Club Ruby Design Team Annoucements 52

Hey Everyone!

Thank you all for the well wishes….I was starting to get better and then ended up flat on my back all day Sunday and it’s been crazy.Ā  No excuses, but all my work is not done šŸ™Ā  I’m sorry!!!!

However, I did want to announce several names to get started in who is going to be on the Club Ruby Design Team.Ā  Beyond that, all who submitted, I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We got SOOOO many FANTASTIC Applications and would LOVE to continue to see applications for work come in because you all are SO talented, we have a SURPRISE for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! šŸ™‚

Even being sick, I can’t wait to share this surprise with you!

Everyone that submitted will be getting emails through out the week from me.Ā  (Now remember I’m catching up from being down for almost a week so PLEASE be patient with me!)Ā  We want to offer many of you who submitted each their own chance in the spotlight.Ā  While I simply can’t afford to hire everyone, we have a wonderful idea to share everyone’s amazing work!Ā  Sounds like interesting FUN Huh!?!?Ā  Well that’s exactly what I am all about – Inspiring and Having FUN and you ALL inspired me! šŸ™‚

I am going to be sharing many of the entries I received for Club Ruby with the everyone with the permission of the submitter – we are going to continue to allow all you talented crafters to share your work with Above Rubies Studio and all of our followers! šŸ™‚Ā  More to come on that – but just so you know – if you did submit and your name is not on this list – don’t despair! Ā  We STILL WANT TO SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!!!

Now down to a little more “business” for Club Ruby:

I would LOVE to announce the Club Ruby Master Design Team!!!Ā  Congratulations to:

Our Club Ruby Design Team – These designers will be on rotating schedules to provide you with GREAT Ideas, Education and Inspiration ALL YEAR Round!Ā  So CONGRATULATIONS to:

We also some guest designers that will appear in the Club Ruby Design Kits from Time to Time as well…but before I give out ALL the names – I want to make sure I get emails out to everyone first…again…please hang in there with me just a LITTLE bit longer – Like I said, everyone who submitted will have a very special appearance in Above Rubies Studio! šŸ™‚

Thank you ALL for the talent and sharing!Ā  You all rock!


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