Black Friday Holiday Deal Shopping Guide for 2011 57

I get asked every year what the “deals and steals” I’m going to hit the stores at midnight for on Black Friday – so I didn’t think you would mind if I share them with you right now!

I’m just going to share a few things that really stood out to me this year…

1) The Cricut Imagine at Walmart – $187!

Starting midnight – Wholly DEAL! Unsure about the Imagine? You can watch my “Is the Cricut Imagine Right for You?” Video HERE. Of course, there is also the Cricut Imagine A to Z DVD to help out any Cricut Imagine users on your shopping list!

2) HP Printer at Walmart$19!This is the PERFECT pairing for the Stamp Maker which will be on sale at It’s also a nice, small little printer to use for anything you need to print! I have one of these myself and I love it because it’s so small… My only complaint is that it’s not wireless… but for the price, you can’t beat it!

3) Cricut Seasonal and Mini Cartridges at Crafts Direct – on sale for $11.00

For anyone who is local to St Cloud Minnesota, Crafts Direct is having a great sale on Cricut cartridges! You can shop Crafts Direct online, too.

4) Scooters for my kids at Target – on sale for $19.00

I’m so excited about the PLUS 5% extra off I get using my Target Red Card – which isn’t a Credit Card, its actually a debit card that is connected directly to my checking account. LOVE It!

5) Footy PJs at Children’s Place Outlets -$6

SERIOUSLY LOVE the Limerick Outlets on Black Friday… last year, I pulled an all-nighter with some family and friends… it was a blast! Anyway, the PJs are $6.00 for the thick warm fleecy footies which my kids just love – and so do I of course!

6) Some GREAT deals on TVs at Best Buy

I’m CONSIDERING because our current TV is “going bad” (it’s an old TV we’ve had for a while, not a flat screen or anything). The whole top 3″ of the screen has some funky lines, so we can’t see the top part! The kids don’t mind and we don’t watch much tv – but it WOULD be nice. šŸ˜‰

7) Cricut Expression 2 and Cartridges at AC Moore – $168 (rumored)

Of course AC Moore always has lots of deals and sales, but they are going to be featuring the new Cricut Expression 2 and some great cartridges! $168.88 is the price I heard rumored for the sale… includes 2 Cartridges too!

8 ) has sales running ALL weekend long

This sale is really exciting to me and you don’t have to leave the home at midnight to get these deals! They are even talking a special amazing deal on the Cricut Jukebox which as been a hard thing to come by! They also have had the COLORED Cricut Expressions and the Play Time Cricut Lite Cartridge.

9) Cricut Cake Mini at Joann’s – $89.99

For anyone interested in the Cricut Cake, head to Joann’s!

10) I’m still on the hunt for a Kuerig coffee maker!

I will be looking for deals on the Kuerig because that actually is like the #1 thing on my personal Christmas list… I’m going to share my full out Christmas Wish List with you all as we get closer to the Christmas holiday – just because I think we all can make little wishes for some luxuries in life – its fun to wish and hope and dream and you never know when those dreams and wishes will come true even if they dont SEEM like they’re realistic šŸ˜‰

11) Christmas Crafts DVD, FREE Pack of Stick-Itz Adhesive Squares & Free Gift at Above Rubies Studio!

Of course we’ll have our deals here at too including a FREE Gift and that Sample Pack of Adhesive that is for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the new Christmas Crafts DVD (if you missed the announcement of the DVD and the Glue, click here to watch the video).

Ok – That’s all for today – I’ll be checking in from a few stores on Facebook using my hand held camera – so yeah I know its going to be FUN! šŸ™‚

Also – If you’re REALLY interested in checking out ALL the deals advertised – I’d suggest checking out Joy from Obsessed with Scrapbooking’s blog because she does a really good job posting ALL the coupons, and advertised prices on everything too! Give her my love if you head over there! šŸ™‚

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

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57 thoughts on “Black Friday Holiday Deal Shopping Guide for 2011

  • Leslie

    Definitely get the Keurig! I bought mine as a TSV on QVC 3 years ago and absolutely love it. You will save a fortune on specialty coffees at Starbucks because they make so many flavors of coffee and tea. They cost about 50 cents a cup compared to almost $5 at Starbucks! One of the best purchases I have ever made. FYI, we buy all our coffee at Bed Bath and Beyond using their coupons so even a greater savings. Happy shopping!

  • Niki

    I get all my K-Cups from – for those of you that are looking for a deal on Keurig brewers you can get 20% off with BREWNOW as the promo code. I don’t see it advertised on the site (I got it in my email), so I just thought I’d share. šŸ™‚

    Oh, and the sale ends on 11/25/11.

  • Sue L

    I love my Kureig coffe maker.I “upgraded” to the cussinart. My first one broke, but because I was a member of green Moutain coffee, it was still under warrenty as long as I am a member. So they sent me a new one. It is so quite and I love the built in filter. Hope you find your maker.
    I love all your videos.
    Sue in CA

  • Carolyn Hartle

    Thank you for info. You can also go to they have cake cricut machine for $49.00 with 2 cartridges. I love that place. Good sales all the time Some cartridges $12.00. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • Chrisi

    I’m a Tassimo girl, too!!! šŸ™‚ Just a quick question since I’m seeing some good deals on the Gypsy… I have only used my Cricut Expression cutting letters and I’ve had it for 2 years! I’m ready to dive in and DO MORE! I have the desktop Design Studio that I was planning to use, but should I get a Gypsy? Is it better? Megan sure likes hers! šŸ™‚

    • Patricia Pent

      Chris try the craft room at before you invest in the gypsy, I also love mine, the portability but as per the screen it’s small and hard to tell sometimes. In the other hand it’s great to take it with you and you don’t need internet.

  • Kansas A

    I would rethink the Kuerig coffeemaker. I went through two of them in 15 months (one was under warranty) due to electrical problems and we are not heavy users. I finally bought a Cuisinart that uses Kuerig cups and haven’t had any problems.
    Love your posted deals and wish we could get them in Canada! šŸ™‚

  • Sharon

    Hi Megan,

    Thanks for the great tips on deals! You mentioned your handheld camera and I was wondering what camera you use to film your tutorials with. I’m on the hunt for a good camera that can take super crisp video but at a reasonable price. Any thoughts/suggestions for me.

  • Tina V

    Thanks for the black friday info! I love Craft’s Direct and already have my list made…actually I am a passport member so I got to do a little pre-Thanksgiving shopping so I got two new carts! Woot! If I don’t score anything else, I am still a happy shopper šŸ™‚ MN crafters, if you have the chance, it is worth a stop to shop at Craft’s Direct!

    • Carol Horton

      Oops, I forgot to mention. I have the Cricut A-Z DVD, Gypsy A-Z DVD, and now the Imagine A-Z DVD. I have to say that I have learned so much from your DVD’s and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to get the most out of their machines.

  • Sharon H

    Interesting to read all the comments about the coffee machines because I’ve been eyeballing the Kuerig too and just keep reminding myself that I need a new computer first! Maybe Santa will bring us both one because we’ve been uber good this year, huh? :-)))

    Thanks for posting your shopping info. I’ve been over at Joy’s site and went to the from there and just printed my shopping list. I haven’t been out in years for Black Friday, but promised my daughter I’d go with them this year. Have fun everyone! OH! I almost forgot, we were at Walmart today and they’ve completely cleared out about a 30 foot aisle in front of all the cash registers, so the whole front of the store is ready for the big rush. EEGADS!!!

  • Sharron

    I have bought all of my cartridges and even my machine through who has their own Black Friday sale going on now.

    I’ve not found better prices anywhere. You can get the Personal Cricut Cake machine and a cartridge for $50 – brand new.

    For $100 you get the Personal Cricut with the Ultimate Creative cardridge; the cardridge has 6 overlays!! It’s PERFECT to help a friend get started with a Cricut!

  • Bella

    The Cricut Cake (the bigger one) is on sale for $49.99 at They had free shipping last weekend and mine already arrived. So excited I had to share!

  • Linda Marino

    There are a lot of places that will have the Kuerig on sale.
    Target $79.00 with a $30 gift card
    Macy’s and Office Depot $99
    QVC wasn’t giving the price yet but it is featured
    Kohl’s B60 $149
    Check to get the best listings
    Happy shopping!

  • Jackie Beechner-Scallan

    Keurig rocks! I adore my coffee maker, have already gone through a Platinum, now my poor little Personal is showing signs of frequent use (4-6 cups/day for both my husband and I)… Now, I’m seriously looking at getting one geared for a small office for us, LOL….. Happy Thanksgiving and keep sharing those deals, everyone!!!

  • robin breault

    This getting way to fun and I am in Canada and we don’t have ‘black friday”! Correction, we never had it before this year..some one has gotten Onatrio (not sure about other provinces) all reved up this year and there are sale every where! Hmmmm…. Have been travelling lately Megan? Anyhow, yes I am excited about the sales and surprises on Friday so hurry up already!

  • Sandy Sanders

    The deal at Wal-Mart starts at 10PM not at midnight, if you look just below the imagine you can see it says 10PM Thursday. if you get there at 12 you may not get one… just sayin’

  • Joy

    Thanks for the shout out, Megan! I have the Keurig coffee maker and it’s awesome! There are some great deals at Sam’s and Costco – especially on the coffee itself. Have a great Thanksgiving! Hugs, Joy

  • Sherry

    If you would like a Colored Cricut Expressions with 2 Cricut cardridges then go to “Menards” store. They have it for 119.00. WOW what a deal. (colors – yellow, green, teal, purple) Also have a lot of Cardridges on sale for 12.99. Also check the clearanced ones. I bought Stand & Salute for 12.99 last night. Good for anyone that is serving or has served our great nation.

  • Sherry

    I just found the Cricut Expressions Machine on sell at Menards for 119.00. They also had cardridges on sell for 12.99. P.S. I also checked out their clearance area for more good deals. Last night I bought in the clearance area Stand & Salute cardridge for my sister…it was only 12.99. Awesome deals!

  • Jenny

    I may be in the minority but with more and more stores opening on Thanksgiving afternoon and forcing people to leave their families on a day that should be for counting our blessings and not how much we can buy I’m appalled. Pretty soon sales will start earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving. There are people who have been camped out for a couple of days to be first in the store.
    I think it is great if you enjoy Black Friday and want to get out and get bargains but starting earlier and earlier really bothers me and I LOVE shopping.
    I love my Keurig and have found I can get the best deal on cups at Bed Bath and Beyond using the 20% off coupon.
    Love the site and enjoy all your videos. I hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving and counts their blessings.

  • debbie

    We’ve had the Keurig for 6 years and only had problems once and the company made good on it. We love it. I got it because my husband is the only coffee drinker and often the pot would “cook” now he probably drinks more than he did, ha ha. I love it for the tea and we both get to share the machine ;- ) Great for Ghirardelli hot chocolate too! Great prices for the coffee and tea on the internet, just stock up.

  • Jenise

    Michael’s has Cricut cartridge for 24.99 starting today 11-24-11 at 4 pm and if you buy 2 you get a free Jubilee cartridge if you are one of the first 25 customers. You can also use the 30% off your entire purchase coupon

  • Karen C.

    QVC is having a TSV on Sunday for the Keurig! It is on my wish list too, so I am going to chk it out! I know u get lots of extras w/ the QVC bundles!

  • Elaine S

    I agree with Jenny’s post – I wish there was a way to keep Black Friday sales from starting before midnight! Well, let the crazies go stand in line. For us it’s a family day.

    I see someone already posted about Menard’s sale on the Cricut Impression. The $12.99 cartridges appear to all be Cricut Light cartridges as pictured in their ad, and any other carts they have left from their last sale were now $12.99 as of this past Sunday. Also, our Walmart had some Cricut inks on clearance, for $8.00 and some tools, and their Light carts were marked down to $20 in the clearance aisle. There were no machines left in the clearance aisle in our store on Tuesday.

  • Kay in GA

    Love my Keurig–am actually having a cup while writing this. QVC has a Keurig TSV for Sunday. It starts at midnight. Cost is $149 for the larger machine, and QVC always puts extras in their TSV packages.

  • sarah dybash

    Thanks for the list of deals. My wonderful hubby just scored the one and only Cricut Imagine at our local
    Walmarts last evening. It was your tip that helped him get ahold of this spectacular bargain.

  • Janet

    Am in southern California, so I don’t have access to some of the same stores the rest of you do. We do now have a Hobby Lobby. It just moved in literally about 3 weeks ago.

    I went ot Michael’s and got the Expression 2 for $199. I went ot Wally World and got the Imagine for $187.00. The associate was kind enough to tell me a couple of days before that our Wally World was only getting 5 Imagines. I went to JoAnn’s and got an Accuquilt Go for $199.

    Now I am a happy camper ready to sew, quilt, and craft away for Christmas. I have my Christmas presents and my birthday presents (February) or so I think for now.

    Now if I just didn’t have this “job” thing that always gets in the way.

    Have a great time with you toys – I will.