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“Hi Megan…I have a question. I just got the Cricut Expression 2 and am wondering if I should get a Gypsy as well. I am interested in the “welding” feature. Does the CE 2 do that? What are the advantages of also having a Gypsy? Also, I know that the Cricut Craft room will do alot of what the Gypsy does as well, correct?
Thank you for your help!

Hi Lisa,


Actually the answer to the Cricut Expression 2 does NOT weld on its own. However that does not mean you have to buy the Gypsy.  You can actually use the new “Cricut Craft Room” web based system go to to learn more about that, and you can actually weld shapes and letters from cartridges in that, use your Cricut Expression, Expression (E2) or Mini through that.  The Gypsy is great, but its not required for welding if that is all you are looking for.  I like my Gypsy because its just for designing and i like to not be tied to my computer, though Im’ finding myself on it more and more.


I’m really hoping that helps you!  Thanks for ASKING and ENJOY THE MOMENTS!

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3 thoughts on “Cricut Expression 2 – Can it Weld?

    • Kathy

      I am in the same boat. My expression cant/won’t update drivers. The pc does not seem to want to connect to the cricut. I’m going to try to update firmware from Firefox vs chrome and see if that works, if not then I can’t weld words either and therefore the use of craft room or anything else digital is useless.