what happens when we try to be good witnesses, we’re tested and tried because we’re being bold. Your faithfullness is evident! Jesus truly is the reason for the season!

  • Cathy Hartle

    I’m so glad that I found your blog! You’ve really lifted me up and helped me see I do have a lot to be thankful for. I lost my dad this year to cancer and I’ve been focusing on the pain of not having him here for Christmas, but you helped me realize that I had 80 years WITH him!!
    Thank you, Megan!
    Just got your dvd and mine was right. Love it!!!

  • Maryellen

    Thank you, thank you Megan for being a inspiration
    to me by sharing your faith! I truly love your blog and can’t wait to see my DVD and get working
    on improving my Cricut skills! You have such
    wonderful blog followers, I read their supportive
    comments and what a blessing they are.
    Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
    Have a Blessed Christmas!
    Hugs to you,

  • Kathy

    Megan, It is too bad that not everyone has your faith and could witness it, what a wonderful world we could live in. Please keep sharing your faith. Merry Christmas to you and your family

  • Lori K

    I love this post you did! Every year my daughter and hubby go get a Christmas tree, this year the one they brought home is far from perfect but to us it is the MOST beautiful tree ever… why – because they spent the day together finding it and then we spent the next day decorating it. Next year my daughter moves out and so this year we want this to be her best ever Christmas. My dad who is 94 years old is possibly coming to spend it with us… Yes it will be the best!
    Merry Christmas

  • Luise

    Sometimes during the christmas holiday i have to pee alot and I realized it was because i was drinking so much Hot chocolate, so I would suggest that you should like suggest games or fun things do with your husband on a cold cold night! Maybe you know Wink wink! Thank You all for supporting me and my husbandSSS! We all appericiate it So much!!! Hugs and Kisses!