Viva Decors White Wedding CHA 2011

Hey Everyone!

So Here we are with another day of CHA footage and fun at the Viva Decor Booth.  I was talking to Colleen and she was so kind to show us around 🙂

I got to spend several hours in the Viva Decor booth with my dvds autographing and talking about them.  I also had a few projects in the Viva Brochure and had a great time with everyone there!  Here is a quick video from the one morning at the show!

YouTube Preview Image


Hey – Getting a LOT of comments about where to buy Viva – you can get their Pearl Pens, Glitter Liners and MORE – ONLINE through and


  1. OMG! I never knew you can do that stuff with a PEN… I am so sold… TY Megan!

  2. That is just amazing! I kept wondering if I was hearing right!! A pearl pen. Awesome!
    Love’n stuff,
    Sandy :)

  3. WOW, ditto Renee, I can’t believe all that can be done with pearl pens, amazing, love it. TFS Megan

  4. I want these pens!!!

  5. Rhonda Harre says:

    Wedding dress is beautiful!! I want to get some Viva Pens, they are on my wish list. Looking forward in what you will show us in the future using Viva Pens. Thanks Megan!!

  6. How awesome is that…..I love these pens…gotta go and check them out….thanks Megan….wouldn’t have know about them if you hadn’t told us…..tks

  7. Who sells those?

  8. amazing!

  9. I am so totally amazed that you can do all that with a pen!!!! Who knew!!! Thanks a million sure sharing!!! I gotta get me some Viva Decor!!!

  10. GrannyCharlotte says:

    WOW!!!! What creative items. Great products and talented designers. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I LOVE the pearl pens! Who knew you could make something so beautiful as a wedding dress ?

  12. These bridal items are just beautiful! i will put these pens on my list of things to buy.

  13. That is truly amazing. Can’t wait to find out where to purchase them.

  14. Where oh where can we get these pens? Sounds like there’s so many things we can do with them. Gotta have it! Also what is the cost?

  15. transparent pearl pen looks like rain drops. I could have some major fun with that.

  16. WOWOWOWOWOW….where was this product when I got married & made my wedding dress??? my mother-in-law actually had to hand bead the dress to help me out!

  17. Judy Resop says:

    All I have to say is WOW! WOW! WOW! Amazing!!!!

  18. Fabulous-a-mundo!! I’ve been wanting some Viva Decor stuff, but this makes me want some even more!

  19. Shirley Fread says:

    Absolutely gorgeous dresses! Who knew a pen could create so much!

  20. Oh, my…lovin’ all the creativity and enthusiasm in the air! Great ideas for using scrapbooking supplies in my sewing room. Now, that’s a good reason to go shopping!

  21. Debby Jensen says:

    WOW, Megan!! And I thought I had gone out of my comfort zone with the glitter viva pens.. now I want them all and can’t wait to make the strands of pearls. Thanks for the info.

  22. Trish Shapland says:

    These look so cool! Where can we find them? Thank you so much for sharing with us. The CHA will be on my bucket list for sure!

  23. Absolutely Gorgeous! A must to get! Sandra, my2pets

  24. Scrapcomber says:

    Just love those pens, what a great idea for my daughters wedding next year.

  25. Ok i need a demo – i have not used the Viva pens so beginners version please.

  26. Wonderful projects using the Viva products! Thanks for sharing and wish I had spent more time there. Colleen is so sweet!!!

  27. The best place I found in my recent search was They have great photos of how the different bead colors work. A lot of the other distributors that Viva Decor lists are one store local shops, so if you’re not in their area, you’re out of luck.
    Thanks for the videos of what you can do with these Megan.

  28. Hey Everyone – for Viva Products you CAN Purchase them online through and

  29. Hi MEGAN
    When will your Imagine A-Z be available? Loved the pearl pen!

  30. Those pearl pens sound awesome! I love the
    “beaded” chandelier strands done with them. So cool.

  31. OMG!!!!! Those pearl pens are incredible! The dresses were beautiful and I absolutely loved the strings of pearls on the chandelier and the dress are awesome. I can’t wait to try them.

  32. I have to get some!

  33. I loved the idea of being able to personalize a wedding gown. Amazing.

  34. Hi Meagan I cannot believe all the wonderful things you can do with these pens….did I see a DVD is available on how to use them in the background…..if so did you do it and where is is available to purhase from…..? Love everything….love to all.

  35. Hi! Love the pens! Can’t wait to try them! Also, Where can I get the Imagine A to Z DVD?!?! I think I can use that!

  36. Amazing! Going to go buy some…

  37. Incredible!!!!

  38. What amazing things you can do and make with these pens! Thanks for the sites where I can get my hands on some of these pens.

  39. Wow! That is amazing. I had already bought a couple of the pearl pens, now I need more. This opened a whole new demension for me.

  40. These are great. I have been using these pens for almost a year now and I love them. Scrapyland has great deals on them tool

  41. I love the pearl stringing idea, some people are soo creative!

  42. Wow oh wow! They’re/Your ideas are so beautiful, gorgerous, lovely, etc etc Sure makes me want to go out and get some of these pens. Thanks for sharing……

  43. Love these pens. I use them all the time. But, do not have the white one. And maybe it was my computer, but I had a little difficulty hearing the Viva Decor speaker and the girl the day before. I am not sure but if the mike was held closer to her mouth it may sound louder. Did anyone else have this problem? The wedding dresses looked couture. What an artist. Enjoyed your video.

  44. Marilyn Schug says:

    I had my first card making class making valentines and we used the Ice White Pearl Pen. WOW! Easy use and fun. I am also making a wedding album and plan to place pearls on my plain apricot appeal ribbon to embellish. LUV IT and will be getting more of the colors online.

  45. OMGOSH!! I LOVE that wedding dress idea… it’s amazing what these pens can do! My mom saw your videos using them and I had to buy her a bunch for Christmas….LOL TFS! 🙂

  46. Moira Efird says:

    OMG I am amazed at the delicate look and done from a Pen? Wow??!!!! Know you had fun going, and seeing. Again I say, ” WOW!” Moira

  47. LOVED their booth! TFS!

  48. I am not planning on making a wedding dress,(it was gorgeous!) but I do need to get some of those pearl pens for my cardmaking and scrapbooking! THanks Megan, for sharing this beautiful video with us!

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