January 10th 9:30pm EST – Recorded with Megan Elizabeth 19

Hey Everyone –

Chatting and Live Interaction is now over but you can re=-watch the chat here! The first 25 min are all the updates and fun – the second half is all chatting with those of you who were so great to join us and ask great questions!

Here is the recap:

  • Heading out to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Trade show January 27th. This is the show were all your store buyers come to and purchase the items they sell for you in their stores….IF you want to See Megan Elizabeth products such as Paper Layerz or DVDs in LOCAL stores near you – then what you need to do is reminded them that with CHA coming up – you want them to Check out Megan Elizabeth at World Win Booth #1950 and Glue Arts Booth #2333. You can also use THIS letter as an easy form to hand in to store managers or owners (The more they hear from you the better they listen):

DOWNLOAD PDF of Request Letter HERE

  •   Megan Elizabeth is looking for NEW Talented People at ANY level to add to her Design Team!  There are several requirements and you can read ALL about them RIGHT HERE!  We want to see YOUR Work by January 25th and you can contact Britten @AboverubiesStudio.com with questions.
  • Megan Elizabeth is coming out with a NEW Line of Products for Card Making and Scrapbooking – Lots of GREAT things you won’t want to miss including SPARKLE LIGHTS which will be first seen in the February 2012 Megan Elizabeth Kit at www.Craft-e-Corner.com
  • January Kits for ClubRuby is CURRENTLY available!  While it still IS Available GET YOURS NOW – they are going FAST and we only have limited numbers right now!  This kit is PERFECT for Boys and Girls and when you see this kit – you’ll KNOW what I mean!  It IS THE Perfect balance of everything girly with the ALL boy!  This kit really speaks to those looking to do more BOY theme projects!  This paper has very masculine tones but also has fun with the teenaged boys in your life too!  It REALLY is something for everyone and the PERFECT way to start the 2012 year of Megan Elizabeth Kits! Go get yours NOW right HERE!
  • Our Winners from our Facebook “Share” is:
    Jennifer Raven and Marsha Montgomery!  Congratulations!  Please use the Claim Your Prize form HERE with info to get your prize!
    Also our Live Viewer Winner from the show is:
    Kuzican – Please use the same form as well! :)Thanks everyone!  Happy New Year!  Excited for what 2012 is going to BRING! 🙂

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19 thoughts on “January 10th 9:30pm EST – Recorded with Megan Elizabeth

  • Creativegrammie

    Aloha Megan Elizabeth,
    I tuned in about a half hour late for your live Ustream. It was a bit choppy for me so I’ll watch it tomorrow. I did enjoy reading everyone’s chat. Maybe next time, I’ll join in on the chat. It’s hard to get the gist of everything when there’s so many pauses.
    I told my daughter about your site and that you both have a lot in common. She also home schools her children, is very close to her church and loves to craft.
    You’re so energetic and talented! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  • Amelia Andrade

    Hi Megan,
    I was so excited to hear your idea about the goal book. Infact your tuesday tutorial inspired me to start making my own smash book that day! So….I am very interested in doing the goal book you mentioned in this ustream! Hope to hear the details soon!

  • Karla

    Loved the U-Stream last night, Megan, however, it wouldn’t let me sign in to chat. That’s okay, though. I was able to keep up better with what others said! LOL

    Love, love, love the “goal” idea book, and I think on Friday (my day off) I’ll head up to JoAnn’s and see if they still have the SMASH book (someone said they were on sale there). I’m having 3 other friends to my house on Saturday for a mini all day crop session, and I might buy each of them a SMASH book and get them doing the same. You are such an inspiration. I forgot if you said we’re supposed to post here or where about our 5 goals……please let us know!


  • Marsha Montgomery

    THANKS for the prize! It was my first time to join you and was elated to hear my name called for the prize package. I too want to participate in the goal book – I have my smash book ready!

  • Linda Gay

    Where to start.. Thank you.
    Thank you for putting the recording on line so quickly so those of us who missed it last night could catch up.
    Thank you for adding the printable download workshops. I can’t wait. I still have all the monthly kits just waiting to work with them.Thank you for being our eyes and ears at CHA. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing through your videos of the new and exciting craft products and ideas. Thank you for supporting each of us where ever we are in our craft abilities. I am also looking forward to seeing what Sparkle Light is all about. I know it will be another ‘must have’. Have fun at CHA.

  • Joyce Valenza

    Hi Megan,
    The goal book sounds exciting….
    And YES !!!!!! I am UP For the CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!
    For Christmas, I made a drawing/writing book for my 10 year old granddaughter, who loves to draw and write stories. She told me she wanted a notebook to put paper in so she could write her stories, so I took a Black and White Compostion Book and covered the front, back, and insides with patterned cardstock… embellished the front (using my cricut of course) and wrote a little note to her on the front page. She loves to do crafts… all kinds of crafts, but she especially loves to scrapbook and make things with the Cricut (she made her younger brother and sister and ABC Book for Christmas using several Cricut Cartridges,,,, they Loved It!!!!).
    This book would be ideal for a Goal Book, so I am off to create one for myself !!!
    Thank you for all of your ideas and inspiration…. I am truely looking forward whats ahead in 2012.

  • Debra Peloso

    Hey Megan, Sorry I missed the live chat but I just caught up. I love the smashbook goal book and I would love to participate. One of my goals is sharing this passion with others so you inspire me greatly. I’m starting to design some items for classes and would love to be able to make a living doing this. Thanks for all you do and I think you are blessed.

  • Christeen Baker

    For some reason I cannot see this replay on my iPad even though I have downloaded the Ustream app. I saw the smash book tutorial on utube – is there more on ustream?

  • Angela W

    Hey Megan, missed last nights live u-stream do to weather, was glad to get to see it today. I really like your idea about a goal book and would like to participate in the challenge I have made out my list and I am ready for the details. Hope your day is Blessed!

  • Tammy Irvin

    I’m up for the goal challenge….I have already written my goals in my daily planner at the beginning of the year…now I will transfer them into a goal notebook! I’m with you, I hate the word resolution, goal sounds so much more positive!

  • Ohhh Snap

    I’m all in for the goal book :D. I was going to use a SMASH book for it, but my teenage daughter who loves my layouts, but HATES scrapbooking love the yellow one (her favorite color) and actually spent time working on it late night. So I’m working on my red one with her. I even started a SMASH bin, for the accessories for us to share (some purchased, some homemade). So I’ll use an altered composition book or an altered 3-ring binder 😀

  • Marlen

    Hallo Megan,
    My name is Marlen and I am from Greece. I recently bought Cricut Exression 2 and I realized that I need to buy new catridges all the time. My biggest problem is that I leave in a country that doesn’t provide all those products and I have to order them from America. Beyond that I am a kindergarten teacher and I need new designs all the time. My job was the main reason that I bought cricut in first place… Browsing the web though, I saw your web page and found out about SCAL… Is there a possibility that you know of any other similar program that supports cricut expression 2 ?

    Thank you in advance


  • scrappin2boys

    Hi Megan, I would love to particapte in the challenge. I have my 5 goals ready to go! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for putting this together, I need the help to get the confidence I need to make my biggest goal.

  • Hope

    Hi Megan, I would love to take part in the challenge, and have written my 5 goals down ready to go! Hope to hear the details soon!

    P.S. Will it be a problem that i live in the UK?