Club Ruby Design Team, Gypsy Designers & Personal Note 68

Hey everyone,

Today is February 25th and it is the final day to submit your applications for becoming a Club Ruby Designer.  We have so many applications it is going to be so hard to choose!  We are very excited about EVERYONE sharing so much of their talent with us and we look forward to using everyone in some way or another through different project aspects at Above Rubies Studio.

I had originally promised to have the design team posted by the 1st and that is still my target, however this past week I had a little issue that landed me in the ER and while I am home, I am on quite a bit of pain medicines that aren’t allowing me to think quite clearly, so I don’t want to make any final decisions until I am back to speed.  I hope you all can understand and can bare with me as we make these decisions and try to keep up with everyone! 🙂  I am fine, so I don’t want anyone to worry or anything, just recovering. 🙂

We are still accepting applications for Gypsy A to Z designers and you can submit your work through:

We are so very excited about this A to Z DVD and know it’s going to be HUGE!  So get your work out there and submit!  :)You will have until the 15th of March to submit your final Gypsy Projects 🙂

Thank you all so much for sharing with us and allowing us to share with you!  Have a wonderful Day!

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