GIBBS Swap: What I Recieved from My Partner 31

Hey There!

The other day I gave you all a “sneak peak” at some of the things I made for my Partner, Cammi!

Now, today I want to share with she gave to me!! 🙂  I received my box yesterday, and let me tell you, yesterday was one CRAZY “bad” day for me, so the box was DEFINITELY a BIG HUGE Bright Spot!  It was like CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂  SOOOOO FUN!

So what do you think?  Want to see some pictures and maybe even get some inspiration from Cammi?

I’ll go through 1. – 12. of all the “projects” made and the key words used to create each one! 🙂

1. Share and Share A Like (Accordion Box FILLED with stamped images ready for Copic Coloring) – I just LOVE this! This one is absolutely my FAVORITE! I love the colors she used for the “purse” and I can’t believe all the time she took to FILL this with such adorable stamps!!!

2.  The flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of Yesterday.  (A Scrapbook in a box – let me tell you these flowers are BEAUTIFUL that she put on the top of this AWESOME Box! So much inking and details, just made perfect!)

3. Put Your Big Girl Panties On! (I LOVE THIS PROJECT!  It is so cute and DEF up there with my favs!!!! Thanks Cammi!)

4. Not All Its Cracked Up To Be…Family Picture Frame made with crackle paint!

5. I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Paper! (Very cute little message board and the adorable pink tin with stamped candles!

6. What Was I Thinking? (She made this very cute little wall hanging – because I am ALWAYS thinking about my Kids!)

7. One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure: (She made me a cute set of cards from all her scraps)

8. Gibbers Do It Old Tool! (an altered Hammer – How fun!)

9. Time Flies By.  (Now this was taking the words to a different box TOTALLY and I think its so cute…Cammi glass etched this set of glasses for me – because its always five o’clock somewhere! LOL I love it!)

10.  Button It! (such a sweet little box that is filled with buttons and brads – and the buttons on the drawers – just love it!)

11. All Blinged Up and No Place to Go! Lots of goodies in this one – Including some GREAT Peachy Keen Stamps!! YAY!  She gave me a Copic Marker AND This Blinged up Flip Flops!

12. You’re Such a Blockhead Charlie Brown! (Cute little blocks ready for my pictures – they will look SO cute on my craft desk!!!)

SO these are the BEAUTIFUL fun things I received!  Cammi will be getting her box today – so I can’t wait to share with everyone the fun things I made and how I made them!  Sooo Check back and you can keep checking out awesome creations Cammi makes over at!

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