CHA Inside Look at the Doodlebug Designs Booth

Its another day on the CHA show floor and today’s video is checking in with the Doodlebug Design Company.  David was so kind to show us around and share their Birthday Celebration with us.

They had really cool stuff going on and I really fell in love with both their Birthday Boy and Birthday Girl collections and you WILL be seeing those soon here at as well as in kits!

They also came out with a really great card line that you can mix and match colors, envelopes and styles!  Pretty cool!!! (You’ll be seeing those too!)  Depending on how you break it down and look at it, they can save you money, but they can also cost you too LOL so be careful!

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  1. Can I go next year? How totally cool to see all the products! I would be like a kid in a candy store!

  2. Where can we find the picture booth and mini key chain albums? Beautiful Doodlebug papers and embellishments and card/envelope sets. So much eye-candy!

  3. Hi Megan

    Beautiful doodlebug cards and complete sets, love the mini album.

  4. Can’t wait til the new products to come out. You sure look like u had lots of fun. Glad you made safe to your family.

  5. Who doesn’t love some Doodlebug!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  6. LOVE the mix and match cards and envelopes!!!
    Thank you so much for all the CHA videos, the next best thing to being there 😉

  7. So much to see and learn! You were busy, but bet you had tons of fun. Thanks for giving us (those who can’t be there) the next best thing of being there.

  8. Wow what a great time. I’m so excited for Rosemont this summer. I really like Doodlebug paper.

  9. Poquosonmom says:

    Its not fair that you get to have so much fun and we don’t. JEALOUSY! Really though glad you got to go so we can be informed on all the neat fun things coming out!

  10. Shirley E. says:

    Fantastic video! Almost makes me feel like I was there. But,glad I wasn’t, wouldn’t have been able to control myself and may have had to mortgage the house. LOL! Keep ’em coming Girlfriend~

  11. Patsy McCollough says:

    Love the papers and the card stock. I will be watching for this line.

  12. Nice idea. I like the photo shot at the end. Is there a mechanism that will be able to cut that pic to fit into that little space

  13. all I can say is LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!

  14. Jane L chadwick says:

    Never seen these papers before. But i have to say i love them. I can see myself making lots of crafty things with this line. When i get my hands on them.

  15. Very cool

  16. Virginia S. Waddy says:

    TFS Megan, great stuff, have a bless day.

  17. Judy Resop says:

    Very nice!!!!!

  18. Awsome can’t wait to see this paper in action.

  19. Looks like some really nice collections. Love the card idea.

  20. Rhonda Harre says:

    Beautiful – looking forward in seeing projects with the new papers! Photo booth looked like so much fun, what a great idea and a key chain to keep of wonderful memories. Thanks for the sneak peek of things to come.

  21. Trudie Vick says:

    Wow….love Doodlebug products….unfortunately can’t find locally….only HL & Michael’s around here. 🙁

  22. Love it! How fun! I really like the coordinating cards. It reminds me of a place where I grew up in NC where you could buy paper by the pound and coordinate different colors of paper and envelopes. My sis and I loved it! These are so cute! I am loving these videos! Thanks!

  23. Lots of fun stuff. Those new photo protector sheets are great. I loved the idea for the birthday party, getting all the photos in the same couple of pages instead of having several pages that take up a big part of your album or a whole album just for a party. It’s a good thing!

  24. LeeAnn from NC says:

    Really nice stuff ! You are so lucky to be able to go to CHA and see all of it before it hits the stores !

  25. I don’t know which I like more the paper candy or the eye candy….. he was so super cute!!!!!! and nice. Looking forward to seeing this paper in upcoming kits. and LOVE !!!!!!!! the new photo album pages… You could get all caught up in one weekend. !!! AWESOME SEGMENT!!!! keep us in the loop for CHA chicago…… I would love to go.

  26. Love Doodlebug anything!!!!!!!!!!!!! TFS

  27. One of my FAVORITE Companies!!! Thanks for the Video Megan! 🙂

  28. That was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Raemarie Oatman says:

    Have really enjoyed your show highlights thus far. Thanks!

  30. Nancy L Miller says:

    I love those colors. They make me even more tired of our valley fog and eager for spring.

  31. Brenda Cheek says:

    I love everything so far about CHA and the new stuff coming out. Can’t wait for more. I am fairly new to scrapbooking and I love it. Every day I learn something new. Thanks

  32. The Doodlebugs products are great! Can’t wait for them to come out!

  33. More excellent products from a great company. The colors are super fun. Makes me wish all the harder for spring!

  34. great interview…I love seeing all the new goodies out there!

  35. Great products. TFS! Really like the photo booth and mini albums. Looked like a lot of fun. Great job, Megan.

  36. Love, love, love the Doodlebug stuff!! I really am digging those page seperators/protectors. I love how they display more photos and break up the page a bit so you can also do the crafty stuff too!!!

  37. Doodlebug stuff … don’t think I really saw these before … I like them a lot …. but I shall wait to see what you have for us Club Ruby gals … They sure are super cute! Thanks for sharing!!

  38. I am a new cricut owner who having fun with my machine.I love to look at all the helpful tutorials to give me ideas of the limitless things i can do. thanks to everyone for being so helpful.

  39. Didn’t even know that was in their booth, when I went by every day! TFS!

  40. Love the new products. Keep showing us all the cool stuff!

  41. Great products and display…TFS

  42. Crys Jensen says:

    Really like the Doodlebug paper line and young man who you spoke with. Keep on stayin with the new lines.

  43. Really love all the doodlebug products….what a way to go!!!!! How totally awesomme……..!!!!! Thanks Meagan.

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