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LadyAnglersGlamStyle Asked:

Hi Megan, happy holidays. I have the Cricut Imagine but will soon be buying the Expression. My question is I’m not sure if I want the original Expression or the E2? What is your opinion on both the machines? Any adivse is greatly appreciated. You and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Sherry

Hi Sherry!

Thanks for taking time to write and ask! I LOVE the Imagine and my first question to you is, what is your purpose for wanting to get the Expression?

The Cricut Imagine can cut out and perform many functions that the Expression and the Expression 2 perform. You can use all of the Cricut cartridges in the Imagine and cut many different papers and materials as well as select colors or patterns to print on your original cartridges with the Imagine.

The Expression 2 performs much like the Cricut Imagine. Touch Screen, Features, Virtual Mat orientation and other functions. The Expression also allows you to use Imagine Cartridges with it to CUT images from those cartridges only (The E2 does NOT print).

I have really enjoyed using my E2 – however I find I’m “fastest” in using my Original Expression. While there are features that are upgrades to the E2 from the original Expression – I just have an infinite love to my Expression – a comfort – an easy – and a partiality to it.

As far as telling you which is “better” – it is so hard to say from my PERSONAL opinion. It does depend on what your needs are and what you are comfortable with and looking for.
If I could understand you’re personal needs a little better I can hopefully give you better direction!
Hope that’s a START to help!

Here are some links on using both the Cricut Expression and the Cricut E2 – maybe that will give you ideas of what you’d like better yourself too! šŸ˜‰

Video on Cricut Expression

Video on Cricut E2

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3 thoughts on “Cricut Expression Version 1 or Cricut Expression E2?

  • facsmomI

    Interesting this question would come up . . . I sort of came to the same conclusion as you. The up and running Cricut Craft Room became part of my consideration, too. I think I got it right for me! AND I’m no techn/gadget guru. I Do, thought, want to recheck your 2 videos.

  • jenny from philippines

    hi megan,

    I am a newbie ni crating. i would like to us if this cricut expression is it suitable for me? i mean for a newbie like me? pls help me to decide because i want to buy one

    thank you

    jnny from Philippines

  • Colleen Anderson

    I recvd a Cricut V1 for xmas and am completely new to using any Cricut machine. My main use would be words or expressions in vinyl for the walls in my home. I would like word heights to be from 1/4″ to 8″. Is this machine going to be what I need or am I going to need to “upgrade”????