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Hey friends!

I have seen so many posts and questions flying around social media and my inbox on HOW on EARTH do I Homeschool, work from home, work at QVC and accomplish housework and I thought I would provide a few tools that maybe helpful for navigating the current world we are in! This isn’t a fix all tool, but over the next few days I’ll jump on Facebook LIVE and talk about how we do all that we do. Even if things are not perfect all of the time, right now more than ever, our kids need to see us reaching deep for resourcefulness, persistence, perspective and joy – even. when. it. feels. so. overwhelming! Hopefully we can be a safe place and a community of creativity, help, encouragement and support right now more than ever – PLEASE REACH OUT! In my soul I know many are hurting and struggling and scared, but I KNOW there is true joy and hope and meaning to this, so just message me!

Here are a few templates and download examples – I’m going to literally share my REAL LIFE schedule for day to day. The things that change in this schedule are things like, going and taking care of my Mom, or my QVC hits that roll in randomly. I make my schedule adaptable to our weeks, but I have a base point to always refer back to that allows us to keep some order and foundation in place. The kids each know whats expected of them and that way they can work the system EVEN IF I am not able to guide moments. The kids have their own free time and I even allow them to work their schedules as they would like pending that they prove themselves responsible to get the required non-negotiables done.

I’ll start by literally showing you what each kids schedule really looks like! and then leave a blank copy for you to create your own details!

Kids Homeschool Schedule & Task List

*PRO TIP* – After you print out each schedule and to do list, throw it into a sheet/page protector or laminate it and have kids use a dry erase marker on it each and every day! You can do the same with the Daily 3s for the kids, but I fully recommend a fresh page for your own Daily 3s! It’s a FANTASTIC thing to look back on and track your progress!

Homeschool & Work From Home Blank Sheet Template Downloads

Daily 3 Printable Worksheet

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3 thoughts on “2020 Work From Home & HomeSchool Schedules, To Do Template Downloads

  • Deborah Harden

    Thank you I’m not overloaded and I’m grateful to have him home just like you and I thought about doing it for a long time and I do see the things could have a silver lining I personally don’t have the tools here at home to teach him and I’m grateful that you do and I thank you

    • Megan Elizabeth Post author

      Thank you so much for this comment! If there are any tools or resources I can help you get, please let me know! ♥️